The Nurse

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My friend, Doctor Bob, is probably one of the last of the doctors that holds examinations on Saturday. I had a physical that I had to take for a new job and he told me to come in and he’d take care of me.

I had gotten there around an hour before he closed as instructed and he’d try to work me in. While sitting there I watched people come in and leave until finally I was the last one in the waiting room. Once the receptionists left, I was wondering if I was going to be called in.

The door opened and I figured it was him telling me to come in but there was this gorgeous creature telling me to come in. As I followed her, Doctor Bob came out of a room and told me that he has to leave, but his Nurse Practitioner will take care of me. I could have imagined it, but it looked like he winked at me when he said she’d take care of me.

I walked to where she was standing and as I got to the door, she handed me the little hospital gown and told me to take everything off and put it on.

I took it from her and she shut the door and walked away.

I had no idea why I had to wear this little gown, but who am I to question. I undressed completely and slid my arms in it and sat on the examining table and waited.

She came in and pulled her chair over to the table and sat down directly in front of me. She had on a little nurse uniform that when standing up, rose to about 5 inches above her knees, so you can imagine the sight I saw when she sat down and crossed her legs.

She was about 5-8 with legs that matched a professional figure skater.

Long, smooth legs that were covered with the normal nurse’s white hosiery and my observation when she sat down was that she had on a white garter belt. Quite impressive indeed.

She started asking me the normal questions and while she was doing that, her legs were crossed and when bobbing her lower leg up and down, her skirt rode higher and higher until her garter belt was in full view. She was exciting looking and she saw me looking at her and she knew it was having an effect on me.

She finished her questions and rose to her feet. It was only a quick glimpse but she didn’t look like she had any panties on and my cock took a sudden leap. She moved towards me and told me to drop the gown so she can check my heart and chest area. I did so and she moved closer to the table between my legs that I had opened.

How firm her thighs felt on the inside of my thighs as she pressed closer.

She took her stethoscope and started listening to my heart beat. I looked at her cleavage as she examined and she raised her eyes and busted me. I was trying to look down so I could see her nipples because there was no bra showing.

“You sir, are being a naughty boy,” she laughed. “So do you like what you see?” I squeezed my thighs together on the outside of her hips and said, “I like very much what I see, and feel.” She smiled and leaned back a bit and took both of my hands and moved them up to her bulging breasts. As I squeezed them, my cock became fully erect and it was causing a rise under that little gown that had fallen in my lap.

Without a bra, her nipples were not restrained and they poked out with excitement. I took the nipples between my thumb and fingers and started squeezing them and she sighed.

“You güvenilir bahis love having your nipples squeezed don’t you hon,” I asked. She let out a breath and said, “You just don’t know what it does to me.” I squeezed a little harder and told her that maybe she needs to show me what it does to her. She instinctively took one of my hands off of her breasts and brought it down between her legs and raised her skirt with the other hand. She pulled my hand until my fingers were pressed against a wonderfully bald pussy. My fingers slide between her folds and I found an ocean of wetness. I let a couple of fingers move over her clit and plunge deep inside of her cavern.

Her hand moved down to my lap and she took the gown and dropped it on the floor, exposing my hard erection. She took it in her hand and started stroking me. My fingers continued moving in her pussy and over her clit. I pulled my fingers out and brought them up to her mouth. I spread her juices over her lips and as she opened her mouth, I moved them inside and she started sucking her juices off of them. She moved closer to my lips and we kissed and tasted her sweet pussy.

She moved back from me and pulled her blouse off over her head. She just as quickly dropped her skirt leaving her standing there in only her hosiery and garter belt. Her bald pussy glistening with her juices and I couldn’t help but stroke my hard cock.

She moved my hand and took it in her hand again as she leaned over and rolled her tongue over my pulsating head. I lay back on the table and she started stroking my cock as her mouth took my head in as she continued moving her tongue over it. Her tongue sliced through the tiny opening of my cock head and started moving down lower, taking my cock deeper in her mouth. Her mouth was a furnace. She moved up and down on me and when she moved her hand from me, she plunged downward until the head of my cock felt pressure from her throat.

My moans indicated that I was rapidly coming to an explosion point from this sucking she was giving me and then she pulled her head up and off of my cock and told me to get off of the table. Not knowing what she had in mind, I moved off and she got up and laid down with her head hanging over the edge of the table and her mouth opened, waiting for me to feed her my cum. I moved my cock in her mouth and pushed it forward until I was in her throat again. I reached down and started squeezing her nipples as I fucked her mouth harder. She had brought her feet up and spread her legs and moved her fingers and buried two fingers in her dripping hole.

I felt her moans that came deep from within her throat as my orgasm builds. Her hips lift off of the table as she fucks her pussy with her fingers. I fuck her harder as my cock muffles her screams. My balls tense and unload streams of my hot cum deep in her throat. Her hips begin shaking as she cums at the same time. I let out a grunt as her throat squeezes the last drops of cum from my throbbing cock.

I pull out and move around and pull her up and hold her for a brief moment, catching our breath. I had never felt my cock receive so much pleasure and knew that I wanted to return the favor.

I shifted her around and pulled her right to the edge of the table while on her back. türkçe bahis She spread her legs and I moved in between them. Her bald pussy, red from her rubbing it and her juices flowing beckoned my mouth. I lower my head and run my tongue over her inflamed clit. I massage it momentarily then move down and slide the length of my tongue deep inside of her. Her fingers move down to her pussy and take her lips and spread them to give me full access to her honey pot. I move my tongue in and out and all around, tasting her silky walls.

