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Subject: The Perfect Tan-Part 2 The Perfect Tan-Part 2 This story is 100% fiction. This will be a multi-part story that explores a teen boy’s quest for pleasure and the perfect tan. There will be sex acts between the teen male and adult males, so if this type of thing offends you, please stop reading and go elsewhere. Please consider donating to the archive to keep this great fty/donate.html As I pedaled my bicycle towards home my head swam with visions of shooting my load in front of 3 total strangers. What thrilled me even more, was that I had enjoyed it as much, maybe more than they had. When one of the men had asked me to drop my shorts and show them my ass, I had really wanted to do it and now I was both happy and sad that I hadn’t. I was a bit sad because at 14 no one had seen me fully naked and erect, but I was also a bit happy because it could have led to something I knew nothing about, sex. The 3 men had been friendly and had not tried to touch me and had even offered to back off if I wanted, but I knew I had to be careful. The other thing that was running through my mind was how much they had wanted me to lose my body hair. I was only 14 and had just started getting some hair on my legs, arms, and underarms, but they had said I would be much hotter without it. When I got home I ran upstairs and stood naked in front of my full-length mirror, loving how the pale skin was much less thanks to the smaller shorts. I ran my hands over my arms and legs and decided that since I had very little body hair, removing it would not be a big deal. I checked online for the best ways and quickly decided against shaving, the thought of cutting myself under my arms scared me and I eventually found a site that sold hair removal cream that was highly recommended. I ordered a large container of it then researched exactly how to use it, it all sounded so simple. The next couple of days at the beach were uneventful, although I was rolling the legs and waistband of my shorts higher so more pale skin would start to tan. The next day when I got home my mother said, “A package came for you, I put it in your room.” I rushed upstairs, opened the box and held the jar of hair removal cream. I read the instructions again and like they said I tested some of it on an area near my right underarm and let it sit for the suggested time. There was no tingling or burning sensation so I started with my legs and smeared on the recommended amount, set a timer and as soon as it went off I used a wet washcloth, amazed at how effective the cream was. A few minutes later after all the cream was removed and I applied some soothing aloe body lotion, my legs were as smooth as could be, just like I had never had any hair at all, not only that, but the skin on my legs was now much more sensitive as well. I did my arms next, with the same results. As I ran my fingertips over my totally hair-free arms it sent shivers through my entire body, the skin was so smooth. Next, I did my armpits with the same results, the skin there was now even more sensitive than my arms and legs, and standing in front of the mirror I loved how I looked. The cream said it was safe for all areas including the genitals, I had only a small amount of fine hair on my scrotum and a small patch at the base of my cock so I started with my scrotum. The cream worked perfectly and my scrotum now felt as smooth as silk. I looked at the small patch of pubic hair at the base of my cock, the only body hair I had left, and ran my fingers through it, wondering if I should remove it or not. I knew that I could explain away my arm and leg hair easily claiming I got rid of it to make me a better swimmer, but if anyone noticed my pubes gone that would be another story. I almost put the cream away but changed my mind and not too long later my pubes were gone as well, I was now totally hair-free and smooth. I spent several minutes running my fingertips all over my newly smooth skin and the feeling was driving me wild, my cock throbbing hard. I started to stroke my shaft, but my mother called me for supper so I jumped in the shower, rinsed off, dressed, and went downstairs. As I was sitting down my mother asked, “What’s that smell, Albert? It was the hair removal cream, but no way I was telling her that, instead, “It’s a new body wash Mom.” “Is that what came in the package?” Lying was not something I did often, but I replied, “Yes, Mom.” As we ate she told me about her day and asked about my time at the beach, “Your tan is really nice Albert, please tell me you are using sunscreen.” “I am Mom, I’m also using after sun lotion, no way I want too much sun or dried-out skin.” “I haven’t seen your friends around lately, do they meet you at the beach.” She was