Subject: The Physical Training Instructor Ch.3 The Physical Training Instructor. Chapter 3 David’s Resolve is tested. The next sex ed. class David noted was with Benitez own class. The moment he entered the gym, already prepared for trouble, David could see the smug look on Benitez face. “Good afternoon, Sir. First, I want to apologise for my behaviour in our last lesson. You will understand why I was reluctant to undress for you before. I will not be so reticent today because I am going to be taking part rather than just instructing. Now, strip and display. We don’t want to embarrass, Sir, any more than necessary today so all of you strip as well.” With 20 naked boys to look at, David was amazed how fit they all looked naked. Returning his gaze to Benitez he gulped. The boy was sporting the biggest cock David had ever seen and it had a wicked looking Prince Albert in the end. “We are going to start with a refresher of previous modules. Tony, why don’t you get comfortable and let Mr. Andrews give you a blowjob to orgasm.” Milan expected to see David blush and look upset and was annoyed when he got between Tony’s legs and almost made love to him. He noted the pleasure Tony showed and was angry when he heard the conversation. “That feels amazing, Sir. I guess our mutual exercise programme produces unforeseen results. I would happily do this to you if we ever get the chance. I think you are a star.” He saw David look up at Tony and smile. The blowjob was obviously first class and David made no attempt to get rid of the boy’s sperm, in fact he gulped it down with obvious pleasure. “Teach has obviously been getting some practice in. This will give us a good lead into a little cp, practised by some gay men to enhance their sex life. One will probably be a masochist and the other a sadist. Let’s see how we can show it.” Picking up a punishment paddle Milan explained. “If this were for real, I would have picked up a cane or a whip, but this time I may need to deliver a lot of strokes and either of the others would probably damage Sir. Now David, tell the class who you have been practising on to give such good blowjobs.” “You know that isn’t going to happen, Benitez. What I do in my personal time has nothing to do with you or the school.” “That’s true, Sir, but I still want an answer.” David said nothing. “Let’s have Sir up on the bench, restrained as he was for the module 4 session.” David didn’t protest or give Benitez any kind of satisfaction from his actions. Secured in the humiliating position, his lower legs vertical and his anus on show the backs of his thighs and lower part of his bottom were in the perfect position to be paddled and David expected it. For him the worst bit was when his hands were moved to the sides as well and his wrists secured just below his ankles. It was the most demeaning position he could think of. “Now, Sir. The name of your lover.” David said nothing. The paddle impacted the top of one thigh, and then immediately the top of the other thigh. The pain was stupefying. His eyes shot open as wide as they would go and then he screamed, but he said nothing. Even through the pain he knew Jarvis had set this up and he wouldn’t give either of them the satisfaction of begging or giving out Issy’s name. “Very brave, but very stupid. Alvin, do me the pleasure of opening up the slaves arse ready to take my cock. Two of you others use your ataköy escort hands and spread him as wide as you can.” What David saw then defied belief. Alvin produced a speculum. Within a few minutes he had David gasping as it opened him up wider than he thought possible. He knew how wide when Tony Conrad stepped in and stopped it. “I could get a Champagne bottle in there, Milan. If you want to go to prison for grievous bodily harm, just carry on.” “Ok, I want a couple of you to lube your whole hand and slide it into Sir’s arse. Wriggle it around and notice how hard Sir gets.” Milan was grinning as he said it. David wanted to die. Being referred to as Sir just added insult to injury. “Notice how his insides are able to cope with a fist once it has gone over the sphincter.” Three boys fisted him before Milan told them to pull out, remove the speculum and told them all how the session was going to continue. “I am going to fuck him and then deliver two more strokes of the paddle, then another cock can fuck him and another two strokes of the paddle. Before each changeover of cock, let’s stretch his anus to see if we can notice the difference. Let’s see how long he can go before giving out the information. If any of you have any other ideas for some kinky sex or punishment let me know and we can try them.” David couldn’t believe it as Benitez slid his cock into his arse. It felt as though it was never going to end penetrating him and the Prince Albert was very painful all the way in. Fully embedded the boy fucked David hard until he orgasmed making David pass out with the pain. When he came too Benitez was still inside him going soft. “Get a bucket guys, I am going to wash his insides out ready to take a fresh cock.” No one knew what he was going to do until the bucket appeared. “Ok, I’m going to piss now, the bucket will catch it when I am finished.” The class watched in shock as Benitez obviously had a long piss and then pulled out, held David’s arse cheeks apart and watched it all run out. Still David said nothing. “I’ll fuck him next Milan, and I’ll piss in his mouth.” There was a mob mentality gaining ground here. Some of the boys were wondering how much more kinky they could make this lesson. Benitez saw a chance to make it even viler. “If he throws up we’ll catch it in a bucket and make him drink it again.” Benitez delivered two more strokes of the paddle in a different part of the back of the thigh before another boy with a quite substantial cock fucked David quite hard. When he pulled out he went to the head end and because David was almost out of it had no trouble getting his shrinking cock into David’s mouth and starting to piss. David swallowed as a natural reaction, but as soon as the boy pulled out, David had regained some semblance of normalcy, realised what he had done, passed out, and started to choke at the same time. Tony Conrad realised straight away that David was choking to death on the urine. He undid the restraints quickly, rolled David over so that what was choking him could exit his wind pipe. “Someone run for the medic, quickly.” One of the boys grabbed his shorts and ran. He was back in just a couple of minutes with the medic and Tony explained everything that had happened while he ministered to David. The term to describe what happened then was, `the shit hit the fan’. The medic was bound by the terms of his profession and after taking David to the sick bay and stabilising merter escort him, he immediately sat down and wrote a full report to the headmaster taking the information from Tony who had accompanied him. The report finished with the information