The Pharmacist


The PharmacistA few years ago I worked as a closing manager for a national pharmacy chain and this is what happened one evening.It was a Wednesday night, one of the slowest nights of the week and I had the 2P to 10P closing shift and the weather was lousy. It had been raining all say and now severe weather was coming in. Usually I was out on the floor stocking shelves, putting new stock on the shelves or some such thing that managers have to do but not tonight. My cashier had her 3rd “emergency” of the week and had to leave early so I was behind the cash register. I didn’t mind, it was slow and it gave me a chance to catch up on paperwork. The pharmacy had the phamacist and her tech working, but all of a sudden the tech had an “emergency” too and had to leave. The pharmacist and I both knew that the two of them were best friends and were going out. I had been watching the pharmacist for a few weeks. She had graduated pharmacy school 6 months before and this was her first job as a fully licensed pharmacist. She was 26, had some native American blood in her veins so she had a dark tanned complexion, dark hair and eyes. She was only about 5′ tall but she had full C-cup tits, well defined ass and legs. She was slim, trim and sexy as Hell. I was straightening the candy in front of the registers when I heard her come up. She said it was dead back there and was bored so she came up to kill some time. We stood around and chatted about nothing in particular. We were standing at the door watching the wind blow the rain sideways when lightning struck the power pole across the street. There was a loud boom of thunder and everything went black. The emergency lights came on but it was still very dark in the store. I shut and locked the doors and went to the office for a flashlight. Since the store had been open, there was money in the register in the front and in the pharmacy and the d**g dispencer in the pharmacy hadn’t been locked down, so it meant that we were stuck until the power came back on. I made my emergency phone calls, assuring my manager and district manager the store was OK and that I would stay and to call me on my cell if he needed me. We then called her bosses and told them the same. A call to the power company told us we were going to be stuck for a while. The weather was getting worse, the wind had picked up and lightning was striking very close. I noticed Patty (not her real name, obviously) was acting nervous and anxious. I asked her what was wrong and she said she hated thunder and lightning. She asked if I would walk with her back to the pharmacy to get her purse and cell phone and I said OK. Normally I rarely go into the pharmacy but Patty insisted I go with her even though she could see me from where her stuff was stored. Just as we passed the drive-thru window lightning struck a tree in the parking lot and the thunder rattled the building. Patty turned and grabbed me in a bear hug, burying her face in my shoulder. She apologized for being a “big chicken” as she let go and picked up her things. We were walking back to the front of the store when lightning struck close by again, causing Patty to hug me again. I told her that if she didn’t stop canlı bahis that I might get used to it and start liking it. We went to the doors and I opened them to let in a little air, no A/C had the store getting hot quick. Patty was standing beside me and we were watching the rain and the drivers manuvering the flooded road and lightning popped again, this time hitting the resturant across the street. There was a bright flash and sparks flew from the strike and the thunder rattled the glass in the windows. Patty moved in front of me and took my arms and put them around her waist and put her’s over mine holding me in place. We stood there for about 5 minutes, I was trying like Hell not to get a hard-on, but everytime it thundered she would press back against me and squeeze my arms. After a few minutes she said, “Oh great…I have to pee.” I laughed and said, “Well, you’re a big girl and should know where everything is, even in the dark.” She said I wasn’t funny and that I had to escort her back to the bathrooms. So I locked the doors and we walked to the back of the store. I handed her the flashlight and said I’d wait. She went in the ladies’ room but close the door all the way and I could hear her emptying her bladder. When she came out I told her I needed to check the temperature of the coolers and note it down. We went in the stockroom to the rear cooler doors and I walked in. I checked the temps and everything was holding for now. I turned to walk out and Patty had followed me. “You didn’t have to come in here,” I tod her. “I’m not staying out there alone,” she said. She was shivering and I said, “You need warming up or you’re going to catch a cold.” She looked at me and said “I was getting warmed up when we were standing at the door.” I smiled and told her I had been feeling a little warm then too, but it was too cold in the cooler. So we went back to the front of the store and I made my notes for the report I had to file and we went back to the atrium and watched it storm. Patty got in front of me again and had me hold her again. The storm seemed like it was getting worse and now it was hailing along with the pouring rain and thunder and lightning. Everytime it thundered close by, Patty would push back against me and after a few times started grinding her ass against my cock that was now hard as a rock. I told her that she needed to stop that or else she was going to get something started, but she pretended not to hear. Patty took my hands and moved them to her tits and I felt her hard nipples poking against her bra and blouse. The next thunder clap happened and when she pushed back against me, I pinched her nipples. Patty moaned and ground back against me. I decided it was time to try something, so I led her out of the atrium and made sure both sets of doors were locked and took her into the office and locked the door. I took her in my arms and kissed her deep and she responded to me instantly. Her tongue probed my mouth and our hands explored each other’s body. I pushed a hand under her blouse and massaged her tits through her bra, her nipples were like rocks. I moved my hands to pants and found that they had an elastic waist band and I slowly bahis siteleri started pushing them down. Patty didn’t resist and in turn reached for my belt and zipper. With her pants at her knees, I reached