The Office Boy Ch. 07


My name is Glenn and by now you may have read my stories.

It was a normal day in the office fairly quiet with not a lot happening. It was really boring when our boss Jenny came into the main office. “Troops, can I have your attention please. Thank you. I would like you all, and I do mean all of you, to be in conference room 2 in fifteen minutes.” We all looked at one another with a mixture of shock and bemusement. The rumours and conjecture started.

Sally came over and perched on the edge of my desk. “So what do you think is about to go off?”

“No idea.”

“Come on play the game, we must have a bit of second guessing. In my opinion one of the other offices is for the chop.”

This shocked me, “What if it’s us?” I replied.

“Shit, let’s not go down that road. We are doing alright now, but three or four years ago maybe we were in trouble. Oh well, the moment of fate appears to have arrived.”

Now Sally was looking worried and as we made our way to the conference room I tried to reassure her. “I think you’re right you know, we are going to be fine. You are not getting away from me that easily.” I took her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

“Cheers, let’s just wait and see shall we?”

The chairs had been laid out for us all and we sat while Jenny stood at the front of us and began to address us all.

“I would like to re-assure you all that there is no danger to anyone in this room’s job. The reason for the meeting is that there are going to be one or two changes. The first, and in my opinion the most important, is that I will be leaving this office to take up a post in Head Office next month. There will be a degree of restructuring within this office as a result. My post will not be replaced but there will be two promotions. Two of you will become joint team leaders.”

There was a murmuring round the room.

“You won’t be on my pay or get the company car I am afraid but as I say two people will be chosen from the applicants who apply. They will rise one pay band and assume the leader’s role, between them, for the team. And that is all that will happen to our team. So I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help, support, hard work and friendship since I have been here and you are all invited to my leaving meal which will be planned very shortly.”

Following the meeting we each got called into Jenny’s office for an individual chat. When my turn came I entered the room, Jenny looked up and smiled, I closed the door and broke the ice. “I have to say thanks to you Jenny. You really helped me fit in here and grow up from being a school boy.”

“It’s a pleasure Glenn. When you see a new entrant who genuinely has potential my reward is to draw it out. Which brings me to the main point I want to talk to you about. I trust you will apply for one of the replacement posts?”

“I hope to. However, everyone is going to apply I guess.”

Jenny leant forward, “Not as many as you think, many will talk the talk but won’t have the guts or confidence to actually do it. What I say now goes no further. If it were down to me I would hand pick two people for the role. You and Sally. You get on really well so I know there will be no jealousy or trying to outdo one another. Secondly, you are my most competent and trustworthy workers. For my part I will recommend you two get it, you must put in a good application though. As for the interview be yourself and you will probably get the job.”

“Thank you, I hope you are right and I will do my best to repay your faith. Also I want to say something else.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s another thank you….. for that fantastic blow job!”

“You are welcome it seems so long ago now.” She said as she winked at me and suggestively sucked on her pen.

* * * * * *

When the Monday of Jenny’s last week at our office arrived it was met with announcement of her two successors. There were four interviewees who were waiting on the result Wendy, Sally, Joan and myself. Each of us was handed a sealed envelope at 9.30 and were able to find out our fate.

The result was that Sally and I did indeed get the jobs. Whilst it was the likely outcome as despite Jenny’s limited sway other factors counted against Wendy and Joan. Wendy could be very negative not to mention argumentative and many feared she would get a management role while Joan had only two years before retirement. Many felt that as she would quickly need to be replaced she would have not been a settled leader. As the outcome became known Sally and I both received good wishes from almost everyone.

Jenny called us both in and started to give us the details of what was going to happen, training and other bits and pieces. Then she laughed and explained that I had one more role as her subordinate. “On Friday my husband and I want to have a few drinks and were wondering could you pick us up before the meal.” She winked at Sally, “you will be with Paul of course so I won’t ask you guys. Another reason is erotik hikaye oku I understood Glenn wasn’t drinking due to his ever so important football match the day after.”

“It will be my pleasure Jenny, I’ll even drive you and your old man home.”