right, I had been avoiding my friends, it’s not that I didn’t like them, I had recently learned that older men were much more interesting. Also, I knew none of my friends were gay and a couple of them would have teased me about it endlessly, but I wanted to reassure my mother, “I have beach friends Mom.” The rest of the meal was eaten in silence until we were doing the dishes. “Albert, do you want me to come with you tomorrow?” I almost dropped the glass I was holding, the image of my mother seeing me at the beach was too much, but I held onto it and asked, “Come with me where? Aren’t you working?” She smiled at me, “Your physical sweetie, it’s tomorrow, 8 am, with Doctor Kerns.” Now that I thought about it, I knew she was right. He had been my Doctor for the last couple of years since I started hitting puberty, and I was due for a physical, but my new hair-free body worried me. Dr. Kerns never had me fully undress, but he would for sure notice my smooth arms and legs. I tried to get out of it, “Mom, I’m fine, can I just skip it?” She stopped washing dishes and said, “Albert, you are not missing a yearly physical, they’re too important and you need it for when school starts up again. Do you want kütahya escort me to take you?” I knew I wasn’t getting out of it, the last thing I wanted was my mother coming into the exam room with me like last year, so I said, “No thanks, no need for you to miss work, I can go alone.” Once the dishes were done I ran upstairs and tried my best to think of a way out of seeing the Doctor, but there was no way, his office would call my mother for sure. That would lead to questions, grounding, and possibly worse punishments. The next morning I showered and washed my hair, wishing I had waited before using the hair removal cream. I dried off and pulled on underwear, a t-shirt, and jeans, then my shoes, and pedaled into town. It was still early enough that the streets were not very crowded and most shops had not opened yet. I locked up my bike in the parking lot behind Dr. Kern’s office, walked around to the front, and pushed on the door but it didn’t open. I thought I might get away without the physical today but I noticed the sign on the door saying to push the buzzer and remembered that he always scheduled physicals first thing in the morning. I pushed the buzzer and a moment later the door clicked and I walked in and ran up the two flights of stairs and down the hall to his office door. It was unlocked so I let myself in and saw the receptionist/nurse was not even in yet. I took a seat but a moment later I heard another door open and then heard Dr. Kerns, “Good morning Albert. Where’s your mother?” “She’s working today.” He looked a little concerned as he said, “My nurse is off sick today and for someone your age there’s supposed to be a parent or nurse in the exam room.” I perked up, thinking I would be able to leave but then he smiled and said, “I’ll see if Nancy is downstairs yet.” Nancy was a nurse for another Doctor in the building, what made that worse was that she used to babysit me and had a tendency to gossip about everything. I could picture her seeing me naked and hair-free, then telling everyone she knew and it would eventually get back to my mother. I took a chance and said, “Wait, Dr. Kerns, I’m 14 now, I’m good with it just being you and me.” His expression changed and if I was not mistaken he was excited about the idea of being alone with me. There was no way I wanted Nancy in the room. Remembering all the compliments from the men at the beach I took a chance and spread my legs a little bit and saw Dr. Kerns eyes lower, “There really should be another adult in the room Alber.” His eyes were still staring at my spread legs, so I spread them a bit more and saw his eyes open a bit wider, and then I said, “She used to babysit me, it would be embarrassing.” His eyes stayed focused on my spread legs as he said, “Still, there are rules Albert.” I could see he was getting ready to turn and grab the phone and knew this was probably my last shot. I put my left hand under my t-shirt and pushed it up a few inches, enough to show part of my abs, pretending to scratch myself and when his eyes followed my hand I pushed my t-shirt up another inch, still scratching and heard, “I guess it will be okay.” He motioned with his arm for me to stand up and as I did he stepped to the outer office door and locked it, something I had never seen him do before. He then said, “You know the way, Albert.” I walked through the door that led into the hallway that had the washroom, exam room, and his private office and heard him lock that door as well. He pointed to the exam room and said, “Take off your shoes, socks, pants, and shirt hang them up, hop up on the exam table and I’ll be right with you.” This