The Photographer


Dan, a young photographer of 35 years old who shoots consumer electronics prototypes in his studio and sometimes also nature and landscape photography in the field. He lives in a town in southern California, a few hundred kilometers from Los Angeles. He makes good business, hence he could afford new gear like an EOS R6 and shortly later an EOS R3, a new, real professional DSLR. He also has some premium RF lenses such a bright RF telephotos for shooting wildlife even in low light, costing over ten grand each and macro lenses.

On a day a customer visited him and asked him whether he could take pictures of newly released electronics of her company. It was a young blond career type woman in her twenties and introduced herself as Kathy. She was handsome, but not his type, let alone her schoolteacher type large glasses and he was not interested in dating with customers.

They discussed and finally she was happy with the possibility and made a new appointment to sign the contract. A few days later she returned for taking the photos of her products. After some chit chatting they started with the electronics, some security cameras and inspected that pictures first and selected some of them which she would email to the advertiser of the devices.

“Great photos do you have and you are an excellent photographer”

“Yes that is also thanks to this nice Canon R3 camera which costs over six grand.”

“What a large camera, larger than your other one”

“Large, but I used to have the old Canon 1DXIII which was even larger and bulkier but could not mount these nice RF lenses. I sold that one.”

She was really interested.

He liked her products, but he also saw that she looked and behaved like an ‘easy’ woman, she appeared to be a bit flirtatious, but he was not sure. And if that were true, he wouldn’t date with her, even in the case she would like. When finished, Kathy asked him:

“Do you also photograph people?”

“In which sense?”

“Well, models in different poses”

“I shoot indeed people, friends, family, but not particularly models. Is it for fashion, I don’t know much about fashion? “

“Sort of fashion and you don’t need to know much about fashion.” she hesitated, “Some personal pictures for sharing between intimate friends only”.

“Well, probably explicit pictures?”

“No, not really, but some nudity should be in the pictures in different poses, but no porn.”

They discussed further and the next week the photo shoot would start, Kathy herself would be the model. He was curious, how she would look as a barely dressed model.

The next week she arrived with a large bag. She had now a rather tight dark colored dress. After some chatting about everyday, she said: “Are we now going to do the model shoot?”

“Of course” and he got a bit nervous, despite not being his type, her dress revealed a nice figure and was curious how she would look during the photoshoot. He turned on the lights and setup the umbrellas and the slave flashes.

“Where would you want to pose? On the couch, an armchair or a bed? I have them all three.”

“Lets begin with the couch”.

She first went to change and came back in another dark dress, now a vert short one with lacy straps and a large cleavage and clearly no bra under it as her rather large tits bounced when she walked. There was a small tattoo just visible on her left breast.

He started shooting and slowly while he was shooting she did her dress gradually down from her upper body and more of her nice tits got revealed which resulted in feeling tight in his pants. When her nipples bcame visible, he saw small metal ring piercings in her nipples. When her torso and breasts were bare, she pulled up the hem and her legs got revealed, which gave him yet more arousal. Finally she took off her dress and she had only a thong / string on which was very sexy which she also undid and was completely naked with a beautiful body for the last photos. But he also saw some tattoos on her lower back and her thighs.

After finishing the shoot, she came, still naked, to him and said that it went casino siteleri very well and he was a good photographer she said.

“Does that not feel uncomfortably those metal rings in your nipples?”

“I am used to it and when somebody it touching or licking it, it makes me extra horny. I am also considering a clit piercing.”.

He found this a horny idea, but tattoos on girls are actually a turn off for him. Ugh.

Then she dressed again and came back and wanted to review the photos with him. He had to pee, but actually when arrived in the mens room he washed his face with cold water and then he held his still hard dick under cold water to mitigate his arousal which did help. He did not expect that he got so aroused from this girl, despite the tattoos and piercings. Her movements were very seductive.

When reviewing behind his iMac computer she occasionally touched his shoulder and once even put her hand on his thigh, but he ignored this. Probably she was moving on to him he thought.

At the end she saw him looking at the nipples poking through the fabric of her dress.

“All men are the same, visually oriented, staring at breasts and bottoms of women”.

“True, but your attitude and clothing exacerbates this.”

“I must admit, Want to try?”


She put her hand in her cleavage and revealed one breast.

“No, is not a good idea”.

“You’ll regret, I see the bulge in your pants”.

The tip of his tongue touched her nipple and the metal ring, while he smelled her strong perfume.

