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Subject: The New Neighborhood – Chapter 12 Hi All – I’m kind of on a roll writing this story. I hope you are finding it as “arousing” as I am writing it. I originally intended to have a couple of more sex scenes in this chapter, but it already started to get long enough to stand on it’s own, so I thought I would go ahead and get it published. I hope you enjoy it. If you like the writing style, I have another series of stories called “Becoming a Spartan”. It’s in the bisexual/college section. Don’t worry, there is very little bi stuff and lots of action with the guys! I hope you enjoy both of them. This story is a complete work of fiction. It contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts involving adults and underage boys. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic upsetting or offensive, then please leave now. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author JLarsen. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but cannot be reposted. If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, please consider making a donation so that we can continue to enjoy sharing and reading these stories. You can donate at fty/donate.html The New Neighborhood – Chapter 12 After sending the boys home, Drew and decided to share a bottle of wine and chat. “Drew, this project I’m doing with Jordan is going to change my life,” I said. “Based on what he wants to initially invest, I could be making thousands of dollars a day.” “No fucking way!” said Drew. “Way!” I replied. “Based on the tests I did today, I could end up with $5-7 grand a day, before tax.” “Holy shit,” he exclaimed. “I thought this thing was some little hobby project. That is serious money. Hey – I forgot to mention the ongoing retainer of 10% of your profits to continue to act as your attorney.” “Yea, I don’t really remember signing something like that,” I said. “But maybe it was in there and I just missed it. I mean if it weren’t in there, then it should be added.” “What are you talking about? I was totally giving you shit!” exclaimed Drew. “I know that. I also know I’ve just had something dropped in my lap. If I can share something with my best friend, then all the better,” I said. “Wow. You’re serious? No just yanking my chain?” asked Drew. “Totally serious.” I said. “Drew, we are linked in more than just a friendship. We spent the evening fucking the shit out of a couple pre-teen boys. I’ve been doing it more than you have, but we are in this together.” “Yea, each time driving home, I start to feel guilty about it and resolve not to do it again, but then I’ll start thinking about their sexy bodies and the sheer enjoyment they have about sex and I know I’ll do it again.” “I rationalized it that the dads were all in on it and they wouldn’t let anything bad happen to their kids, but now Cooper’s involved and his mom has no idea and who knows where his dad is. And given Kris’s display of his man cock on a boy, I can only guess where that is going to end up. We’ve opened Pandora’s box, my friend.” “We have indeed, but do you remember back when you were just into puberty? I don’t know about you, but I was confused about what I wanted, but I knew I wanted something. My cock was hard all the time. If anyone, adult or teenager, had offered to have sex with me, trust me, I would have been on it in a minute,” said Drew. “And remember your expensive liberal arts college education. It wasn’t that long ago that 12 and 14 year olds were getting married. And I won’t even start on the ancient Greeks. It’s somewhat of a new construct that we think people that age aren’t aware of their sexual desires and have the ability to act on them. It all depends on the environment. With these boys, it’s not shaming, it’s celebratory.” “Well, thank you for that summation counselor, you are earning that 10% already,” I said. “I admit, some of it is a big self-rationalization, but it also happens to be true,” Drew replied. “Well, in any case, if I said I was going to stop, we both know I’d be lying. Damn, looking at Kris’ cock was amazing,” I said. “Young and innocent looking body and face, but a cock most adult guys would be proud of. Jordan and Noah both were surprised that he was the one who suggested it and even more so that he took it to the level he did,” I said. “Well, I guessing he made some sort of discovery recently and that turned the switch for him, because he was obviously wanting us to know what it looked like hard,” Drew commented. “It looks to me like the thought of Kris’s hard boy cock excites my personal attorney,” I