had never happened before, I’d always had to take off my shoes and socks, but the rest of my clothing had stayed on and had only been opened or moved just enough for him to do what he needed. He had never seen me even close to naked before, even when he had checked my testicles he had simply reached into my underwear and done it without exposing anything. I said, “What, you want me in my underwear only?” I felt his hand on my shoulder, then, “As you said, you are 14 now, or maybe I should go see if Nancy is here yet.” No way that was happening, my answer came out too quickly, “No, don’t, I’ll do what you say.” His hand left my shoulder and I stepped into the exam room, sat on the chair and took off my shoes and socks, and put them by the coat rack in the corner. I pulled off my t-shirt and hung it on the hook then undid and pulled my jeans off and did the same. I took the few steps to the exam table and sat down on the crinkly paper in my underwear. My heart began to race a bit knowing that he would soon come in and see me like this and at that moment my cock started to harden. I was concentrating on making it stop so much that when he spoke it startled me, “Okay Albert, you’re here for your school physical, so let’s get going. Come stand on the scale.” I climbed off the exam table and stood on the scale, my hands covering my briefs as he weighed and measured me. “Well Albert, you’ve grown a bit and put on a few pounds since last year, hop back up on the exam table.” As I did Dr. Kerns grabbed his stethoscope and said, “You’ve filled out some since last year, you have good definition for your age, and you’ve been in the sun too.” Hearing him talk about my muscle tone and knowing he was staring at me made my cock get halfway hard, “Thanks, Dr. Kerns.” He stepped forward and checked inside my ears, shined a light in each of my eys, then used a tongue depressor to check my throat. His hands then touched my neck, checking the nodes there. He pulled the little hammer from the pocket of his jacket and checked my reflexes, then turned and wrote some stuff on a piece of paper. He then checked my blood pressure and pulse, then used his stethoscope on my back and chest, again taking notes. While using the stethoscope his free hand had been resting on my shoulder lara escort and as he stepped back to jot down his notes, his fingertips had slid down my shoulder, and over my bicep, the sensation sent a shiver through my body and made my cock a little harder. I was close to being fully erect now and desperately trying to make it go away as he turned and said, “Okay Albert, lay back, head on the pillow.” It was incredibly awkward to accomplish this with my hands covering my briefs, but I managed. Dr. Kerns stepped to the end of the table and began examining my feet, checking between each toe. I saw him now looking at my legs as he said, “You have nice muscle tone on your legs, most boys ignore exercising their legs.” I was about to thank him but his right hand ran up the side of my left leg from my ankle to just below my knee and then down my right leg from just below the knee to the ankle on that side. His touch sent shivers through my entire body as his fingers caressed my hair-free skin, he said, “Albert, you had leg hair last year.” I felt my face start to flush red and at the same time, my cock went fully hard. He was looking at me waiting for an answer and a lie came out, “I shaved it, for swimming.” He ran his hands up and down both of my legs from my ankles to just above my knees and said, “You got your skin this smooth by shaving?” I knew I had to be careful, so I said, “Sorry, I used hair removal cream so it would last longer.” That seemed to satisfy him and after asking a couple questions about what brand I had used and cautioning me to always follow the directions, he stepped to the middle of the table. His right hand gently slid up over the knee of my right leg on the outside, then he slid it over the top of my thigh, inches below my briefs then caressed his hand down the inside of my thigh down to my knee. Shivers coursed through my body and if I had any body hair, it would have been standing on end as he did the same to my other leg. My erection was now throbbing hard and as he stepped a little closer to the middle of the table his finger traced up the inside of my thigh almost to the point where he was touching my briefs covered balls. He grinned at me and said, “Your skin is much more sensitive now, isn’t it?” I nodded as he stepped closer to the head of the table and I watched his hands coming towards my underarms and I knew he was going to check the nodes there. I kept my hands over my briefs and he grinned again as his hands slid under and felt around under there. He looked down at me and said, “Feels very