* * * * *

The night of the meal came; I smartened myself up dressing in my suit as this the venue was a very nice restaurant. Leaving the house I told my parents that I would be home late but was driving so would be cold sober all night so they shouldn’t worry. Getting into my car I made my way to Jenny’s house so I could collect her and her husband. Parking the car I opened the door and then it struck me that I was finally going to meet Jenny’s husband. So I would be looking into the eyes of a man who’s wife, who after a meal out when I had first started at the company, had given me a blow job and swallowed my cum.

I rang the doorbell and the door opened really quickly. “Hello, you must be Glenn, I am Barry by the way. My Jen has told me so much about you young man.” Looking over his shoulder I saw Jenny, she winked and blew me a very seductive kiss.

“Are you guys ready?”

“Lead on, lead on. I can’t wait it’s not often we both go out and are able to have a few drinks.” From his breath I guessed he had already had a few drinks.

Driving to the meal Barry sat in the front seat with Jenny relegated to the rear. There was the usual small talk in the car with Barry saying he had heard that I was one of the two who was stepping into to Jenny’s shoes. He explained that she had told him on more than one occasion that if I was given the right stimulus I would succeed, in fact she said I would no doubt make a splash. My eyes caught hers in the review mirror and I was shocked as she laughed at her double-entredre. She then spoke up, “Hush Barry you will embarrass the lad.” Barry chuckled obviously not realising or choosing to ignore the veiled crudity of her comment.

I parked the car in the restaurant car park. As I got out of the car I was aware that Barry was simply making his way to the restaurant. Quickly I turned to the rear door and opened it for Jenny allowing her to get out of the car. Taking my hand she stood beside me. She was dressed immaculately, in a black shiny dress, white blouse and expensive looking black jacket. Her legs looked very long in seemed stockings with black polished high heels.

“You look really, really stunning Jenny.”

“Thank you Glenn. It’s good that someone noticed. Before you ask Barry didn’t say a word just carried on knocking back his scotches.”

I lifted her hand placing a kiss on the back it. “Ignore him, let him enjoy himself. Everyone will compliment you on your outfit. We better get in before they think some thing is wrong.”

“I’ll just say I got a bit emotional!” She laughed and I could detect her eyes looked a little watery. “To be honest Glenn it wasn’t my choice to go, but they say my work had been done and new crisis’s loom elsewhere. I will miss all of you, promise to keep in touch, as I want to see how you progress as my little star. That blow job I gave you worked wonders didn’t it?” We both laughed and entered the building.

The meal went very well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Barry carried on drinking and was a very merry drunk by the end of the evening. The time came for us all to make our various ways home and Sally’s boyfriend Paul helped me get Barry into the backseat of my car. As we were left alone Jenny climbed into the front seat. “Are you going to sit with Barry?”

Jenny’s face looked like thunder as she turned to me. “No, I am certainly not. So much for a nice evening out together, well that lasted all of five minutes. Shit who am I kidding I didn’t even get five minutes sense or company from him did I?” Slowly she opened the passenger door and climbed into the car. I started the car and realised that she was quietly crying. I passed her a tissue from my pocket and drove away so that Jenny could have a degree of privacy. As we drove along the road to return to their home Jenny spoke. “I am sorry for that Glenn.”

“Don’t be silly Jenny. I fully understand why you are annoyed.” Looking in the rear-view mirror I noticed that Barry had already fallen asleep. “Why on earth has he behaved like this? If you were my wife or partner tonight I would have been so proud to be with you. You look so stunning and sexy, yet he paid so little attention to you.”

“When you have been married as long as we have I guess the danger is that one party takes the other for granted. I am grateful for your comments it makes an older lady feel very good when a young lad like you pays them compliments.” Her hand fell and rested on my left thigh. As we pulled onto Jenny’s driveway I cut the ignition stopping the car. “What are you doing Glenn?”

“I am going to help you get him indoors, you will not manage on your own will you?” She smiled and rubbed my shoulder.

“Thank you Glenn.” When the cold fresh air hit Barry he roused güncel sex hikayeleri oku slightly and Jenny berated him. “Well done Barry, what a state you look. Be happy that Glenn is helping us our I’d fucking well leave you your precious fucking lawn.” I giggled as she looked at me and grinned. “Okay, the pair of you, lets get inside.” Barry lent on me while she unlocked the front door. Slowly the pair of us got him up the stairs. Entering the bedroom we let him fall backwards onto the bed where Jenny proceeded to start taking his shoes off. “Why don’t you go downstairs and grab a coffee while I sort him out?”

