The New Neighbour

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A fantasy about a Sarah who discovers about how sexual she can be without feeling guilty about it.

It is one of those warm summer nights. It is really warm the sun setting and the warm evening breeze is blowing straight in to the luxurious apartment that she had just moved into. She was dressed in a short strappy satin black and white she had bought while on holiday. Walking toward the balcony, she leaned over the rail, exposing what she had underneath the sexy little dress. As the breeze blew, her dress was flung just above her round bottom. Sarah felt the warm breeze rush between her legs. Below was the guy who live next door, he looked up and he could see what she was trying to conceal and smiled. She smiled back and she understood what he was thinking. He was tall, dark hair, brown eyes and a very sexy smile. She had seen him twice now since she moved in. He was dressed in blue jeans, short sleeved cotton shirt. She took a deep breath and she could almost feel him. The thought instantly made her womanhood moist. He kept on looking up at her while walking almost stumbling on to the pedestal ashtray that stood by the front door, she looked back at him too and smiled.

She walked back into the huge living room and closed the door behind her, then she felt like she had left something behind on the terrace and went back. She could not resist looking down to see if he was still there .At this point her heart was thumping so hard against her perfect sensual breasts, she felt her nipple stiffen as the breeze swished her dress again. He was still there, tempted to invite him over, she just stood there, the wicked ideas running through her head. She could not do it.

Her apartment stood on the 2 floor of the building, lavishly furnished with very tasteful furniture. She had orange and blue leather sofa set, beautiful solid frosted glass table. The windows were huge and it was pleasurably bright. She had blue soft carpet covering and vanilla colored curtains. She had the stereo next to the small but lovely fireplace. Still thinking about the sexy neighbor, she leaned over and flipped the canlı bahis şirketaleri CD case open and removed her favorite CD…Vangelis. In between her legs she could feel it getting more moist constantly thinking about him..His name was Brent as she found out later. She slumped herself on the sofa and began massaging her pussy lips. The more she thought of him the more she got wet, she stuck her finger into the now very moist lovecave. Her body wriggled and bucked as she was pleasuring herself. She could feel her lovecave swallow her finger and she began to moan. It felt so good. She thought. She had forgotten one thing though LOCKING THE DOOR.

She went on rubbing and fingering and moaning everytime she came, the cum running down the ass. She rolled, changing position, wanting more. How she wished for Brent!! Not remembering that the door was unlocked she took pleasure in making herself cum and cum. Meanwhile Brent seemed to have the same thoughts. He paced back and forth in the hallway between their apartments.

He finally got the courage to know the door. He knocked twice and no one answered the door. The music was playing, she was moaning, and got louder everytime she made herself cum. As he was about to turn back, she let out a loud pleasure moan. Brent got an idea, either she was getting fucked or she fucking herself. He was standing outside eavesdropping, his cock was throbbing hard, his heart beating so hard that it felt like he would explode from excitement. He was so horny, his manhood so hard that it felt like it would rip the seams from his pants open. There was precum leaking from his cock too. He could not believe that by just listening to her moaning, he was stroking himself outside a stranger’s door. He leaned to hear her moan more, then he tried his luck and checked the door. “What luck” he thought, he let himself in slowly and sneaked around a bit. The he saw her lying on the couch rubbing herself even harder, her eyes closed, nipples stiff. She did not notice he was there. Her pussy was not on fire, leaking like crazy with her cum running down her ass on to the canlı kaçak iddaa couch. He had the perfect view, straight ahead of

him was her juicy lovecave, he could not help it. As they both pleasured themselves not being aware that they were both in the same room. She spread her long legs even wider as she thrust her finger into herself and the thumb rubbing her clitoris. She arched her back everytime she had an orgasm. Brent on the other hand was going crazy with the sight infront of him, her lips wide apart as if asking to be fucked. He unzips his pants and out sprung his hard cock leaking desperately, and hungry for her wet pussy. Her sneaked and thrust his cock in her and she exploded into a huge climax. He fucked and asked her

“Is this what you need”? She answered in whispers while her body twitched “Yes, give me more” she said. He teased her, and she bucked…

She begged.”Please, just fuck me, fuck me hard” And he did, then just as he had entered her, he left. He got up and left her weeping….”Why the heck did you come if you knew you would not give everything to me?” she asked….

He smiled and introduced himself..”By the way my name is Brent” and turned around, walking away.

As he opened the door he said to her “Nice apartment you have” looking around.

His last words were “There is still plenty more where that came from”. She was so horny at this point that her reputation did not matter anymore. She got up and hurried after him. She was naked, wet in both juices and cum..

Brent opened his door and walked in, she stared at him in disbelief. Brent back into his apartment and suddenly Sarah realized that she did not hear Brent lock his door too. Mmmhhh!!! She thought, she turned around and walked straight into his apartment. It was very cozy, very unmanly that for a moment she was not sure about going in. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom. Not knowing where which room was where, she followed the sound of the shower.

She commanded him to get out of the shower, he turned off the shower. Still dripping wet, his cock slightly hard, he canlı kaçak bahis looked at her crotch and immediately it grew full stiff. She was dripping and playing with herself. She pushed him onto the marble floor. She mounted him and slid his very hot and hard cock in to moist and wet pussy. Her pussy lips parting as if eating him up. Sarah fucked him so hard that it was he now begging her to stop. He moaned so loud that the bathroom echoed. “Please not to fast, otherwise I will cum”. She ignored him and pleasured herself, her juices running down his love pole. She then casually got up and sat on his face, making him lick off the juices from her pussy. “Come on, suck me, lick me” He hungrily grabbed ass cheeks and buried his face in between her thighs. “My God, you sexy, horny slut”. Just as she sat on him, she got up, took his dick and shoved it in her pussy, fucking so hard and deep in her. She screamed, moaned and shook from side to side. Brent could not hold his hot cum anymore. His face was so red, his heart thumping so hard. His veins were bulging and pulsating too. He grabbed her waist and started to pump her up and down. His strong arms gripping her waist, she was on fire…she screamed “fuck me….fuck me more”. He was almost loosing control.

Then out of the blue, he unplugged hi manhood from inside, took Sarah and placed her on the floor on her knee and slid his cock into her, slowly and pushed it into her now wet pussy. She moaned and tried to get it as deep as she could. Her breasts moving with the rhythm. He started pumping her faster and faster, taking her deeper and deeper. He slowed down and took her breast his palms, gently squeezing them. He teased with the tip of her cock and then let it slide in again. She was so wet that he did not have put so much effort in fucking her. She came, her pussy contracted as she came, her body shook. He suddenly unloaded everything in her. It felt so hot in her that she swallowed his cock with her wet, creamy pussy.

Brent went on pumping her, till he could not go on anymore. His body was cramping up and he let out a cry like an animal. He dropped on to the floor taking her too. They both sighed…. It was good they thought still saying nothing to each other. The marble was very cool and they were so hot. Both of them just lay there. Relaxed and satisfied, they lay there for hours. It felt good.

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