The Pink Building


This story comes from what was a tough period in my life. My wife had just left me within the last year. I was taking care of my son while my daughter had stayed back in Texas, which is another story in itself, with my soon to be ex-wife. We weren’t divorced yet, but things were very distant and strange beyond measure. It was a surreal time.

I had taken a job waiting table at a restaurant in a medium sized town in central Tennessee. I would work a few nights a week there and my folks, who lived about forty minutes south of town, would watch my boy. I made sure to keep most of my time open for him as the separation of the family was hard on him, even more so than on me. My daughter was young enough to not really get what was up yet, at two and a half years old she was stoked to be in Texas with her mom and grandma. I had never intended to have kids and then live away from them and reuniting them was my biggest goal. My “ex” was adamant about leaving Tennessee and staying in Texas but I knew in my heart that Texas was not the place for our children nor I, especially on a barrier island south of Houston. I always referred to that area as the bunghole of America. It was littered with chemical plants and oil refineries and had some of the worst air quality in America. It was also hot as hell and humid. The ocean temps were around 85-90 degrees in summer which offered no relief and the mosquitoes were incessant. Back when sanitation was way worse than it is now cholera and dysentery were common in this area and natural food and fresh water, save for fish, were hard to come by. Not a good place to be if disaster strikes.

My “ex” wouldn’t hear any of it. She was tired of my survivalist nature and my desire to get further and further off the grid, or the game board as I like to call it. I wanted to keep the family together and work things out but she was gone, she was done. She was wanting to become a surfer girl, acting like a teenager, and said she loved island living. I told her I had been to many islands in my life and this one was the worst I had seen. The highlight of my time there was catching the hurricane Katrina swell and getting some good waves. That was it.

One night after working at the restaurant I decided to go to a small bar just around the corner to wind down after my shift. My social life was a bit limited at that time being a single parent. I had just messed around with a few girls after being sure my wife and I were not getting back together. I had her sign a letter I wrote that said I was free to do as I please, that I was not bound by our marriage any longer. I am not usually a paper signing kind of guy but I had heard horror stories from couples who had broken up. My “ex” was also acting very strangely so my trust in her was at an all time low. I figured I would cover my bases. She signed it. I was free if not heartbroken about the dissolution of my family.

I walked across the outdoor mall my place of employment resided on and made my way to the bar I mentioned before. You could say I was horny for loving after the somewhat cold last two years of marriage. It was an interesting and somewhat exciting feeling to think I could do whatever I wanted, if the chance occurred. This era seemed an excellent time to live out some fantasies and explore the world in an sensual way. I am a curious and erotic man so I figured that I may as well make the most of my time.

At that point I must’ve been about thirty-six or seven. I was in great shape from eating well and playing lots of basketball. I also hiked, hunted, fished and gathered wild foods from the woods. I kept my head shaved and I was almost always somewhat tan even in winter as I was outside a lot. I wasn’t quite as furry as I am now. I kept my face clean cut. I am about six foot three and at the time probably weighed 190 pounds. I have an athletic body, somewhat of a bubble butt and broad muscular shoulders. I am a well built guy, at least that’s what a customer had recently told me at the restaurant.

I traveled around the corner of the mall and down a little side street. I could see the bar gleaming in the distance and it seemed to be not too crowded. It was a funky little place called The Closet. It was small but modern. It served some type of asian food and had beer, wine and liquor. I never did eat there. At the time my usual post work routine was to get a thirty-two ounce bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at the liquor store on my way home. I’d pop that open in the parking lot take a big guzzle of it and then light up a smoke. I loved the American Spirit blue pack smokes. They gave good drags and I could feel ’em. I’d drive home, about forty minutes, and in that time I’d finish the beer and two cigarettes. It was a strangely delicious and fun ritual. Little did I know, at this point, I wouldn’t be going home on this particular night.

I didn’t have a smoke before going into the bar because I like them better after that first sip of beer so I figured I’d wait. I wasn’t a heavy smoker, at that time I averaged about three a day. As I entered the bar I didn’t see anyone I knew bahis siteleri and I knew a lot of people in this town. It just so happened that prior to all the Texas stuff and us leaving this area for a spell I had been a part owner in a restaurant on the same mall for a few years. You get to know everyone like that. It’s hard to walk anywhere without getting stopped a bunch of times to chat, which I enjoy, so it was rare that tonight I really didn’t see anyone I was familiar with.

