The Nymphs Visit Aunty Bev – by SBarak1


The Nymphs Visit Aunty Bev – by SBarak1The Nymphs Visit Aunty Bev – a Story by SBarak1This is the 9th story in the Nymph series. It’s also the intersecting story with my MILF series some 2 years after those stories commenced.——————————-Chapter 1———————————We had been for another drive up to our local wine growing region about an hour away from my house. The Nymphs were really getting into wine, the wine varietals, the wineries themselves along with the various cafés and restaurants in the area. During the day we had visited 5 wineries and a good restaurant. We were now back at my place lounging around outside. The Nymphs had taken off their tops and were catching a bit of sun. I was sitting their admiring their well-formed breasts. We all had large glasses of chilled mineral water in our hands. It was about 4pm.“Gee it’s hot,” said Em.“We could always go back inside and I could switch on the air conditioner,” I offered.“Yeah, but it’s a real shame not to be outside,” countered Deb.An idea struck me.“Tell you what. I’ll make a phone call and see if Bev’s home. She’s not far away and she’s got a pool,” I said.“You can’t just go inviting yourself over for a swim,” said Em.“Don’t worry, she an old friend and she will welcome the company. Besides, it’s time you two met her, I replied.“But we haven’t got any bathing costumes,” said Deb.“Don’t worry about that, not needed,” I replied.I went inside and made a call. Bev was home and as usual beside the poll sunbathing. We were to go over straight away and go around the side way. She asked if she needed to be presentable. I asked her to just be herself. I was bringing the Nymphs around for a swim. Bev had been wanting to meet the Nymphs ever since I mentioned them to her a while back.“OK Nymphs, were off,” I said.We went back inside the house. The Nymphs put their t-shirts back on. I grabbed 3 towels and off we went.We were at Bev’s in less than 10 minutes.“Now relax,” I said. “Bev’s great. You’re really gonna like her. You’d be surprised how many things you guys have in common. Don’t be surprised to find that she will be naked when you meet her.”“I like her already,” said Deb.With that we headed to the side of her house, negotiated the side gate and walked around to the pool.“G’day Bev,” I said, as we stepped up to the patio beside the pool.Bev was up and off her sun lounge. She was naked and looked fantastic, as usual. Her large breasts were wobbling in front of her as she made her way over to us. Her coffee coloured all over tan was maybe a shade darker than when I last saw her. For a woman in her early fifties she looked amazing. She immediately walked over to me and threw her arms around me.“Give me a big kiss handsome,” she said.We hugged and kissed. She gave me a little pinch on the bum. As usual she smelt fantastic.“Bev, I would like to introduce you to Debbie and Emily. They prefer Deb and Em. Deb and Em this is Bev,” I said with a big smile.“Very nice to meet you Bev,” said Deb.Before Deb could work out if she should shake her hand or kiss or hug, Bev just stepped forward and gave Deb a big hug.“Fantastic to meet you darling,” said Bev, who then stepped over and gave Em a big hug. “And you too Em.”“I’ve so been looking forward to meeting you. Obviously Alan thought it was safe enough for you to meet me,” she said with a laugh.Hmmm, I thought. Maybe it was safe for Bev to meet the Nymphs by now. But would Bev be safe from the Nymphs.“Now let me explain the rules of the pool, before anything else. It’s simple. Nobody swims in the pool unless they are naked. Given that you have all come here for a swim, you are all overdressed,” Bev explained.“Sounds good to us,” said Em, immediately stripping off.Deb was quick to follow.“Hmmm, I see you are fellow sun worshippers,” said Bev, admiring the Nymphs bodies.Although the nymphs all over tans weren’t as developed as Bev’s there wasn’t a tan line to be seen.“You two girls have beautiful bodies,” said Bev expertly eyeing them. “Now, in you go. ‘Slow-coach’ here can come and help me bring out some drinks.The Nymphs immediately hoped in the pool. I followed Bev into the kitchen.“They are everything you said they were”, sad Bev, looking out the window, as the Nymphs swam around the pool and splashed each other. “I like them,” they feel good,” said Bev.Bev is a very tactile person. She learns a lot about a person by touch and smell. I still don’t know how she quite does it. I guessed it was some sort of innate sense.