Once in the kitchen I put the kettle on and took out a couple of cups. Preparing the coffee for us both I heard Jenny’s heels click on the granite floor tiles as she walked up behind me. I turned and handed her the cup of freshly prepared coffee. “Fancy a chat with one very pissed off woman?” She asked putting on a false smile.

I walked over to her and put my arm around her and hugged her. “Of course I will.”

We sat in the living room chatting about various subjects. Finally Jenny changed the subject. “Do you know the single most annoying thing about his behaviour tonight?” I shook my head, “Well, I will tell you. I have spent a good bit of money on this outfit, with most of the money going on Barry’s benefit alone.”


She chuckled, “I have spent a fortune on my underwear. See I thought we would have one or two drinks then when we got home we could get frisky. I’m sorry.”

“Look I will go, you should have said, go up there and wake him as only you can.”

“No point Glenn. If I could rouse him, which I must add is unlikely, the spirit may be willing but his flesh would be weak. Or more to the point floppy and flaccid!”

I grinned “Sorry, I didn’t think.”

“Why would you? I bet you never have a problem on that score do you. I remember your fine erection that night. It’s something I think of when Barry can’t come up with the goods and I have to ‘attend to myself’.” It was at this point that I decided I must say a proper thank you to her as well as a goodbye.

“If I am overstepping the mark tell me. Can I help you tonight? I’d love to see your underwear, as it would be a shame to let your efforts count for nothing. If you think he is dead to the world why don’t we.”

“But he is my husband…… we shou..should’nt” She stammered.

“Okay. But tell me this who treated you more like a husband tonight. Anyway I want to pleasure you this time Jenny. Show you what I have learnt.”

Putting her cup down on the table she got up out of her chair. Putting her finger on my lips she motioned me to be quiet. “In that case I just need to go upstairs a moment.”

“Okay.” I replied.

She returned in a matter of moments with a robe over her arm, she walked into the dining room and brought two dining chairs into the room. One was put directly in front of me while the other was placed beside the sofa. “I have shut the bedroom door so lets keep an ear open. I am sure he will be dead to the world until tomorrow morning. Would you like me to strip for you?”

“Please, but only to your undies. If that’s okay?” She smiled and nodded before starting to move slowly in front of me. Taking her left arm out of the jacket she turned then let the jacket slide down her right arm before catching it as it passed over her hand. She draped the discarded item over the back of the chair by the sofa, which was obviously going to take the clothes.

Placing her right foot on the chair in front of me she slowly undid the leather strap and removed her shoe. Delving under her skirt she undid her suspender belt and unclipped it from her stockings. The belt was flicked on to her jacket. She then rolled the stocking down her right leg. Then she repeated the procedure with her left leg. Instead of simply discarding the stocking this time she walked over to me and roped the nylon round the back of my neck, pulling on both ends she drew our faces together, she opened her mouth and forced her tongue deep into my opening mouth. We kissed for a couple of minutes then she withdrew.

“This is so wrong but I have never been this horny before.” She whispered into my ear.

Returning to her tease she slowly began to unbutton the top of her blouse, when she reached the buttons at her chest she turned away from me, I could see by the movement of her arms that she continued down until I guessed all it was completely undone. Turning her head to the side she looked at me and gradually lowered the blouse until I could see her shoulders. Spinning round she let the blouse fall exposing her white silk camisole. Her titties were perky for a woman of her age and were swinging slightly in the white lace at the top of her camisole. I could see her pink nipples straining against the material.

Staring into my eyes her dancing continued as she unclasped the back of her skirt, as it dropped she stepped to one side, then leaning down she scooped sikiş hikayeleri it up. As she leant forward I looked down her top and was treated to her fine breasts swaying in the relative freedom of her top.

A pair of matching white silk French knickers completed her underwear. Turning she put the skirt on the pile of clothes and I could make out her firm bottom as the flowing knickers moved with her body. Standing in front of me she looked at me.