As I peered around the place I looked at the girls who were in there, just kind of checking things out. I saw a couple of cute girls but they seemed occupied and I’ve never been one to just go up and hit on people. I did see the backside of one woman, she seemed familiar but I couldn’t know for sure as I hadn’t seen her face. She was definitely on the bigger side, chubby really, with a loose fitting dress. Her big, plump rear end stuck out noticeably. She was standing with one leg on a barstool and was talking with the bartender. She had a sexiness to the way she moved. She had long reddish-brown hair and her skin was pale, like she didn’t see the sun very often. I could see her calves and she kept lifting her foot up and standing on her toes. She laughed a lot with the bartender as they conversed.

At this point I figured I was due a beer so I walked up to the bar to get a drink from the man pouring them. He saw me coming and broke the conversation with the woman.

“What can I get you, brother?” he said

He had served me before.

“I’d love a good draft beer. I kind of dig it a bit hoppy if you got something like that.”

“Of course.” He replied as he turned to fetch my drink.

As he did the woman turned to me.

“Shaglus? is that you?”

When she turned I immediately recognized her.

“Nicole!” I said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you! How are you?”

I had known Nicole for a long time in fact. She had frequented the restaurant I owned for years always coming in before work for coffee. She had a pretty face, but not a classic beauty. Like I said she was chubby but she had an intriguing mouth, seductive brown eyes, her pretty long hair and enormous breasts. She had flirted with me a lot back in the day. She always came into our place looking like she had been naughty the night before. The way she walked just kind of implied that she loved sex and that she was pretty “easy.” My partners were grossed out by her but I always had fantasized about fucking her. I’m strange like that. When someone exudes sexuality I get interested. My partners were much more into appearance than vibration and I was more turned on by energy. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with that and embrace it, to not care what the hell others thought. I had chosen to have sex with many women that guys, at least publicly, would say they wouldn’t do. I’d do it and I loved it like that. You run into some really kinky girls that way. It’s like that joke that goes,

“What do fat girls and mopeds have in common?”

You say,


I say,

“They are fun to ride but you wouldn’t want your friends to see you on one.”

Anyway I thought Nicole was pretty and sexy in a funky slutty way. Yum.

“I’m great.” She replied. “I heard you were back around and that you were single now. Is that true?”

“Ya. It’s a long story but it’s true. It’s got it’s rough spots and it’s silver linings but it is true.” I explained.

“Oh, wow, that’s wild. After hearing that the other day I was thinking it might be fun to run into you with your new status and all. You know, as a free man. I always loved talking to you at the coffee shop. It always felt like there was some interest from both of us. I remember the way you used to look at me.” She said.

It was exciting to hear her talk this way. I always could feel it, just as she explained it. There was definitely sexual tension between us. I could tell it had not dissipated.

“It’s nice to hear you say that.” I replied “It’s true. I used to fantasize about you. I looked forward to you coming in every morning. If you don’t mind me saying it, you exude raw sexuality. I love raw sexuality. So, yeah, it’s nice to feel it again. You look great. It’s like nothing has changed.”

I hadn’t noticed but the bartender had laid my beer on the bar. I thanked him and took a big sip. I paid him out of my tip money and gave him a tip as well, two bucks. Nicole just kept beaming at me, her big, sexy, somewhat drooping brown eyes were looking me up and down. I was in my black work outfit, just a tight black t-shirt and form fitting black pants with black shoes. She looked at my crotch pretty strong at one point and it was like I could feel warmth from her doing that. My cock began to swell. She noticed. She leaned in close, touching my arm, and said,

“Did I just do that with my eyes?” She giggled as she said it.

“You sure did!” I responded. “That felt amazing. You didn’t even have to touch me.”

We laughed and as we did she looked around. When she saw no one was watching she reached slyly down canlı bahis siteleri to my crotch and squeezed it.

“Oh, my! You feel so good and firm down there. Your wife is a foolish woman to leave that!”

I laughed and said,

“You’re kind to say that Nicole. I appreciate it. You look luscious and delicious too. I’d love to squeeze you in return. Maybe someday, eh?”

