The Pills Pt. 01

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(This story was originally published elsewhere 16 years ago. I am reposting with some minor revisions. Hope you enjoy. All parts are written. I will post them over the course of the next few weeks.)


Part I — Saturday

It all started two years ago – the chain of events that would lead to one of most amazing weeks of my life.

My wife Sarah and I had been married for a little over five years. We had talked about having children many times but had always put it off. Not only did we have our careers, but all our friends had told us to live our lives before having children. But that summer we realized that the time had come. Out went the condoms, out went the pills, in came bareback sex.

At first it was great. Something about the fact that we were trying to get pregnant made the sex so much hotter, more primitive. We tried every position and she would cum harder than I’d ever seen. But after six months, Sarah had not caught. We went to a doctor and he brought me disappointing, but not unexpected news. My sperm count was very low. Although I have been blessed with a big penis, it’s often been a disappointment to me. It rarely gets fully hard — which hurt out chances of pregnancy. And my balls are just average in size. I’ve never produced a lot of cum, just a few measly dribbles.

I tried all the tricks in the book. Wore baggy pants and underwear, didn’t ejaculate for a week before having sex during ovulation. But six months later, Sarah was still not pregnant and my count, while higher, was still low. The doctor assured us that, since we were technically fertile, we should keep trying and hope to get lucky. Other than that, there were various expensive procedures. And the stress was hurting my marriage — Sarah and I had gone from having sex three times a week to once a week to only when she was ovulating. And she was no longer cumming her brains out each time we did it. I had to work to get any response.

It was last July when an old college buddy was in town. He noticed I was down and asked what was wrong and I unloaded the whole story on him. When I was finished, he looked thoughtful for a moment, then said:

“You know, I think I could help you out there.”

“Thanks, but I’m not going to let you sleep with Sarah.”

“No, I don’t mean that. My sister works in an herbal supplement store. She was having trouble a couple of years ago and gave her husband these pills that were supposed to boost his sperm production.”

“Did it work?”

“She’s got two kids, doesn’t she?”

“Well, tell her to send me some. I’m willing to try anything at this point.”

At home, I told my wife the news. She didn’t even look up from her book.

“I’m willing to try anything,” she said.

“He said she’ll ship ’em out next week.”

“OK,” she said, looking up briefly from the book. “I’ve got that conference in Dallas, but I get back on the following Tuesday — and I’ll be ovulating. Why don’t you take the pills over the weekend and we’ll see what happens?”

She didn’t sound optimistic.

The next Thursday, the package of pills arrived. They were big green tablets with hand-written instructions to take one each night before going to bed. Sarah perked up a little when she saw them. We did a little fooling around that night but she didn’t want to have sex. She wanted me to “save those boys ’til Tuesday”. Friday afternoon, she hopped on her plane. that night, I took one of the big pills before going to sleep.

I dreamt that night that Sarah and I were having sex again — not the humdrum routine stuff we now only did once a month — but the wild fucking we did when we were first trying to get pregnant. When I woke in the morning, I was hard as a rock and my balls were aching. I pulled down my underwear to take a look. My cock popped out, aiming straight at the ceiling, harder than I’d ever seen it. I jumped out of bed and ran into my wife’s sewing room to get her tape measure. As I said, I’ve always had a big cock. My wife once measured it when it was just a little floppy. It came in at 8.25 inches long and 5 inches around. Now it was fully erect for and measured nine inches by 5.5.

I went back in my bedroom and laid down again. I tried to think about other things to get my cock to go down, but it steadfastly refused. I really needed to get off but I had promised Sarah I’d save it for when she got back. But she wouldn’t be back until Tuesday. One quick jackoff wouldn’t have that much of an effect, would it? I’d have three days to build up another load. As I thought, my hand started stroking my cock. I decided I’d play a little but not cum.

I imagined Sarah riding me. Sarah’s 5’6″ with long blond hair and has a woman’s body — wide hips, slender waist, a full pouting ass and a pair of firm C-cup breasts. I could see myself grabbing her tits as she rode on top of me, letting six or seven inches slide out, then slamming down again and gasping as my head touched her cervix. She used to love that position because it took so long for me to cum canlı bahis and I could rub her clit while she rode me. She’d have three or four orgasms before I dribbled my seed into her. This time it’d be different though. This time, I’d blast away, firing thick streams into the depths of her uterus, a few hundred million sperm making her pregnant. Just as this vision came into my head, I felt my balls jump and realized I was about to cum. I could feel the load in my balls move excruciatingly slowly to the head. My cock felt fuller than it had ever been.

