The Nerdy Girl’s Revenge

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A valuable lesson that many of the more popular kids in school, especially the jocks, never seem to learn, is don’t piss off a geek.

Sure, you’re pretty or athletic and popular now, but time is a thief, and a relentless thief at that.

Down the road those attributes will be taken from you, and you’ll find that the geek you picked on is still a whole lot smarter than you.

My story starts a few years ago, back when I was attending a major college in southern California which for reasons of my own, I choose not to name here.

I had been one of those geeks in high school, fortunately for me since my parents weren’t wealthy.

I knew early on I had to apply myself fully, and having done so, was rewarded with a full academic scholarship to the school of my dreams, a school my parents could never have afforded.

When I got to school my freshmen year the first thing I noticed was there were more people like me than I had ever been around before, including women, women who would actually speak to me.

I had never had a real girlfriend in high school, so, like many young men, I developed my own little sexual fantasy world.

I never really thought I’d have a girlfriend, and when I met Anna for the first time, nothing happened to make me think she would ever be my girlfriend. Strangely enough, by the end of this story, she had become the best girlfriend I could ever have hoped for.

Anna was kinda hot in a geeky sort of way, and since I’m kinda not hot in a geeky sort of way, I considered myself lucky. You couldn’t call her a goth, even though she dressed that way, favoring short black leather skirts with black hose and baggy black tops that hid her perky little tits most of the time.

Her outlook on life was far too cheerful for the goths. Anna was definitely more of a geek. Like me.

She had pretty blonde hair, the straight and baby fine kind of blonde hair that hung to about her shoulder blades, with pretty blue eyes, a narrow nose, and thin lips.

Her body was nice enough, about 5 foot 5, thin, perky little B cup tits, and a small but nicely rounded butt. She avoided the sun to the greatest extent possible, as her pale white skin tended to burn quickly.

We met at comic con, and since we were both freshmen at the same college we became pretty good friends.

She was majoring in electrical engineering, and I was majoring in television production, so in a way our studies followed similar lines.

By the time our last year rolled around, we had become very tight, although we both knew it was nothing permanent; While she had spent most of her teenage years in California, Anna was from Latvia, and to Latvia she intended to return as soon as she graduated.

The first time we had sex was good, but not exactly earth shaking for either one of us. I put the blame for that squarely on myself, you see, because I have a little problem.

No, not my penis. It’s comfortably in the middle of the average range. The problem is, I like to watch.

In spite of my little issue, we developed a healthy and enjoyable sex life together. Neither of us were sex maniacs or anything, but two or three times a month we took time out of our busy schedules to enjoy a good naked romp.

Since Anna and I could talk comfortably on any subject, my little issue eventually came up.

I felt a little awkward talking to her about it the first time, although that wry smile of hers that I loved so well quickly put me at ease.

Anna being the brilliant engineering student she was instantly developed a solution; she leaned back in her chair, hiked up her skirt, and began to masturbate through her panty hose.

And just as instantly, I was rock hard. I started to unbutton my pants.

Anna shook her head no, and looked over at the small closet to the right.

“Get in there” she whispered, pointing with her index finger.

Anna moved to the bed as I moved to the closet and opened the door.

“Just leave the door open a tiny crack” she said with that little smile on her face.

I pulled the door to behind me as Anna lay back on the bed and once again began masturbating through her panty hose.

In the darkness of the closet my cock was aching to be freed, and if Anna heard the sound of my zipper coming down, she gave no indication.

I could see the growing ring of her juices through her panty hose as I slowly jerked my cock in time with the motion of her fingers on her clit, just a scant few feet away on the bed.

Anna’s other arm drifted toward her crotch, and using both her hands, tore a small hole in her panty hose directly above the opening to her vagina.

I felt my cock surge in my hand. Anna had already inserted two fingers into herself while the fingers of her other hand vibrated over her clit.

Suddenly her hips began to convulse with her orgasm, and I had had all I could stand. I burst from the closet and plunged my cock right through the hole in her panty hose and into her pussy in one quick thrust.

Less canlı bahis than a dozen strokes later I pulled out and shot my load all over the front of her black panty hose.

