The Next Day Ch. 3

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We jump into the shower, yes together … and why not we’ve already had great sex so far. As we wash each other’s bodies I can tell that we are getting excited all over again. My erection is very prominent and her nipples are very erect. I can also see her clit getting hard through her pussy lips.

I reach down with the washcloth to wash her pussy. She grinds her hips forwards and I know that I am correct in my assumption. Not wanting to waste the little time we have together, I pull my hand away and turn her around to wash her hair.

As I wash her hair, I make sure that my hand is full of shampoo and take my time. Wash her hair delicately and thoroughly. I massage her scalp and her hairline, down the back of her neck to her shoulders. Then I rinse it all out and then apply a generous amount of conditioner to her hair and massage it in as well. The shower is filled with the smell of lavender from the shampoo and conditioner.

I know that I am a bit too tall for her to return the favor, I wash my hair while I wait for the conditioner to do it’s job. When I feel enough time has passed I rinse her hair of the conditioner. I make sure that all the soap is rinsed from her gorgeous body and then turn the shower off.

I help her from the shower and make her stop on the small rug they provide. I pull a towel from the stack and begin to towel her dry. Starting at her face and delicately pat her entire body dry. Then I grab another towel and start to dry her hair with it. Then I escort her to the bedroom and ask her if she needs any further help.

“No! You have done enough. Now I need to do the woman things like blow-dry my hair and put on a little makeup.” I’m not sure why she needs makeup with natural beauty and all. But I do not hinder her at all. She returns to the bathroom and finishes getting ready.

I use the other sink to shave and get ready myself. Afterwards, we dress and I escort her from the hotel room. She states that she is hungry as I look at a passing clock in the hotel lobby. It is already past noon. I tell her no problem and go to my car. I look at the hood and smile and remember the night before.

I drive us to a nearby restaurant and get us a table. I don’t allow her to even see the menu and order quickly for us both. As we sit across from each other in the booth I start into her beautiful face and know that I am glad that she came to see me.

After we eat, I take her on a tour of my city. Showing her the sites and finding out which ones she wants to see more of in the following days to come. Soon we realize the time and I drive back towards the hotel.

On the way I ask, “So do you want to go to Jill’s party tonight or not? We can do something else, alone if you like?”

She considers a moment and responds, “Well, if you know how to get to her party we can go and be polite and then leave if we are uncomfortable I guess. It would be the nice thing to do right?” I shrug my shoulders and pull into the garage of the hotel.

We enter the elevator and before I know it she is in my arms and kissing me in a way that I don’t want to break when the elevator stops.

Reluctantly, we part and rush to the hotel room. Once inside we are in each other’s arms again. The whole day we had held hands in the car, but besides that there was very little contact. So we seem to both decide to make up for it now.

My hands are all over her voluptuous body and finally rest on her sexy ass. I grab a cheek in each hand and give a squeeze. She squeaks and gently bites my lower lip. As she sucks it into her mouth, I get the feeling that we won’t leave the room at this rate.

So I pull away and ask if she wants to change clothes before we leave. She nods no and grabs my face and pulls it back to hers. Again we kiss and twirl tongues in each other’s mouths. I break the kiss again and know that this woman is insatiable and I love it. Finally, a woman that can keep up with my sex drive I think.

I grab Jill’s note and walk out of the room. At the door Gyz looks at me with a sad face and puppy dog eyes. “Aren’t you going to fuck me before we leave or just tease the hell out of me?” I look at her, smile and walk away towards the elevator. I don’t look back, but know that she is quickly behind me.

Once again in the elevator we kiss, and this time I grope her beautiful full tits and get her nipples nice and hard before we reach the parking garage. We exit the elevator and walk quickly over to the car. I open the door for her and grab her beautiful ass as she gets into my car. She looks over her shoulder and smiles back at me.

I get into the car and look at her beautiful face. She smiles wide and her eyes twinkle in the light from the parking garage. illegal bahis As I pull out of the space, she giggles and lowers her head to my lap. I stop and adjust my seat and the steering wheel and continue. I hear my zipper come apart and my cock starts to rise.