My cock quickly fired five ropes of semen a couple of inches into the air. The warm drops splashed onto my belly. It was the biggest load I’d produced since high school. It took me a few minutes to compose myself but I finally got it through my head: the pills were definitely working.


It was Saturday, so I spent most of the day lounging around the house — watching baseball, doing a little reading. Late in the afternoon, my wife called. After the usual chitchat, she asked:

“So, um, how’s everything going with the pills?”

“I think they might be having some effect.”

“Really?” I could her something in her voice I hadn’t heard in months — excitement.

“Well, I woke up this morning with a huge hard-on for you. If you’d been here, you’d be pregnant right now.”

She laughed. “Just be sure you save up that stuff for Tuesday night. Don’t go wasting it on Marge.”

Shit. I’d forgotten about that. A year before, my wife and I had hired the daughter of a friend of hers to do some light maid service on weekends. We usually went out on Saturday nights and Marge would come in and clean the place while we were away. It was one of a dozen little maid jobs Marge was doing to help put herself through college.

My wife was, of course, joking about me wasting my sperm on Marge. The reason that she could clean our place Saturday was that she rarely had dates. Yes, she was 19, but she always dressed amazingly frumpy and was quite shy. At least she was the last time I saw her. I hadn’t even seen her in months, least of all spoken to her. The few times I had spoken to her, she’d just stammered and given me mono-syllabic answers. She kept her hair very short and my wife had wondered if she was a lesbian. But my wife would still occasionally make jokes about me “rogering the maid”.

I got dressed. While putting on my pants, I noticed my cock was semi-hard again and I could feel a little tingle in my balls. Not nearly as bad as this morning, but noticeable. I shrugged it off, wondering if maybe I’d have to relieve myself again before my wife got back. About 7 o’clock, the doorbell rang.

I was surprised when I opened the door. Marge had done a little growing up since I’d last seen her. Some of her baby fat had melted from her face, making her pretty. Her dirty blond hair had grown out a bit and looked nice. She was still the same Marge though. Even on a hot July day she was wearing baggy jeans and a baggy shirt.

“Hi, Marge.”

She blanched. “Don’t call me that. Everyone calls me Maggie now.”

“Haven’t seen you in a long time.”

She actually blushed a little bit. “Well, you and Mrs. Laurie are always out.”

I brought her in. She was surprisingly chatty, her former shyness seeming to have melted away with the baby fat. We talked a lot about college. Like most girls her age, she had a lot to say and I mostly listened. She seemed very happy to find such a good listener. I found out she’d blossomed socially in college. She had a lot of friends. I asked if she had a boyfriend and she blushed and said that with all her jobs, she didn’t have time for a steady boyfriend. But there were one or two guys she liked to hang out with.

After over a half hour of conversation, she excused herself to start work. There really wasn’t much to do. My wife keeps a pretty clean house. But Marge, oops, Maggie would clean the bathrooms and do some vacuuming. To be honest, the main reason we kept hiring her was to help a hard-working kid get through college.

I sat back down to watch some TV. The tingling in my balls began to grow. By 8, I wasn’t even paying attention to the movie of the week. I was too busy ogling about every hot chick that crossed the screen. Even the commercials were driving me crazy. I finally got up to go the bathroom, hoping to relieve at least one of the pressures on my dick.

I walked in on a pleasant surprise. Maggie was finishing her cleaning job and was bent over scrubbing the floor. Her jeans had slipped down, exposing the red tops of her panties and a little bit of her smooth tanned back. All I could do was stare. I felt my cock jump to attention, rapidly going from semi-hard to fully erect. She bent over a little bit more and the jeans slipped, exposing a tight thong bisecting an amazingly tight ass. Maggie HAD grown up.

She suddenly looked up at me and blushed. “I didn’t hear you come in. Are you going to mess this place up right after I cleaned it?”

“Uh, I guess.”

She bahis siteleri stood up and started to walk out. I noticed her gaze flick down to my bulging groin and a slight blush tinge her cheeks (the ones on her face — the bottom ones were alas hidden from me once again). She smiled and left me to do my business — which wasn’t easy hard as I was.

