The niece 6 – Conclusion


The niece 6 – ConclusionOK. Where were we???Oh, yes. Getting out of the shower after I had just fucked my sister in front of her daughter. Man, what an event that was!??You might think that some tension had come up after this event. After all we weren’t exactly in the habit of screwing my sister and I. I was in my forties, she in her early fifties and not once in our whole life anything of the sort had even come close to us having anything related to this type of thing. ??Quite the opposite. I got out of the shower, dried off and let the girls do their thing while I went back down to really get breakfast ready this time. The house smelled of fresh coffee, the sun was shinning in my summer kitchen (you know the type, just off the “regular” kitchen, on the covered porch). I looked at the clock. “Man, only 8:30 – this is gonna be a great day, I can just feel it”, I said to myself. ??I won’t bother you with breakfast but suffice it to say that it was fun, relaxed and full of smiles. I fed my niece’s baby, she served all of us breakfast, we sat and chatted. Of course, “the event” came up. ??My sister said: “I had forgotten how good it feels to have a man deep inside of me. That was really wonderful.”?“Well”, I said, “I don’t have a regular partner and it had been a while for me too, so I agree, it felt really nice”. ?“I was a little shocked though when Kim licked my clit but I was so full of lust then that I just went with it. But that’s not going to happen again, what kind of mother am I, getting licked by my own daughter?”?“So you mean”, I said grinning, “that getting licked by some other woman would be alright, not just by Kim.”??My sister turned beet red and looked away. Had I touched a raw nerve there? But my niece came in just at that moment. ??“Did I hear in the kitchen that you said that it had been a while?”, my niece says as she’s bringing more coffee. “Look, I told mom about our little games after the shower. She was a little shocked but she understands.”??So it’s in the open now. We don’t have to be like a****ls but we know that we’ve “done it” between us all, and that may be the beginning of things to come.??My sister however has some concerns. ??“You know your husband will be home in about 3 months. You can’t have this thing with your uncle affect your marriage. Eric is a good man and doesn’t deserve this. You should be careful and not let yourself get involved. With your uncle on top of that.”??I jumped right in. “Not a chance, I myself will not let this happen. I’ll always take care of you little one, and that includes your marriage.”??With that, my niece comes and sits on my lap, takes her baby and hugs me real tight. “Thank you uncle Mark, you’ve always been so very nice to me”. ??That’s it folks. That’s how it ends. Well, maybe. ??Nahhhh, come on, I wasn’t gonna let you hang high and dry. But I am a 40 year old guy after all and I had come twice that morning already and there was no way I was going to start artemisbet yeni giriş something else right away. Things don’t happen like this in real life. Instead we decided to go to the zoo the four of use for the day. Great day that was, but I must say I felt a little weird when someone came up to us and told us that we must be real proud grand parents. ??I was a little shocked when my sister answered that we were very proud of “our daughter and our grand son”. ??“What the hell was that?” I thought, but let it go. Kim just smiled and looked at me. ??When we got home, we opened a bottle of rosé wine and sat by the pool. My niece went for a swim with her baby and let her mom and I sit and chat. ??“What was that about the grand parents thing?”?“Oh, forget it Mark, it was just another moment of fantasy that I was giving myself. Kim’s dad doesn’t even know she has a baby, and I just for a moment, wanted to think that we could give him a normal family, him knowing his grandfather and that but it is just c***dish on my part and I know it”. ??I grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I understand but you see, you can be a terrific grandma without the help of any man. The little one will grow up that way and doesn’t need a grandfather. You’re great in your own right. Didn’t you raise Kim to be a fantastic young woman all on your own? Relax and enjoy your family.”??Without really knowing, my sister and I had drunk the whole bottle. The cool wine having the desired effect on my nerves, I simply sat back, stretched my legs and let the setting sun paint colors in my backyard. My niece swimming with her baby, my sister just relaxing with eyes closed. “I could get used to this”, I thought. ??My sister took my legs, propped them on her thighs and started kneading my calves. ??“Humm, this feels goooood.”?“You carried the baby all day almost, you must be tired.”?“No not tired but this feels real good.”??I’m not sure how much time went by and I must have fallen asleep because when I came to, I was alone by the pool. I got up, stretched and went in. My niece comes up to me and tells me they’ve ordered pizza, the baby’s asleep and we’ll eat by the pool. ??I guess the ladies decided to take charge and I’m OK with this. There isn’t much to say about eating pizza so I’ll let it go at that. My sister clears the table, my niece goes in, opens another bottle of rosé and they both come back out in their bathing suits. By that time, we’re all a little tired AND a little drunk.??“We’ll drink this in the pool, want to join us?”?“Sure, let me get my bathing suit, I’ll join you in a minute”??Instead, my niece takes off her top “with what we’ve seen so far I say we just skinny dip. Out here in the country no one will see us anyway.”??I looked at my sister to see if she’s OK with this. She takes off her one piece, slowly, and doesn’t try to hide from me. Fully nude, she walks towards me, and puts her arms around my neck and kisses me full artemisbet giriş on the lips. ??