smooth under there as well, that’s not for swimming is it?” I panicked a bit, “When I was doing my arms, some got under there, so I thought it would be better to just do under my arms as well.” Dr. Kerns grinned as he made a couple of notes, then his hands probed my chest and as his hands passed over my nipples I felt both of them get erect and a moan escaped my mouth. He did it again then started sliding his hands down my torso to my abdomen right to the point where my hands were crossed, covering the front of my briefs. He had never done anything like this before, he was basically feeling me up and from his expression, he was enjoying it. “Albert I need you to move your hands so I can check the lymph nodes by your groin.” I hesitated and he said, “There really should be a nurse here for the rest of the exam, let me check on Nancy.” My voice was loud and anxious as I said, “No please, don’t.” He gave me a very self-assured smile as I let my hands fall to my sides and felt my erection pushing against the thin fabric of my briefs. His hands probed my lower abdomen much longer than what was needed making my erection push harder and harder against the fabric and now I could feel a wet spot where the head of my cock was. He traced his fingertip back and forth just above the waistband of my briefs several times and I groaned again. He grinned at me and said, “Quite sensitive to the touch.” He did it again, this time his fingertip slid just under the waistband, then he said, “Time for these to come off.” My breathing was heavier than usual as he took a step to his side and placed his fingertips on both sides of the waistband. He was looking me right in the eyes, smirking, obviously loving this as he slowly started pulling them down. My erection was pointing down towards the end of the table so as he pulled them down more of my shaft was revealed. When they were halfway down and half of my shaft was showing his grin got wider and without meaning to I pushed my butt down, snagging my briefs between me and the table. Dr. Kerns said, “Raise your hips, Albert, your briefs need to come down just a little a bit further.” I stayed as I was, preventing him from getting my briefs down and further then heard him say, “Albert, I think I should have you come back for the rest of your exam tomorrow, with your mother, or I can go get Nancy.” “Wait, I’m sorry.” I had no other choice, I raised my hips about an inch and he very slowly slid my briefs not just down, but pulled them right off and threw them on the floor behind him. As he did my erection popped up and then landed on my abdomen, now bouncing up and down. He smiled and said, “No pubic hair Albert, that’s not for swimming and it’s not like the cream got there by accident is it?” My face felt like it was deep red as I shook my head, I had no idea what to say and was trying to think of something as he repeated, “It wasn’t an accident, was it Albert?” I was so nervous, all that came out was, “No, it wasn’t.” My cock was so hard it was bouncing up and down and I felt a small puddle of pre-cum forming on my lower abdomen as he stared at me. “Then why did you do it?” I was so horny and nervous that I blurted out, “The men at the beach, they sa…..” His eyes opened a bit wider and he now looked, even more, self-assured and confidant and his voice was a bit firmer as lara eve gelen escort he said, “Yes, the men at the beach, what?” There was no way to lie at this point so I said, “They said it would look……good..if I did it.” “So you did it because you want to look good for them, right?” My face felt deep red as I nodded my head. “You like them looking at you, just like you are enjoying me seeing you right now, correct?” “Yes.” “You are an extraordinarily sexy boy Albert and the smooth look really suits you.” I met his eyes briefly and then he said, “You should consider a speedo, thong, or even better, find a place to tan naked.” He moved close to the head of the table and his fingers softly caressed under my arms, then he slid them down over my chest and nipples, making me moan again, louder this time. “Your nipples are very sensitive, feels good doesn’t it?” All I could think to say was, “Yes.” His left hand kept playing with my nipples as his right hand roamed lower over my abdomen until I felt his hand grasp my shaft. My hips arched upwards and a much louder moan escaped my lips as the first hand other than my own touched my erection. His other hand left my nipples alone as it grasped my shaft at the base, he made a circle with the fingers on his other hand and used it to very slowly pull my foreskin back. My hips raised up again as his hand stretched my foreskin back tightly and held it there. My breathing got heavier, I felt a hand now massaging and cupping my balls, then heard, “I