said as I played with Drew’s hardening cock. After playing with boy cocks for most of the week, having Drew’s dick in my hands was also a thrill. It was a man-sized cock, attached to a man who knew what to do with it. Drew leaned in and we began a very sensuous kiss. My dick had been only slightly hard, but was now responding. Drew began to stroke me as continued our kiss. It was slow, it was experienced and it was very sensual. “Take me to bed counselor,” I whispered in his ear as I licked and kissed it. “I would definitely advise that as the next order of business,” he whispered back. I grabbed the lube and we headed to my bedroom. I lay down on my back, my legs in the air. Drew knew what I wanted. He began licking around my ass, teasing me, coming close to the opening, but never quite getting there. “Please……lick me……my ass, please,” I began to moan, needed the full attention of his tongue. And then it was there, pushing against my hole, opening it slightly. Years of experience were obvious as Drew used all of his talents to assault my pucker with his tongue; licking around the opening, then driving in, pulling out, flicking it fast all around and then back in again, holding my ass open and coming as close as you can to actually fucking me with his tongue. “I need it…… Fuck me!” It came out a bit more commanding than I intended, but Drew immediately reacted. He applied some lube to both my ass and his cock and began to do as he was told. We looked into each other’s eyes as his cock slowly opened my ass to accommodate his cock. Compared to the cocks that had recently been in my ass, he felt huge. I felt completely full without being painful. He knew just how to come in, working with my body, pushing when it gave way, hesitating when there was resistance. Taking the hand he used to lube my ass and his cock, he grabbed my hard dick and began to stroke it in sync with his slow thrusts. The combined feeling of his hand on my dick and his cock filling me up, had me moaning in no time. I lost track of how long he fucked me, my eyes sometimes closed concentrating on the pleasure my body was feeling. My eyes sometimes open seeing Drew’s face lost in the pleasure of fucking my tight ass. I could feel it hatay escort start to tingle deep within me and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I concentrated on squeezing my ass in time with each of his thrusts, getting a moan from Drew each time he pushed back in. Then it was there, my cock began to fire shot after shot, my cum hitting my chin and chest. When he still pushed past my tightened ass, it made the last bit of my orgasm even more intense. Drew kept a slow pace while I recovered from my high. When he sensed I had caught my breath, he slid me closer to the edge of the bed, giving himself more leverage. Slowly his pace started to pick up and he pushed my legs higher toward my chest. This position caused his cock to directly hit my prostate each time he pushed in. My cock hadn’t got hard again, but I felt like another orgasm was close. Faster and faster and he pounded my ass. “Ah………ah…..ah…ah..ah,” I moaned, the time between each noise getting shorted as his speed increased. The assault on my pleasure spot was intense. My dick was about half hard, but I knew I was going to blow again. It wasn’t huge, but my body convulsed at the power of my orgasm. My ass must have clinched tight on Drew’s cock because he shouted and began to send his load into my ass with powerful thrusts. I didn’t care that cum was dripping on my chest and stomach, Drew climbed into bed with me and we both drifted off to a very satisfying sleep, holding each other as we slept. I woke up before Drew and quietly went down to make some coffee. Just as it was finishing, he came into the kitchen. “Hmmm, I thought I smelled coffee, I’ll take mine black please,” Drew said, still a bit groggy. “For what I’m going to be paying you, I think from now on when you sleep over, you should be the one getting up and making coffee. “Oh, my god,” said Drew. “I can tell right now you are going to be one of those whiny clients who is always needing something. It starts with the coffee and pretty soon it’s ‘draw up this contract’ and ‘clean my toilet’ and ‘fuck me in the ass again and again’, I just see it coming.” “You know, now that you mention it, I don’t know see that any of those are unreasonable requests,” I said playing along. “Except of course, most of the time, since I’m the client, it will be ‘drop your pants, grab your ankles, and get ready cuz I need me a little man butt’. ” “In all seriousness, did you mean what you said last