The Nude Chase

Body Cumshots

I invite you over so that I can cook you a nice dinner. When you arrive I am getting everything started on the stove and you ask what I am cooking. We talk about the food that I am cooking and you ask why I live in the country with no one around. I explain to you that I like to get up in the morning and sit on the front porch and listen to nature.

As our food is slow cooking I take you by the hand and lead you out the door to the front porch. We walk over to the railing and lean against it as we watch the rabbits play in the yard. You say it is very peaceful and quiet and I tell you that I am deep enough in the trees that you can run around the house naked and never be seen.

We laugh about running around the house naked as we go back inside to finish cooking. I finish dinner and set it on the table for us to eat. You continue to mention running around the house nude and how fun that would be. When we are finished eating I tell you to go and sit on the porch while I clean the table and put the dishes in the sink.

As I remove all the dishes eryaman escort from the table I can hear you on the front porch laughing. Not paying any attention to your laughing I finish cleaning up and placing the dishes in the sink then start towards the front door. When I get out of the door I don’t see you on the porch. Looking around I see all of your clothes except for your shoes lying on the table.

Looking around I don’t see you anywhere and then you walk around the corner of the house and tell me that if I get naked and catch you I can have you. I quickly remove my clothes and start running chasing you. As you get back to the front porch I reach out and grab your arm as we reach the chairs and sit down to rest.

When we have rested a few minutes and our breathing is back to normal you come over and leaning down you kiss me passionately. I tell you it is time for you to pay your debt so you take my erection in your hand as you get down on your knees. Softly you kiss my erection as you slide your hand up and down it. Putting your lips escort ankara around it you gently suck it into your mouth as you reach down between your legs and start rubbing your clit. I can feel your moans from rubbing your clit in my erection as it slides in and out of your mouth. The vibrations from your moaning and knowing that you are rubbing your clit are more than I can handle as I erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

I pull you up and have you sit on my lap as we kiss passionately. As you sit on my lap I softly kiss your breasts as I slide my hand between your legs. Your clit is hard and swollen from you rubbing it. My fingers slide inside your pussy as my hand rubs against your clit. While I suck your nipples and bite them gently my fingers move in and out of you faster. My hand rubs against your clit harder as I feel you tremble and you tell me you are about to cum. You start shaking and your body tenses as your orgasm moves through your body.

We stand up and you walk over to the railing then lean over it and shake your butt sincan escort at me. Walking up behind you I place my erection between your legs and slide it back and forth. You reach down and push it up against your pussy so that it slides inside you. Reaching around you I grab your breast and squeeze it gently as I slide my erection in and out of you. Your moans keep getting louder as I push into you harder. I pinch your nipples and you reach back to rub your clit. Our excitement is spinning out of control as we start shaking and moaning loudly and explode in a magnificent orgasm.

Exhausted, we lean against the railing for a few minutes until our breathing slows down. Taking you by the hand I lead you into the bathroom and start the water in the bathtub. We get in and you lean back against me as I start washing your breasts. Softly my hands slide over your breasts and gently rub your hard nipples. My erection is pressing against your back as you slide farther up on me. With you back to me you slide my erection inside you. I put my hands under your butt and help you move up and down on my erection as you rub your clit. You move up and down as our passion grows stronger. We start trembling and erupt in a beautiful orgasm. You turn around and we kiss passionately as we finish our bath.

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