The New Neighbour Chapter 1


The New Neighbour Chapter 1The New NeighbourChapter 1Upon arrival home…i was greeted with a beautiful sight..there you were busy cleaning out the garage next door…. i got out of the cab and moved up the driveway…you came out sweat running down your brow… i greeted you and we smiled and exchanged hand shakes as my hand took yours i could feel the excitement rush through me although you were in your sweats they clung to your body showing all that i needed to conjuror up a picture of your soft cures…you excused your appearance but i told you that it was quite alright and that i thought that even in the sweats that you looked very nice.. you blushed and we exchange some small i found out that you were single…and that you to were a business woman… and that no k**s.. like me…. anyways i let you get back to your work..and i went inside to change and shower…as i came out of the shower back into my bedroom… still naked and dripping wet.. i moved over to the bureau to remove a clean towel.. as i stood by the window i glanced out.. i saw you there in your bedroom standing by the bed… i watched.. for a few minutes.. as i watched you move… i could feel the excitement start to grow between my legs …. standing there naked and my now erect penis…i watched… not realizing that i was now stroking it slowly back and forth….. imagining you over there in your bedroom naked….. it felt so good i had not had a orgasm in some time and i could feel the stirring in my loans…. the water still dripping off me i stood watching…. you were canlı bahis busy emptying boxes not paying any attention to me .. our bedroom windows only a few feet apart…yours was wide open letting in the fresh air….. i watched my thick hard shaft bulging at the end as it urine d to find a warm wet love hole to release its seed into…i continued to stroke my hard cock… that moment the phone rang… i looked at it it was by the bed on the other side of the window… i looked quickly at you seeing if you were lookingi moved swiftly across the window my throbbing penis waving in the breeze…as i did you say the movement and looked up and caught a glimpse of my manhood……as i finished my phone call i moved back to the window… but you weren’t there … i was about to get dressed when you re-appeared from the bathroom….. and as i watched you pulled your top off over your head and your firm ripe breasts sprang into view…. i moved over to the corner of the window..and watched…my now erect hardness.. throbbing in my hand… i watched as you moved over to one of the boxes and reached in and pulled out a towel…. watching … you pulled down your sweat pants and stood there totally naked before me..i could see your perfect body… medium sized breasts there nipples hard but not big… your hair loose and blondeto your shoulders…your tummy tight and flat… your hips curved out and sculpturing your lovely figure to form…..your love nest was smooth and bare… i so love the idea of woman shaving there love nest bare and soft….very sexy…. bahis siteleri you stood there for a moment as if you knew i was watching…. you moved slightly one way then the other showing me your body in every angle…. your ass cheeks round and firm… perfectly proportioned…you looked down at your body examining it and touching it… this was making me crazy as i massaged my hard cock faster and faster…feeling the pre-cum oozing form its head….your touches soon turned into caress.. as you ran your fingers over your breast and down over your smooth tight tummy… down further to your bare love lips…. slipping one finger in between your lips slowly stroking your self…i continued to watch you as you masturbated there before me… your fingers now running all over your body… and sliding deep inside your lips….I had the urge to stand in front of the window.. and jerk my hard cock back and forth letting you watch… making it cum for you….you now moved back to the bed… slipping on top you were in a kneeling position your ass facing me.. your lush pussy lips pouting at me as you reached over and into a box by the bed…and you pulled out a long white object which i recognized as a vibrator… you slowly moved to the middle of the bed.. laying down on your back and spreading your legs wide … slowly you started to use the tool on your hard nipples they stood out hard and firm…. and then you slid it down past your tummy to your waiting thighs….expertly you worked the object between your lips… stroking your love with its entire güvenilir bahis length… i could almost hear the sound of the vibrating tool as you became more and more excited…i quietly opened the window .. wanting to her your sounds of passion… and yes i could hear the soft moans as you brought your self to and exciting climax… stroking my hard shaft i too was close and i would soon burst with passion as my load would gush from me….i got braver as i moved more into your view… i thought since you were in the throws of ecstasy you would not look up at me….. you continued to probe your wet lips.. i could hear the wet sounds as you love toy entered you…. your legs spread as wide as you could go your free hand massaging your hard started to cum and as you did your head turned to me… your eyes meet mine and we both were caught up in the moment… i watch in utter amazement as you came before me.. and at the same time my hard cock shoot of its full load straight at you… gushing and landing on the window sill…. i stroked it madly as my legs became weak and i could feel them trying to buckle…. your wet lips opened as you came… and the sounds escaped your lips as you watched my thick cock shooting it seed out…..your hands were like a blur as you stroked and massaged your hot sex into a earth shattering climax….i could not stand any longer as i collapsed on the bed… laying back feeling the ebb of my orgasm flow over me….i must have fallen asleep .. when i awoke i looked out the window and you lay sleeping in your bed a gently smile on your face…..i looked down at the seed spilled on the window sill and took some Kleenex and cleaned it up….. this was going to be the start of a wonderful relationship i could tell…..

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