“I’ve been spending a lot of time with them,” I said. “They are a lot of fun. I think you will all get on famously together.”We headed back out to the pool with tall acrylic glasses of mineral water with a twist of lime and ice.Bev walked straight into the pool with the tray of drinks. I stopped at a table to remove my clothes. Then headed into the pool.“There we are,” said Bev.“Thanks,” the Nymphs said together.“Thanks Bev,” I said taking the last glass.Bev placed the clear acrylic tray on the side of the pool and waded over to sit on the stairs. Sitting on the stairs in the shallow end of the pool you had a clear view to the distant hills. We sat admiring the view and enjoying our drinks.“Now I don’t want to embarrass you, Deb and Em, but I know Alan calls you ‘The Nymphs’. I think it suits you perfectly. Do you mind if I use it?” she asked.The Nymphs looked at each other for a split second.“Of course not,” said Deb. We rather like it.”“However we’ve just been talking and think that we need to call you ‘Auntie Bev’,” said Em. “Is that OK?”“Of course it’s OK,” said Bev with a big smile.I could see we were off to a good start. Here we were, sitting naked in Bev’s pool, only minutes after the Nymphs had met Auntie Bev. We were enjoying a long cold drink, admiring the view and it seemed that this was the most natural thing to be doing.We chatted about the wine growing region we had visited that afternoon. The Nymphs told Bev about their job at a major retail store in the city selling ladies lingerie. Bev was very interested in their job and mentioned something about paying them a visit. On the rare occasion she needed to wear a bra it never seemed to fit properly. We then went on to chat about how I had been showing the Nymphs how to take digital pictures and video and how to edit. Bev and I told the Nymphs how we met a couple of years ago. Bev spoke about her 3 daughters, now into their 30’s.I could tell by the position of the sun it was around 7pm. I think Bev must have read my mind.“Now it’s getting on a bit. Of course you’re all staying for dinner?” she asked.The Nymphs looked at me.“Glad to,” I said with a smile.“Thank you,” the Nymphs said together.“We’re having barbequed sausages and salad. Alan’s cooking. We will go and make the salad,” Bev instructed.“OK then. I better light the BBQ,” I said getting out of the pool.The Nymphs and Bev continued to chat while I dried off and went to light the BBQ. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but every now and again one of the Nymphs would look in my direction with a smile.Eventually the 3 women got out of the pool, dried off and went into the kitchen.Em brought out a plate of sausages, a pair of tongs and an apron.“Now put this on. Auntie Bev told me that you are to wear it so you don’t singe anything,” Em said with a giggle, and went back to the kitchen.All of a sudden I was feeling out numbered. I could hear the 3 women chatting and laughing in the kitchen. Maybe they were talking about me. Relax I thought. It’s only Bev.A few minutes later Deb came out to see how I was going. She came up behind me and put her arms around me and pressed her naked body against me. She felt good.“How’s it illegal bahis going?” she asked.“About another 5 minutes I reckon,” I replied.“I think Bev is a genuinely nice person. Shame about her husband”, Deb said.Bev’s husband had tragically drowned in a boating accident with his best mate over 10 years ago.“Yeah, sad story. I think she still misses him”, I said.“Yeah, a tragedy for everyone,” Deb said, going quiet and pressing into me.“Anyway, these are about done. Why don’t you let Bev know,” I said.Deb went back inside and few minutes later the 3 of them were back outside, setting the table and getting ready for me to bring over the snags. I was there is a few minutes later.Bev, with the Nymphs assistance had knocked up a green leaf salad and a green bean salad. We were drinking a very pleasant light red wine. Wasn’t sure what it was, hadn’t had the chance to check the bottle.I complimented Bev on putting together a scratch meal for us without prior warning.