“Come in with us dear brother. Let me take care of you,” she says with a warm smile.??As I said in our previous story, my sister is bone thin but very, very pretty. An angelic face, brunette shoulder length hair. She turns around, holding my hand, and walks me to the pool. I undress, get in, my niece brings me my drink and we sit in the Jacuzzi part of the pool, hot air bubbles all around us. ??The story could take the expected turn. Two women, some groping, blow jobs by women taking turns, fucking one then the other but that’s not how it goes in my family I would say. In fact, for those of you who follow this story from the beginning, I didn’t even get to fuck my niece fully nude at all that week despite the fact that I really wanted that.??I wasn’t even hard when my sister came and sat on my lap, facing away from me, putting my hands on her stomach, very flat and firm, by the way, glass of wine in her hand, her daughter sitting beside us. ??“This is a very nice evening don’t you agree?”?“Yes mom, nice and warm. I’m real happy to be here with you both. This is such a nice time.”??And I’m thinking: “Wait a minute. Here I am sitting with my nude sister on my lap, she’s chitchatting away with her equally nude daughter. This doesn’t get any weirder”. ??I’m stroking my sister’s stomach, her legs, and of course, by this time, my dick is coming up for air as it were. My sister opens up her legs to give it more room and starts rubbing the tip, very slowly, around and around she goes. As you guys know, this is a very very sensitive area of the male penis. I would guess that rubbing a clit feels the same. Kim is looking at her mom’s rubbing my dick and starts playing with her nipple, all the while trying to keep a conversation going. She moves to where warm air comes out of the tube and positions herself just so. Her look says it all. She’s looking at us and making herself cum at the same time. No longer able to restrain herself, she gets up and comes to us but kisses me, this type her tongue goes in and out, licking my lips, stroking my chest.??My sister starts moving up and down my shaft, still between her legs. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard and my sister says so: “Man you’re like a steel pole! Sit on the edge dear brother, I’ll take care of you.” Sitting on the edge, legs in the water, my dick is at attention when my sister starts jerking me off. Not hard but rather like I made love to her that morning. Holding me very softly, up and down, up and down, up and down she goes. I’m letting her take care of me and I lay down on the warm wooded pool deck. ??My niece gets out of the water comes over to me, opens her labia to me and sits on my face. I’m feeling like a fucking machine right now. She sits, I grab her tits and start licking, in and out, all around and pulling on her nipples. Rubbing her stomach, feeling artemisbet güvenilirmi her shaved lips, tasting her juices.??That’s when her mom starts blowing me. She later told me that she had never done this before, but I would never have guessed. I could not describe the feeling even if I tried. This is such an erotic experience. I’m eating my niece while her mom, my sister, is blowing me. Kim starts to moan a little and I know I won’t last if her mom keeps this up. ??“Stop s*s, stop that, I’ll come in 30 seconds and I don’t want that.”??“Come here Kim, her mom says.” She gets off my face and joins her mom in the pool. I’m still on the edge, as it were, when Kim lifts her mom out of the water and starts eating her out. Holy shit people, THAT, I never expected. I know she did in the shower but I really thought this was a moment of lust not to be repeated. But no, my sister lets her eat her out ??“Oh honey, you know how to do this so well. I love it when you lick me like that, you always make me cum so hard.”?…?…?What the fuck, this isn’t the first time. In fact, they seem to know exactly what to do, how to move, where to stop. ??“Mom, do me too please. I’m so horny right now, I need to cum so bad”, and with that she turns around goes up on the deck and they give me a 69 “up close and personal”. My niece is playing with her mom’s nipples, my sister is grabbing her daughter’s full tits and within 3 minutes they’re both coming. Not like a****ls, never would I even give you this picture. No. Like two beautiful women who are masters at making each other come. ??Both breathing hard, my sister says: “Poor Mark, this must be pure torture.” And with that she comes to me and mounts me. I’m lying flat on my back, my sister takes me fully in and starts fucking me. She’s shivering with lust, her daughter is so fully sexed out that she’s just looking at us with a smile. Instead of fucking me though, my sister takes me all in real deep and starts rocking her hips left and right, up towards my stomach, down my legs. Around and around she goes and I’m in fucking heaven. ??I know I won’t last, this is just too erotic. I would not have been able to dream these events even if I had tried. ??“Cum inside of me dear brother, cum as deep as you can”, while she bends over, kisses me and starts really fucking me. She gets up on her legs and there is just her cunt fucking me by now. I’m only touching her cunt and looking into her eyes when I feel my balls contract and she can tell too, so she throws herself down on my shaft and makes me cum real deep. I can’t help but scream out with lust while I fill her up with cum. “Oh your sperm is so hot. More I want more” and I think I will not stop cuming ever. ??Of course all good things must come to an end. So we got back into the pool, all three totally exhausted but content. We sat together for about half an hour, just close and hugging when we decided to go in for the night. I can’t explain why, but we all went to our own beds. I think we wanted quality, we wanted eroticism over just sex and we decided to leave it at that. ??The next morning my sister, my niece and her baby left to go back home. To this day, these are the events that I use the most when I need pictures in my mind.

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