night about the 10%? I’ll give you an easy chance to change your mind,” Drew said. “Nope, meant every word of it. So, it’s my first ‘Draw up the contract’,” I said, wagging my finger at him. “In all seriousness, I want you to have it. Somehow, I don’t think having a lot of money will be a great deal of fun if I don’t find ways to do things with it and share it.” “Well, how about if we shower, put some clothes on, and I’ll take you to breakfast and we can talk about all of the ways to spend your money,” said Drew. We went to an old-style diner we had found years ago and went to frequently. It was breakfast diner food, so nothing fancy, but it was good, the hash browns were the best I’ve ever tasted, and there was usually an attractive young server or two.” We did spend a good deal of breakfast talking about what could be done with the money and realized if it truly were going to be producing that much cash, a charitable foundation to deal with some of it would be the best route with. I couldn’t help wagging my finger at Drew and in an old man’s voice said “Draw up the contract by Monday afternoon……..and stay off my lawn when you come to my house”. “I don’t’ think I even know what that is about,” said Ethan, a slender slightly goth looking boy as he was setting our food in front of us. He had served us numerous times before. Drew and I had commented on how we would love to get him naked and between the two of us. Our gaydar had us both thinking he had sucked cock before, but we figured him to be more of a “whatever is front of me at the time” sexual, rather than strictly gay. He gave off that very casual sexy vibe that said “I’m up for whatever you suggest we try.” “Well, Mr. Meyer, Esquire here has recently become my employee of sorts and is already forgetting his place,” I said, still feigning indignation. “That’s funny, last night you seemed pretty happy with my place being behind you, pounding-” Drew caught himself before finishing the sentence and looked sheepishly at our sexy server. Seeing Drew’s embarrassment, Ethan burst out laughing. “Oh my god! You think everyone in here doesn’t recognize you as the two hot gay guys who come in for their morning after sex breakfast,” Ethan said, still laughing. “You two have the most obvious “just laid look” of any of our customers, and believe me, we get a lot of them. At least you two usually shower before you come in.” Drew and I remained silent in our embarrassment. We had no idea we were that obvious about something it wasn’t always good to be obvious about. “It’s okay guys,” said the very sexy Ethan, who had leaned over close to us and whispered. “When the staff plays the “do ’em or don’t ’em game” to judge the customers, you guys are in everybody’s “definitely ‘do ’em’ category. Including the girls, even though they know they don’t likely have a shot at you.” “I’m not sure what to say,” I mumbled. “Is thank you appropriate in this circumstance?” “Well, I guess that or perhaps, “here’s my number, call and you can come over and make good on that “do ’em” thought”,” chuckled Ethan. “Hell, I know Cody would jump at the chance to come with me and join in.” Ethan indicated an equally sexy young guy who was the other regular waiter. Where Ethan had dark hair and was very slender, Cody had wavy blonde hair and looked like an athlete. Both boys looked college age and were likely working their way through school. “But if Cody comes along, Mr. Meyer, Esquire will have to allow Cody to take his place behind him and do a bit of pounding. He is drop dead sexy, but a total top.” It was obvious the boys had been sex partners. At the same time, we all looked appraisingly at Cody who noticed us looking and gave us a “You all are so busted look”. He came over to the table. “Okay, what was that look all about?” he asked. “Top and bottom here didn’t realize we had them figured out,” grinned Ethan. “I just informed them that the entire staff would willingly bang them…….oh, and I might have mentioned that you were a total top. I hope that wasn’t too big of a secret.” It was pretty obvious the two boys gave each other as much shit and Drew and I gave each other. “Well, I would be up for it,” I said. “But, honestly, you too are two are sexy as hell, but both probably a little too old for my friend here.” “Oh my god! Sexy and little pervy as well. This just gets better and better,” said Ethan. “Hey! I thought I paid a couple of people to actually take the stuff I cook out to the hurma escort people who ordered it!” hollered the man in behind a window that looked into the kitchen. “Speaking of ‘don’t ’em’ ” said Ethan under