“You know me Alan, always have something in the fridge,” was Bev’s reply.We chatted more about the visit to the wineries that afternoon. Bev then wanted to know how my IT contracting work was going. We then got onto Bev’s career as a Beauty Ther****t and her particular interest in theatre stage makeup. Bev spoke about some of the productions she had worked on in her younger days. After chatting for a while longer the Nymphs then cleared the table and Bev went and a put desert together, consisting of vanilla ice cream and fruit salad. We were still all still naked as if this was the only way you should dress. Probably the only one thinking they should cover up was me I suspected. The Nymphs were perfectly at home.It was starting to cool down so got up to go inside. I cleaned up the BBQ and the women went and cleaned up the kitchen. We all sat down in the lounge area with our glasses of wine.I thought the time was right.“You know Bev, you have a similar interest to the Nymphs,” I said with a grin.Bev looked at me quizzically.“I’m not trying to be mischievous. But all of us sitting here enjoy watching porn,” I said.“Oh that,” said Bev. “I thought you were about to uncover a dark secret or something,” she said smiling. “Of course I love watching porn. It can really turn me on.”Em sat up on the couch. “What sort of porn do you like Auntie Bev?”“How about I show you,” Bev said, getting up from the couch and heading off to fetch her laptop.“This will interest you,” I said to the Nymphs. “There are so many people who are into porn. You just never know who.”She returned a minute later. Connected her laptop to the large flat screen TV on the wall and switched everything on. Bev queued up a video from her extensive library.“Here’s one of my favourites. Let me know what you think,” said Bev.“Bev, you’re not going to get too carried away are you? Remember the first time we saw a porn video together,” I asked.“How could I forget,” she said. “You know, the first time we saw a porn video together he was fixing my computer. I was so horny and frustrated I jumped him and fucked him,” she went on. “But I should be able to control myself this time. We’ll just have to see,” Bev finished with a laugh.“Wow,” said Em. “Perhaps we should all stand back,” she continued with a giggle.“I think we can handle it,” said Deb with a grin.“You have been warned,” I said with mock seriousness.With that Bev pressed the play button. The vid started. After the preliminaries it didn’t take long before a well hung stud was taking it in turn to fuck the brains out of two particularly well-endowed young ladies. I should point out there was some obligatory pussy licking and cock sucking going on as well.I could feel my cock start to stir. I looked across at Bev and the Nymphs. They were all transfixed. Bev was rolling one of her, by now hard and engorged, nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Em was stroking her cunt and Deb was sucking a finger. I reached over and pressed the pause button.“So that’s the sort of porn Bev likes,” I said with a big grin on my face.Bev looked up at me. Her hand still holding her nipple. She looked at the Nymphs.“Why don’t you sit between Deb and me, here,” said Bev, indicating, and we will watch the rest.“Good idea.” The Nymphs said in unison.Bev pressed the play button. The video continued. By now one woman was on her back being eaten out by the other woman and the stud was ramming his cock into the later. It was then I felt a hand move across to my cock. It was Bev’s. Then another hand. It was Deb. I reached across and grasped Bev’s free large hard nipple and stroked it and rolled it. Em repositioned herself so she could move Bev’s fingers away from her nipple and start sucking it herself.“What big beautiful hard nipples you have Auntie Bev,” I heard Em say.I saw Em reach down and run her fingers over Bev’s labia. Bev spread her legs a little. I then felt Deb get off the couch pull my legs apart, kneel down and start to run her tongue up the inside of my thighs. I leant over and gave Bev a deep passionate kiss. Her tongue immediately started pushing past my lips and into my mouth. By now Deb was licking the length of my now hard cock. Bev broke our kiss and looked down at Deb.“He does have a beautiful cock, doesn’t he Nymphs,” Bev said.Deb lifted her head and Em moved to kneel in front of Bev.“It’s a wonderful cock,” said Deb.“I love it,” said Em. “He fits me so well.”“Have you ever seen it really, really hard and longer,” Bev asked.“What do you mean?” said Deb.“I’ll show you something later,” Bev said with a big grin.The Nymph’s looked at each.