The Photoshoot…


The Photoshoot…I enter the room where you have been dressing. I stop, just to stare at you, wearing a new top, off the shoulder, so warmly sexy. My eyes feast on you until you come to greet me with a huge hug and a soft, yet stirring kiss.As our embrace parts, you ask if I would take photos of you in the new outfit. I reply, “I’d love to”. Which is so true, because I know how taking photos of you turns you on. As I take the camera, I photograph you from many angles as you pose, tease, please and perform for the camera. And, I know, for me as well.You purposely let the bodice of the top slide down to reveal your breast, pink nipple already hardening. I move in for close-ups, and you cup your freed mammary, rubbing your thumb over the now distended nipple. I feel my manhood stirring, stiffening … but I continue to snap pictures. You carry posing provocatively. Both of our breathing intensifies. Then you lean back, facing me. With each click of the shutter, your legs widen, wider, even wider.I kneel down for a better angle, and your legs move apart. I see your sex, glistening, dripping, already a torrent of warm juices flooding through your swollen labia. I move in closer, closer. I can smell you, the musky scent of your desire fills my nostrils.I can take it no longer; I put down the camera and come to you. My kayseri rus escort mouth devours yours, tongues dancing upon one another. One of my hands goes to your full ripe tit and squeezes it. Fingers caressing; pinching your nipple. My other hand slides up your leg, heading for the hot wet destination that is your cunt. When it reaches it sexy destination, you are so wet, so open that my fingers ease right into your center.Our tongues dance furiously around each other as our mouths press, as if to fuse our twin passions into one embrace of moist lips and fiery heat.My fingers work in and out of your wet slit as my thumb bumps up against your engorged clit. I finger you furiously, deftly. My hand continues to pleasure your exposed breast, and then frees the other so that I may manipulate it into twinges of lustful pleasure as well.I lay you back on the bed… My mouth leaves yours to explore your breasts. I suck and tease first one hard nipple, then the other. I lick between and under your breasts, finding the tender, sensitive spots most inexperienced men overlook. All the while, my fingers push deep; deeper into you.You feel my fingers curl up. I massage and caress the spongy mass of your G-Spot. Gently, slowly… then, as I feel it enlarging, faster with more pressure, more movement… My lips and tongue continue to assault your breasts in heated lustful licks. Slurping and sucking sounds mingling with our moans. Your body is writhing; you feel an odd sensation in your sodden cunt. I feel you tensing and I take my mouth from your tit and move down, licking all the way, until it suctions over your clit. I begin sucking it into my mouth, my tongue batting it as a cat paws a toy. My fingers increase their pressure and pulsate harder, moving faster on your GSpot. I feel your breathing intensify. You body is literally quaking. And then… you cum. Your orgasm washes over you and you gush, squirting and shooting hot liquid from your already soaked pussy’ and I eagerly try to catch as much as I can in my mouth. Your body bucks in an intense, quaking, GSpot orgasm, as ejaculated fluid spurts from your center.I hold you, softly. Until the trembling subsides. You start to speak and I stop you by kissing you softly. Sweetly. Then I position myself between your legs and slide my hard cock inside you…I’m moving inside you, slowly. Sliding in and out of you purposefully. Over and over, in and out, long strokes letting you feel my shaft, every inch of it penetrate you, withdraw, and enter you again. We begin again kissing like mad as are fucking. You feel my balls on your ass as I thrust deep inside you. I feel your breasts pressing against me as I lay on top of you. We continue this slow easy love making until you look into my eyes and say, “You made me cum. Now it’s your turn!”You roll me off of you, putting my back on the mattress. And then you start. You kiss down my chest, down my belly – I know you’re heading and I tremble with anticipation. You reach your prize but don’t immediately capture it. Instead you tease it, kisses, licks, nibbles, building my anticipation intensifying my desire. There is the urge to grab your head and force you down my cock.As if reading my mind, you slide entirely me inside your mouth and it is bliss! Your head begins moving up and down, your lips circling my hard cock, your tongue teasing the head and meatus. Driving me insane with passion!As the result of our previous fucking and love-making; and your oral skills, I’m so close. I want to hold out and savor this, but I can’t. I start moaning and you know my climax is near. You reach under me and as if you want to push that final button, you slide your finger up my ass.And that’s it. I shoot, hot dick ropes of cum in your mouth, down your throat; and you happily swallow every last drop. Drain me.We both lay back in the bed, spent. Our bodies touching. Breathing heavily, chests heaving, fingers intertwined; we lay there, content…. And yet. We know it won’t be long. There’s never enough. Soon, so soon, will be fucking again!

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