The Night Porter

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Adam had a few days off. There would be plenty to do in Bournemouth, cinema, pier, beach, aquarium and shops. However the main attraction would be Sophie.

Sophie was a delightful, funny young lady Adam had been speaking to on a dating website for a few weeks now. They had got on so well it was time to meet.

Adam arrived in Bournemouth and made his way to his accommodation, It was a modest three star hotel with twenty bedrooms, lounge and dining room. Time passed quickly and it was now the moment to go and meet Sophie at the train station.

Adam was soon stood on the platform looking at his watch. When he looked up he saw a young lady crossing the bridge over the railway tracks. She fitted the description of Sophie, no more than five feet, four inches tall, blonde hair and green eyes, chunky build with an ample cleavage on display thanks to her low cut top.

It was at this point that Sophie noticed Adam on the platform smiling at her. She noticed that he had light brown hair and stood at just under six feet in height with broad shoulders. This must be Adam she thought to herself.

Once Sophie was close enough to notice Adam’s piercing green eyes, she asked with a huge smile on her face. ‘Adam?’

‘Yes, so you must be Sophie!’ Adam answered back with a huge grin on his face.

After a quick embrace they headed off to Adam’s hotel and were soon sitting down in the dining room where Adam had booked them a table. A spot of dinner before going for a walk along the beach. As they looked through their menus Sophie suddenly declared ‘I need to have a lie down, I am feeling a little dizzy. Can I use your room please?’

‘Certainly, but will you be okay on your own for half an hour? I am extremely hungry and the steak and chips are to die for here!’ Adam replied with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

‘Of course, you need to keep your strength up Adam,’ Sophie cheekily replied.

With that Adam handed over the key to his room. After watching Sophie climb the stairs until she was out of sight Adam summoned the waiter and placed his order. Dinner was done and dusted within half an hour, now Adam was ready to see how Sophie was.

Adam’s room was on the first floor so within a few minutes he was stood outside the door. He gently opened the door in case Sophie was asleep. As Adam stepped inside he spotted Sophie sat upright on the bed propped up by three pillows resting against the headboard. Before he could ask Sophie how she was his gaze was diverted down to her heaving bosoms which were fully on display, her low cut top and bra nowhere to be seen. As he looked further down her body canlı bahis şirketaleri the only item of clothing she had on was a skimpy pair of knickers. Adam gulped and could feel a stiffening in his jeans as he suddenly became erect.

‘I hope you like what you see Adam!’ Sophie exclaimed.

Having noticed Adam’s erection Sophie smiled and beckoned Adam over to the bed. Adam was soon stood beside the bed within an arms length of Sophie.

‘I want your jeans and boxers off so I can see your manhood in all it’s glory’ Sophie squealed with delight.

Within seconds Adam was stood in just his tshirt, socks and trainers. His manhood was fully erect and stretched upwards as though it were trying to tickle his belly button.

‘Very nice’ purred Sophie. ‘Now remove the rest of your clothes and come and join me on the bed.’

Adam did as he was told and climbed on the bed to the right of Sophie. Once Adam was comfortably in position Sophie gently took hold of his penis, which was still standing to attention, in her right hand and began stroking the shaft.

‘I think you are ready now Adam’ Sophie declared after a good ten minutes of stroking.

At this point Sophie removed her hand and bent over Adam, her lips began to kiss the tip of his manhood. After several kisses Sophie took the full length of Adam’s shaft in her mouth. Adam was speechless and for some reason unable to move. Normally by now his right hand would have been exploring Sophie’s breasts and nipples before working it’s way down to her visibly moist knickers.

Sophie was highly skilled with her mouth and the use of her teeth provided pleasure and pain in equal amounts. After a good fifteen minutes of sucking and noshing Adam without allowing him to ejaculate Sophie stopped and smiled. Gazing into Adam’s eyes Sophie announced, ‘Are we going for this walk or what? You can finish yourself off later whilst thinking about me!’

‘Half an hour along the beach then I must get home. The last train is at ten o’clock.’ Sophie explained.

Adam nodded in agreement. After five minutes Adam and Sophie were fully clothed and ready for the beach. They left the room holding hands and made their way downstairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs Adam noticed that the front desk was now manned by a different member of staff. An odd looking man standing five feet ten in height, black curly hair, stocky build with black eyes closely set together.

After a lovely stroll along the beach they were stood outside the train station ready to say goodnight. Adam still had one day left in Bournemouth and was keen to meet up with Sophie once canlı kaçak iddaa more.

‘Meet me tomorrow at six pm and spend my last night with me? Adam tentatively asked Sophie.