“Are you sure,” I asked Bev.Bev just gave me a pat on the leg and smiled.“Now where were we?” she asked, as she leant across to French kissed me again.I saw Em part Bev’s legs further as she knelt in front of her.“Is it OK?” I heard Em say.Bev parted her legs further and I saw Em go down on Bev’s pussy and start exploring it with her tongue. Deb continued to expertly suck my cock as she shoved two fingers up her own pussy. I suspected Em was doing the same.Bev and I came up for air.“So who am I going to fuck first?” I asked. I had decided it was about time the question was asked.“I think we will all be a lot more comfortable in my bed,” said Bev. “Come with me.”With Bev leading we all headed to her bedroom.“Now how to share?” said Bev.“Alan you lay down on the bed in the middle. Deb, you get on his cock, since you have made it nice and heard. Em, you sit on his face and see what he can do for you with his tongue. That’s it. And I’m going to stand in the middle, between you, and face Em, so she can continue her exquisite work on my pussy,” Bev instructed.I was in heaven. All I could smell was pussy. I just lay back and worked to find and suck Em’s clit.“That’s it Em, run your tongue around my clit first. Then……that’s it, nice, very nice,” I could hear Bev talking to Em.Just to make it fun I did what Bev was telling Em to do. When I couldn’t work out what to do next I just made it up. I could feel Deb starting to pick up her rhythm. I couldn’t really see much as I had a face full of Em’s pussy. I felt Bev change position and turn around. She would have now been looking at Deb.“That’s it Em, lick me out from behind. Probe with your tongue…..that’s it, a little higher, nice,” I heard Bev say.“Your close aren’t you darling,” Bev was now whispering to Deb. “I’m watching you. That’s it, ride him. Push down hard. Feel that beautiful cock deep inside. I can see you like a good fucking,” she continued.Just then I felt Deb’s internal muscles start to constrict then ripple down my cock. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. I’m GONNA CUM! FUUUUUUUUCK! I’M CUMMMMMMING!” cried Deb.Deb slumped down on my cock. illegal bahis siteleri I put my hands on her sweaty thighs.“Just move over there and lay down, that’s it,” Bev was talking to Deb again.I felt Deb roll off me. Bev then moved to my other side and knelt beside me.“So Em, what’s your favourite position?” she asked Em.“Doggie, please,” Em replied.With that Em moved down to my feet. Still facing the same way now on all fours with her ass wiggling in the air.I looked up at Bev. She had a big smile on her face. She was clearly enjoying this.“OK, Stud,” said Bev. “Don’t leave that horny young lady waiting.”I got up onto my knees. Positioned my still very hard cock against Em’s pussy lips and pushed. I slid straight in. She was warm, wet and very ready.“How hard?” I asked Em, as I placed my hands on her hips.“Fuck my brains out….Stud,” she said with a giggle.I looked at Bev. She had lifted a breast up with both hands and was sucking on her own engorged nipple.I started to piston into Em. Picking up speed I reached terminal velocity quickly. The sound of the slap of my thighs against hers filled the room. I could feel it wasn’t going to take long.“Yes…, good…., love it…, I can feel…., oh…, her it comes…..” said Em.“UUUUUUUNGH,” Em grunted.I slowed down to a halt and just waited until I could feel the spasms through her body stop. She pushed back against me.“I just love this feeling,” Em said panting.I looked over at Deb. She had moved so she was lying beside Em, watching everything. She grinned back at me. I gave Em a playful slap on the ass cheek. She pitched forward and lay flat on her front.“Good cum, Em?” asked Deb.“Good cum,” replied Em.Bev moved over beside me kneeling as I was. She reached down to hold me cock. I reached up to play with a nipple. I kissed her deeply again.“You want some?” I asked.“Please,” she replied.“We better tell the Nymphs what to expect then,” I said.“OK, I’ll tell them,” Bev said.By now the Nymphs had turned and were facing Bev with questioning looks on their faces.“Everything is OK,” said Bev, starting her explanation. “Before Alan and I fuck we need to explain something.”Bev went on. “Years ago when we met, Alan and I discovered something about our body chemistry. Without going into all the details, what it means is that when we have intercourse and he ejaculates inside me, and I orgasm, we set off an amazing chemical reaction that affects both of us.”