She moves her hand into my jeans and starts to stroke my cock through my boxer briefs. She can feel it harden in her hands and giggles again. I look down and see her blushing a little.

It seems that she has never done this before and is doing it for the first time. I adjust myself at a stoplight and look around at the passersby and smile to myself. She quickly frees my cock and instantly takes it into her mouth.

Her mouth is hot and firm at the same time. She slowly starts to move up and down. Not having any trouble with what is showing of my cock. She gently scrapes her teeth over the tip and a shiver runs through my body. I try to concentrate on driving and the directions to Jill’s house.

She keeps me in her mouth the entire trip to Jill’s house, and even keeps from playing with her wet cunt too. An amazing thing for her, she has been known in the past for her impatience.

As I quickly push my cock back into my pants and zip them up, I lean over and give her a deep, wet, passionate kiss. Sucking in her lower lip as I grab her head and hold her still as I kiss her.

Finally, I release her and get out of the car. By now Gyz has learned to stay in the car until I open the door. Just part of being the gentleman.

I take her arm and escort her up to the house. I check the address to make sure we are at the right house and marvel at the shear size of it. It could easily have six rooms with as many bathrooms. I can faintly hear the sound of people in the backyard and the splashing of people in a swimming pool too.

As we approach the doors, I brush against Gyz’s breast, making her nipples become erect. She smiles and lightly slaps my arm. As I get ready to ring the doorbell, Jill swings the door open and jumps into mine and Gyz’s arms. We hug her close and we each kiss her cheek. She nuzzles between us and moves her hands to rub my cock and Gyz’s nipples. Feeling that they are erect, she smiles and guides us into the house.

As she gives us the grand tour, we learn that it is her brother’s house and these are mostly his friends from his job and school. She tells us that he is some kind of corporate guru or something and is filthy rich. This is actually the house he uses solely for the purpose of parties and gatherings of the sort. We discover that there are actually ten rooms, a family room, an entertainment room, an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, and a weight room. This guy was definitely set!

Jill stays with us for almost an hour. Mostly talking to Gyz and asking how she liked the city and what she had seen so far. Then it came up… She asked how Gyz felt about the night before. Gyz didn’t seem to be surprised and said that she was okay with it. It kinda threw her off at first, but she got into pretty good after a few minutes of Jill’s attention. Jill smiled and then departed us. So we wandered around her brother’s house. We hadn’t been introduced to anyone, and no one seemed to bother us at all.

Finally, we ended up in the basement and the entertainment room. It had a full size pool table and a few video games. A big screen TV and full stereo system with a DVD player too. No one was in this room so we sat down and just talked quietly for a while. Gyz kept looking at the pool table so I asked if she wanted to play. She grinned evilly and said only if was for something interesting. I looked at the gleam in her eyes and knew that whatever was in her mind, it was bound to be fun.

I racked and set the balls and asked what the stakes were. She said that for every game that was won, the loser had to do whatever the won requested. I smiled broadly and agreed.

I went and closed the door; I didn’t lock it, just closed. I was hoping that Jill would come looking for us and we could all have fun again.

Gyz started the game and within a couple of minutes ran the table and won. I think I only got two shots in. So I looked at Gyz and asked her what she desired me to do. She smiled and blushed at the same time. She told me that she wanted me to go down on her, with her lying on the pool table. I looked at her, I looked at the pool table, and I looked at the door and agreed.

She quickly jumped onto the table as I came around to her. She was smiling and blushing like a schoolgirl about to have sex for the first time. It was so damn cute. I lifted her ass off the table and pulled her pants and panties down her legs and onto the floor. She was naked from the waist down and seemed to be illegal bahis siteleri extremely turned on by it.

Her cunt was already wet and glistening. Her lips were slightly swollen from excitement already and her nipples got hard rather quickly.

