Subject: The nephew problem-8 ( Gay incest, Mb,oral,anal and masterbation) The nephew problem-8 The following story is completely fictional. None of the events or characters are real. ** Warning ** :This story contains sexual relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story offends you, is illegal in your municipality or you are under the age of 18 leave now! This story may contain explicit sexual content involving incest, oral, anal and masterbation, between a Man and a boy. If you enjoy this story and other stories here on Nifty, please consider contributing to the archive! This story is the property of the author and no copying, posting or reproduction is permitted without the author’s written consent. If you enjoy this story, please let me know! You may contact me ast I will try to answer all emails. Flamers will be ignored and blocked! Brief recap: Bobby age 10, is staying with his uncle Tony, while his mother is out of town. Bobby and his uncle become lovers. Their new relationship grows, while he stays with his uncle. Awaking a sexual awareness in both of them. His stay comes to an end with his uncle. The nephew problem- Part 8 A story by: Papa Bear We playfully took a shower and washed each other. I tickled him on his ribs and teased his underarms. His laughter was contagious and his face was precious. Our shower had turned into a playful tickle battle, as he tried to tickle me back. I watched his precious face and beautiful eyes. There’s no doubt in my mind, this little boy has stolen my heart. We tired of our tickle battle and I surrendered to him. He snuggled up to me, as we finished rinsing off. After we finished our shower we headed to fix our dinner. We decided to have some of the fish we caught. Our meal was delicious and we chatted about our trip. He was just running on about the fish he had caught and it was a delight to hear him so excited. We also spoke about all the secret fun we had, which I will never forget. After we finished we settled in and watched TV. He cuddled up in my lap, as we enjoyed our last night together. His body was soft and warm. His bare flesh on mine was very soothing. Later we laid down and I spooned his body, gently caressed his tummy and stroked his hair. I could have sworn I herd him make purring noises. The TV had become background noise to me, as I enjoyed our cuddle. This feeling of intimacy and love I have for him was food for my soul. I kissed his soft shoulder and then his head. He wiggled tightly against my body. This was not so much a sexual thing, but more of an intimate bonding. I felt compelled to whisper in his ear. ” I love you Bobby.” Then I kissed him on the cheek. He turned his head and his gorgeous eyes gazed into mine. His face glowed and looked angelic. His voice whispered out. ” I love you too Tony.” Our eyes locked on each other, as if communicating telepathically and me met each other in a very passionate kiss. His soft velvet lips met mine and our lips parted. His tongue darted into my mouth and quickly danced with mine. My young lover’s body melted into mine. Our flesh felt as one and our hearts beat in rhythm. I caressed his warm smooth tummy and he played with the hairs on my arm. With each beat of my heart my cock grew and pushed against his crack. Bobby moaned in my mouth and quickly pushed back against my cock. Our passion was growing by the second. My cock slid between his silk like ass cheeks, as my pre-cum lubed his crack. I moved slowly down his tummy and found his rock hard dick. His moans became louder and mine as well, as they echoed in our mouths. I grasped his hard prick and fondled it between my fingers. His little body shivered against mine. The intensity of our kissing was driving me nuts and I pushed forward against his rosebud. He broke our kiss and asked. ” Will you fuck me?” I smiled and replied. ” No baby, I don’t want to fuck you. I want to make love to you.” ” isn’t it the same thing?” He asked innocently. ” Oh baby it’s not just fucking you. It’s about making love too you. To share our love with one another. To please each other and share a very special time together.” I tried to explain. He smiled and said. ” I like that and I love you.” and we returned to our kissing. Our passionate foreplay continued, each seeking to please the other. Time slowed down and the only thing that mattered was our love for one another. He pushed his ass into me and my cock slid across his hole. He moaned loudly, as I jerked his prick. We did this for quite some time and I needed more, so I broke our kiss and said. ” Let’s go to the bedroom baby.” We slowly broke our bond and headed to the bedroom. Bobby bounced up on the bed and laid flat on his back. His beautiful young body laid on full display and I stopped just for a moment too gaze upon his beauty. I crawled up too Bobby and kissed his legs. With each kiss I crept up and reached his precious cock. With my tongue I teased his tight nut sack and then licked my way to his boyhood. He jumped several times and giggled. I quickly took his rock hard prick şişli travesti into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. ” Ohhh