“What’s the reaction?” asked Deb.“I know it might be hard to believe. What happens is his cock gets even bigger and he has an uncontrollable desire to keep fucking me and I keep having consecutive orgasms,” Bev explained.“That doesn’t sound that unbelievable,” said Em.“True, but think of the consequences,” said Bev.“I guess you would both fuck until you passed or something,” suggested Deb.“Correct,” said Bev. “But think of the possibility for physical injury and pain afterwards. Also it might be fun first time, maybe second, but if it couldn’t be controlled the couple may never want to have sex again.”“So how do you control it?” said Deb think ahead.“Good question,” said Bev. “You see Alan is not the first partner I have encountered where this happens. My husband Norm was the same, and over the years we learnt to control it and I also developed a neutralizing cream,” Bev continued, pointing to a bright blue bottle of lotion beside the bed.“This is amazing,” said Em. “I’m excited, I really want to see the two of you fuck.”“So what do we do?” asked Deb.“The first part is easy, the second is not so hard,” said Bev. “Firstly, enjoy the show, you may even want to join in. Please do. I know we will both enjoy it. Secondly, after I have had enough orgasms, we will need to separate. I will let you know. You can help pull us apart and when you do have a look at his cock. You won’t have ever seen it like it will be. But even if you want to play, put the lotion in the blue bottle on him first. After you do he will stay that hard for at least 10-15 minutes. Don’t delay or it may be painful for him,” advised Bev.“Got it,” said Deb.“Are you two OK with this?” I asked the Nymphs.“Sure are,” said Em, excitedly. “Pity we don’t have a camera.”“Maybe another time. It’s best if you see this first,” I suggested.“Do you need some help?” said Deb, reaching down to stroke my cock.“You might want some help also,” offered Em, reaching down to run her fingers over Bev’s pussy.I kissed Bev deeply and started to rub one of her nipples as we faced each other on our knees. Bev placed a hand on each of the Nymphs shoulders as they moved closer either side of us on their knees. I could feel my cock hardening.After a few minutes I lifted my head.“Ready?” I asked Bev.“Yes. I’ll be on top,” Bev said.I lay down and Bev straddled me. She reached down and easily slid my cock into her very ready and wet and pushed down. She smelt delicious. Just being inside her made me feel good.“Hmmmmm, I love this cock,” she cooed.I placed my hands on her hips and we started a slow steady rhythm together. I felt Em move around and start to nibble my nipples. Deb knelt beside Bev and kissed her passionately. I could see lots of tongue action as Deb moved in to explore Bev’s tonsils. All the while we maintained our rhythm.“Let me,” said Bev, as she pushed down on my stomach.I stopped thrusting and Bev took over. She picked up the pace. I could feel her amazing internal muscle control squeezing and releasing my cock. She started a low hum. I could feel that start of my orgasm. I knew Bev could feel it as well, so she eased off a little. She was in total control. She would control when both of us would cum for maximum pleasure. The Nymphs were watching us intently. Both of them were running their hands over our bodies. I noticed Deb with her hand over Bev tummy. She had her eyes closed. By now Em was sucking Bev’s engorged nipples.Bev picked up the pace. As I had hoped she was going to make us cum together. I could feel that familiar tingle inside me and Bev’s muscles now starting to ripple down my cock.Her timing was impeccable. I exploded inside Bev and she cried out.“FUUUUUUUCK!” I cried.CUUUUUUUUMMING!” cried Bev.I filled Bev up with cum. I could feel my cock spewing my load deep into her. And then I felt it, like a warm wave, as my orgasm subsided. I grabbed Bev’s hips harder and started to thrust. I could feel my cock getting bigger. Bev let me take over the work.“You feel so big, I can feel your cum, so good!” said Bev dreamily.I picked up the pace. I was really starting to pound into Bev.“AGAAAAAIN!” cried Bev, as she shuddered.I could feel her orgasm deep inside that time.I kept pounding. By now I had one clear thought in my head. I needed to fuck Bev hard. I was oblivious to what was going on around me.