The Pool


In Australia there are few ways to cool down in the relentless summer heat. For those lucky enough however, swimming is the best. I am one of those lucky few, as recently the house I’ve moved into with my family contains a large outside pool within an enclosure.

Now, as a twenty-five-year-old virgin, I’ve conjured up quite a few fantasies about this pool and all the naughty things that I could get up to (and plenty of other areas within the house). It wasn’t until a certain someone entered my life that these little fantasies became somewhat of a reality.

I’d never considered Matt sexually until one night, when it was just the two of us, bored and slightly tipsy from a night of drinking. After the suggestion of “maybe we could make-out?” on his part, we went up to my room and fooled around. With myself being inexperienced, Matt took the lead. And he certainly seemed to know what he was doing. The cynic in myself however will always wonder whether that was just for show, or whether he really is experienced as he seemed. Regardless, fuuuuuuuuuuck.

It began with some serious kissing, always using tongue. He was naked (there’s another story behind that), and erect. He gently pulled up my t-shirt, looking to me for confirmation – yes – and began sucking my breasts, my nipples incredibly sensitive to his tongue. It wasn’t until he asked me, after somehow managing to arrange himself so that his penis was right in front of my mouth, that I really appreciated the male body.

“Give it a little kiss?” he asked.

Of course, I wanted to. I wanted to touch it, rub it, feel his hard length between my hands. And fuck me, was it big. Long and hard, and after succumbing to his pretty humorous explanations as to how it would benefit me, surprisingly soft. I liked it instantly.

When I think of this night, although this was as intimate we got (unless you count him cumming ankara escort on me after masturbating) I will always think of the sensation of having him inside my mouth, of his salty taste and small moans.

It was this that I was thinking about as I was swimming, floating on my back wearing a bikini with my long red hair flowing out around me. Not being able to hear anything with my head half under the water, I noticed a shadow to my left and looked to see who it was. ?Matt was standing there, looking down at me. The butterflies were instant. The same feeling that I get when I remember being kissed by him, and kissing him back, but more than anything thinking of the erect largeness of him.

With a self-concious smile, aware of the fact that he was looking at my body, my pale skin probably blinding him in the sun, I swam over to the edge, giving him a quizzical look as I went. He bent to his knees with that self-satisfied sort of smirk on his face. ?”Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” I replied, wanting to appear ever so casual.

“You do have freckles,” he stated. Previously, on that night we were talking, he had said that no, he couldn’t see any freckles on my body.

I however, was all too aware of my freckles, and how they appeared all over my body, apart from those areas that I didn’t show to the sun, and which instead shone that pale, smooth skin. So I just laughed, raising an eyebrow.

“I came over with my mum. She’s gone out with Robert to do errands or something,” he said, by way of explanation as to why he had suddenly appeared. “So,” he continued, “as far as I know, we’re alone.” Again with that cocky grin.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean, really? This is the type of thing that I imagine to happen. Next, he’ll join me for a swim and we’ll make out and then make our way up to my room and make sweet, sweet love.

“Can I join you?” he asked.

Fuuuuuuck, ankara escort bayan I thought. Is this actually going to happen? Ummm, yeah.

With what I like to think of as a suggestive grin, I replied with a “sure.”

With a small, almost shy smile, he began to take off his clothes, leaving only his jocks on. I couldn’t help but glance at his crotch to see if he was erect. To my dismay however, his movements left this unanswered. Quick as anything, he jumped in.

Laughing, I felt his hands on my thighs as he pulled himself up out of the water. Slowly moving them upwards, over my hips to my ass, they then rested on the small of my back with his arms now around me.

“Hey,” he said again, this time looking down at me, looking into my eyes.

“Hey,” I said, smiling shyly this time, looking down, sure that my face was going red.

Like I’d seen in movies, he put two fingers under my chin, raising my face so that ours were almost touching. I decided this time that I wanted to take the lead, to show that yeah, I was into this. So moving my hands to his cheeks, I felt his stubble, rubbing his jaw with my thumb. Moving my lips ever so closely, ever so slowly to his, I grazed them gently with mine, lightly kissing his lower lip. With that intoxicatingly small moan of his, I pressed myself against him as much as I could, aware of my breasts pushing against his chest, and his now erect penis against my crotch. Smiling, I bit his lower lip, and slowly began to kiss along his jawline. The idea of taking this step slowly, drawing it out, making it needed, desirable, was always an incredible turn on for me. It too, was for Matt it seemed, as he grabbed my face with both of his hands, moving my face back so that our kiss was instantly hard and hot and amazing. Pushing his tongue into my mouth, we made out with such intensity that my need for escort ankara him was unquestionable. Pushing aside any questions or insecurities, I moved one of my hands down his chest and down to the outside of his jocks. As if knowing my intentions, he pushed himself hard against my hand. So I obliged happily.

I felt him then, pulling out his dick. Shocked again by the touch of him in my hand, but more curious and very turned on, I ignored any awkwardness, because I wanted to explore and play. I began to move my hand up and down his length, and he pushed me so that my back was against the pool wall. He kissed me across my chin and up to my ear, nibbling ever so slightly, and then began kissing again, making his way down the side of my neck, making me gasp from a pleasure that I didn’t know would happen. ?”You like that?” he asked smiling into my neck, and began to nuzzle me more, moving his way down to my breasts. It was then that he grabbed my ass, lifting me up so that my legs could now wrap around him, his penis against my vagina, making me gasp again. In the time that I was enjoying the sensation of him rubbing against my most sensitive area, he had moved my bikini straps down so that my breasts were becoming visible.

It was then that I realised what was happening, and what we were doing, and the fact that my neighbours would be able to see everything.

Laughing now, Matt looked up to me questioningly.

“We’re in broad daylight, doing this, and my neighbours could be watching,” I said by way of explanation.

“Oh,” he responded. “And?” That smirk returned.

“Maybe we should go up to my room?” I replied, attempting my hopefully seductive smile one again.

“Mmm. Okay, lets go,” he said, extricating myself from him and pulling me to the stairs. Quickly I pulled up my straps as we made our way out of the pool, grabbing towels, him to hide his arousal, which was still poking out of his jocks. Noticing that, I couldn’t help but stare, biting my bottom lip, feeling myself get wetter.

“Come on,” he said grinning, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside.

To be continued …

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