his breath as the headed to where there was actually a fair amount of food waiting to be taken to the tables. “Too old for my friend?” said Drew. “Well, you are the one who convinced me that we should continue to fuck 12 and 13 year olds, so I just assumed…….,” I said matter of factly. “Someday, I’ll get you back for that,” he said good naturedly. The rest of the breakfast, Ethan and Cody were attentive and jovial when they came by the table, but couldn’t stay and chat as the diner had started to fill up. Looking around, Ethan was write, it was obvious most of the diners were still in a bit of the afterglow of sex. Drew bought the meal, but I left a very sizable tip…….and a sheet of paper with my number and the message “you two are definitely on our “do ’em” list.” I doubted I would ever hear from the sexy young man, but you never know. Drew dropped me off and went back to his place. I made a list of the things that needed to be done before Sunday night. I wanted the program ready to go when the Asian markets opened on our Sunday night. I would be able to check some things before I went into work on Monday. After my week off, I knew I would be slammed once I got there. The next several hours were spent doing the wildly exciting things we all do; laundry, house cleaning. I realized in addition to my sheets desperately needed to be washed, there were hardened cum stains in various spots around the house. After finishing the things around the house, I called Jordan to see if I could come over and get some of the needed financial information. He mentioned that Cooper and Kris were over and still wearing clothes, so I should probably do the same. I pulled on a t-shirt and just slipped some shorts on, going commando. As I came through the open gate, all of the boys greeted me with some form of “Hey Coach Lance”. Logan, Noah, Cooper and Kris all barely slowed their play while I passed by and greeted them. I would chat with them later, but wanted to get everything set. Jordan was dressed similarly to me. We were in his office for a bit of time when he asked if I wanted something to drink. I told him a beer would be fabulous. He said he was also going to take some drinks out to the boys and would be back shortly. When he came back with a cold bottle of beer for me, he said, “Well, that went about like I thought it would. The boys no longer have their suits on. Neither Kris nor Cooper were at all shy about coming out of the pool to get something to drink.” “Do you think they were already messing around?” I asked. “I don’t think so,” answered Jordan. “None of them were fully hard. And you are right, even soft, Kris has a serious cock.” We went back to it, entering brokerage accounts, tying the program into the feeds from Bloomberg and other market quotation systems. There were a lot of moving parts that made it more complicated than my test scenario. It had taken long enough, that Jordan had got me a second beer. Finally, we had it finished. “Well, let’s go see what our four naked boys are up to,” said Jordan. As we moved through the house, the noise level indicated that they were likely not in pool any longer. There were no shrieks of laughter that typically accompanied boys and water. Jordan held me back as we got to the back door. The boys were in the throes of sex and he didn’t want to scare them. I figured the boys would be stroking each other or possibly have progressed to sucking each other’s cocks, but I was totally unprepared for what I saw. Cooper was on his back with his legs in the air and Noah was slowly sliding his hard cock in and out of the young boy’s little butt. Cooper was grunting with each of Noah’s thrusts, but overall, it was obvious that he was enjoying it. With each grunt, Noah was picking up steam. I got the feeling, he had just entered the young boy’s ass and now that his tight little chute was adjusting to the prick inside of it, Noah found the going a little easier and Cooper found it a lot more pleasurable. Logan was on his hands and knees, his deep brown ass cheeks up in the air. Kris had just lubed his big cock and was pointing it at Logan. In one steady motion, Kris’s lily white cock disappeared into Logan. It was obvious this was not the first time Kris had fucked someone. He knew what he was doing and quickly had Logan moaning like a bitch in heat, begging to be fucked harder and harder. Jordan and I watched from just inside the house. If the boys had glanced our way, they would have seen us, but we didn’t move out to be with them. We didn’t want to startle them and I was still hesitant to do something with Cooper and