The new night club


The new night clubThe wife had taken over management of some apartments and we were just getting into it. I was managing the maintenance crew, right next to the complex was a night club that we hadn’t paid much attention to except it seemed like it was being remodeled. I had been out on complex checking on my crew’s progress for the day. I approached the office area to see a strange car out front, thinking nothing about it just someone to rent an apartment. I walked on into my office closed the door so wouldn’t disturb business when the wife called asking me to join them. I walked across the hall and peeked in to see the wife at her desk and two guys sitting across from her. She looked up to wave me in introducing these two big guys like our new neighbors. They got up extending hands saying they were opening the night club and had come by to introduce themselves. My wife was in the middle of looking at pictures as they talked. I couldn’t help but notice that they were more interested in my wife than showing pictures. The one guy moved beside my wife to point out things in the photo’s, his big bulge in his pants said otherwise. He told his friend to show her something in a picture. He positioned himself on the other side of her chair both had a great view of her breasts from where they were standing and both had bulging cocks with the show. I excused kurtköy escort myself self saying that I had things to do, as I expected I noticed they moved in even closer. I thought these two black studs wanted more than to advertise their new club. My wife sitting there in her short shorts had certainly got their attention. I think if she had moved just the right way or said the right thing they would have had her right there. I went about my business we closed for the day and as we walked down to our apartment the wife mentioned that they had made an invitation to their pre-grand opening tomorrow night. I asked her to accept, that I was sure she would have a good time, she said that it was for the two of us and if I wasn’t going then we wouldn’t go. As we approached the club, my wife still in her short shorts and a loose halter top. We knocked at the door to be met by one of the two owners who invited us in sat us at the bar, he the other side of the wife ordered us drinks placing his hand on my wife’s leg. About that time his partner stuck his head out of the office asking me if he could show me something waving me back. I got up headed back to the office to see what he had, he pointed out an area that had not been finished yet. He asked my opinion about it. I gave him someways of finishing it that I thought would maltepe escort work well. He said sounded great, let’s go get a drink on it. As we got back into the bar area my wife was not in sight, he ordered drinks, I said that I wondered where my wife had wandered off to? He said I’ll bet they are trying out the new dance floor lets go see. As we approached they were surely trying it out. His partner was doing everything but fucking her on the dance floor (with his cock bigger than ever), and she seemed to be enjoying it. His partner said I think she is in good hands let’s go back and enjoy the music! When they returned from the dance floor both guys were both all over her one on each side caressing her smooth legs kissing her feeding her drinks. The other guy whispered in her ear and they headed for the dance floor his hand never leaving her pretty little ass. I peeked in after a while, he was busy working on her, it was a slow dance he had her big nipples exposed sucking on one then the other with her having her hand wrapped around his trouser snake. They weren’t concerned about anything else in the world. His partner walked up beside me and said it looks like they got something going, why don’t you go on home I’ll see she gets home O.K. What could I say it certainly looked like she decided what she wanted, all kartal escort the big black cock she could get.I walked back over to the apartment tried to get to sleep just layered there for it seemed like forever. Then the sound of laughter was heard through the dark apartment, I listened as the front door opened and closed. Waited for her to slide into our bed, as she did I slide over to lick her clit. She objected saying she was sweaty from dancing I dove anyway and started working on her sweet freshly fucked pussy. As I got to work she gave in completely saying eat all that cum out her well-fucked pussy! I had never done anything like this it tasted great I licked and slurped as she told me what they had done to her, she said that she had never been fucked so truly well. She said when the one stud placed her hand on his monster cock she knew she was gone, he all but fucked her right there on the dance floor. She said he led her back to a room with a big mattress on the floor. As soon as she laid down it felt like she was surrounded by tongues and monster cocks. They had her stripped with big black cock everywhere she said all three were playing and kissing all over. As I continued to feed on the left-overs, she told me to lick her all over because she didn’t think there was a place they missed. I asked her who was the third she said it was the bartender she thought, that she didn’t know for sure. She said that she didn’t know what was in that drink, but she wanted more, I told her that she just wanted more of those big black dicks! She just smiled and dozed off as I continued to clean enjoying the sweet fuck mix.

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