She looked at me with some shock in her eyes, her mouth open like she didn’t understand what I said.

“Maybe someday? I don’t know if I can wait for someday!” She laughed and rubbed my leg. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

“You know I still live in the same building as before, the pink building across the parking lot. I have some beer there and I’m dying for a cigarette. Would it be too much for me to ask you to come with me? I’ve always wanted to be alone with you. I know you have always wanted to be alone with me. Is tonight the night we get to do that?”

My heart raced at her suggestion. Blood began to flow into my now rigid penis. She looked down at it and smiled. It was hard to conceal.

“Give me two minutes to finish my beer and let my groin relax so as not to cause a stir when I walk out.” I laughed.

She smiled her sexiest smile and winked at me.

“I’ll go outside and light my cigarette. I’ll be waiting out there for you. I’m excited to spend the night with you and I can tell you are too. It’s all rather dreamy, isn’t it Shaglus? What crazy luck we “bumped” into each other.”

She thanked the bartender, smiled at me and sexily sauntered to the door, her big ass moving seductively, her loose dress flowing as she walked. She opened the door and went outside. I could see her light her cigarette and take a deep drag through the window. I watched as the smoke poured out her mouth and nose as she exhaled. I took a large sip of my beer and then another draining it completely. It tasted good. I thanked the bartender. My cock had now become manageable so that I wouldn’t walk through the thinning crowd of people with my pants pushing outward, just a little bit. As I walked out the two girls I saw earlier looked at my crotch and giggled to each other. I smiled politely and exited the door.

Once outside Nicole greeted me.

“You ready? I can finish my cigarette on the way.”

“Yeah, Nicole. I am ready. I was gonna’ have a smoke too if you don’t mind.” I told her.

“You can have it now or you can have it in my apartment. I smoke in there. It’s got high ceilings and it’s a big space. It’d be fun to just get into some privacy.” She explained.

“That sounds great. I’m in no hurry. I usually like to smoke in fresh air,” I laughed, “but it’s fun to change things up. It’ll be nice to have a beer with my cigarette in your pad. I love the combination after a long day.”

She took my hand and began to lead me towards her apartment building. It was a somewhat famous structure in town as a local band had recorded an album there before they became stars. I knew the place well and had partied there in my earlier days before marriage and kids. The walk only took about three minutes and we chatted as we went. We were both giddy and touched each other occasionally on the way. I ran my hand across her big ass and it felt good through the soft fabric of her dress. She purred as I did it.

“You feel good, Shaglus.” She said.

We entered the building and went up to the second floor. She unlocked the door which revealed her cavernous and beautiful abode.

“Here it is!” She exclaimed. “I love my home. I’ve been here for years.”

As we entered she closed the door behind us. I turned as she pushed it shut. She then turned to me and pulled me close looking right into my eyes with a sultry and dirty glance.

“Kiss me.” She murmured. “I want to feel your tongue in my mouth.”

I opened my mouth and moved my face towards her. She opened hers and our lips locked. Her wet, firm tongue pushed into my mouth with a hunger all it’s own. Her breath was heavy with tobacco and it turned me on immensely. We kissed deeply and I wrapped my arms around her big soft body pulling her large breasts against me. I reached around to her backside and kneaded her full, fat ass pulling her cheeks apart. As I did she moaned into my ear and said,

“I don’t think you realize how much I like that.”

With that we broke off our kiss. She walked towards her kitchen and grabbed me a cold beer from the fridge. It was a Stella Artois, not my favorite, but it was cold and I was thirsty.

Her apartment was basically one huge open room with lots of windows. You could see the bar we had been at from there. It had very high ceilings. There was a big, modern couch in the middle of the room with little side tables beside it and a coffee table in front of it. I could see her room was separate from the main space and off to the side.

She moved to the couch and as she did she pulled up her dress so that I could see all the way up to her big inner thighs. I could see the bottom of what appeared to be her large furry bush. She had done that canlı bahis intentionally. I don’t think she was wearing any underwear. I stared at it. She looked so sexy in such a slutty, seductive way that my heart began to flutter. She loosed the top of her dress so that I could see her cleavage. Her nipples were hard and pushing through the fabric. She lit another cigarette and did a sloppy french inhale before half whispering,

“Do you like what you see?”