Tony that feels really good.” He cried out. My mouth watered, as I slurped on his little cock and my hands wondered up across his tummy. I felt my cock throbbing beneath me and my desire increased. Bobby’s body wiggled around and he moaned loudly. ” Mmmm, ohhhh, mmmm. Oh Tony don’t stop.” He moaned. His precious voice and moans fueled my arousal. My precious angel was going crazy and I knew he’d be having an orgasm soon. My desire was driving me wild and I wanted Bobby to have a great orgasm. I brought one of my hands down to his rosebud and ran my fingers over his throbbing hole. Then slobbered on my hand and coated his rosebud. I attacked his little prick and swallowed his balls. My mouth was filled with his dick and nutsack. This drove Bobby wild and he became a wild little boy. He thrashed about and made wild noises, as my fingers played with his hole. My slobber ran down his crotch and onto his rosebud. I used my slobber as lube and fingered his entrance. I teased his entrance, but never entered. I feasted on his yummy cock and balls with a burning desire. Within a few minutes Bobby began bucking wildly and his body began to tense up. His breathing increased and his voice got louder. ” Yes, please don’t stop. Immmm getting that tingling feeling. Ohhh, ahhhh, mmmm I’m going to cum.” He cried out . As I felt his body begin to tense up and his stomach muscles tightening, I slid my finger in and wiggled it against his prostate. This drove Bobby crazy and he bucked, thrashed about and raised his ass off the bed. His dry orgasm hit him hard and his whole body spasm’d. I was relentless and kept up my assault on his little dick, balls and prostrate. Bobby was completely overwhelmed and shook violently. His moans had become whimpers and whines, as he experienced an intense orgasm. He begged me to stop and his body was quivering. I knew he’d had enough and I pulled away. I crept up beside my lover and kissed him on his precious lips and asked. ” Did you like that baby?” He could barely speak and looked at me in a daze. Then slowly was able to get out. ” Wow Tony I never felt anything like that before.” ” Oh my precious angel, we’ve only just begun.” I said, in a loving tone. We embraced each other and I caressed him gently. My leg went over his and my throbbing cock poked his side. I once again gazed at his beautiful face and traced the outline of his hair. My fingers slowly stroked his head and moved down to his chest. His perky little nipples were enticing. My fingers circled his hard little nips and cute brown patches. Then I lowered my mouth and licked each one. His body flinched and he giggled, as I slowly ran my tongue around each nipple. ” Ohhh that tickles Tony.” He giggled out. My mouth lingered around his left nipple and I sucked it in. Gently I suckled on his small nipple and ran my hand along his body. He was like puddy in my hands, as I brought us both pleasure. From one nipple to the other I slid my tongue along his chest and slowly worked my hand to his ass. First gentle squeezing of each ass cheek and then gentle tracing of his crack. All the while I played with his nipples. Bobby seamed lost in pleasure and made all kinds of moans, groans and grunts. He no longer giggled or said it tickled, but had surrendered to the pleasure. From one nipple to the other I was lost in my desire and slowly pushed my finger to his entrance. The moment my finger touched his rosebud he groaned loudly and it fueled my desire. I kissed my way up to his waiting lips and locked into a passionate kiss. Then wiggled my finger against his entrance. He groaned into my mouth and once again our tongues danced, as I worked on his rosebud. His entrance puckered against my finger and I felt it throb. His entrance felt like it was kissing my finger. My urge to thrust was driving me nuts and I slid my slick cock against his thigh. We kissed wildly and I felt his passion for the first time. No longer kissing me like a boy, but a lover instead. The passion and heat between us was hard to contain. My beast within me was clawing to come out. I wanted Bobby and I needed to be inside him. I want to make love to him more than anything else. Braking away from our kiss I managed to whisper. ” I need you baby. I want to make love to you, so much.” ” Yes please, I want you inside me.” Bobby whispered back. His words engorged my penis, as it throbbed against his thigh. I slowly broke our kiss and slithered down his body. I stopped at his penis and gave it a gentle kiss, then gently rolled him on his belly. His two perfect ass cheeks called me in and I gently kissed each one. I slid my tongue along his ass crack and lowered my face. I gently grasped each ass cheek and spread them apart. His perfect little brown hole pulsed and looked like it was throwing me kisses. I could not contain myself any longer and I dove in and licked his entrance. His body trembled in my hands. I lapped at his hole and gave it a few sucks, then beylikdüzü travesti slowly wiggled my tongue inside. ” Oh yes Tony, I like that.” I heard Bobby cry out. I made love to his hole with my tongue and Bobby squirmed like crazy. I’d