The Office

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—- Monday —-

“I know you wanna fuck me.”

“Actually, I don’t.” He said.

We shared an office; company expansion, phenomenal growth, and all that shit. So, they said there was no other solution, at least until they built a new corporate headquarters and had more office space. That could take years!

“Come on, every guy I ever met wanted in my panties. I know how good I look; I’ve had enough men, and women too, ask me why I don’t model.”

“No argument from me on that point; you are, as you say, fuckin’ gorgeous.” He said, as he worked at his PC.

“And I’ve seen your hard-ons. Shit, you got one right now; I saw it when you got up a minute ago.”

“It’s just a normal reaction to seeing your bare pussy whenever you bend over in those micro-mini skirts you insist on wearing.”

“You know you love it.”

“That rich bitch celebrity you always see on the Internet flashing her bare pussy – is she a friend o’ yours; a relative, maybe?”

“I bet you get stiff looking at her pictures too, don’t you?”

“If I didn’t think I’d be the one to get fired for sexual harassment, I’d send a complaint to H/R about you, right now, for consistently not wearing panties and showing off your naked pussy every chance you get.” He grumped.

“How can you not want to fuck me with that bitchin’ monster in your pants? It must be painful.”

“It is painful. And you’re painful. Now shut up, and get back to work! We’ve got a deadline.”

“Hey, I can work and talk at the same time — oh sorry, I forgot, you guys find it more difficult to multi-task than us girls. Hey … maybe I could just crawl under your desk and suck you off — I really love the taste of cum.”

“Geeez! Will you just knock it off?! I really have to finishing testing this module.” He said, sounding more and more frustrated.

“Well, if you unloaded all that hot cum that’s pent up in your balls, into my tight pussy, you’d be much more relaxed and you’d find it a lot easier to concentrate on your work. But … what do I know?”

I looked over at him — we sat back to back in the tiny space — and though I could not be sure, I think he had one hand in his lap while the other manipulated his PC’s mouse.

“Are you jerkin’ off over there?”


“I bet you are. What are you going to do when you cum? Unload in your shorts? That would be sooooo disgusting.”

“Would you pleeeeeeease … shut … up?!”

“You know, it would be so easy to just take a few minutes; I could scooch forward in my chair and spread my legs for you — like you said, there’s no panties to get in the way — and you could just pump it in me a few times … and then I could sit here and I could lick your cum off my fingers the rest of the afternoon güvenilir bahis as it oozed out of my cunt. I told you that I really love the taste of cum, didn’t I?”

“Yeah … and what if somebody walked in? We’d both get fired. Naw, on second thought, I’d get fired … you’d claim sexual harassment and get a medal. Probably get a promotion, too. Now, leave me alone!”

“Shit, nobody ever comes in here, ‘cept you and me. But OK, have it your way then; I’m just going to have to get off without you.”

I wasn’t kidding, either. All that sex talk had gotten me all worked up. I stuck my fingers up under my skirt; it was so short, I didn’t even have to pull it up very much. The sound of my fingers working my very wet cunt was quite obvious in the tiny office. I knew he heard my breathing start coming in short gasps. I moaned, but I had to keep it down; after all, we were in an office. But, it had to have been totally apparent to him when I came.

“Oh that was good. It would have been a hell o’va lot nicer, though, if it had been your cock inside me, baby.”

He got up and left the office, in what I thought was a bit of a huff. He came back in a few minutes carrying a styrofoam cup of herbal tea in his hand.

“Had to go the men’s room and beat off, huh?”

“No! And even if I wanted to; there’s no doors on the stalls. I heard it was something about guys doin’ dope, or some really stupid shit, like that. I don’t know, but this place really sucks!”

“Oh poor baby. Well, I’m satisfied now; so no matter how much you want to fuck me now, you’ll just have to wait ’til tomorrow.”

“And I can’t even say ‘go fuck yourself’ because you just did. So, please … just leave me alone!”

—- Tuesday —-

I like to get in the office early; so I was happily working away on revising a program when he walked in. He didn’t even say ‘good morning’.

“So, did you make it home last night before creaming your jeans? Or did you have to whack off in the parking lot, before leaving?”

“Ah shit … not again!”

“Geeez, I hope you’re not one of those guys who, like, hold it in forever. Ya know, like one of those religious fanatics … can’t spill the sacred seed … like that?”

“No! I am not!”

“Oh good; if you were, I’d be really scared. They’re the ones that show up at the office with AK47s.”

“I wish I had an assault rifle … right now!”

“Oh … you don’t mean that.”

“Try me!”

I got up from my desk and took the two steps over to his desk, and sat on the corner of it. My black micro-skirt didn’t hide a thing, and of course as usual, I wore no panties. I feel so much freer without them. I spread my legs apart a little, too — hmmmm, maybe it was a lot. I twisted a türkçe bahis little on his desk so my naked exposed cunt was facing him.