“Doofus, it’s a safe day, you coulda got off in me!” she laughed as I continued to jerk the last few drops out of my dick.

All I could do was groan.

“That was like the best sex ever” she smiled, pulling me down on the bed to lie next to her.


I was sitting in one of the video labs at school about a week later, finishing up a project, when he walked in.

“You Jimmy?” Grunted the young man. He was about six foot three, of ambiguous ethnicity, and easily the most muscular human being I had ever encountered. It took me a few seconds to recognize him as the star quarterback of our football team.

“Yeah, I’m Jimmy. What can I do for you?”

He smiled, an oddly warm and genuine smile that would take him far in life.

“They tell me you’re the best at working with videos. I need a special highlight reel of me made for my dad’s birthday, can you do that?”

“He’s pretty busy right now” Said a lightly accented female voice from over my shoulder as Anna walked into the room. She popped up on a stool next to me and kissed my cheek.

“I can pay pretty well” he said, more to her than to me.

Anna was a good deal sharper on money matters than me, and probably realized I was about to do it for free. Within a few minutes she had negotiated a fair price, kissed my cheek again, and headed off for her next class.

“That your girlfriend?” He asked tentatively.

“Yeah” I replied.

“You’re a lucky dude. I’d smash the shit outta that” he said, reaching into the leather bag he was carrying for the pile of various media he wanted compiled.

I didn’t think any offense was meant, and none was taken.

I gave him a simplified explanation of what needed to be done and told him I’d need two or three weeks to do a really professional looking job. He seemed good with that, and we spent the next half hour developing a general outline before he had to run off to practice.

A week later I had a preliminary version ready. I suggested he drop by the lab to look at it, but he was tied up with football till later that night. No problem, I told him, just stop by my apartment tonight whenever you’re done.

It was almost 10 when he arrived, and soon we were immersed in the video I had produced. He liked most of it, but as expected, wanted some changes. I was in the midst of suggesting a few tweaks when it dawned on me he was way more focused on Anna than his video.

Anna was being friendly enough, but not friendly enough to prompt the thought that ran through my head; What would it be like to watch this jacked to shreds jock fuck the shit out of my nerdy girlfriend?

My cock began to stir in my pants.

He continued to try to flirt with Anna, although he really wasn’t having much luck.

Soon we had a handle on the changes he wanted; I told him I’d have it ready in a week or so.

When I showed him to the door I couldn’t help but notice him trying to catch one last look at Anna.


When I told Anna about the thought I had had, she looked at me like I had grown another head.

“Seriously?” she said, with that expression she used when she didn’t feel like saying “Doofus”.

“He’s like really hot for you, in case you didn’t notice.”

“I didn’t notice. What would make you think our superstar football player is hot for me?”

“He told me so himself!”

“Whaaaat? What did he say?” She looked stunned.

“He said ‘I’d smash the shit outta that’.”

“Disgusting.” She snorted. But I could tell she was intrigued.

I spent the rest of the week trying to convince her to do it for me, with varying degrees of receptiveness from her. By the time I had his changes ready for viewing, I was beginning to think she just might do it.

But on the other hand, she just might not.


“He’s gonna be here like any minute” I said pleadingly.

“Oh all right. But just once” she said, shaking that finger at me like she always did when she was really serious.

Before I could say anything else, we heard footsteps coming down the hall.

“Quick! In the closet!” she whispered harshly. I barely had time to pull the door to before the knock came.

Anna answered the door wearing her pretty smile, and spoke before he could ask where I was.

“He had to go for a couple of hours. He told me to show you the video and write down any more changes you want” She said, opening my laptop and indicating with her finger for him to take a seat on the bed. As soon as she located the files, she sat down next to him, right in line with the tiny opening in the closet door where I was eagerly waiting.

He quickly scooted over until their thighs were touching. Anna shot me a glance and a wry smile as she clicked play.

It was only a minute or two till his hand came to rest on her thigh.

She slowly bahis siteleri turned her head toward his and whispered “What do you think you’re doing?”

He began to pull his hand away, but Anna covered his hand with hers.

