The Neighbor: A Night To Remember

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The Neighbor: A Night To RememberIt was Cynthia’s high school reunion and I was invited to come along as her date. My guess was to impress her old friends, maybe show me off for awhile. Either way we went to the hotel downtown where the party took place. I met many of her female friends; some were nice and some were a bit bitchy. Reminded me of my ex. Both of us drank and danced for awhile and decided to go someplace quiet. We went to the third floor where room 303 stood. Cynthia borrowed the key card from one of her friends and we both entered. I locked the door and Cynthia practically flew onto the bed with a smile on her face. “What a night”, she said, “the best time of my life.” “Oh, yeah”, I said, “your friends are quite a handful. Especially that Rhonda babe. She’ll be turning some heads soon enough, if she hasn’t already. And are you sure it’s okay to borrow your friend’s room?” “What are you worried about? Wrecking the place up? Come on, D, live a little. We have the place all to ourselves. It’s warm and cozy and quiet. Except for the quiet which we’re no good at. Catch.” While laying on the bed Cynthia kicked off her red left pump at me making me catch it with one hand. Slowly she slipped off her right pump and kicked it in my direction. I caught it before it hit the wall. Cynthia wasn’t wearing any nylons giving her some breathing room to stretch out her toes. She wanted a massage in a big way but I already knew she wanted more than that. She smiled her pearly whites at me. Tossed aside her braids from her right shoulder and lowered the strap of her red dress. I took off my blazer, tie, and shirt. I sat on the edge of the bed and began massaging her aching feet. Smooth as silk along with her golden brown shaved legs. Not a trace of hair anywhere. She moaned once I started the rubdown and letting out a big sigh of relief. I began kissing her right foot. I began licking her sole and heel and she giggled. She was very ticklish. While I was busy with her her left foot began massaging my cock. I was starting to feel the tightness in my pants. She kept on going until it was hard and tight. Her magic feet did the job once again and I quickly took off my pants. My cock was thick and hard and ready to go. I helped Cynthia canlı bahis out of her dress and we started our tongue dance practically sucking each others’ hard. My tongue began to explore the rest of her body. Her neck, her throat, all the way down to her smooth titties and hard nipples. “Hmmmmmmm”, she moaned, “I love that. Love it when you suck my titties. Hmmmmmmm. Suck those titties hard. Oooooh, yes. Suck it. You know what to do. Do me good.” It was time now to get real noisy. I slipped off her panties, spread apart her legs, and worked on her pussy. I licked, sucked, and kissed that beautiful pink piece of flesh. Her pussy was so good I wanted to eat it whole. My tongue dug in deep and Cynthia was all hot and bothered and her screams of ecstacy followed through. “Oh, shit”, she said, “oh, fuck. Hmmmmmmmmm. Oooooooooo. Ooooooooh. Oh, that’s so good. Oh, my pussy feels so good. Suck it. Suck my pussy good. Hmmmmmmm. Ooooooooh. Oooooooooo. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Oh, shit. That’s so fucking good. Ooooooooh. Fucking love getting my pussy sucked. Oooooh, you keep going. Oh, shit. Fuuuuuuuuck. Keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop. Ooooh, please don’t fucking stop. Keep that tongue in there. Love your tongue. Hmmmmmmm. Love that tongue in my pussy. Fucking love it. Please don’t stop. I’m begging you please don’t stop. Aaaaaaaaah. Hmmmmmmmmm. Oh, shit I’m about to cum. I’m gonna cum. Hmmmmmmmmm. Make me cum. Make me cum. Oooooooh.” She cummed soaking up the sheets. Housekeeping won’t like that. It was now her turn, grabbing my cock and sucking on it nice and hard. As always I felt a little teeth but she was always careful and I wasn’t worried. She went as far as deep throating me. I was amazed at how well she was doing that. Once she was done she was already lying on her back wanting that hard cock inside her. I always tease her first and she loved it. I made her beg and beg until I was set to go. It didn’t matter really since we could go at it all night long if we wanted to. “You gonna tease me”, she said, “huh? You gonna tease me? Put it in. Put that hard cock in my pussy.” “Yeah?”, I said, “you want it? You want me to fuck that pussy?” “I want you to fuck me. Fuck the living shit out of me.” “Fuck you good? You want bahis siteleri that?” “Fuck me. Put that dick in me and fuck my brains out. Put it in. Put that shit in me now. Fuck me right now.” I put it in nice and slow and I fucked her until she took screaming to another level. Her fingernails dug in deep in my ass keeping me where she wanted me to be. “Oh, shit”, she cried, “oh, it’s so big. Love that big fucking dick in me. Oh, fuck. Fuck! Ooooooooooh! Fucking dick is so big. So hard in my pussy. Love it in my pussy. Love that dick fucking me. Oh, shit. Fuck. Don’t stop. Go deep. Deeper. Fucking deeper! Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Fuck me good. Fuck it hard. Harder. Harder! Ooooooooh! Shit! Big dick. Big dick so good in my pussy. Oooooh, I love it in my pussy.” One deep kiss she gave me and she turned around getting ready for a good ass fucking. I didn’t make her beg. I just shoved my hard cock in her and let the screaming go further. “Oh, yes”, she said, “fuck my ass. Oh, love it when you fuck me in the ass. Tear it up. Tear me a new asshole. Tear that shit up. Fucking tear it up. Fuck! Fuck it good! Fuck my ass up! Fuck! Mother fucker! Fuck my shit up mother fucker! Fuck it! Fuck it! Don’t be a fucking pussy! Fuck my ass up! Fuck it!” She was very demanding in the heat of the moment. I hoped her friend didn’t walk in on us. Once I was done fucking her ass up she wanting more tongue on her pussy. I gave it to her. I opened up that tight pussy of hers and put my tongue back in there until she had nothing left in her. “Oh, shit”, she cried, “hmmmmmmmmm. My pussy loves that tongue. Aaaaaaaaah! Love it when you do that. Fucking love it when you eat my pussy. Oooooooh. Oh, you fucking eat that pussy. Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Ooooooooo! Shiiiiiiiit! Ooooooooh! Shit! Hmmmmmmmm. Oh, shit. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t fucking stop. Aaaaaaaaaah. Oh, shit. Oh, that’s sooooooo good. Oooooooh.” I unloaded all over her pretty face and on her tongue and we were pretty much done for the evening. We made a mess of things on the sheets. I wasn’t sure her friend would be too thrilled about it. The both of us laid in bed holding each other. I felt goosebumps all over everytime she carressed my chest and nibbled my earlobe. “Hmmmmmmm”, güvenilir bahis she said, “best night ever.” “Oh, yeah”, I said, “I guess you’ll tell your friends about tonight.” “No, they don’t need to know. That’s our business. Yours…and mine. What do you say we get dressed and go home. I’ve had enough partying for one night.” “Yeah, you’re right. I’m done too.” Suddenly I heard a sound coming from the bathroom. “What was that?”, I asked, “is someone there?” “No.” “You might as well come out. I saw your shadow moving.” The door opened and coming out was Cynthia’s friend. The one whose room we were borrowing from. “Megan?”, I said, “what the hell are you doing in there?” “Didn’t I tell you?”, said Cynthia, “Megan is a bit of a freak. She…loves to watch.” Once again Cynthia was full of surprises. More of a shock. Megan looked like she was having an orgy attack herself. She did actually as I saw her wiping some of the cum off her right hand. Looks to me she enjoyed the show. “Well”, said Megan, “I’ll be going now. Cynthia, you were right about him. He’s very…gifted. Can I borrow him one night?” “Sorry, girlfriend, you need to get your own.” “Of course. Pleasure meeting you David.” Megan held out her right hand expecting me to shake it. “Good night, Megan.” “Good night.” Once we were alone I felt completely embarrassed. Listening to us hollering and screaming is one thing but watching us was another matter. Cynthia just laid there and smiled like nothing happened. “What?”, she said. “Can I borrow him? I’m a prostitute now?” “No, don’t be silly. Megan broke up with her last boyfriend and she…needed some…entertainment?” “Entertainment?” “I told you she’s a freak.” “If you asked me, I think you’re the bigger freak if you enjoy people watching you.” “Maybe. Come on get dressed.” “Hold up. You set me up, didn’t you?” “Uh huh.” “Like that? You know what I’m going to do you for doing that to me?” “Tie me up.” “That’s one thing.” “Smack my ass.” “Maybe later.” I was right on top of her looking her in the eye. All she did was smile and I just laughed at the whole thing. Cynthia is a girl full of surprises and loves to take chances even if it means getting the best of me. “So”, she said, “what are you going to do me?” She got the answer when she felt my hard cock slowly entering her pussy. “Ooooooo. That’s good. Should we invite-.” “Hell no.” We did our tongue dance once again and we were back doing what we loved best. It was a night to remember.

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