The Piano Lesson

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Typical quiet summer evening at the mall, most people are out on a patio, not inside shopping.I finished my shift a few minutes early at the camera store where I am working for the summer. I am looking forward to my makeup piano lesson. . . after the store is closed. I’ve had a crush on you since I was seventeen, but I’m eighteen now, and you’re only twenty-three, not too much of an age difference. I hope you feel the same way.

I wander over as you are getting everything tidied up and about to close the cash. After a moment or two of chat, I head back to the lesson room while you close the front grate and cash out. I start practicing my scales as a warm-up, but keep checking my hair and lip gloss nervously.

You don’t know it yet, but tonight I have decided to muster up the courage to make some sort of move. The chemistry between us has been sparking for weeks during our lessons, but maybe you are still just thinking of me as a student. That’s about to change.

It’s summer and I’m wearing cropped jeans and a thin white cotton sleeveless blouse. It’s untucked, and has a low scooped neck. The cotton is very light and almost transparent, but not quite. My hair is long but in a knot at the nape of my neck because it’s so hot and humid. I have slip on sandals with 3 inch heels, and my hot pink toenails are clearly visible, along with a toe ring on the second toe of my right foot.

I can hear you putting the last few things away and you call out that you’ll just be a minute, but that I should play the E flat scale again, because I keep missing the A flat. The store goes dark as you flick off the lights and head to the back. The only light is from your lesson room – both the overhead and the piano light are on. You close the door to the back and join me in the room, sliding onto the bench to my right.

Several scales later, I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to do anything. If I don’t hurry up, the lesson will be over. I turn to look at you just as you lean to grab the metronome from the bookshelf to my left.

Suddenly it seems so quiet in the room that I’m sure you can hear my heart pounding, and I can feel your breath on my cheek. It’s like time has stopped, our eyes locked on each other. As if drawn by a magnet, I slide my hand behind your neck and pull you closer as I bring my lips to meet yours.

The electricity between us before was nothing compared to the full body jolt that first kiss sends through me. Fighting the urge to kiss you on and on, I pull back to gauge your reaction, to make sure you aren’t trying to figure out a way to end it. You respond by pulling me closer to you, pressing your mouth back on mine, and gently opening my lips with your tongue.

After kissing and exploring each other’s güvenilir bahis mouths for several minutes, you pull me up and lead me away from the piano, turning the overhead light off, leaving only the glow from the piano light.

You still haven’t let go of my hand and you draw me to you, wrapping your arms around me as you bend to kiss the base of my throat and work your way back up to my lips, detouring to kiss and nibble my earlobe and the side of my jaw, leaving my skin hot and craving more.

I can feel my nipples stiffening and pressing against the lace of my bra, aching to be touched and teased. I press my body closer to yours, wanting you to feel my breasts against your chest, to feel how aroused I am. Suddenly you let out a ragged breath and I realize you are at least as turned on as I am.

I gently push you back to sit on the couch. You look a little surprised but don’t protest. I reach up and pull the elastic from my hair to let it tumble down my back. I slowly unbutton my blouse but leave it on, falling open to reveal my white lace push-up bra and the rosy skin of my sunkissed breasts rising slightly above the lace.

Then I straddle you and lower myself to your lap as your hands slide up to caress my breasts and tease my nipples. I can tell you are becoming uncomfortably aroused as I run my hands down your chest to your hips. I can feel the hardness of your cock straining against your jeans as I sway my hips to tease you, to make you want more . . .

You run your hands up my outer thighs, and grasp my ass tightly, pulling me closer, so I can feel your erection pressing against my pelvic bone. THIS is what I have wanted for so long, not just to think but to know that you want me as much as I want you, to feel the heat of your desire.

I arch my back and wiggle my hips, enticing you to make the next move. I can tell that the thin silk of my underwear is soaked and my pussy has started a rhythmic throbbing. I shrug my blouse off, and you reach back to unhook my bra, letting it slide to the floor.

You bend your head and capture my right nipple in your teeth, not too rough but not really gentle either. I gasp from the sensation, your tongue flicking back and forth over the hardened flesh, the cool air from the air conditioning causing them to tighten even more. Your right hand is cupping my left breast, your thumb teasing the nipple but I need to feel your mouth there, too. “Please . . . . ” I whisper, and you know exactly what I mean.

Somehow, I begin to unbutton your shirt, pulling it down your arms with an almost frantic need to feel your hot skin against mine. I pull away from your attentive mouth and lean forward to kiss your collarbone, and continue kissing and licking down to your türkçe bahis nipple. It’s your turn now.

