The Plumber’s Visit

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As the plumber stood at the door ringing the bell with tools in hand anticipating the housewife complaining how long it took him to respond to her leaky pipe call the door slowly opened. An attractive woman stood just inside with a pleasant smile and bright eyes that were taking him in. From top to toe this female was a heart stopper.

Her short cut auburn hair framed a sweet face. A pink terry bath robe was tightly wrapped around her and a string of pearls lay loosely on her chest. As his eyes stole gradually down the woman’s body he saw that she was free of stockings and her feet stood in tall black spiked heels. A warmth of heat began at the tips of the plumbers ears, shot down to his legs and settled into the pit of his stomach. Trying to regain composure he thought, “Okay now, don’t make a fool of yourself by staring”.

“Please, come in,” she said, “I thought you would never get here. I think there is a pipe leaking under my kitchen sink. I can here this drip, drip sound.” As she led him to the kitchen his gaze went to her ass. Her backside jiggled each time one of those spikes struck the floor and she gave him plenty of time to watch her with her slow deliberate pace. The plumber thought back to his teen fantasy of inventing eyeglasses enabling him to see thru women’s clothes. Immersed in his sexual thoughts as his minds’ eye was envisioning two jelly filled spheres alternating up and down motions, he walked solidly into her when she had reached the sink.

“Oh my,” she said, as she rubbed her ass in mock pain.

The housewife was in complete control as she bent over to open the cabinet doors to expose the pipes. Her moves were slow and deliberate and as her body fell forward the plumber could see down her slightly opened robe to a better exposed view. Her breasts, without the encumbrance of a bra, hung down and swayed behind the terry fabric as she moved.

With blood rushing into his eardrums he tried to talk in a normal tone saying, “Why don’t you remove some of the kitchen utensils so I can get a better view of your pipes.” With a pleasant smile she went at pulling out pots and pans with the most animated moves, causing her tits to bob and toss from side to side, never falling out of the robe but enough to give the plumber an arousing show.

“Thanks,” he said, trying to appear professional, and asked her to step aside so he could get a good look at her problem. He didn’t see the smile on her face as the woman moved a few feet away and leaned back against the countertop. Hadn’t he been getting a good look, she thought. Taking a flashlight and pipe wrench out of his toolbox he slid down onto the floor, laid on his back and shined the light up into the dark cabinet. He couldn’t see a damn drop of water but he had no complaints for being called out on this job. His rock hard cock straining against his jeans was testament to that.

“Turn on the water and I’ll see if that helps to locate your leak,” the plumber asked and as he watched her. She crossed the floor, stopping short of his prone body and leaned over to turn the water on.

“Damn”, she said, “I can’t reach it”, and stepped closer to him so that the toes of her high heels made contact with his rib cage. Now when he looked up he had a good view of her thighs. He looked down again and made the trip up more slowly taking in every delicious part of her legs. Her bare ankles above the black canlı bahis şirketaleri heels caused the first jolt in his stiff dick. Her calves were nicely shaped and when he looked at her knees he thought of the pleasure of kissing the back of them. Reaching her thighs again he saw that they were muscular, thick and tense from standing on those spikes.

“Are you getting a good look down there?” she asked.

The water began to run down the drain but no leak appeared. He decided he wasn’t going to announce it yet and would play this voyeur trip out as long as he could.

“Do you mind if I step over you to get a glass from the cabinet,” she asked, “It’s really hot in here and I could use a drink. Of course he didn’t mind and gave her a wave. Why the hell should he mind. Lifting her left leg from his side she slid it slowly across so that the heel of her shoe scraped his chest. It caught hold of the opening of his shirt and as she continued to move it, she popped a button off. She never flinched and he didn’t notice because as her legs spread open he saw that she was completely naked. The breath went out of him and she heard it.

Now the plumber sense that it was time to put this game into real action. He knew with one move she could yell out in distress but he took a chance. Still on his back and her legs positioned on each side of his chest he reached up cautiously with both hands lightly caressing the calves of both legs up and down to the back of her knees. He could feel the woman’s muscles tense as he moved over her skin.

“Oh my,” she whispered harshly. Her knees buckled at one point and as she straighten he looked up to see her hands move to the belt of her robe, draw it loose and pull it open to free her torso.

She was magnificent. A woman. Real flesh. Breast that were full, hung with their weight. Nipples that were a rose color, puffy with gumdrop like tips. Her belly was soft looking with a small roll to it. Below her waist, strong legs came together creating a vision of a mouth sitting in a cup. The woman had shaved her pubic hair leaving only a small patch cut in the shape of a V that acted as a pointer to the lips of her cunt, and just as he was admiring this sight, his caresses again caused her legs to bend slightly. With that a soft sound emitted from the mouth of her pussy. The lips were so inflamed and wet that as they pulled apart they created a soft smack sound and a long drop of fluid oozed out of her slit and slide down onto her leg.

The plumber reached up and took it on the end of his finger and placed it on his tongue, “M-m-m-m,” came from his throat. It had a strong aroma with a delicious and addictive taste. He wanted more so he put his hand back up to her body and began rubbing her belly. Round and round then slowly moving his hand down to her mound where he stroked her with his knuckles.

“Open your legs wider,” he commanded and two of his fingers slide into her wet hole. A groan came out of her mouth and her body pushed down onto his hand. He watched her as she began to slowly pump up and down, the outer lips opening up like a mouth digesting the invading digits.

Now the woman leaned over slightly, threw off her robe and gripped the countertop to steady herself as her body arched forward. With breasts swinging in a circular motion they began slapping against her chest and counter that she seemed to shoot canlı kaçak iddaa for. She let out a laugh that became a groan of hot raged passion beginning in her stomach and shooting down thru the walls of her sex.