Kris. Well, okay do something more than what I had already done with Cooper. We were both wearing loose shorts and our cocks were obviously tenting as we watched these young boys enjoy their sexual encounters. As we watched, Jordan removed his clothes and began playing with his cock. I couldn’t stand it anymore and got naked as well. My cock was standing straight up. Jordan moved in front of me and began rubbing his ass against my cock, sliding it up and down his crack. Cooper was stroking his hairless cock while Noah fucked him in earnest. I wondered if Noah had popped the boy’s ass cherry. Whether a virgin or not, it was obvious Cooper enjoyed having a cock slide in and out of his butt and would likely be seeking other cocks to fill him. Kris was alternating speeds and moving Logan’s ass in slightly different positions causing the older boy to moan loudly as the younger boy’s big dick hit the sensitive places in Logan’s ass. We continued to watch for a while and then Jordan took three steps forward and leaned on the back of a chair, pushing his slender ass back toward me. He gave me a glance and then indicated his butt. In Jordan’s backyard, there were bottles of lube at various locations so if the mood ever struck, you would not be far from any needed supplies. I lubed up and got in back of Jordan spreading is cheeks wide. I didn’t bother with any preliminaries like a finger or tongue. I exposed his pucker and put my cock at the opening. Starting out slow so as to give him time to adjust, I was surprised when Jordan pushed back, taking the length of my cock all at once and quickly. A heavy sigh came from Jordan and he began to pump back and forth. We quickly established a pace that felt great. I had my hands on his shoulders as I began to really enjoy fucking my business partner. Looking back at the boys, Noah and Cooper hadn’t changed what they were doing. Noah was obviously focused on the feelings his dick was experiencing fucking a boy less developed that he was. The look on his face and the pace of his hips told me he was enjoying ığdır escort it a lot. I looked over to the older boys and Kris was watching me with a grin on his face. So much for keeping the full secrets of the neighborhood from the boy. Kris had his arms in a similar position to what I was doing. He seemed to be watching me as his hips rammed his big cock into Logan. I dropped one hand under Jordan and began stroking his cock. Kris did the same, causing Logan to begin panting. I moved a hand to a nipple and rolled it between my fingers, Jordan gasped. Kris did the same, pinching one of Logan’s dark erect nipples. The young boy’s reaction was the same as his dad’s. Both continued to moan as Kris and I manipulated a nipple on each of the guys we were fucking. Was he following what I was doing? I removed the hand from Jordan’s cock and moved it to the other nipple, now squeezing and tickling both of the eraser sized nubs on Jordan’s chest. Kris did the same thing, sending Logan into waves of ecstasy. I pulled Jordan into more of a standing position, so the front of his body was exposed to Kris, one hand stayed at his nipples and the other went back to his cock. It was Kris’s first look at Jordan’s hard cock and the boy stared at it, seeing the precum flow out of it. Even though they were on their knees and not standing, Kris pulled Logan upright, exposing that beautiful black cock to me. Kris again mirrored what I was doing. I was entranced by Logan’s cock as Kris had been with Jordan’s. The contrast of the Kris’s white hand wrapped around Logan’s large black cock was very sexy. The pace and depth of my thrusts picked up, Kris was doing the same. My focus was interrupted by Noah screaming that he was cumming and both Kris and I shifted our focus to the young boy driving his cock as far into Cooper’s little ass as it would go. Noah’s had the boy’s legs by the ankles and had spread them as far open as they would go, giving him full access. Cooper seemed to be twitching as he lay on his back, his little ass taking a pounding. I’m sure the boy was having his own powerful dry orgasm. After watching for a bit, my own passion had increased. I leaned forward and began kissing and nibbling Jordan’s neck and ear from behind. He tilted his head giving me more access. Between what I was doing with his cock and nipple and now this sensual assault I was giving his neck, Jordan began moaning and breathing harder. I felt his ass grip my dick and knew Jordan’s cum was flying into the air. I looked up at Kris and Logan. Kris had again done what I had done. Logan’s eyes were closed, an arm on