I pulled a chair over to the table and got comfy. I planned to eat and suck her pussy to several orgasms I hoped. I spread her legs wide apart and pulled her closer. I lifted her up again and placed her pants under her ass. I remember how wet she got the night before and didn’t want to ruin the guy’s tablecloth. I could smell her muskiness and was turned on by the smell.

I lowered my head between her legs and started to nuzzle her pussy lips and clit with my nose and chin only. Teasing and tickling at the same time. I moved my hands up and down her inner thighs and knees. She wiggled a bit then started to lightly moan with my ministrations. As I got closer to her pussy with my fingers she moaned out to stop teasing and to please her.

Now, I knew I had to do what she said, but it was never said as to when. So I slowly moved my hands down her inner thighs. I started to lick her from her ass to her clit in one solid, slow motion. I spread my tongue as wide as I could and licked her again. This time spreading her lips open with my tongue. She started wiggling even more now as my fingers briefly touched her cunt lips and ass. She bucked her hips and started to beg me to eat her cunt like the slut she was.

As I started I heard the door open. I looked up and in walked a tall gentleman that looked like he was a business type during the week. He smiled at me and said, “Jill told me she invited a couple of her friends at the last minute. Might you be them?”

Gyz looked over at him and then tried to cover herself. I on the other hand kept her legs spread wide. I could see that this guy was turned on at the sight of me teasing her. Gyz just looked at me and then lay back down. I looked back at him and said, “Yes we are Jill’s newest friends. I’m Dunchad and this gorgeous woman I am teasing is Gyz. Who are you?”

“Well, this is my pool table that you are teasing her on. My name is Seth and this is my party and house. But please don’t stop on my behalf. Jill said you were a beautiful couple and was fairly new to the scene. I like to watch. So please continue.”

I looked at Gyz and did what the guy said. I buried my head back into her pussy and this time I started to suck and lick her clit. She instantly started moaning and breathing harder. It was like I hadn’t stopped at all. As I sucked and licked her I looked over at this Seth guy and saw that he was stroking his cock through his pants. I could tell that Gyz was not the only one that was enjoying what I was doing to her.

I slowly worked a finger into her cunt and started to rub and massage her g-spot. She had told me once that sometimes she squirted when she came. While waiting for her arrival, I studied up on how to make her cum. I sucked on her clit, nibbled it, and sucked it hard into my mouth. Her breathing became quicker and heavier. She was moaning and on the verge of screaming.

I started to rub her g-spot harder and pushing it against her pelvic bone. She was writhing and wiggling on the table. I sucked harder on her clit and rubbed my tongue across it as fast and hard as I could. She was lifting her hips off of the table trying to get more of my mouth on her clit. With my free hand I started to rub and push on the flesh between her cunt and asshole. She started bucking and I could feel her pussy walls tighten around my finger.

I inserted another finger and started to work her g-spot even more. I was pulling on her clit with my mouth and flicking my tongue over the tip. She was going crazy under me and started to arch her back. I knew she was close and doubled my efforts on her body. I rubbed her g-spot harder and faster, I sucked her clit hard and flicked my tongue and nibbled it as best I could. She then laid flat on the table and I could feel something inside of her. I pulled my fingers free and moved my mouth down to her cunt.

I used my fingers on her clit now. My thumb and index finger trapping it and rolling it back and forth like I would her nipples. I licked and sucked her pussy… Then I felt it. It was like a hot blast of water against my face. I opened my eyes and saw it happen again. It was clear and shot out to cover my face. I licked at her pussy, tasting her CUM and swallowing as much as I could. She was writhing on the table again and in the middle of another orgasm.

I looked over at Seth and saw him jerking his cock to our action and got a little turned on. But I concentrated on Gyz again. I started to finger her cunt canlı bahis siteleri again and also slipped a wet finger into her ass. She bucked on the table and was moaning louder than the night before. She lifted her hand to cover her mouth, but was stopped.