“I LOVE IT! I WANT IT SO MUCH! AHHHHHHH!” cried Bev.Spasms were rippling through Bev’s body. I kept pounding her. By now sweat was pouring off my face. I didn’t know what the Nymph’s were doing. I didn’t care. I only had one thought.“GOD! THAT’S BIG! NOW! NOW!” cried Bev.Bev came again. I think she was leaning over me. Was it was her sweat dripping on my chest? I kept pounding.“LOVE IT! WANT IT! FUUUUUUCK,” Bev cried.By now her body was shaking all over. I felt like I was indestructible. I just wanted to keep pumping Bev’s hot cunt.“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Bev cried.By now Bev had collapsed on top of me. I felt her orgasm shake her from head to toe. I didn’t miss a beat. I had my hands firmly on her hips and was still pounding into her as if my life depended on it.“That’s enough!” Bev said.Bev tried to roll off me. Deb noticed what she was trying to do.“Roll her off Em,” I heard a distant voice say.I felt Bev roll off and a cold lotion immediately canlı bahis siteleri being massaged onto my cock.“That was incredible,” I heard Em say.“She must of cum at least 6 times,” replied Deb.“Are you OK Bev?” Em asked.“I’m OK, just catching my breath,” Bev replied. “Now look at his cock girls.”“She’s right,” said Deb. “I’ve never seen him this big. He’s longer and thicker than ever before.”“I’ve gotta have some of that,” said Em.Before anyone could say anything Em had moved to straddle herself over my cock and sat on it. I got about half way to Em’s cunt I think.“Amazing,” said Em. “Normally he slips straight inside me. It should have been so easy with the lotion. But now he’s stretching me and he is only halfway there. I’m not sure I can take it all.”“Careful Em,” said Deb. “If he starts fucking you like Bev it could hurt.”Unthinkingly I placed my hands on Em’s hips.“Oh no you don’t,” Em said, and with a wrench, rolled off me.Deb applied some more lotion out of the bright blue bottle on my cock.“Measure him Deb,” Bev said.Deb placed the lotion bottle against my cock and scratched a mark on it with her finger nail.“Have you lot finished treating me like a piece of meat,” I asked, with a big grin.“Good to have you back,” said Deb. “How are you feeling?”“I’m feeling great. I still have a desire to fuck Bev’s brains out but I know this will fade.” I replied. “What about you Bev?” I asked.“Feeling fine, just a bit worn out,” Bev replied with a smile.“How many this time?” I asked.“I counted 6,” said Bev with a grin.“Not a record,” I replied.“No, but enough,” Bev giggled.A few minutes went by as Bev and I calmed down.“So Nymphs, what did you think?” I asked.“We’ve never seen anything like it,” said Em still excited by what she had seen.“I’ve never seen anyone come 6 times and so quickly, not even in a porno” Deb said. “How do you do it Bev?”“Stamina I guess,” replied Bev.“And the size of your cock! It must have been at least 10 inches long and so fat,” said Em in amazement.I could feel the lotion starting to work. Bev moved beside me and I put an arm around her.“Well there you go Nymphs. That’s what you call body chemistry in action. Fortunately it doesn’t happen to everyone,” I said.The Nymphs moved into their usual positions. Em on my right, now next to Bev, and Deb on my left. I could feel Bev starting to doze. I was a long way from sleep. My cock was just approaching rock hard and my heart rate was still up.“I think Bev’s gone,” I said.“I don’t blame her,” said Em. “She’s run a marathon.”“You mentioned some sort of record before with Bev. How many times in a row has she cum like that?” asked Deb.“Let me think,” I said. “The best we have done together was 8, but I think 10 or more with Norm. You’ll need to check with her.”I almost thought I could hear the Nymph’s thinking as they digested that impressive piece of information. A few minutes passed.“Hey Em,” said Deb.“Yep”, she replied.“Did you pick up on Auntie Bev’s interest in theatre make-up?” Deb asked.“Sure did,” replied Em.“I think we might have a role for her in our production company,” said Deb.“Nice fit, with side benefits,” said Em cuddling into the sleeping Bev.“Production company?” I said with a big question mark.“Pays to think big,” said Deb with a big smile on her face…——————————-Chapter 2———————————I awoke the next morning feeling a hand on my cock. Bev was already up, and by the sounds of it in the kitchen. The Nymphs were still in bed with me. We had a sheet over us. I looked across at the alarm clock. 