that a copy would be given to David for him to take appropriate action in the court. Rape and actual bodily harm would feature heavily in any prosecution was his estimation. David recovered quickly and was fit to leave the sick bay in a couple of days. He had been pleased and surprised that he had a constant companion during his waking hours, either Tony or Issy. Both fussed over him like a mother hen. “Thank you boys, but I’m not an invalid and I’m not in any danger.” They stayed anyway, but it was Tony that changed David’s life. “My father is a QC, David. I took the liberty of letting him see the medics report. He would like to come and see you today before anyone else can get to you.” David was pleased that this boy was so thoughtful and friendly towards him. The result was that Mr. Conrad told David what he wanted to hear. “The boys that raped you would get at least 10 years each if I prosecuted them. The boy that beat you would get about three years because the damage wasn’t too bad. I am thinking that someone instigated this action and he would probably get fifteen years. I will happily take your case pro-bono if you wish to prosecute. The reason is that Tony can’t stop singing your praises, and my son is not an easy person to make friends with. You must be quite special Mr. Andrews.” David was overcome with this knowledge and needed time to consider it. “Thank you, Sir, I would like time to think on this and as to your son. I felt immediate empathy with him in our first lesson together. He is a terrific young man.” That was how it was left. All mended and functioning on all cylinders David developed a plan to get what he wanted without use of the justice system. In to see the headmaster. “David, good to see you back. How are you my boy?” “I am very well headmaster. I’m ready to return to full duties, but first I think you should read this. I will leave it with you and come back in an hour.” Next stop was Benitez. He took him out of a lesson and straight to his quarters. “Sit down, listen and then talk, fast. You didn’t go to the extremes with me that you did off your own back. Now I’m giving you two choices. You can give me chapter and verse or you can tell a court where you are already guaranteed ten years in jail” Benitez was almost wetting himself so he told it all. David had set a recorder on the table between them and it picked up everything. “Mr. Jarvis has always been fascinated with my cock, so from fourteen onwards he has been my lover. So that he could justify keeping me with him he always made sure that his assistant failed. You have proved more resilient than the others so he decided that our last session was to go over the top. He suggested the paddling and the urinating as being certain to break you.” That was as much as David needed. Benitez back to class and David back to the head master. He played him the tape that Benitez had just spoken on. “I am undecided at this juncture, Headmaster, whether to let my lawyer take this to court, or to garner my own justice from the evidence.” “David, I beg you not to drag this school through the mud. We have an unusual system here, but we turn out first class university students. I really bahçeşehir escort don’t wish to change anything, but you have the whip hand so you tell me what you want to do to keep this within our four walls.” David effectively had everything he wanted now and he laid it out for the headmaster. “I want Jarvis’s tenure here rescinded immediately and a report made to the ministry that will ensure his new appointment is cancelled. I want him to remain in the school for one more week so that I can punish him, but he will take no part in any activity without my agreement. I will deal with the other boys involved with no interference from you. Finally, you will confirm my appointment as the new head of the sports and physical education department.” The headmaster looked hard at David to see if there was any chance of lessening those demands. He shook his head seeing steel where before he had seen softness. “What about the extracurricular activity between masters and students?” “I don’t see why that should change while the tenet of no coercion is in place.” “Thank you, David, I think you are being very fair. Is that all?” David was feeling just a little wicked now. “No Sir. You made me strip for an undeserved punishment one day. I would like you to take my position and do the same for me.” The headmaster saw the twinkle in David’s eyes and joined him. He stripped very seductively for David and they were both sporting hard cocks when he was finished. “I never see you in the gym, Sir, but you have an amazing body.” “Thank you David, like you I find the Canadian forces programme very effective.” “Thank you, Sir. I am delighted with the outcome of this unfortunate affair, particularly the last five minutes.” David left then sniggering like a school boy. He went straight to Jarvis’s office. “Jarvis, go and see the headmaster now, then when he has finished with you I want this office cleared of all your personal gear. You will then report to me for your punishment routine to be followed until I am satisfied you have learnt your lesson. Don’t say a word, just go.” Everything as planned. By the time instruction was finished for the day everything was in place. Jarvis was stood in a corner, naked and a paddle was on the desk. Benitez bounced in and stopped dead seeing David behind the desk and Jarvis at display in a corner. “Ah, Benitez, strip, display and listen.” Milan was too stunned to argue he just did, and at the same time heard the sentence that he was part of. “You will be given the choice. Ten years in prison, or eighteen months of my punishments. Your university entrance will not be influenced by me. If you are worth it you will get it, but for the rest you are going to spend a long time experiencing what I have just done for a few weeks.” Milan gulped. “I want you over my desk now Jarvis, legs spread and pulled in close to the legs. Benitez, ten with the paddle. Pull the strokes and you will get twenty delivered by me.” David was pleased to see plenty of force used. “Return to your corner and face the room at display.” During the next week, David invited different students to his office to either paddle Jarvis, or fuck him, making sure he did so every day as well. Then he wished him bad luck as he escorted him off the school grounds. Benitez was given a schedule that gave every boy in the school the opportunity to fuck him once. When he left the school eighteen month later he would only remember two days when he hadn’t been fucked. David started varying the sex education programme, realising that there were a lot of gay boys at the school, he retained the blowjobs and the butt fucking modules but replaced the extreme sex modules with lectures instead. *************************************************************************

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