“Mmmm, yes!” you groan as my tongue starts circling , not touching, still teasing. My hands are drifting further south, trailing down your chest, your stomach, grazing the waist of your jeans. I lightly trace the outline of the fly, as you thrust your hips up, begging wordlessly for me to really touch you, but I continue to tease. I want this night to last a long time and I’m going to make you wait.

Unable to stand it anymore, you slide your hands up my back and lean forward, tipping me gently to the floor. My legs automatically wrap around your waist, pulling you down with me. My hips buck up as I grind against the fullness of your cock. “Not yet” you say as you kneel up, straddling me, and run your fingers from the base of my throat to the waist of my jeans.

You stop, seeming uncertain if you should go any further, until I reach down and undo the button and the zipper, then reach up to slowly pop all 4 buttons of your jeans. As I start to wriggle out of my jeans, kicking my sandals off in the process, you move to the side and do the same. When I look over at you again, you have managed to strip entirely, and I am still in my turquoise silk string thong.

It’s as if you know I suddenly feel a bit shy, and you lie next to me and begin kissing me again, playing with my nipples, gently caressing my skin. It doesn’t take long until I am feverishly responding to your touch, and I let my hand start trailing along your thighs, getting close to your swollen penis, but not actually touching.

I can feel you rocking your hips involuntarily and knowing that you are so aroused excites me more. I kneel up and kiss my way down your chest, your stomach, your groin, still teasing, still avoiding your stiff cock.

Your hands are tangling in my hair as it brushes your body, and I can tell that your touch is getting a bit rougher, such is the intensity of your desire. Lightly, ever so lightly, I flick my tongue over the head of your cock. Your body stills, wanting more, not sure if it was my hair accidentally causing the touch.

I flick again, a little more firmly, and then I grasp your cock with my right hand and stroke it firmly as my tongue circles the head of your cock, then slide it into my mouth, sucking gently at first, then with more intensity as I slide it in and out, still working the shaft with my right hand. As I increase the speed, you suddenly pull away. “Not yet, angel, your turn now”

You reach down to touch the heat and wetness of the scrap of silk that covers me. Your finger finds my clit through the thin fabric and you gently stroke it. It’s all I can do to lay still, to enjoy the sensations. güvenilir bahis siteleri What I really want is to pull you to me and feel you inside me, but I wait to see what you do next. You increase the pressure, but only slightly, knowing how sensitive the swollen bud is. You use your thumb to push aside the fabric, and massage it between your thumb and forefinger. I can’t help it, I’m whimpering now, it feels so good.

My hips are swaying slightly now, making it difficult for you to keep hold of my slippery clit. Your head bends down and I can feel the heat from your breath on me as you flick your tongue back and forth, back and forth while your fingers slide down to slip inside my hot pussy with ease. I buck up to meet your tongue, to feel your fingers slide deeper inside.

You continue to slide your fingers slowly in and out, while maintaining a constant rhythm of your tongue on my clit. It doesn’t take long before I am moaning and on the brink of orgasm. Being you, this is when you stop, hook your fingers through the string sides of the thong and finally remove it. I can’t help it, I am too aroused to stop myself from reaching down to finger my clit, rubbing it lightly, needing to feel release. You seem captivated by the sight, and reach down to stroke your cock.

Seeing your hand on your shaft, watching the rough way you handle yourself, sliding up and down the full length, is too much. I cum, feeling the contractions of my pussy and the throbbing of my clit under my fingers. It’s not enough, though, I want more. I want you. I want you inside me, to take you all the way in.

I lean up to kiss you again, tasting myself on your lips. I trace the length of your torso with my fingers, then take hold of your erection again. I hear a moan escape your lips as you throw your head back. As I lay back down, I guide you down to my heat and wetness, rubbing the head of your cock over my still-swollen clit.

“Are you sure?” you ask. I kiss you in response, and as you slide into me, feeling the tightness of my slippery pussy expand to take you in, I wrap my legs around your waist until you are pulled as far into me as possible.

As I start to rock my hips, you slowly thrust in and out, your cock sliding against my very sensitive and swollen clit. “Oh yes, yes, yes . . .” I moan, among other unintelligible vocal utterances.

You respond by increasing the speed of your hips, and I grab your ass tightly, my hips bucking up to meet your every movement. You know that I’m about to cum as my hands grab you even tighter, almost painfully so, so you slide out your full length and plunge back in, stimulating my clit the whole time.

I cry out as waves of pleasure wash over me. I can feel my pussy squeezing you even tighter as you thrust in and out twice more. Then I can feel the heat deep inside as you finally cum, your body shuddering as you feel the release. Sated and exhausted, we stay locked together, until the chill from the air conditioning cools us.

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