The Perfect Storm-Chaser

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The perfect storm-chaser, a beautiful beginning.

A story inspired by a very beautiful young lady, with her permission.

This story is quite long, and it builds up, I got carried away with my thoughts and fantasies as I was writing, I do plan on continuing the story, so I have made this part 1. My inspiration had opened many fantasies in my mind.


Hi, my name is Paul, I am 57 and an amateur photographer, mostly nature scenes and landscapes are what I have interest in, though I do venture out into other aspects of photography.

My story starts during a storm chasing trip with a young coed that I have had quite a few chasing sessions with. Her name is Jill, she is 20 and a meteorology student at the local university. Jill usually will call on me to be her photographer and travel companion when a big storm is expected. The following is a story of our most recent chase.

We had been out since the early hours of sunrise chasing a magnificent storm, we had traveled a few hundred miles from our home base, Jill was totally excited as usual when storms are in the picture. After hours of chasing and getting some great pictures, at one point we were within a few blocks of the main storm, and some outrageous dust devils had swirled around our vehicle, I had gotten some great pictures and Jill had gotten some very good data for her upcoming finals.

We were sitting in the car talking about the storm, the exhilaration on her face and in her voice made my mind wander a bit to thoughts of her excitement of storms, almost as if she was sexually aroused by the power the storms contained.

Now Jill is a very beautiful young lady, tall, 5’8″ and a very athletically tight body and very perky breasts, (yes, I have spent many hours admiring her young body). I, on the other hand, am a 57 year old guy with white hair, a bit of a pot belly and far from in shape. But a man has to have his fantasies, and let me tell you, Jill has got to be the fantasy of any man that she crosses paths with.

“Paul, it is almost midnight, I think we should get hotel rooms for the night,” she said.

“Sounds great Jill, though I am still very wide awake after this adventure,” I told her.

Smiling she agreed that she was also still very much wired up from the day.

Jill started the car and we headed down the road in search of lodging for the night. As she was driving and reliving out loud all the magnificent beauty of the storm we had just chased, seeing the glow on her cheeks and hearing the excitement in her voice, I had to take some pictures. God, what a beauty she is, with her hair all tangled and dusty, so I started snapping away, actually taking pictures she was aware of, not like the numerous private pictures I have taken over the last couple years of her in unsuspecting poses. Those were the pictures in my private collection hidden away in my nightstand for my nights of fantasy.

“Paul, stop, I look horrible,” she said.

“Jill,” I said, “there is never a moment that you are not a beautiful vision of perfection.”

As we headed down the illegal bahis road, a motel 6 sign appeared in view. So we headed in that direction, pulled into the parking lot, I was ready to get out and get our rooms when she said, “wait, you know I like to pay my own way.” So I walked to her side of the car and opened her door for her to accompany me to the desk.

“Hello,” I said to the desk man, would you happen to have two adjoining rooms?”

We paid for our rooms and got the keys. Heading back to the care to get out things, we walked to our rooms. I waited while Jill opened her door and checked the room, then went next door to my room. I had just put my camera gear on the table and was browsing the most recent pictures I had taken of Jill, when I heard a light tap on the adjoining door.

“Paul, can we talk?” she asked.

Setting my camera down, rather embarrassed at almost being caught in mid fantasy, “come in,” I said as I opened the door.

Jill came in, and said, “I hope I don’t embarrass you Paul, but this time when we were chasing the storm, I, well, I got very excited.”

“Yes, I said, “I noticed you were very into the power of this storm, and the fantastic dust devils that followed.”

“No, Paul, I mean, I was um, well I got sexually excited this time. Almost as if the storm entered my body with all of its power. I hope you don’t mind my openness, I just had to tell you. I mean, you and I have shared some very exhilarating experiences over the last few years.”

“You know Jill,” I told her, “I could tell there was something stronger in you during this storm, you have been much more on edge and excited this time then the others.” I reached for my camera to show her the pictures I had taken.

As she was looking through the hundreds of pictures, she suddenly stopped and looked at me. “Paul, you seem to have some unusual storm pictures here,” she said, turning the screen toward me, I see that she had stopped on one of the pictures I had taken of her as she was bent over getting something out of the car trunk.

“Well,” I said, “you caught me, yes there are many pictures that peak my interests more than storms, I usually remove them to my private collection before giving you the disc to review.”

She got a sly smile on her face, and said, “really, you have a private collection of pictures of me? Can I see them sometime?”

“Well,” I said, “I guess now that my 3 year secret has been revealed, I will show them to you when we get back to the city. Now there is one more surprise that I have been waiting to spring on you.”

At this time, her smile changed to a look of concern. “And what is this grand surprise you have?” She asked.

“Ok, here goes,” I stated, “I am not sure if I ever told you this, but I am a fairly active alumni of your university, I graduated in 1985 after a 6 year stint in the Navy. I majored in Business Management, with 2 minors, 1 in Culinary Arts and the other in photography. Anyway, the alumni association has given me the task of searching out a scholarship recipient for a new program we illegal bahis siteleri have started. It would be a full scholarship for the course studies of choice, with board approval of course. Jill, I have nominated you to be our first scholarship award recipient.”

“Paul, I am speechless,” Jill said.