between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy through her panties and she was stroking my cock through my underwear. I pulled away, helped her step out of her shoes and pulled her pants and panties off and had her sit on the edge of the desk. I got between her legs and slowly licked her clean-shaved pussy. I teased her lips and barely brushed her clit with my tongue lstening to her moan and feeling her squirm at my teasing. Patty was breathing fast and trying to pull my face to her pussy, but I held back, teasing her making her wetter and wetter. Finally I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy tasting her juices making her cry out. I licked her deep and slow and Patty was panting and rocking her hips against my tongue. She suddenly stiffened, sat straight up, let out a loud moan and came, her pussy pouring juice out over my face and onto the desk. When her shaking stopped she pulled me up to, kissed me and licked her juice off my lips and chin. “Your turn,” she whispered as she stood up and had me sit on the desk. She pulled my underwear down to my ankles and took my cock in her mouth. She nibbled the head and down the shaft, teasing with her tongue as she went. Then she took it in her mouth and took my entire 5.5″ doen her throat to my balls. She held it there for a few seconds then slowly raised her head, stopping when only the head was still in her mouth, teasing the hole with her tongue then going back down. She sucked me until I was ready to shoot my load, then she stopped. She stood up and said, “I’ll be right back” and ran out of the office. She was only gone a minute or two then came back in. She was carrying spermicdal lube and as she opened the package said, “I’m allergic to latex.” “We have lamb skin condoms on the shelf back there,” I said. She looked at me and said, “No…..I want to feel it as it pumps into me.” I wasn’t going to argue…..I hated wearing condoms. She smeared lube all over my cock and fingered some into her pussy, then tuned her back to me and leaned over the desk. I stood behind her and guided my cock into her pussy. Even with the lube she was tight as Hell. I slid into her until my balls were against her clit and started fucking her slow and deep and Patty was gently pushing back against me. She took off her blouse and bra and was completely naked, her tanned skin was warm and soft. I pulled my shirt over my head without unbuttoning it, kicked off my shoes and then my pants and underwear that were around my ankles. “Fuck me hard,” Patty panted, so I grabbed her hips and drove my cock deep into her, pulled back and did it again. She was shoving her hips back to meet my thrusts and playing with her tits. I reached up and pinched her nipples as I fucked her. Patty was groaning and breathing hard when she started shaking and screamed, “Oh god…..I’m cumming!”. Her pussy was tight, but when she started cumming I thought it would pinch my cock off. Her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock as her body shook and her pussy poured güvenilir bahis juice over my balls. I slowed my fucking and let her catch her breath. When she had calmed down I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pressed the head against her asshole. I felt her tense up as I eased into her. All of a sudden the building shook as a thunder clap rocked the place, startling Patty causing her to shove back and bury my cock in her asshole. She screamed and started shaking, having another orgasm. I slowly fucked her ass, letting her set the pace after the shock of having me in her ass subsided. She slid her ass back and forth slowly taking me all in then easing nearly all the way out. I felt something brush by my balls and realized that she was rubbing her clit as she fucked herself on my cock. When the orgasm hit her this time she went into heavy convulsions, her body shaking hard and her asshole clenching my cock hard. I couldn’t hold back and I shot my cum in her ass. We sat back into the office chair, she in my lap with my cock still in her still clenching asshole. Another loud boom of thunder caused her ass to clench again, keeping my cock hard and inside her. She moved up and my cock slid out of her. She reached over to the desk and got some moist towelettes and wiped my cock, put a little more lube on it and sat back down on it, this time guiding me into her pussy. We sat there, and she massaged my cock eith her pussy muscles and when it would thunder her pussy would grip my cock. I played with her tits and nipples and she slowly ground he wet pussy on me. She soon was having another orgasm, not as hard as the other ones, but her pussy was gripping me enough for me to shoot a load into her. We sat there holding each other for 10 minutes then she got up saying she needed something to drink. So we walked naked through the store to the cooler and we each got a soda and went back to the office. We decided that we had better get dressed and just as we were finishing my cell phone rang. It was the power company letting me know that the power would be back on in a few minutes. It was after midnight and we were tired from our playing and were ready to go. The lights came back on a little later and we closed down the store. She invited me to her apartment and I accepted. I followed her to the complex she lived in and followed her inside. We fucked one more time before exhaustion and the fact that I had to be back at the store at 7AM forced me to leave. She took a few days off and when she came bak she acted like nothing had happened between us. I had no problem with that because employees dating was frowned upon by our company. A few days later I was closing again and she was in the pharmacy. When it was time for them to close she brought the key and the register tray to the office to count it down. I followed her into the office and as she sat at the desk counting the money in the drawer I watched her tits shake as she counted. When she was done, she turned the chair to face me, and not saying a word, unzipped my pants, took out my cock and started sucking. She sucked hard and fast and in no time I was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed every drop, then put my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. She stood up and as she hugged me said, “This is my last day here. I’m going home to Baton Rouge.” Then she picked up her things and walked out. I haven’t seen or heard from her since.

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