“Tastes metallic” he said.

“Suck on it, I like it”

“No that is not a good idea. You are such a handsome and sexy man and a talented photographer, come tonight at my place, we’ll have a drink and I will let you feel what you just photographed.”.

“Sorry, you are a very nice well-dressed girl with a really curvous and very feminine body but I don’t want to have only casual sex, I am more a type for a longer lasting relationship.”

She embraced him and tried to kiss him and said “Really? I have a very high libido, even now I am horny, I can do what you want.” but he turned his head away.

“There are enough men and boys who want erotic adventures with a nice girl like you”.

She left his office disappointed.

That night he got some erotic oriented messages from her in the hope he would reconsider his decision, but he ignored it.

A week later he got an email from Frances, a very handsome woman in her late 40s who he had seen earlier in his studio, and now she wants to have photos of her jewelry. He answered that she could come along which she did.

“Hi, I heard from Kathy, the girl who visited you last week, that you are a very talented photographer. I have soms samples of my jewelry.”

“Let’s show them”

This woman was a short size, about 1.55m tall, nicely dressed in a wide dress and had short brown hair and no glasses and Dan found her extraordinary handsome. She showed the earrings, bracelets and pendants of silver and gold. He made several photos of them and after more than an hour they reviewed the photos and she told him which ones should appear on her website.

“Interesting job a gold and silversmith” he said.

They chatted about their lives, that he did this work for a few years and she already for a longer time. She was a widow, her husband deceased a few years ago.

“Oh, I feel sorry for you”

“well my life is now OK with this work and hobbies. And you have a girlfriend?”.

“No it is over, sometimes I have a casual date but attempts starting a new relationship failed until now, only women who are interested in one time sex which I don’t want.”

She invited him to come to her place and take photos of her workshop. After a week he visited her and she appeared to live in a nice cottage where she does her work and beside jewelry she also does gardening and grow vegetables. When he walked into her garden she walked towards him, dressed in a sundress, it was nice weather, she gave him a hug which he liked. He was amazed of the nice location and her güvenilir casino garden. She toured him through the workshop and saw the professional tools she had like rolling mills to roll sheet and wire.

“I buy the gold and silver as pure metals, alloy them and make the base products like wire and sheet myself. That is a lot cheaper than ordering prepared base materials.” she said.

“Really nice” he said. He started taking photos of all the stuff and after an hour they both reviewed the photos behind her computer and selected the best ones. Frances appeared to be a bit flirtatious as she occasionally touched him, but that can also be wishful thinking he thought. Anyway, he found her an attracice woman. She invited him to have dinner at her home and he accepted. They decided to cook together and use her homegrown vegetables to prepare a vegetarian meal. During dinner they started talking about relationships and she asked him whether he does dating.

“No, currently not very active. I tried Tinder, but that is usually a quick sex consumption site, although there are exceptions. I am on a couple of more ‘serious’ dating sites, but not very active.”

“A nice man like you can easily find a girlfriend”.

“Well, I trust in that when I get more active.”

She: “I am still alone and sometimes I miss a long term mate or lover. I haven’t had any man for the past three years.”

“Really? An attractive woman like you can easily find a new boyfriend.”

“Thank you, you are cute.” she said.

She continued: “But Kathy who referred you to me is a model hence she wanted to have a semi nude photoshoot, did you like her?”

“She looks OK, but she tried to seduce me having sex with her after the photoshoot which I declined despite her appearance during the photoshoot aroused me which I did not expect beforehand.”

“Really? I already know that she is ‘easy’ with men, she has had a lot of casual lovers, but trying to seduce a photographer I did not expect. Good for you that you declined.”

He saw the book “Fifty shades of gray” in her bookshelf and asked “Did you read that book?”

“Yes I enjoyed it, from this book I learned more about sex, which I sometimes miss. I also sometimes read stories on Literotca, some stories are exciting, but many are very dick and blowjob oriented and some even are disgusting. Lots of them even tend to promote cheating. The stories which I prefer are more woman friendly and they are also on Literotica.”.

“I understand, I know that site too and as a man, I have the same opinion.”

They had lots of fun and when he left he hugged her and she kissed him first on his cheeks and then quickly on his mouth.

When he went home which is only a ten minute drive he thought ‘what a nice woman, I want to go out with her’.

A few days later she called him and invited him at home again, it was a nice afternoon. She was now dressed in light clothing, a jeans cutoff and a top above it for walking. He saw that she had a nice and curvy figure.