playfully nibble on his rosebud, as it puckered and shove my tongue back in. ” Please do that again, I like that.” Bobby whimpered. I feasted on his ass like it was my last meal. I slurped, tongued and sucked on his rosebud ,then pulled away and watched it gap. His puckering asshole opened and closed. I continued making oral love to Bobby’s ass, until I could take no more. I broke away from my oral love making on his whole and kissed my way up his body. I paused at his nipples and gently nibbled on them. My cock was rigid and throbbing, as strings of pre-cum drizzled from the tip. I gently suckled on his nipples moving one to the other, as my cock head pulsed at his entrance. I pushed my raging hard cock against his puckering rosebud. His slick saliva coated hole invited my cock head in. I let out a loud moan and I sucked on his nipples, as my cockhead was engulfed by his tender hole. My loving boy’s asshole gripped tight around my mushroom-shaped head. I paused and enjoyed the erotic tightness. I broke away from his nipples and kissed my way to his lips. Once again our mouths met in a passionate kiss. I pulled his legs up further and kissed him wildly. With each of my arms under his legs, I bent Bobby in half. I slowly sank my cock deep into his ass, until my balls rested against his flesh. ” Oh my God baby your so tight. I’m going to make love to you.” I whispered out, then returned to our heated kiss. Bobby’s whimpers echoed in my head and ignited my desire. I slowly withdrew my raging hard cock, then paused at his entrance. I slowly pushed forward and teased his gapping hole. I pushed just the head in and withdrew. I did this several times and it drove Bobby crazy, as he whimpered and moaned into my mouth. I pushed my cock in halfway and pulled back, then sunk it in balls deep. Our tongues were doing a wild dance in our mouths and with all my restraint I held back. I wanted this to be a night Bobby would remember, as we made love. I broke our passionate kissing and whispered in his ear. ” Bobby baby your so tight and warm. Oh my God you make me feel so fucken good.” He moaned and whispered back. ” Tony I love you inside me. I love you so much.” We stared into each other’s eyes, as I slowly picked up the pace and made love to Bobby. With each slow thrust and withdraw he made the cutest whimpering sounds. Our eyes focused on each other, as we passionately made love. His eyes spoke to me as if begging for more. His facial expressions were not of pain, but of pure pleasure. His mouth would open with little ooh’s and ahh’s, then he’d bite his lower lip. The restraint I was showing was unbelievable, as I fought back the urge to slam his hole. I wanted this to last forever and making it pleasurable for Bobby. I felt drawn into him and began kissing him passionately. Bobby returned my affections and kissed passionately back. with each thrust in and out once again his whimpers and moans echoed in my mouth, then resonated in my brain. Our kissing became wild and are breathing increased. As our passion increased I could no longer contain myself. I gave in to my urges and increased my thrust. Within a few minutes I was fucking Bobby’s ass at a steady pace. ” Oh Jesus Bobby you feel so fucken good baby.” I cried out, as I broke away from our kissing. ” It feels so good Tony, please don’t stop. Fuck me harder.” Bobby said loudly. I drew his legs up to his chest and slammed my dick in harder. I pulled upwards and began fucking my lover, as I grasped his legs. His little body moved back and forth on the bed. The bed creeked, as our body slammed together. The moans, groans and slapping noises echoed in the air. ” Umph, Ohh yes right there.” Bobby cried out. Bobby’s hands gripped the sheets, as he pushed his body into mine. My little lover was an active participant and eager to get fucked. Our bodies began to move in perfect rhythm, as they met together with loud slaps. My balls were churning and ached, as they slapped against his ass. sweat droplets ran down my face and onto my chin, then dripped onto his belly. ” Bobby baby I’m going to cum soon. You’re making me feel so fucken good.” I groaned out. Bobby said in between his heavy breathing. ” I…I…think… I’m…. gonna cum too.” Our bodies must have been in sync, as our orgasms continued building. I felt my orgasm building from my groin to my stomach. Bobby’s facial expressions we’re most precious, as he threw back his head and opened his mouth. ” I’m feeling funny… I’m going to cum.. I’m.. I’m going to…to cum…. I’m cumming! ” He yelled out. His body began to spasm, shake and his voice sent me into a frenzy. As I furiously fucked my little boy’s hole. The slapping noises became louder and my grunts echoed off the walls. I felt my groin tighten and my muscles tensed up. My toes began to curl and my balls drew tight. ” Oh wholly istanbul travesti fucken shit, I’m cumming baby. I’m cuming, Ohhh my….oh my God yes. Here it comes baby… here it comes….ohhhh fuck..fuck..fuuuuckkkk! I roared out and slammed deep into Bobby’s ass. My body shook and spasm’d, as jet after jet shot deep into my lover’s ass. My body shook and trembled, as I