“Well”, I told her, “speechless may not be a good thing, as I have to do a video interview with you, first of course we can talk and I will take some notes.”

“Oh my god,” Jill screamed excitedly, “yes, I mean when do we start, what do I say? What should I wear? I need to shower and dress to impress.”

“Calm done little girl,” I told her, “We can start the process with just some oral interviews, just so I can make some notes for our video session.”

“Ok,” she said, “I am going to grab a shower and get my mind clear and ready for you.”

With that she skipped back to her room, as I watched her cute, tight, little but bounce through the door.

A few minutes later I heard her call out my name, I walked into her room and noticed that she was in the shower with her clothes piled up on the floor.

“Paul,” she called, “please come in and talk to me, I am so excited I can hardly believe it.”

I stepped into the bathroom and leaned on the door jam, my mind wandering to thoughts of her beautiful naked body just a few feet away from me and silhouetted behind a thin hotel shower curtain.

“Jill,” I said, “I didn’t mean to spring this on you like that, I was going to wait until we were reviewing the pictures back on campus.”

Then she pulled open the shower curtain, revealing her glorious body to be. I almost fell over at the site, my mouth dropped and all I could do was stutter and mumble.

“You want to know something Paul?” she asked, “I am totally aroused at the fact that you have a private picture collection of me, I have been waiting for the chance to tell you something. Please come to me Paul, join me in the shower, I want to hold you, I want you Paul, I have for sometime now, I don’t know when it started, but I have tried to find the way to tell you about my feelings.”

I damn near broke my neck trying to get out of my clothes. As my jeans dropped to the floor, I felt somewhat embarrassed by my 57 year old out of shape body. I stepped into the shower behind her, wrapping my arms around her, feeling the smoothness of her ass against my skin. Jill leaned back into me, pulling my arms tighter around her, my hand resting on her tight belly. My penis was stirring, lifting its head at the feeling of naked flesh.

I started to run my hands over her body, feeling her perky little breasts, her nipples hardening to my touch, my other hand roaming down toward her trimmed young pussy. Turning her head towards me, our lips met, we both moaned as my fingers reached the wetness of her slit, sliding up and down her pussy lips, she opened her legs more to give me full access to her pussy. She rubbed her ass on my dick, lifting up slightly so that my hardness was rubbing on her pussy lips. As we break our first kiss, I bring canlı bahis siteleri my fingers up to my mouth to taste her sweet juices, we start kissing again, our tongues dancing together. I slowly guide my penis between her moist pussy lips, rubbing up and down in her moist folds, letting the tip slide into her, she pushes back as I enter her, both of us moaning.

I reach down to her waist and hold her as I fully enter and slowly begin to make love to her beautiful young body, my hands drifting down to the perfection that is her ass, I start to caress her ass as I am slowly sliding in and out of her tight pussy. Kissing her shoulders and the back of her neck, I let a finger wander to her asshole, rubbing around on it, she lets out a slight gasp and pushes her butt back on my finger. I bring my finger to my mouth and let my saliva wet the tip, putting it back on her butthole I push the tip of my finger inside, Jill moans as I feel the tightness close around my finger. I am close to coming, I push my dick and finger deeper inside her, she begins to shudder and her hands reach around and pull my body closer to her. Our lips meet once more as I start to cum inside of her, our moans muffled by our deep kiss. My knees buckle slightly, her body tightens then relaxes as our bodies explode.

We finish our shower while touching, caressing and kissing each other. I step out of the shower and grab a towel, Jill steps out, I wrap her body in the towel and dry her body. Holding hands, we walk over to the bed.

“Jill,” I say, “we will do our interview tomorrow, tonight I want to taste that beautiful body of yours.”

“Oh Paul,” she says, “I have wanted this for such a long time.”

She lays down on the bed on her back, as I lean down to kiss her lips, and letting my mouth trail downh her body to her breasts, nipples still erect, I suck one between my lips while my hand is playing with her pussy. I start kissing and licking my way down her belly, as I pass her belly button I feel her tummy quiver slightly, I run my tongue down further, smelling the sweet odor of her excitement, I lightly lick her pussy lips, finally fully tasting the sweetness of her pussy, lifting her hips Jill pushes her pussy into my face, I put my hands under her ass and raise her up higher, then runnung my tongue down her pussy lips to her sweet little butt.

I push my tongue into her butthole, as she grabs my head. Bringing my tongue back to her pussy, sliding inside her lips, then bringing my tongue up to her clit, back and forth I continue, ass, pussy and clit untill Jill grabs tightly onto my head and pulls my into her pussy, moaning and pumping her hips she is fucking my face, I feel her juices start to flow, I lick and swallow savoring the sweet taste, continuing with my tongue bath as her body relaxes and she moans and sighs.

“My god Paul,” she says, “I have never had any man take me like you have.”

“Age has its benefits,” I tell her. As I come up to her and we kiss, and hold each other.

“Jill, ” I say, “tomorrow will be professional, tonight is all personal. Now roll over and let me give your wonderful body a proper massage, I plan to enjoy this sweet young body all night.”


Dear readers, please stay tuned for further chapters as they develop.

Comments, good or bad are always appreciated.

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