Kris’s head caressing and directing it to various places on his neck and around his ears. I could hear Logan’s low moans. Suddenly, his mouth opened in a groan and ropes of white cum shot out of Logan’s big black cock. That did it for me. My hands left Jordan’s nipple and deflating cock and I grabbed his waist, pulling him back against my cock as it filled his ass with a big load of cum. As we came down from our high, Jordan and I returned our focus to the teenage boys still fucking in front of us. Kris was no longer paying any attention to anything other than the feelings in his cock as it slammed in and out of Logan’s narrow ass. Finally, he screamed and pushed as hard as he could into the waiting ass. Logan went back down on his knees and Kris continued to drive his exploding cock into the older boy’s ass. Kris finally collapsed onto Logan’s back trying to catch his breath. Finally, the boy came up and off Logan and regained his balance enough to get on his feet, he was smiling ear to ear. “That was amazing! Thanks Logan,” exclaimed Kris. “That is so much better than fucking my uncle. He just lays there and wants me to stick my cock in his ass and not do anything else and we always just do it the same way. Thanks for showing me what to do Coach Lance!” “Hey, where do we go to the bathroom?” asked Cooper. “I really need to pee!” “Yea, me too,” echoed Kris, “I think I drank three cokes before we started fucking.” “Dad?” asked Logan, looking to his father for guidance. The two beers I had drunk had were pushing to get out as well. “Let’s go over here,” said Jordan as he led the four naked boys and me over to the outdoor shower. Once there, he got on his knees. Noah and Logan, of course knew what to do. They took a step toward their dad, grabbed their cocks and began to discharge their piss. Cooper’s eyes got as large as saucers. “I want to try that!” exclaimed Cooper, scooting in close to Jordan. Noah and Logan were spraying their piss in an arc that first hit their father and then over to little Cooper whose eyes lit up when the hot liquid first hit him in the face. Cooper had barely opened his mouth to shout “Wow!” when Logan rewarded with him with a mouthful of piss. Cooper sputtered a bit and then opened his mouth wide, and began giggling. Kris was staring wide eyed at the scene in front of him, not sure of whether to join in and if so, exactly who he should be peeing on. Noah stepped up to his father and stuck his cock into his dad’s mouth. Jordan was swallowing some of the flow and letting some spill down over this chin. “Pee on me Kris,” squealed Cooper. Spurred on by the boy, Kris stepped up grabbed his cock, it was over 4″ soft and let loose a powerful stream. Seeing and hearing Kris’s piss reminded me that my bladder was full as well. I couldn’t get over to Jordan, so I aimed my cock at the littlest boy in the group and began. I aimed my stream down at Cooper’s suddenly hard little cock. Kris began moving his flow around, on Cooper’s nipples and then down with mine at the boy’s little prick. Cooper was rubbing his hands all over his body, taking the hot piss and smearing it to wherever it wasn’t being shot directly. Even though his cock was hard, Cooper let loose with his own piss shooting straight in the air, joining Kris and my piss streams. Noah had pulled his cock from his father’s mouth. When Jordan saw what was going on, he bent down and swallowed Cooper’s pissing cock and balls into his mouth. If possible, the little boy squealed even more. He was pissing into a mouth that was simultaneously sucking his cock and balls, both of which were being bathed in his own hot urine. Kris and I were still shooting clear streams at the boy’s chest and up to his face. Cooper’s mouth was open and moaning in pleasure and Kris was doing his best to fill it with his piss, which only made Cooper moan more. Finally, Kris’s and my piss slowed to a trickle. Jordan continued to suck on the little boy. I saw Jordan move a hand around to the boy’s butt, caressing the cheeks for a moment. I had an idea that Jordan was searching for the boy’s hole. Cooper’s ass was still full of Noah’s cum, so when Jordan found what he was looking for and stuck a finger into the boy, Cooper shuddered, but easily adapted to the intrusion. Jordan’s finger quickly found what he was looking for and Cooper started shaking and panting. He grabbed Jordan’s head for both support and to hold it in place while he shuddered a couple of more times, his body consumed in pleasure. “Oh, my god, that was the best one yet,” said Cooper.

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