After finishing, I returned to the living room to find her sitting on the couch.

“Do you mind if I join you for a bit before finishing?” she asked.

“Not at all.”

I sat down in my chair, avoiding the temptation of joining her on the couch. After a few minutes, she moved to the ottoman in front of me. I could again see the top of her panties. During a commercial she turned sideways to face me and I could make out the thin straps of a red bra through the armholes of her baggy shirt. My pants felt like they were about to burst. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was lusting after this 19-year-old kid that I hadn’t so much as blinked at before.

“So how long is Mrs. Laurie out of town?” she asked.

“Um, ’til Tuesday.”

“You guys still trying to have a baby?”

“Well, not right this second.”

“So you’re a free man for the weekend?” she said, sticking her tongue out a little.

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“Mrs. Laurie shouldn’t leave you all alone on the weekends.”

The movie came back on. I noticed that after the conversation, she’d seated herself at the back of the ottoman. Maggie sat legs crossed, her butt hanging off the edge. I now had as good a view as I’d had in the bathroom. Her skin was perfectly smooth, her cheeks bulged slightly around the thong. My balls were screaming for relief. Finally, I stood up. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Um, have to go the bathroom,” I said.

“You just went!”

“Well, um, I drank a lot of water.”

I hurried out of the room and up to my bedroom. I closed the door and ripped down my pants. My cock sprang out ready for action. I sighed in relief as it was released from its prison. I stood at the foot of the bed and quickly started masturbating. I wanted to get off quickly. I imagined that Sarah had come home and I’d found her in bed on all fours, that voluptuous ass stuck in the air, her face and tits on the bed. I loved that position as I could see her big breasts bulging around her body. I was pounding her from behind, in the final throes of cumming, my groin making slapping sounds as it impacted with her ass.

There was a knock at the door. “Mr. Laurie, are you OK?” I stopped and managed to say, “Yes. Just checking something.”

There was a long paused. “I was going to start work again. I was supposed to vacuum the bedroom.”

I awkwardly stuffed my cock back in my pants, and pulled them up, leaving it pointing at my belly button. The I pulled out my shirt to hide it. Finally, I opened the door a little bit. She pressed her cute face up the opening, her big blue eyes smiling at me.

“Maggie, just give me a few minutes. I just remembered Sarah wanted me to look up a few things on the computer for her meeting.”

Again, Sarah’s eyes flicked down to my pants. The smile didn’t budge. “The computer’s in the sewing room.”

I stammered.

She moved closer. I could smell her now. No perfume — just the raw scent of teenage girl. “Mr. Laurie, do you need some help in there?”

“No, Maggie, I’m fine.” But I wasn’t. My hands were starting to shake.

She moved even closer and pushed the door open further with her shoulder. Her smell intensified — a nice mix of clean young skin and a hint of makeup. Her hands were now inches away from my cock, which was throbbing. She touched my shirt.

“Are you sure?”

I couldn’t say anything. She licked her lips again and pushed aside my shirt, reaching in.

“I can see you’ve got a problem. I could take care of it.”

Her hands finally made contact with me. The right one tried to close around me. Her fingers just missed being able to circle it.

“Ooh. I can see it’s a big problem.” She sighed, shifted and rubbed her legs together.

“Maggie, you can’t.”

She closed her eyes and started stroking my cock slowly. “Do you know that when I started working here, I got a little crush on you? I always envied your wife. Fantasized about stealing you away from her. Once I was vacuuming and could see a sex stain on the bed. I got on it and masturbated myself silly, thinking about you.”

“Maggie, that’s just a crush.”

She giggled and her blue eyes flicked open. “I know. I’m not in love with you or anything. You’re twice my age. But I still sometimes fantasize about you. And I can fell how hard you are. I could take care of that. Mrs. Laurie’s out of town. No one will know. It will just a bit of fun.”

“I can’t cheat on my wife,” I said, unconvincingly. I was amazed. I’d never ever thought about cheating on Sarah. But it was like my balls had taken over. They were demanding release and slowly eroding my resolve. My senses were being overwhelmed by this bahis şirketleri little nymphet.

“I’ll just go down on you. That’s not cheating.”


“I’ve been told I’m good at it, although I’ve never done one quite as big as yours.”