I was in heaven. I did like what I saw. My penis rose in response again pushing outward in my pants. She stared.

“I do like what I see. I like it a lot. How about you Nicole? Do you like what you see?” I replied.

As I said it I lit a cigarette and exhaled. I reached down and unzipped my pants making sure to not catch my cock in the zipper. I was completely hard. I reached in and released it, pulling it forward and out of the now open fly. I held it horizontally and stroked it twice all the while looking right at her.

She smiled her beautiful smile, took a big drag and as she released the smoke from her lungs she said,

“Oh, my! I do. You’re so hard!. Just like in the bar. You have a beautiful cock, Shaglus. Bring it to me.”

I walked over to her, my penis standing at full attention, my pants still on. I stood next to her and she reached out to grip it. She wrapped her hand around it and squeezed it tightly.

“It’s like a rock. There is nothing as sexy as a fully erect cock, especially when it’s right in front of my face.” She laughed.

She took a large drag and as the smoke was starting to escape her full lips she wrapped them around the head and took my shaft halfway into her mouth. She exhaled the rest of her drag out through her nose as her tongue licked the slit of my penis. She then began to suck it in earnest. With her cigarette in one hand she moved her other hand down to her full bush. She began to rub her large pussy with it and at one point pushed two fingers into herself. Her labia were enormous, as far as I could see her pussy was very loose. As she plunged into it with her fingers I could hear her juices. She was incredibly wet. She fingered herself and then began to rub her clitoris as my veiny cock slid in and out of her mouth. She moaned.

“I want to take my time with this. I hope you’re not in a hurry. I like things to last, I want to savor you. Your cock feels so good in my mouth. As you can hear I’m sloppy wet. You’re so erotic. You’re so strong. I love sucking a strong man’s cock. I love sucking your cock!”

“I like things to last too, Nicole.” I said. “No need to go too fast. Don’t worry, I won’t cum quickly. I like to build it up. It’s so much better that way. Your mouth is fantastic. You are so sexy, so sultry lying there like that. Pull your dress down some so I can see your breasts. They are amazing, so full and succulent. I could get lost in them. I want to suck them. I want to feel them.”

She unleashed her enormous udders from her dress. They were big and loose. They sagged slightly but in a very erotic way. Her nipples were hard. She had large, pink areolas that pouted. She pulled her left nipple and took another drag from her cigarette. Before she could exhale I reached down and kissed her mouth. Our tongues danced together, she squeezed my cock. When I removed my mouth from hers she immediately put hers back onto my penis. She began sucking it and stroking it with her free hand. Her cigarette was now getting short. It had a long ash on it. She took another drag and then stubbed it out in the ashtray on the little table next to the couch. She then put my shaft back into her mouth and began to suck it intensely. She took almost all of it, the tip of it was now entering her throat. She had no problem doing this. She moved forward again this time taking it all in, her face and nose were now fully enmeshed in my pubic hair. She inhaled deeply as her tongue pushed out and licked my balls as my cock was lodged in her throat. The feeling was beyond pleasure. She did this a few more times before finally releasing me from her mouth as a small line of drool escaped and slid down my testicles. She smiled and then said,

“Your scent is intoxicating. Having your cock in my throat and breathing you in like that nearly gave me an orgasm. I want to cum like that. Will you do that for me?”

“I would love to, Nicole.” I replied. “Here it is.”

I took some of her long hair in my hand and pulled her face towards me. She moaned as I pushed myself into her mouth. She sucked the top half of me for a second before I pulled her even closer. My penis entered her throat again as her nose pushed hard against my fur. She began to inhale again, breathing me in. As she did she started furiously rubbing her pussy, it was sloshing as she ground her fingers against her clitoris and enormous lips. It looked like you could fit a truck in her, she was just gaping and dripping. She continued to inhale until at last she shivered and began to twitch. She continued rubbing herself as her orgasm engulfed her entire being. Her breathing became frantic, she was inhaling deeply as she came, smelling my sex that was pushed against her face. Her orgasm shook the couch, her nipples swelled until she finally pulled back releasing my cock. Her eyes rolled back and she drooped into the couch.

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