experienced the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Little Bobby’s body was still quivering and I felt his ass muscles milking my cock. I paused, shivered and finished emptying my balls into Bobby’s ass. I looked down at Bobby’s little body and he was sprawled out, with a look of exhaustion on his face. I lean forward, with my cock still buried deep in his hole and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He turned his head slowly and smiled at me. ” Oh Tony that was awesome. I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Bobby said. ” I agree baby, I’ve never cum so hard in my life.” I said. He wrapped his arms around my neck and we kissed one another. I released his legs and brushed his hair away from his eyes, then caressed his face. Bobby quickly wrapped his legs around my body and pulled us together. ” I want you to stay inside me. It feels so good.” Bobby said. I chuckled and said. ” Oh believe, I wish I could, but I can’t stay hard all night.” He laughed and hugged me tightly, then we kissed passionately once again. We kissed and cuddled as my cock slowly deflated. As much as I wanted to stay in Bobby all night, my cock slowly slithered out of his hole. ” Oh man, I can feel your cum coming out of my ass. ” Bobby giggled. He reached down and grabbed my cock, then played in the jizz oozing from his hole. “Wow Tony that’s way more cum than last time.” he said. ” Yeah buddy, that’s because of you. We made love and you excited me big time.” I said. ” Yeah, it was different this time. Felt really good and I don’t know, I love you and want to make you happy.” He said. ” I know what you mean baby. I feel the same way about you. I love you very much and wanted to make you feel good.” I said. We cuddled up and spooned together. I caressed his tummy again and we held on to one another. ” You know buddy your mom’s going to be back tomorrow and I’ve really enjoyed becoming more than just your uncle.” I said. ” Yeah I miss mom, but I’ve really enjoyed being with you.” He said. ” I’ve loved every minute we’ve had Bobby.” I said. ” Tony, can we still be lovers?” He asked in a shaky voice. ” Oh my sweet sweet boy. Of course we can.” I replied, then hugged him tight. ” Good cause I really love you and want to be with you.” He said. ” I love you too baby, but we’ve had a week together and well things will be a bit different now. We’ll find ways to spend time with each other and maybe your mom will let you spend the night sometimes. Maybe we can go fishing again and do other stuff together.” I explained. ” Oh man that would be awesome.” He said. ” Now this is important Bobby. Our love has to be a secret love. You can’t say anything about our secret fun or sex. If someone finds out I’d go to jail. I want to be here for you and be with you. No one can know but us, okay.” I explained further. ” I understand and I won’t tell nobody. I want to be with you and don’t want you to get in trouble, cause I love you.” He said, then hugged me tighter. ” Oh my sweet boy, I love you too. Don’t worry we’ll find ways to be together. After all your my little lover now, aren’t you.” I said, as I began tickling him. He squirmed around and laughed, as I tickled him. He begged me to stop and farted, sending my cum all over the sheets. ” Oh man, look at the mess you made.” I said. ” Oh I’m sorry. You tickled me too much.” He said. ” I’m joking buddy. After all I made the mess not you.” I said laughing. He joined my laughter and we looked at the mess. It was really quite surprising at the amount of jizz on the sheets. ” Wow man I really made a mess didn’t I.” I chuckled out. ” Shit that’s a lot of cum.” He laughed out. I was amused by his words and laughed. Then we decided to get cleaned up, as it was getting late. We took a nice shower and I helped him clean out his hole. We did a little more horse play and tickling, before we finally finished. After we dried off and took care of the bed we decided to call it a night. We cuddled up in bed together and watched a little more TV. He laid his head on my chest and placed a hand on my belly. Occasionally he would run his hands through the hairs on my chest. I caressed his back and stroked his hair, occasionally squeezing his ass. We laid like this together and he drifted off to sleep. I rubbed his back gently and sniffed his clean hair. I thought to myself as I held him tight. ” This beautiful boy that once was just my nephew is now my beautiful lover.” I closed my eyes, held him tight and slowly drifted off to sleep. To be continued….. Papa Bear If you enjoy this story check out my other stories here on : https://www.//gay/adult-youth/peeping-boy/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/roberto-the-boy-lover/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/street-ball-boys/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-nephew-problem https://www.//bisexual/incest/caring-for-samantha-and-jason/ If you like this story and other stories presented to you on the Nifty Archive, please consider donating to help this site continue its good fty/donate.html)

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