“I know what you think you’re doing. And maybe I’ll let you do it.” She said, allowing her soft eastern European accent to become a bit more pronounced.

His hand moved up her thigh a little; Her hand gripped his hand tightly.

“But there’s going to have to be an understanding. I love my boyfriend and that isn’t going to change, so don’t get any ideas. And no rough stuff. Try to hurt me, and I’ll make sure you get hurt real bad. Do we have an understanding?”

He nodded his head. Anna set the laptop aside, and they rose to their feet together, pulling their shirts off over their heads. Anna unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor as he dropped his shorts and his already stiff cock sprung free.

I have to admit, his body was something else, like one of those Greek statues chiseled out of marble, but with much bigger muscles, and a much bigger cock.

It was every bit of ten inches, and the skin on it was way darker than the rest of his skin, almost as dark as a chocolate bar. A big round circumcised glans, nearly purple in color, topped it off.

The only flaw that I could see was a really stupid neck tat of a football player getting ready to throw, which I later found out was supposed to be him. I mean, really, why would you tattoo yourself with yourself?

His hands went for the waist band of her panty hose, but she lightly slapped them away, lying back on the bed with her legs spread. I could clearly see the small hole she had made in the crotch.

“I don’t take my hose off. You can make the hole a little bigger if you need to” she said in a sultry whisper.

If the way his massive cock throbbed and stood straight up was any indication, that was a big turn on for him. He knelt on the bed and waded up between her legs to mount her.

“And I’m not on birth control, you gotta wear a rubber.”

“I don’t wear rubbers” he said assertively. “And I don’t pull out.”

“Well you can’t cum in me bare so you gotta do something if you wanna fuck me.” She replied, just as assertively. That made me kinda proud of her.

“Can I blow it in your mouth?” he replied quickly.

Anna thought for a moment.

“Um, okay, but you gotta warn me first.” she said, taking his massive cock in her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“And you gotta use some lube. That thing’s fuckin huge” she continued, reaching over to the bedside table for the little bottle of lube she used to jack me off with when she didn’t want to fuck.

Anna lay back and her legs flopped open; he used a couple of fingers to enlarge the little hole in her panty hose just enough to fit his massive cock through it before opening the bottle of lube and dumping a generous blob on the head.

He stroked the lube up and down his rod a couple times and pushed the head through the hole in her panty hose and in between her labia.

His big thick dick bent in half almost before popping into her with a little snap.

Anna squealed a little bit, but soon her hands were on his ass, pulling him in deeper with each thrust. Before long he was fully embedded in my nerdy girlfriend’s vagina.

His cock was nearly twice the size of mine and was stretching Anna insanely wide as it pistoned in and out of her slick pussy. It was a good thing he’d smeared all that lube on it, he’d be ripping her apart without it!

Anna’s perky little tits jiggled a bit every time his massive rod slammed into the bottom of her pussy.

His muscles rippled with every stroke as he fucked her expertly, driving his meat in at constantly changing angles, stretching her tiny pussy wider than it had ever been stretched before.

In just a couple of minutes, she clamped her arms and legs around his back and began to shudder with a massive orgasm.

The fact of the matter is my dear girl Anna is an excellent fuck, probably better than any of the numerous self-centered cheerleaders he’d banged, and as a result less than 5 minutes into it, he was pounding himself into her as hard and fast as he could.

Anna felt the telltale swelling in his bulbous glans, and seizing her opportunity, pushed on his chest and rolled out from under him.

“What do you think you’re doing? I told you not to cum in me, I’m not on birth control!” she practically screamed.

I didn’t know it was possible for him to look sheepish, but he did as he muttered “Sorry, I got a little carried away.”

“Hunh. Whatever. You’re lucky I’m a woman of my word.” She grumbled, kneeling between his legs and pulling the thick head of his cock into her mouth.

He moaned softly and laid his head on the pillow, enjoying the soft warmth of Anna’s mouth gliding smoothly up and down his penis.

He had already been right at the edge, so it came as no surprise to me when less than a minute later bahis şirketleri his strong hands reached out and pulled her head down to his crotch.