‘Of course, I still have plans for you Adam!’ Sophie replied seductively.

With that Adam hailed a taxi from the rank outside the station and sent Sophie safely on her way home.

Adam was soon back at his hotel ready for a good night’s sleep. Adam pushed the front door of the hotel so he could go inside but quickly discovered it had been locked. Half past ten and the main door locked? Adam shook his head and reluctantly rang the doorbell.

The strange looking man Adam had noticed at the front desk answered the door and let Adam in. He introduced himself as Simon and said he was the night porter. He liked to lock the front door around ten thirty as it reassured the more elderly guests in the hotel.

‘Before you go to your room have you got time for a cup of tea?’ Simon asked Adam.

Not wanting to be rude Adam accepted the invitation. They retired to a small room behind the front desk and Simon put the kettle on. Adam opted for a glass of water and as Simon made his tea he made himself comfy in the nearest armchair.

‘I noticed you were with a pretty young lady earlier, was that your girlfriend?’ Simon inquired.

‘Just a friend I haven’t seen in a while.’ Adam replied nervously.

‘Don’t worry Adam we get all sorts going on at this hotel your secret is safe with me.’ Simon winked.

With that Adam made his excuses, said goodnight and departed for the safety of his room.

It was soon the next day and Adam had time to kill. His morning was spent strolling up and down the pier before having lunch in a cafe opposite the cinema. Three Kings starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg was showing. This was the ideal way to spend the afternoon before meeting up with Sophie.

Before he knew it six pm had arrived and Adam was on the platform watching Sophie crossing the bridge once more. Together again they headed to the pier, played the slot machines and the penny waterfalls before heading to the nearest restaurant.

As Sophie looked at her menu Adam asked ‘Is there anything that takes your fancy?’

Without hesitation Sophie replied ‘Yes but it’s not on the menu!’

Cod and chips for Adam and for now Sophie had to settle for a pizza.

‘Adam can we go back to your hotel for a little while?’ Sophie asked with a seductive smile on her face.

Without hesitation Adam smiled and nodded his head knowingly, fully anticipating what Sophie had in mind!

Once inside Adam’s canlı kaçak bahis room they quickly undressed each other and Adam found himself lying on the bed being straddled by Sophie, his fully erect manhood securely inside her.

‘I hope you enjoyed me teasing you last night? I always planned to ride you tonight!’ Sophie laughed.

Again Adam was speechless but managed to nod and smile in reply. However tonight his hands could move and he took full advantage of Sophie’s breasts and perky nipples that were handily placed in front of him. This distraction for his hands enabled Adam to sustain his erection for longer than usual. Ten minutes was the norm but tonight he managed twenty before exploding inside Sophie.

‘I have really enjoyed spending time with you Sophie. can we meet up again sometime?’ Adam ventured as they both began to get dressed.

‘I’m sorry Adam I should have told you, but I’m married and this could only ever be a two day fling.’ Sophie said regretfully.

‘Never mind, I’ve enjoyed my holiday especially spending time with you. Maybe it’s for the best that we can’t see each other again.’ Adam said philosophically.

During the walk back to the station they both agreed it had been great fun. Once at the station Adam safely put Sophie in a taxi home for the final time and waved her goodbye. Ten past ten, plenty of time to get back to the hotel before the main door would be locked.

Twenty five past ten, Adam had made it and with any luck would avoid bumping into Simon. Adam pushed at the hotel front door, it was locked! Simon had locked him out again. Perhaps he just wanted some company or was there more to it? With only one way to find out, Adam rang the doorbell.

As Adam sat in the same armchair as the previous evening watching Simon making tea a sense of deja vu came over him. Perhaps Simon had blackmail in mind Adam thought to himself.

‘Sorry I wanted to catch you tonight so I locked the door early.’ Simon declared.

‘I have a proposition for you, involving you, my girlfriend and me. I would be happy for you to have sex with her if you don’t mind me masturbating while I watch. Are you up for that?’ Simon inquired.

Trying not to laugh Adam replied ‘Let me think about it overnight and I’ll let you know one way or the other.’

‘Okay I am on duty tomorrow from ten am so I can give you the details after you have had breakfast and we can swap phone numbers.’ Simon replied.

Adam left Simon and returned to his room with plenty of food for thought.

After a good night’s sleep Adam woke early, his sleep broken by a cold sweat. Suddenly the conversation with Simon came flooding back. Decision time had arrived. An early breakfast, then checkout before Simon starts work, Adam pondered. Or have a later breakfast, meet Simon, find out if he was serious and possibly swap phone numbers? Oh what to do…

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