The Newcomers Club


The music thumped and pulsed as the sea of bodies moved to its beat, dancing as if to some pagan ritual in near darkness.

I’d just moved into town for a new job, and decided to visit a club the local rag called a “must for newcomers.” The club’s denizens were an eclectic bunch — everyone from hipsters to middle-aged wanna-be hipsters, geeks, freaks, and wallflowers. Yet, they all had this quality about them I couldn’t place.

It was as if they lived in another dimension. Each had this nonchalant joie de vivre I’d never seen before. I can understand when a few people act like this, but an entire club? They may as well have been on some wonder drug.

As I stood surveying the scene, a young woman noticed me from several feet away. She had short, wavy brown hair, flecked with some sparkly stuff. A figure of slender but provocatively shaped proportions were packed onto a petite frame. Our eyes locked, and she made her way toward me.

“Hi! You look like you’re new in town. What’s your name?”

“Erik,” I replied. “How do I look like I’m new in town?” I yelled over the din.

“You’ve moved here recently, right? Everyone who’s new in town has a certain look. Those of us who’ve lived here a while can tell,” she said, smiling. “So, wanna dance?”

“Sure,” I said, heading into the mass of gyrating bodies.

She grabbed my hand.

“Uh-uh. Come with me.”

She led me past the bar and into a corner of the club. A few people cast us knowing smiles as we made our way. One older woman, a blond who was dancing with both a man and a woman said, “Hi, newbie!” with a big smile.

The petite brunette led me straight into the women’s restroom! A few women were in there, and weren’t surprised to see a man walk in. One said to me, “Welcome, stranger!”

My escort grinned at me, leading me into one of the stalls.

“What the fuck is going on?” I blurted.

“I’ll explain in a bit,” she said, planting a deep kiss on my lips.

Her tongue searched out mine, and to my surprise she put her hand right down my pants. My not having had sex for a few months had me hard in no time. If it’s sex she wants, I’m not going to deny her that option. Why the hell would I?

“Mmm, nice,” the brunette moans into my mouth.

I moved my hand under her skirt, still feeling the whole thing is surreal, and find she’s not wearing panties. I cupped her sex in sex hikayeleri my palm. I began a gentle, circular motion, the bare folds sliding in my hand.

She let out this little pant of arousal, and released my cock from its confines. Then it was in the confines of her warm hand, which felt much better. I had this mental vision: I’m standing in a stall in a women’s bathroom, kissing a woman I’d met five minutes before. Our hands are rubbing one out on each other.

Crazy? A dream? I’m almost certain it must be a dream. Until her voice broke it.

“You have a nice cock. Too nice to keep out in the cold. Don’t you think it belongs somewhere wet and warm?”

The music pounded and pulsed outside. I gulped, almost unable to speak.

“Yeah,” I stammered breathlessly.

“Stand over the john,” she said.

When I’d done that, she was on her knees in a flash, pulling my pants down. She hesitated, as if gauging my manhood. Her warm breath on me gave me a tingle, and inflamed my desire. She took hold of my balls.

“Poor guy. They’re really tight.”

Her mouth opened. She took me inside so slowly, it was obscene. It felt like she wanted to feel every pore on my rod, and coat it with her spit. I looked down at her. Her eyes were closed.

My eyes closed as her lips bumped my groin. She drew back at the same excruciating pace. Releasing my rod, she took a long lick along the underside from base to tip. Her tongue circled the head, dove into the little hole. Repeat.

Clearly, this woman knows what she’s doing, and loves to do it. This was no ordinary blowjob. How do you define an act of love that’s so masterful there’s no word for it?

Lowering her head, she slathered my balls all over. Then it happened: She ran her tongue up my perineum, up my balls, up the entire shaft. Slowly. Up the head, ending at the tip. Then she slid her mouth over my pole, taking me in with that luxurious pace. It was so good I could have cried.

I needed to hold onto something. It had been so long that if I’d held her hair, I might hurt her. So I grabbed at the toilet roll holder with one hand, my own hip with the other. She repeated the long lick and suck, from perineum to base.

Groaning and sighing, I felt the heat rise inside. Now she sucked me in slow strokes, from base to head. I couldn’t contain it, I was going to cum, and she knew it too. My cock pulsed adult hikayeler and spasmed.