“Don’t you just love shaved pussies, like mine? So many guys tell me how much nicer it is eating a bald cunt. No hairs getting stuck between their teeth, or tickling their noses.”

“I don’t fucking believe this!”

I pulled the stretchy material of my low cut top down with both hands.

“Look … I didn’t wear a bra today … just for you. Do you like ‘puffy’ nipples? You know, you could just lean over a little and then you could suck on them. I bet you’d really like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I gotta get out o’ here!”

He got up and left the office. He returned five minutes later.

“Oh fuck … you’re still here!”

He sat at his desk again and set his cup of tea down. I was still sitting on his desk.

“I’ve been rubbing my clit while you were gone; getting myself all wet and ready for your big cock. Oh look … you’re all hard again inside those tight jeans.”

I leaned over very quickly, and then grabbed his hard-on and squeezed him. He really did feel quite large.

“Holly fuck! Stop that!”

He yanked my hand away.

I sort of reversed things and grabbed his hand and shoved it up under my skirt.

“Feel how wet I am? And it’s all ’cause of you baby. Now tell me you don’t want that big monster in this tight sweet little cunt.”

He was not so fast to yank his hand away this time. I pulled on his hand more and felt a finger squeeze up inside my cunt.

“Oh gawd baby … oh that feels so fuckin’ good.”

And it did.

“I can’t believe this is happening!”

His finger went deeper inside my wet velvety hole, then came out, and then went back in as he started to finger fuck me.

“Oh yes baby … but what I really need is that huge cock of yours inside me.”

I reached over and unzipped his jeans. He did not resist. I fumbled around as he continued stroking my cunt and I finally got his thing out. It was even larger in person that I had supposed. I stroked it and a large bead of clear liquid oozed out of the tip. I wiped it off with my finger tips and put it to my lips — I really do love the taste.

“Baby … I need that big cock of yours … right now!”

He stood, shoving his chair back as he did so, and he positioned himself between my already spread legs. He pulled my hips to the edge of his desk and I felt the warm head of his hard cock press against my pussy lips. It slid up my crease, parting my slippery wet lips and then it rasped over my ultra sensitive swollen clit; my body shuddered all over. It would have been nice to have him do that for hours, but I really was desperate to have him inside my cunt.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri grabbed him and guided his cock to my hole.

“Now fuck me baby … fuck me!”

He pressed into me. I was so tight, and he was so big, that it took him awhile to get all the way in. I pulled my top down again; he grabbed and squeezed both my tits. It was quite breathtaking.

“Do you like the way your cock feels inside me baby? Can you feel my cunt squeezing your cock? Do like that baby? Now fuck me … fuck me hard!”

He did; hard and fast. I rubbed my clit frantically and we both came at about the same time. I was a little ahead of him, and it felt so fuckin’ awesome. My whole body went rigid and my cunt contracted and clinched his cock over and over. Maybe that’s what got him off, ’cause he tensed up and grunted; and then he shoved it deep inside me one last time as his cock erupted and his warm cum filled my cunt.

The door opened.

“What’s that noise in … holly shit! What the fuck is going on in here?!”

He pulled out of me immediately and turned toward the sound of the door opening. He faced the door with his hard stiff shaft pointing directly at the intruder; a long thick white string of cum fell in slow motion from the tip; parted from his cock, and landed, forming a large round white spot on the carpet. His jaw fell open and he stood mute; totally stunned.

“Oh, Mr. Harris … I’m so glad you’re here! He made me do it! He said his best friend works in human resources and that if I didn’t let him fuck me, he said he’d get me fired!”

Tears welled up and poured down my cheeks.

I don’t think I mentioned, did I, that when I graduated with my degree in Comp. Sci., I had a minor in Theater and Drama? I’ve always loved the stage. I do some work with a little acting troupe locally; we really have a great time.

“You! In my office; now! And zip up those fucking pants!”

“And you, get cleaned up. H/R will be calling you — they’ll need a statement, or some shit like that. How the hell do I get stuck with crap like this, anyway?!”

And I got to spoon his cum out of my cunt with my fingers the rest of the day. It tasted so good.

—- Wednesday —-

I spent the morning working on my project — I was almost done and I would surely beat the deadline by at least two days. I might get that promotion, after all. The other desk sat empty and I wondered who I’d be sharing my office with next.

Around eleven, the door opened and a really nerdy looking figure walked in. Penny loafers — who the hell wears penny loafers anymore — white socks, black pants and a white button down shirt (only the plastic pocket protector was missing) and a hair cut so short, it almost looked like a buzz cut.

“Hi; I’m Sally. Oh my … aren’t we the ‘looker’ — hmmmm, I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy working with you, honey. We’re going to get along … just fine!” Her eyes were riveted on my ultra short skirt.


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