“Jenny, you are incredibly sexy.”

“Show me the effect I have had on you.” She demanded, I wasted no time in undoing my fly and taking my solid cock from my trousers. “Mmmmm he’s as good as I remember.” Moving forward she made to take me but I stopped her, as tonight was to be mainly for her. Initially she looked disappointed but I stood and took her in my arms.

“I have got to show you what I have learnt or had you forgotten?” Gently I laid her back on the sofa. “It would have been a tragedy for no-one to see you like this tonight Jenny. I want to make you feel loved, wanted, sexy and a complete woman. I want to lick you, kiss you and make you orgasm.” Then I kissed her, at first staying away from her body I just kissed her. I sensed a movement as her hand was slipped into her groin. Stopping the embrace I looked at her, “I want to make you cum, Can I lick you?” She nodded without a word.

Moving I placed my hands on the silk knickers and slid my hand onto her pussy. She had fine brown almost gingery hair. I placed my face beside the silky material and gently licked up her slit.

“Ooooohhh that feels nice.” She started to shudder as I teased her before really going at her clitoris with my tongue. I parted her legs gently while teasing her clit. While giving her oral I inserted my finger into her pussy, which was, for a woman of her age, incredibly tight. I slowly slid my finger backwards and forwards while flicking her labia with me tongue. She was moaning and panting as I kept this up. I could feel her fanny walls pulsing slightly, looking up I saw her face reddening, then felt the unmistakable throbbing of her entrance as she came. Her hands forced my face away from her pussy. Raising myself I kissed her so that she could taste her juices on my mouth.

“Thank you Glenn that was lovely, Barry will hardly ever give me oral.” She informed me, I was liking her husband less and any lingering feeling of guilt was disappearing.

“He doesn’t deserve you. If you don’t want to have sex I understand, but I would like to make love with you.”

“Do you have any protection?” I simply nodded in reply. “Okay then Glenn.”

Taking a condom from my wallet I then lowered my trousers and shorts. My erect penis bobbed up and down as I freed it. Rolling the rubber down I my shaft I positioned my self between Jenny’s legs. “I’ll let you take the lead, that way it is totally your call if you want to go ahead.” She smiled and reached down, grasping me in her left hand.

She positioned the tip of my penis against her opening, even through the latex I could feel the heat escaping from her body, I stayed out of her. “Oh don’t be a tease she whimpered.

“As I said you are in control.” I placed her hands on my hips; she took the lead and pulled me towards her. The tip of my cock pushed into her opening which very gently yielded and I slid into her sex. Having had Jenny ‘instigate’ our fuck I started to slowly pull backwards and forwards into her pussy. Laying fully on her we kissed and embraced while slowly and rhythmically moving out hips.

“I want to ride you Glenn, after all this is the last time I can be your boss.” She said.

I withdrew from her and lay on the floor. My cock stood erect from my groin swaying from side to side. Jenny straddled me and taking her hand pulled her knickers to one side exposing her wet pussy. She knelt so my dick was below her, then slowly dropped her vaginal opening against the tip of my cock. Then she carried on until I was buried deep in her. She set the pace by bobbing up and down; I looked at her chest bouncing around within her top. The camisole affording her boobs relative freedom, then her right tit popped over the top of the white lace. I propped myself up and put her stiff nipple in my mouth. As I suckled her boob she leant me back by leaning into me.

“That’s it suck on me.” All the time her tight cunt was moving backwards and forwards.

“I’m getting close Jenn.” I warned her, she moved her hands to her clit and started to rub while my hands sought out each nipple. I rolled and squashed each nipple while she bounced on my penis. He fingers brushed my cock as she fingered her clitty. She started to moan and fell forward. Her face and chest were reddening and she was perspiring as her pussy started to throb and she came for the second time. I took my cue and started to thrust upwards.

“Take me manfully.” She asked so I rolled her on her back and started to pound her furiously. I could sense my impeding orgasm and hugged Jenny tightly. As I came I thrust my tongue in her mouth to kiss her passionately. I could feel my cum within the sheath as we both lay in each other’s arms. Looking into each other’s eyes Jenny broke the silence, “Thank you for that. It’s good to see I sent you off on your sex life well.”

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