Crying out, I shot blast after blast deep in her throat. I moaned and moaned, feeling the pent-up juices spurt. She kept both hands on my balls, rubbing them, imploring me to empty them into her. The few women in the bathroom cheered and applauded. My cock was all the way in her mouth, and she made this little rocking motion with it. Bobbing back and forth, she drained me of every drop, not missing a beat.

At last, satisfied that she’d swallowed all I had to offer, she looked up into my eyes. She looked hazy. I felt myself swaying a bit. She pulled her head back, keeping her mouth around my shaft. As it comes out, it’s wet with her saliva and my cum. The head is last to be released, and then she revealed one last wad on her tongue by opening her mouth. I watched as she swallowed it.

She stood up, took my hand in hers, and guided it to her cunt. It was slick with her juice. She had to guide my hand around it, I was so spent.

“My turn!” she said, pulling me around to switch places.

She pulled up her skirt, letting me see her luscious thighs and the treasure between them. A trickle of her juice ran down one opened thigh.

“C’mon, on your knees, stranger. Let’s see how your tongue works.”

I got to my knees and got myself in position before her gates of paradise. Her pussy was soaked, the wetness glistened. I got close in and took a lick, which made her moan. I licked up and down each fold, feeling my tongue slide over the silky, wet flesh.

Running my tongue up to her hard nub caused her to sigh and grab my head. Her clit was big, the biggest I’d ever seen. It was easy to suck it into my mouth. She gasped at that, then took to moaning words of encouragement.

It didn’t take long for her to cum. When she did, she heaved and panted, yanking my head closer and grinding her cunt into my face. She muttered all these delicious obscenities, most of which were unintelligible.

“Yeah, baby, lick my fucking cunt,” she said.

When she calmed down, a few women in the bathroom yelled out “My turn!” and laughing. “I want to try the new guy!” said another.

I looked up at my lover with a questioning expression.

“You’re from out of state, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah, but what is it with this place? Some sort of swingers club?” sex hikayelerin I asked.

She shook her head and grinned.

“Nope. We do things differently here. Everyone who lives here is really open sexually. If you want to have sex with someone, you just ask. They almost always will, no matter the time or place. It doesn’t matter how many partners you want, or if you want to do a man or woman or both, it’s all free and in the open.

“The whole town is like a swingers club, and this nightclub is its community center, if you like. And when someone’s new in town, everyone wants to try them out. You’re a cute guy, and I jumped at the chance because it’s obvious you’re new in town.”

“How the hell do you know?” I asked.

“It’s just a look newcomers have about them. Everyone picks up on it. Can’t explain it. You just know.”

“Welcome to Sexvale!” a woman outside the stall said, laughing, along with a couple others.

“Hey, let someone else have chance!” another woman said.

“Sounds like you have some other women who want to try you out,” she said smiling.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“You can call me Butterfly, for now,” she grinned, opening the door to the stall.

Four women were lined up outside.

“First cone, first served!” said the first one, a cute blond no older than twenty.

“My cock’s of no use anymore for a while,” I said, catching on. “Sorry.”

“You have a tongue and fingers, don’t you?” said the blond, hoisting her skirt.

It was then that I noticed every woman in the place wore a dress or skirt. Easier access.

I went down on the blond until she came, sighing in a high-pitched voice.

The next woman came into the stall, brunette in her forties. She had a furry bush. I gave her head, but it was haphazard. She came in gushing sloshes of nectar. Interesting how different each woman’s orgasm was.

The woman in her forties could tell I was tired.

As she opened the stall door, she said, “Sorry ladies, no more customers today. This guy’s toast.”

There were a couple of disappointed groans at the news. More women had entered the bathroom, eager to try out the newcomer.

I’d had enough, and needed to call it a night. The woman in her forties escorted me to the club’s entrance. Several women smiled at me, and some guy called out “Get some rest, stud!”

The woman turned to me.

“Good night. I heard about your cock. My name’s Maureen Carlisle. Next time I see you, we’ll do a threesome with another woman. Go get some rest. You’ll need it, living in this town.”

I think I’m going to like living here.

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