love uncircumcised boys. And I’m very happy that you keep yourself clean down here, so many don’t.” His right hand was now gently tugging my balls downwards, enough that it forced my foreskin to stretch even tighter as his other hand slowly stroked up and down my shaft. My hips raised off the table again and I moaned loudly, knowing my orgasm was a second away, but then his hand relaxed its pressure on my balls and his other hand left my shaft, and instead of shooting my load, my cock pulsed and throbbed. Thirty seconds went by, then a minute, my erection leaking pre-cum, his hand stretched my foreskin again as the other stroked up and down my shaft slowly. My hips raised again, but just as I was about to shoot, he stopped again. My cock felt like it had doubled in size, precum was pouring out the tip, but he waited again, for almost two minutes this time, then stretched my foreskin back again. As his other hand stroked my shaft even slower I felt my orgasm coming, but he stopped again. I was so close and so horny I called out, “What are you doing, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.” He waited until my cock calmed down a bit and again brought me to the edge of shooting and then stopped, then again until I cried out, “Please, you can’t keep stopping.” What I heard back was, “Oh I can and I will Albert, I could keep you like this all day.” Again he brought me to the edge, stopped, and did it again and again. My cock was so hard it was getting painful and literally felt like it would explode, making me call out, “Please I have to…..cum…..” His hands brought me to the edge again, stopped, then, again and again, this time I cried out, “I’ll do anything, pleaseeee.” He brought me to the edge again and stopped as I heard, “Do you mean that Albert? Anything? You’ll do anything I want?” His hands brought me to the edge again and I practically yelled, “Yes, anything, please.” His left hand had my foreskin stretched back tight again and I thought I might pass out as I heard, “When you leave here today I want you to go to Steadman’s, do you know where that is?” His hands had my cock right on the verge of shooting, but even moving my hips didn’t help, “Yes, it’s the swimming supply store.” “Yes. The manager will be expecting you, he’ll pick out something more appropriate for you to wear to the beach.” “Okay, yes.” “And you’ll listen to him and let him help you?” “Yes, I promise” “One more thing Albert.” “Anything, name it.” “I want to see you here in my office once a week from now on, you will be here every Tuesday morning, no later than 7:30 am, got it?” “Yes, I’ll be here, I promise.” His right hand held my shaft tightly near the base as his left hand began caressing and then gently pinching my nipples, my cock exploded. Again, cum landed in my hair and on my face, the rest on my chest and abdomen. I lay there panting, his hand still holding my shaft, the other pinching my nipples a bit harder, cum dripping out of my hair. A large spurt of my cum began sliding down my face towards my mouth but as I raised my hand to wipe it away, Dr. Kerns said, “No Albert, use your tongue.” I looked at him, wondering if he was serious, and seeing that he was, I stuck my tongue out and tasted cum for the first time. I had always thought it would be gross, but I found it wasn’t, in fact, I enjoyed it. “Tastes good, doesn’t it?” After I nodded my head he said, “Wipe the rest off your body and enjoy it.” I wiped up as much as I could and licked my hand clean. As I did his hands were caressing my legs and balls and I heard, “Amazing, you’re still hard as a rock, Mr. Dean will love that.” It was true, my cock was still hard, as I wondered who Mr. Dean was, but a chime sounded from the outer office and he said, “On Tuesday’s we will have much more time Albert. Get up and get dressed.” I stood up and was a bit shaky as I bent to pick up my underwear, but Dr. Kerns said, “Leave those Albert, I don’t want you wearing underwear anymore.” I grabbed my pants and pulled them on, some of my cum dripping into them, then my shirt, socks, and shoes. Dr. Kerns led me the other way in the hall and through a door, I had never noticed before and said, “Remember Albert, head to Steadmnans’, be here every Tuesday at 7:30 am and never wear underwear again, got it?” “I promise Dr. Kerns.” He closed the door behind me and I walked down the stairs to the ground floor, passing the office Nancy worked in, then stopped suddenly. There was a sign on the door saying office closed for renovations, there had never been any chance of nancy taking part in my exam and Dr. Kerns had to have known that. I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. Comments and suggestions are what keep me writing.

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