Ok, so maybe she wasn’t a lesbian. She tugged at my pants and they fell. She then pulled down my underwear. My cock popped out — full mast at nine inches. The big head was bright red. Maggie’s grin grew.

“Mrs. Laurie told me you were big. I didn’t imagine you were quite so massive . . . and so hard!!”

She started stroking it again. My balls were screaming.

“OK,” I gasped. “Just this once.” That was it. The balls had spoken.

She gave me a wicked heart-melting grin and then knelt down. She started slowly, licking every inch of the shaft up one side and down another. Then she started tonguing the head while slowly working the shaft. I moaned in delight. Eventually, she eased the knob into her mouth, gyrating her head around and tonguing the slit. Her hands crept down and massage by bloated balls.

“Oh, Maggie, that’s perfect. Don’t stop!”

Just when I was about to explode, she did stop. She stood up and took off the baggy jeans.

“I get so horny when I do this. I have to give it some air,” she said.

I could know see the red lacy thong I’d only glimpsed before. She noticed my stare and turned around, giving me the full view, blushing the whole time. Her legs were thin but muscular. She has a tiny teenager’s waist with hips that flared out beautifully. Her ass was perfect. Jutting out from her back, perfectly curved with not a trace of cellulite. Her belly was completely flat, accented by the lacy front of the bright red thong. And I could see a wet spot on the bottom where it snuggled up against her pussy.

She knelt again and used one hand to ease me into her mouth while the other started rubbing her own sex. She swallowed a few inches into her mouth, running her tongue over the shaft. I was amazed I hadn’t come yet. Here I was with the biggest hard-on of my life and getting a great blowjob. But I couldn’t come. I realized I didn’t want it to end and was forcing myself to hold back. Finally, I stopped her and raised her up off her feet. I kissed her delicately on the face.

“Go to the bed and lay down.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Give you a taste of your own medicine.”

She grinned like a cat. She kissed me on the cheek and then sashayed over to the bed. She turned to face me and then laid down. I walked over to her, my pants hobbling me. I kicked them off, provoking a nervous giggle from Maggie. Then I knelt down between her legs. She parted them, inhaling expectantly, propping herself up on her elbows so she could watch me.

Even through the panties, her cunt smelled mouth-watering. I could see the panties were soaked with her wetness. I was amazed. I’d never seen a girl so wet.

I started kissing her thighs and moved slowly in toward her pussy. She moaned in anticipation. Then I nudged her little cunt with my nose, then my chin. After a minute of this treatment, I touched it with my tongue. Slowly, my action got more aggressive as I started to lick and mouth her pussy through the thin layer of underwear.

“You are good at that!” she moaned.

I pushed the strip of material aside and finally looked at her pussy. It was beautiful. Tight thick pussy lips and a little red clit right above them. A small amount of soft brown pubes. I parted the lips with my hand to see the pink inner layers.

Maggie sat up and pulled her baggy shirt off. Her breasts were small but perky, riding high on her chest clad in a thin red bra with tiny straps. I could see her little nipples jutting through the material. She laid back and put her hands on her chest.

I went to work. First, I licked all over her pussy, listening to her moans. Then I started rapidly tonguing the parts where she moaned the loudest. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them.

“That’s so good. I love it. Make me cum. Make my little pussy cum!”

I moved in on her clit. I sucked into my mouth, closed my teeth gently on it and tongued the end. Her hands flew to my head and pressed me inward. She arched her back and did a sit-up as she came, shuddering.

“Oh, God, don’t stop! I’m exploding.”

Finally she calmed down and I stopped tonguing, knowing she would be sensitive. Immediately, she thrust me back into her pussy.

“Don’t stop. I’m still cumming.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I kept at it as her body tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed. Finally she pushed me away.

“Oh my God. That was incredible.”

I stood up on my knees. My cock was even harder that it had been before. I knew now that I had no choice. My fate had been decreed the moment I glimpsed her underwear.

“I want you inside me,” she said, voicing my own thought. “But I’m a little scared. I’ve never had anything that big.”

“I don’t have any condoms,” I said.

“I’m clean. And I have diaphragms downstairs.” She stood, wobbling a little. Then she went down to the living room. I followed her into the hall but then waited at the top of the stairs, my cock aching and my balls screaming. Finally, she raced back up.

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