Seth stood over her with his cock out and hard as a rock. She smiled and wiggled closer to it. She looked at me and I nodded for her to go for it. She took his cock into her mouth and started to suck on the head. He closed his eyes and let out a moan of his own. He was still holding her wrist down while she sucked his cock. As I watched her take him into her mouth I realized that he was longer than me and she was only to get about two thirds of it into her mouth.

He fucked her face as I started to finger her ass and cunt. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and wiggled them inside her. Touching all of her insides and trying to find another place that drove her crazy. Finally, I was rubbing her cervix and she let out a moan around his cock and grabbed my fingers again.

I continued to finger her ass and massage her cervix at the same time. She was bucking her hips and sucking Seth’s cock deep into her mouth. She started to slide up and down it and seemed to have freed her hand too. She was stroking his cock at the base and sucking on the tip. Then she would take it from her mouth and then run her lips up and down the bottom of his shaft to his balls. Stroking him at the same time.

I could tell by his expression that he was about to cum at any second. She took him back into her mouth while she pumped and sucked his cock. I leaned back down and started to suck and eat her cunt again. I took her lips into my mouth as I fingered her ass and pussy. Her lips still tasted of her sweet cum and I devoured them. She then let out a scream, yelling, “DUNCHAD… fucking suck me…. Seth cum in my mouth… PLEASE MAKE ME CUM AGAIN…”

Not being one to disappoint a lady, I started to fuck her ass and pussy with my fingers. Driving them in and out harder and faster. I sucked her clit and pulled it into my mouth. She was bucking and writhing on the table. Pushing her cunt up and into my mouth. She had grabbed Seth’s cock with both hands and was licking and sucking the tip of his cock. She would suck it into her mouth and push it out, scraping her teeth over the tip.

Then I saw him explode all over her face. She quickly sucked his cock into her mouth and started to swallow the rest of his cum. He looked like he was having convulsions as he came in her mouth. I could see small drops start to escape her lips and trail down her chin.

I returned to her pussy and started to lick and suck her lips. As I pulled my finger from her ass, it released with a pop and then she came. Harder then the last time and she actually ejaculated again. I watched it squirt out from her cunt and spray all over my face. She closed her legs around my head this time and grabbed my hair and pulled me into her cunt. I gladly started to lick and lap at her pussy like a hungry kitten.

Seth finally stopped convulsing and Gyz let his cock slide from her mouth. He slumped to the floor as I sucked and licked her pussy clean. She let her legs relax finally and I pulled free from them. I looked into her eyes and saw only total bliss from a much-needed orgasm or two.

From the doorway we heard clapping and turned to look in that direction. There stood Jill. She was watching us the whole time and enjoyed the show too. Her top was pulled up and her bra was missing. She was obviously playing with herself as we had fun. She came over to Gyz and planted a kiss on her face and sucked Seth’s cum from her mouth. Then she leaned down to me and licked my face to taste Gyz’s cum too.

“Wow that was awesome you two. I guess you meet Seth. He likes to tell everyone that this is his house. He is my brother’s best friend. Gee Seth, I have never seen you this worn out before.” Seth looked up at her and only smiled slyly. Gyz looked up at Jill and smiled anyhow.

“Well Jill it was still fun. I have never had two men at the same time. It was exciting.” Jill leaned over and kissed her again and this time had Gyz’s cum on her tongue to share the taste. Gyz sucked her tongue in and moaned. When they finished kissing, Gyz sat up and pulled my face up to hers and she started to lick her cum off my face. I smiled and felt my cock start to get hard. Then I felt a hand touch me and I jumped.

Seth had moved under the table to me and was trying to get my cock free. When I realized who it was I jumped back and away and zipped up again. I looked at Jill and Gyz and saw them look at me and then at Seth.

Seth crawled out from under the table and said, “Sorry man, didn’t realize that you didn’t swing both ways.” I looked at Gyz and saw a look on her face. Jill looked at me too like I should be okay with it all. But I couldn’t help myself. I looked at them all and then stormed out of the room and up into the house…

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