The Photo Shoot Part 1

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The Photo Shoot Part 1I arrive at your door mixture of nerves and excitement. After a few moments you open the door dressed in a blue silk dressing gown. It flows down the contours of your body, highlighting every curve. I try and work out what you could be wearing under it, but apart from the stockings and high heels, the gown fails to show any hint of underwear.‘Coming in?’ you ask stepping back. I follow you as we make our way towards the kitchen. Watching from behind, I am hypnotized by the steady back and forth swing of your bum and hips, but I still have no idea what joys lay beneath your silk gown. In the kitchen you stop by a worktop where you’ve already laid out 2 mugs and plate of biscuits. We make small talk about my drive over and the wonderful house you live in. ‘so, where do you want me?’ you ask, ‘here will do for now, just stay as you are, and I will get a shot of you in your kitchen’ click. The sunlight coming through the window makes your hair shine like gold. ‘Let’s try one of you sitting on a stool. As you do, you gown falls open a little revealing a stocking clad leg, and just the hint of suspender belt. Click. ‘Would you like to see more of the house? ‘Yes please.’’Bedroom first I think’ you lead me to your room, where you sit on the bed. This causes you to open your legs a little which exposes more leg and just a hint of panty. ‘Very nice’ I comment’ I’m dying to know what’s under it. You may as well take it off’’. ‘It shows’ you reply as your eyes widen at the growing bulged in my jeans. Without bothering to stand up, you undo the belt and fling the tuzla escort gown on the bed revealing a deep blue strapless corset, black almost see-through knickers, topping off your legs with suspenders and black seamed stockings. Click. I fire off a few shots as you move yourself around the bed posing for me. I can tell you’re getting turned on as you get up on all fours and I spy a slight sheerness in your panties that make your piercings sparkle. Click. ‘Take them off, slowly’. Click. Click. Click. I can see the effects my commands are having on you are as you use your hands to part your arse cheeks as I take shots of your pussy and the juices that are now running down your inner thigh. I can almost taste your sweetness. I ask you to get up on your knees and take off your corset. Slowly your back is reviled to me as you undo the poppers from the front. Now you’re there. Kneeling on the bed, in just stockings.I tell you to lie on the bed, face up as I want some intimate shots of you. Your erect nipples, click. Pierced lips and clit. Click. Areas of your smooth skin. Click, click, and click.I spy in the corner a blindfold and chains.’ May I?’ I asking pointing to your collection of hardware. ‘Be my guest. So I blindfold you, and secure your arms to the bed. I want to do the same to your legs, but the stockings have to be removed first, so as I take one leg in my hands and as I roll your hosiery down, I kiss you wear they touched, the top of your thigh, kiss, every possible point down to your toes, kiss, kiss, kiss, till I reach you feet, every time my lips meet your skin, tuzla escort bayan you’d shudder and moan with pleasure, but I save your feet till last. Here I massaged the balls of your feet which has an erotic effect on you, your nipples hardened even more, I watch as you close your eyes and your arched your back in ecstasy, the effect on the other leg was identical to the first, except you get a quick change to feel my hard-on growing in my jeans with your foot. Before I secured your legs I fired off more photos of your head and the chains that held you.I put down my camera on the bed and removed my clothes, you could feel by the bed moving that I am close to you, but you couldn’t see that I was naked and was kneeling by you and stroking my cock. Click. I kiss the palm of your hands, then lean forward to kiss your face, click, then your lips, your mouth opens to relish me, but I move on. Your neck, kiss. I stroke your breasts smoothly with my fingers, deliberately avoiding your nipples, click. I move lower down kissing you sensually. As I move closer to your pussy, you can’t move your legs; I am free to roam your body. I use my fingers to part your pussy lips and I run my tongue up and down it, I concentrate on your clit which makes you scream with delight. My tongue is now deep inside you, tasting every part of you. I savour your juices which are sweet and delicious. Your legs relax and part more for me as a move brush your wetness with a finger, then 2 and then I slide 3 inside you which makes you shout. Oh my god, oh my god!’ You try and grab me, but your hands are immobile’. escort tuzla Click.Suddenly you scream , please! I can’t cum anymore’, so I move back up the head of the bed and place my cock on your mouth. Slowly you open it and run your tongue down its length. ‘Swallow it’ you tilt your head towards me and engulf my erection. I slide in all the way up to my balls you take my whole length and we both moan with delight. I am in a good position, my cock can slide in and out fucking your mouth and I can still reach your hard nipples with my hand, Click, Click, Click.I withdraw my cock, remove the blindfold and untie you, but you push me onto the bed and show me what it’s like to be helpless. My hands and legs are in chains as you tell me ‘it’s my turn now, but I’m not going to blindfold you because I want you to enjoy the show’. I watch as you pace around the room touching your breasts, playing with yourself and fingering your clit. Each time you pass the bottom of the bed. You run your hands up and down my cock making sure I stayed nice and hard. On the last pass you climb up on the bed and kneel in front of me. You grab my hard on and pull the skin back revealing my purple glands, you suck, and lick it like it was a lolly pop, Oh how I love seeing my shaft disappearing into you. You use one hand to squeeze my balls and the other to hold my foreskin back. I can feel a finger touching and then probing my anus. You can feel the cum boiling in my balls and you know I’m not going to last much longer before feel the warmth of my cum filling your mouth.Exhausted, we collapse on the bed trying to catch our breath. ‘I hope you took plenty of photos?’ you ask ‘Yeah, that was fun’ I reply. ‘Mmmm, good, I think this called for a shower, its big enough for two, a coffee and then a slide show’.

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