She invited him for a walk in the nice environment in the forests and the mountains where he took photos of the landscape.

“Can I take pictures of us?”

“Sure, I’d like very much.”

They were near a hilltop with a nice view and with the self release he took pictures of them with the nice background.

“Nice couple” she said.


“Well, you are a really good man. Very trustful and charming.” and she grabbed his hands and pushed him towards her, looked deeply into his eyes and planted a kiss on his mouth and kept it there.

“Feels good, but is that ok?” he asked.

“Sure why not?”.

He felt her tongue poking inside his mouth and they did a real French kiss. They walked back hand in hand to her home. Both now felt the passion to have more than just friendship which evolved in the past weeks. He enjoyed now even more and asked to take portrait pictures of her which she consented.

He took some pictures of her and showded them. From some she said “ugly” so I deleted them, but most she liked. For a nice bokeh (fuzzy canlı casino background) he used the heavy and expensive RF 85mm F1.2L lens.

“You are a really nice photographer and have nice gear.”

“Well, the gear is just a tool to facilitate making nice pictures.”

“It is somewhat hot, shall I take off my top?”

“Really? No problem for me but for you?”

She pulled her top over her head and her lacy bra with her nice tits in it showed up which he liked and pictured.

“You look gorgeous” he said.

“Now I can understand Kathy, now I also like to show my body, I am confident as well, I eat healthy.”

“And sex addicted like Kathy?” he asked.

“No” but then she said softly “I must admit, sometimes I miss intimacy, I haven’t had it for a few years. But I don’t want to ‘consume’ men as a throwaway product like Kathy does.”

“Better to hear. I like rather women like you who have self esteem. My last girlfriend did not have it al all, she looked good, but she was always complaining about her weight (which was good) and faults of her body. Finally I shut down the relationship.”

“Thank you, you are a good guy. I want you to take a few more photos of me in different poses here in nature and we’ll select the best.”

She stood in front of a tree or some other plants and he took a few photos. Suddenly she removed the bra laces from her shoulders which aroused him.

“What are you doing?”

“You don’t want to see my tits? It is free nature here and there are no other people who I can offend.”

“If there are no tattoos and piercings?” (which he did not expect).

“Obviously not, I hate that, you have probably seen that from Kathy. I have a natural body.”

She unclasped her bra and dropped it on the ground beside her handbag. She had small perky tits with rather large nipples and he liked it. “It feels so natural, here in nature”. He took a few more photos and then they inspected them from his camera. Her right arm went over his shoulder and she pressed her body against his left side. He felt a swell in his pants.

“Sometimes on a nice hot day when I walk alone in nature in a quiet place I take off all my clothes and enjoy reading a book naked. Feels very free.”

Then he put down his camera bag and held her face and kissed her again and cupped her breasts with his hands. “THat feels good, but lets go home we have more privacy” she said on which she dressed again with her top but left the bra off. They walked back hand in hand, sometimes an occasional kiss and he liked her nipples poking through the fabric of her braless top. Now he felt that there is going to happen more.

Back in her home, is was almost evening, but still warm, they started kissing again, now very passionately. “I want to feel more” she said.

“It appears we can have more than just being friends?” he asked.

“We are both single and I want to meet you on a regular basis and want to try physical contact with a slow buildup, so no quick sex without foreplay. Intimacy and taking the time is the key to all and intimacy is more than penetration.”

“well, try it” he challenged her.

She put her hands under his t shirt and caressed his bare torso and finally she pulled off his t shirt and kissed his torso. He was pleasantly surprised.

Subsequently, she grabbed his hand and brought him inside on her couch in the living room before the window. Nobody could see them.

“Now try me” she said.

“Are you sure?”

“Go ahead.”

“Take off your top” what she did and he kneeled in front of her and had a nice view of her tits and licked her nipples, first softly and she started already to moan. Then he licked stronger and bit softly. “That feels good” she said.

Then he unbuttoned her shorts and put it down and saw a moist stain on the front of her panties.

“You are aroused” he said.

“Yes I must admit”.

He pulled down her panties and saw a well shaved pussy.

“That feels better when I am shaved”.

While his hands squeezed her nipples his tongue licked her down under and within a short time she screamed when she orgasmed. “The first orgasm in years without my fingers or vibrator, feels much better”.

Afterwards she pulled his shorts down and were both naked. They made love and it lasted more than an hour.

This was the start of a new relationship for both.

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