I move my mouth back up to her clit and take two fingers and move them inside of her. I begin sliding them in and out, fucking her in a slow motion. Her hips started lifting each time I thrust my fingers inside of her.

“Oh yes baby, put more in my hot hole,” she coos. I slide a third one in and start fucking her harder, pushing those three fingers hard with I go in. She goes wild and begs for more so I oblige her with my fourth finger. In and out I fuck her, as her hips lunge hard against my fingers. She reaches down and grabs my wrist and starts pulling my hand harder, wanting me to fuck her harder and harder.

I reach up and take a nipple between my fingers and I start pinching one then the other. Her hips were bouncing off the table now as her pussy wanted to be filled. “OH FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD. FUCK ME HARDER. I’M GONNA CUMMMMM. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,” she screams as I slam into her with my fingers. I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers as she unleashes a barrage of orgasms. Her hips shook as her juices rush over my fingers. I pull my fingers out and a rush of juices drip down between her legs and run into the crack of her ass. I take her legs and push them back towards her head and run my tongue from her pussy down through her ass and get all of her juices I could.

By now my cock was hard again and with her hole as wet as it was, I needed to fuck her and give her more of my cum. I help her off of the table and I lay on my back with my cock in my hand, stroking it and making it even harder. She climbs on the table and straddles me. She smiles as she starts undulating her hips while her hand rubs over her clit. She spreads her pussy lips and inserts two fingers as she gyrates. I needed her now but the sight of her fingering herself was worth the wait.

Her juices ran down her legs as she continues to flow. She takes her fingers out and rubs her wetness over the nipples on her breast. She lifts each one and runs her tongue over each nipple. She then begins lowering herself and her hand replaced mine on my cock. She guides the head of my cock into the outer edges of her pussy. She places her hands on my chest and begins lowering herself down on me. Her pussy gives with each inch she takes in. Once she has me all inside of her, she begins moving back up and starts fucking me slowly at first.

I reached up and take her breasts in my hands and caress them as she bobs up and down on my cock. I take her nipples and squeeze and pull on them, extending them even more than what they are doing. I pull her nipples towards me and she leans down and I find her mouth with mine. Our tongues dance the tune of passion and I suck hers into my mouth. This strikes a nerve because she started fucking me with wild abandon. Her hips güvenilir bahis siteleri started thrusting against mine harder and faster. She moves back up into an upright position and started bobbing up and down on me.

I take my thumb and wet it and run it down her stomach until I find her clit. I begin massaging it and she thrusts hard and just grinds against it. She throws her head back and pulls on her nipples as she fucks me. Her pussy tightens and lets out a scream, “I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMING.”

I continue grinding my thumb against her clit as she erupts in an violent orgasm. Her pussy clutches me as her juices are released. She falls forward on top of me and our hearts were racing. With my cock still in her pussy, I just hold her until she catches her breath.

I pull her off of me and move off of the table. She takes my lead and moves down to the end of it and stands with her legs spread and lays her chest against the table. I run my hand between her legs and find her cavern. I slide a couple of fingers inside and wet them good. I move my fingers out and run my fingers up through the crack of her ass, lubricating her for my entry. I hadn’t cum yet and my cock was still rock hard. I guide it to her tiny opening and press the head against it and slowly push inside. Easily, I shove my cock in inch by inch until I pop through her muscle ring. I push further and started moving it in and out of her slowly until she is used to it inside her tight ass.

Once firmly in, I grab her hips with my hands and start fucking her a little faster and harder now. She shoved back against me with each stroke and I began fucking her harder and faster. My hips began slapping her ass with each thrust. I moved my hand up her back until I grabbed her shoulder. With more leverage, I pulled almost all the way out, then drove it deep inside of her. She lets out a moan each time I thrust.

She raised her chest up off of the table and worked her hand downward until her fingers were rubbing her clit in a circular motion. I fucked her fast and then slowed down then fast again. The cum in my balls were almost ready to rush out.

“Put your fingers inside, I want to feel when I fuck you,” I say. She worked three fingers in her hole and I could feel them rubbing my cock through her thin membrane between her ass and her pussy.

I reach up with my hand and run my fingers through her hair and grab a handful. I pulled her head back as I thrust my hard cock deep in her ass.

Her fingers began working her pussy as my orgasm was almost near.

“FUCK MY ASS HARDER,” She screams. “SHOVE THAT DICK IN DEEPER AND LET ME FEEL YOUR CUM.” I almost pull out again and then drive it deep time and time again. My hips were slapping against her ass as my balls were hitting her hand which was deep in her pussy. I raised my free hand and let it come down hard on her ass. It makes a loud slapping sound and I did it again.

She shoves her hips back against me as her pussy tightens around her fingers. I feel her ass tighten and at that time, I arch my back and thrust as deep as I could as my balls explode. Waves of cum rushes out deep in her bowels. She screams and then collapses on the table with me collapsing on top of her. I pull my cock out of her ass and climb up on the table next to her and we just held each other.

Once we caught our breath, we kissed lightly and I asked her, “Well doc, did I pass my physical.” She smiles and kisses me once more and tells me anytime I need a physical, be sure to ask for her.

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