“Oh, God,” she cried, “More, shove more in!”. To keep it going she moved faster and harder on the man’s fingers. He stiffened his arm and let another finger slid into her and in seconds another. Her hole adjusted to the four fingers pumping into her and he felt it grip his hand. Aching for even more, her cunt tightened, her ass pumped. She was a throbbing, pounding, demanding cunt. A ravenous cunt.

“Mr. Plumber,” she panted down to him in a husky voice,”I want to fuck you!” He saw that her body shimmered in the light as beads of sweat formed under her tits and dripped down onto his face. As she quieted her pace down he let his hand fall away from her grip, tugged at his belt and kicked pants and boots off furiously. Catching her breath, the woman had watched his movements and enjoyed the view of his strip. Not changing position she was able to look down between her legs and watch as his prick sprang out of its cover. It must have been very painful, she thought, because it popped straight up like a proud soldier, helmet on, thick and tall. It gave a little shiver and from it’s mouth a clear drop of fluid rose up and glistened to sit like a pearl.

Backing up and squatting down to sit on his legs, the woman placed a hand on each of his thighs and bent her face down towards the rigid staff. Her thick red tongue came out and formed into an arrow like point and with one jab picked up the pearl and took it into her mouth. With a wink and a smile her face came forward and this time without hesitation fell down onto his cock. The wet warmth of her mouth was like silk as the bright red lips encircled his prick and slide down to engulf it. It was like candy to her as she pumped down hard on it, let it fill one of her cheeks, then let it come out of her mouth and wash her face with it’s wetness. She planted a mouthful of her spit on the cock head and watched it flow down the shaft then used it as a lubricant for a few vigorous pump of her mouth. Squatting on him and sucking with a fury, she could feel the juice flowing out of her slit and the blood filling his cock, making the head of it turn purple.

“I’ve got to get this monster into my pussy,” she hissed, “before it explodes and all I get is a mouth full of delicious cream.” Standing up and over him, the woman lowered her sweaty, lusting body down onto the erect penis. As the plumber watched his member disappear into the woman, the heat in her hole made him respond by pushing up to bury himself to the hilt. Now with a grunt and balancing herself with hands on his chest she began to pump with a fury. In just three strokes a froth of her fluid formed at the base of his prick and lubricated their piston-hole machine. Up and down, up and down, harder, faster, breathing strongly as he grunted with the anticipation of ejaculating. She felt it. She felt his prick swelling, thickening in her. His body pumping against her. He felt his toes curling as his cock got hotter and his ass checks tighten.

“Here it is, here it comes,” he cried. “Yes”, she says, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me you fuckin’ plumber, fuck my hole, give it to me, fuck me you fuckin’ cunt fucker!” It blew into her with such a hot fury she jumped canlı kaçak bahis like an electric current hit her. She let out a howl and slammed down again and again as he banged up against her to make slapping sounds of their bodies. They were both wet with sweat and he took hold of her breasts and massaged them roughly with her own wet sweat.

“Agh, damn. Suck them, come on, bite my nipples, suck my big tits,” she yelled at him. She leaned over so he could suckle her and lick the water off her body all the time both of them pumping furiously. Now the energy was draining from both of them but they still wanted pleasures fulfilled.

“Get up and turn around,” he roared, and obediently she quickly pulled her body off of him, flipped around and positioned her ass to his face. Down on his mouth the swollen vagina lips, swelling with blood, wet with both their fluid dropped, covered his nose and mouth. At the same moment her open mouth engulfed his jerking cock. With two strokes a forceful jolt of jizm squirted and filled her throat. Meanwhile the plumber took two handfuls of ass cheeks and pulled her slit harder onto his face. He smelled the mixture of himself and the woman and her bottom looked like she had sat in a puddle of thick milk. He drew the wet torso down and pushed himself into her, listening to the woman moan. With his tongue dragging across her flesh, he lapped and licked her slick shaved pussy, licking and swallowing the thick cream coming out of her.

He could feel the two globes of the woman’s tits laying on his legs and he reached down to hold them, feeling their weight and jiggling them. Her nipples were fat and long now, and sensitive. He took them each with his fingers, pulling and twisting and it caused her to drop her cunt down hard onto his mouth again. He sucked like a vacuum into the vault of her opening. With that she fell across his legs, gripping his still stiff joint with her hand.

They were spent. They were dead weight and it seemed like they fell asleep for hours only it was a minute or two. The woman crawled up off the man awkwardly and as she did he enjoyed watching her body parts move. Her tits wiggled and swung about. The two ass cheeks jiggled like jelly, and as she stood with her legs apart he saw that her hole was still laying open , not yet pulling itself together from its’ intruder. He stood and she saw that his member was slightly blood filled. It was semi hard and hanging long, bobbing with his pulse. She bent at the waist, lifted it up and shoved it into her mouth for four or five good sucks.

Releasing it, standing up and smiling at the plumber she whispered, “The pipe drips no more”.

“I want to make another house call,” he said, “I’d like to check your plumbing some more.” “No”, she said “I think things are fine now. I won’t be needing a plumber again.” A thump hit him in the stomach with the disappointment of not being able to enjoy such a beautiful, lustful, sexy woman. With an understanding smile he moved to leave. The woman, still nude, except for the pearls laying on her chest and the spiked heels, stepped in front of him blocking his exit at the door.

“I’m sorry but one plumbing is enough,” she laughed as she wiggled her tits left to right. You wore me out!” That didn’t make him feel any better until she stepped back from him, leaned back against the door with her pelvis leaning out.

“Could you fix a light switch in my bedroom next week? I think my wires are getting hot.”

Walking away from the house and celebrating how lucky he was to have such an imaginative wife, he pondered, “Now what kind of uniform should I pick up to play an electrician.”

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