The Phonecall

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Nick had been seeing his slut for a few weeks now. She was as dirty a fucktoy as he had ever played with and she matched his dirty side. She was cheating on a husband who didn’t care about her and often their sessions involved some risk. Today was going to be one of the most fun he had planned in a while.

She turned up to his house dressed to impress. The pencil dress that that he loved – a quick flick of the zip and it slid off her leaving her clad in just her bra as she wasn’t allowed to wear panties when she came to meet him. She was just over five foot tall with pale blue eyes and long dark hair. Her sexy full breasts and curves always excited him: today was no exception.

Nick walked over and gripped a handful of her hair pulling her close and leaning down to kiss her. His fingers moved straight to her pussy and teased her clit, listening to her moan he dipped them inside and felt how horny and wet she was for him. Viciously he pushed her too her knees and undid the button and zip on his pants. His hard throbbing cock sprang out and slapped her in the face.

Twisting his hands into her hair he pressed his cock to her lips and she greedily opened her mouth taking him deep. It didn’t take long until he was fucking her face as she knelt obediently taking his shaft. As was the routine she let go of his hips to reach back and undo her bra sliding it off so her breasts would bounce and shake as he fucked her mouth for his pleasure. The drool was coating her chin as she struggled to breath and control her swallowing as Nick’s shaft thrust deep in her throat and she took it all.

It didn’t take long until Nick canlı bahis şirketaleri could feel his first load ready to go and he pulled back, letting fly his cum splashed over her face, coating her from forehead to chin with thick streams. She looked amazing, he loved how naughty and slutty she looked covered in his cum. Slowing his thrusting down he let her take some control back as she reached up to milk and suck his semi-hard cock almost back to full hardness.

He helped her to her feet and pulled her, non-to-gently, over to the sofa, bending her over the arm of the sofa, not letting her clean up like he normally did. Pushing her legs nice and wide he pushed two fingers into her soaking cunt and revelled in the low, deep groan that escaped her lips. Fucking her pussy with his fingers he brought her quickly close to her own orgasm – he knew exactly which buttons to push and where inside her to excite her. When she told him that she was close to cuming he stopped and left her there begging, whimpering her frustration.

Raising his hand he slapped her ass hard, loving the crimson marks left in her pale skin, the outline of his fingers across her cheeks. Repeating the gesture on the other side he stepped over to where she had dropped her bag and reached inside. Pulling out her phone he handed it to her.

“Where does your husband think you are?” Nick asked.

“Shopping then the gym…” His slut replied as she looked at him nervously.

“Ring him…”


“You heard me slut – ring him now…”

Nick watched as the wicked smile slowly spread across his fucktoy’s face as she canlı kaçak iddaa scrolled quickly to her husband’s number and rang him. As the phone was ringing Nick moved back behind her and rubbed the head of his cock against her very slick pussy lips. She bit her lip to hold back the moan as her husband answered his phone.

“Hi hunny…” she said down the phone, as normally as she could.

At that precise moment Nick rammed the full length of his steel-like, thick rod deep into her cunt, ripping her open and pressing her hard against the arm of the sofa. She grunted and took it as she struggled to maintain her composure.

“Oh, nothing hunny – Just at the gym…” She looked back over her shoulder pleading – Nick wasn’t sure if it was to stop of do it harder – it didn’t matter – he knew which one he was going to do.

He gripped her hips tight and began long, deep and hard thrusts into her helpless body as she struggled; bent over the sofa, her face covered in Nick’s cum, talking to her husband about what he might need from the shops when she finished at the ‘gym’. Every fractionally harder thrust made her moan just a little bit, her breathing was heavier as Nick drilled his cock in and out of her.

“I’m fine – thank you hunny – just enjoying a good work out – you know how I feel better after a good session…”

The look she cast back at Nick was full of wicked mischief and lust. It spurred Nick on to fuck her even harder. His slut was barely keeping her voice straight. Nick wondered how her husband couldn’t hear the sounds of their skin slapping together as his thick cock pounded her over and over.

“I’ve canlı kaçak bahis got to go hun, I’m nearly finished and someone else is waiting to finish, I mean waiting to come on the machine…”

She could barely keep her thoughts straight, her head was face down on the leather sofa as Nick felt her pussy begin that tell-tale trembling and tightening which signalled the onset of one of her truly mind-blowing orgasms. She managed (just) to hit the call end button and drop her phone on the floor beside the sofa before with a wail she exploded.

Nick felt her velvet vice clamp down around his cock – stronger that he had ever felt. Her orgasm washed over his cock and he felt her juices coating his thighs. She was practically screaming her orgasm out now as she thrashed around – only his hand pressing on her back kept her from throwing him off. With a few final, jerking thrusts he buried his cock inside her and unleashed a torrent of cum into her.

“OH GOD I CAN FEEL YOUR COCK PULSING INSIDE ME!” She shrieked as she felt every blast of his seed filling her up until she had taken his full, massive load inside her. She collapsed; face down over the arm of the sofa. Only the cushions keeping her up as she lost all control and just lay there gasping in the afterglow.

“God that was intense…”

Nick slowly pulled out of her – loving the sight of his cum leaking from her well fucked hole. Between it and her juices her thighs were slick and covered. Nick picked up a towel and handed it to her. She was finally allowed to clean her face. She quickly dressed back in her bra, heels and pencil dress – no panties so the cum continues to leak down her thighs and would until she got home.

Nick kissed her gently and told her she was his good little slut and with the biggest smile she had worn in weeks she slipped out of his house and away. Until the next time.

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