“Uhhhh” he grunted as the first spurt of his semen burst from the slit in the tip of his glans and into the back of Anna’s throat.

He held the back of her head down on his spewing cock while she choked and gagged, thick streams of cum flowing out her nose and mouth around the base of his prick.

Finally she managed to pull her head away, and the look of rage on her face said all that needed to be said. I had never seen her so furious before.

“You were supposed to warn me, asshole.” She said in a low, angry tone, her normally well suppressed eastern European accent becoming quite pronounced. “Get you clothes on and get out!” She exclaimed, pointing toward the door.

He quickly pulled his shirt and shorts on, then sauntered out the door without another word.

“Well that was pretty degrading.” I said as I emerged from my hiding place in the closet.

“Oh shut up. It was your idea. I was having a great time till right there at the end.” Anna replied with a scowl. “I’ll get even with his cocky ass. He’s lucky he’s a great fuck or I would have really gone off on him.”

“You gonna do it again?”

“Are you out of your mind? Why would I?”

I looked over at the corner, trying not to smile.

“I kinda hoped we could get video…” I said.

“Oh my god you nasty pervert!” she exclaimed, and then smiled herself.

“How many cameras do you think we can set up in here without him noticing?” She said excitedly, already looking around for likely hiding places.

We spent the next hour locating the best spots to hide cameras and microphones. Fortunately, the room was quite cluttered.

When we had decided on locations, we set about designing a wireless control system that I could operate from a remote location while he did his business with Anna.

It was installed and ready for testing in less than a week, mostly using equipment “Borrowed” from the school. They had enough, none of it would be missed.

A few of the cameras were fixed, but most of them gave me at least some optical zoom and 3 of them had some, albeit limited, ability to pan a few degrees, but most importantly, all of them were state of the art and capable of very high frame rates.

I had made the arrangement with him to come by on Thursday to pick up the discs I had made for him. That left us two days to get the lighting right, which proved to be the trickiest part.


11 cameras, and he never noticed a single one of them.

Anna had decided that the panty hose weren’t working with the light, so the plan was to get fully naked as fast as possible.

She had also decided that he couldn’t be trusted to pull out, and had gone to the gynecologist for an IUD.

The day finally came, and an hour beforehand we sat down to discuss our plan of attack.

“I’m gonna tell him to pull out, but I know he’ll try to blow it in me anyway. You want me to throw him off again?” She asked.

“I don’t know, it’s up to you, but I think it’d be really hot if he blew it inside you. I mean you have an IUD now, and he’s already been in you bare, so it’s not like you’d be letting him do anything he hasn’t already done, is it?”

“I guess you’re right” she replied. “That will probably make for some super hot video too. Okay, I’m gonna tell him to pull but when he’s ready to blow I’ll wrap my legs around his back and make sure he can’t get out until he’s shot it all in me.”

“That’s gonna be sooooo hot” I whispered. Anna gave me that wry smile that I love so well.

We reviewed our preparations and tested the system one last time, and with just enough time before his arrival for me to get to the control room, I kissed her on the forehead and turned toward the door.

“Remember to get a good tight shot of him blowing his load in me” She said as I closed the door after myself.


I had literally just gotten the system up and running when the main microphone picked up the knock on the door. Anna looked into one of the cameras and gave me that smile and a wink before she walked over to the door.

He was wearing a muscle shirt and a pair of loose gym shorts that made his enormous cock look even bigger. Anna smiled as she invited him in. She walked over to the counter and picked up the package with the finished videos. He had already taken a seat on the bed, being the only real piece of furniture in my studio apartment, and Anna sat down next to him. All 11 cameras and 4 microphones were up and running.

“He had to go down to San Diego, so he left me this package for you and said you can pay him the rest on Friday.” Anna said, but he wasn’t really listing. I could see his eyes were focused on Anna’s smooth bare thighs.

“So… You wanna go again?” He said with a sidelong glance.

“Ummm I don’t know. Last time you were supposed to warn me and I was choking on your goo for like an hour.”

“I won’t do that again, I promise!” he replied, reaching out to run his hand up her thigh. I could see his massive cock stiffening through the shiny material of his gym shorts; Anna could see it too.

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