8:47AM. I reached down. My cock was hard.“Morning wood,” said Em dreamily, starting to stroke my cock slowly.“Hmmmmmm, morning wood,” I heard Deb mumble as she started to wake and placed her hand on my cock as well.No doubt about these two I thought. I wondered if there was ever a time when they weren’t horny.“Morning Nymphs,” I said, and gave them each a kiss.“Breakfast’s ready”, Bev called from the kitchen.“Time for breakfast sleepy heads,” I said and sat up.I hopped off the bed and headed into the bathroom. I saw the Nymphs move together and cuddle each other.When I returned to the bedroom I noticed Bev had placed some light cotton robes on a chair for us to wear.“Come on Auntie Bev’s waiting,” I said, slipping on a robe.One of the Nymphs made a snuffling noise.I pulled back the sheet and playfully pinched Deb on the bum.“Ow!” said Deb. “OK, I’m getting up.”I tickled Em on the sole of her foot. She pulled her foot away.“OK,” she said.I headed off to the kitchen leaving the Nymphs to get up.I walked in the kitchen. Bev was standing at the bench in a cotton robe preparing some mushrooms. I stepped behind her, reached around and gave her a full body hug running my hands over her huge boobs and down her thighs finishing with a kiss on the neck. She smelt amazing as usual.“Morning beautiful. How are you feeling?” I asked.I felt Bev wiggle her ass and push into my groin.“Great,” she said. “Had a deep wonderful sleep.”“I think everyone slept well,” I replied. “The Nymphs will be here in a minute or two.”“I thought everyone would be hungry so I have made a big breakfast,” said Bev.Looking around I could see scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, tomato relish and toast ready to be served. Cutlery, glasses of juice and coffee cups were waiting on the island bar.“I’ll give you a hand,” I said and started buttering the toast.Bev was plating up when the Nymphs walked in.“Morning Auntie Bev,” they both said in their bright bubbly voices.They both walked over and gave Bev a kiss. Deb gave me a rather hard pinch on the bum in retaliation as she walked past me.“It’s a beautiful morning. Breakfast is outside,” announced Bev.Without being asked the Nymphs grabbed knives, forks, glasses of juice & coffee cups, went outside and set the table. Bev and I brought out the plates and we sat down.As we sat down I said, “This is about the right pace for a relaxed Sunday morning.”“Any plans for the day?” asked Bev.“Not yet,” said Deb.We then started to chat about options.“Well if you like you, feel free to spend some time here around the pool. It’s going to be another hot one,” offered Bev.“Thanks Bev. What do you think Nymphs?” I asked.“Sounds great,” they replied together.We continued eating breakfast and chatting. The Nymphs wanted to find out more about Bev’s interest in stage theatre make-up artistry.I finished first so got up and went to the kitchen to make the coffee. I looked at the three of them chatting away. I was glad they had hit it off so well.I returned with 4 coffee cups.“So are you ‘Bi’ Auntie Bev?” asked Em.Bev looked up at Em. “I wouldn’t call myself bi-sexual,” said Bev, thinking. “I like the touch and feel of a woman. I lean more towards men, I suppose, is the best way of putting it.”“You have such a delicious pussy,” said Em. “I really enjoyed licking you out last night.”“And your nipples are amazing,” Deb chimed in.Bev looked at me with a smile. “Thank you Nymphs. I really loved your attention….”“And your skin. It’s so smooth and firm,” interrupted Em.“Well that I can explain,” said Bev.Bev then went on to tell the Nymphs how she made her own beauty care products. She had learnt the chemistry side when she did her beauty therapy course and had been making a range of products for years, for herself and friends.“Remember the moisturizer in the green bottle I used on you that made you tingle,” I said. “You’re looking at its creator.”The Nymphs were fascinated. They went on to quiz Bev about the different products she made and how it was done. Bev promised to give the Nymphs some samples to try.“About last night?” asked Deb.“What would you like to know?” replied Bev. She knew the Nymphs had a lot of questions. It was only a question of time when they were going to ask.“Can you explain what happened?” asked Deb.“It’s complicated. Let me start at the beginning,” Bev started to explain……..To be continued…

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