The Popsicle

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God it was hot, 90 degrees in the shade and no relief in site. The fans around the house were only blowing hot air. In an effort to be comfortable, I had stripped down to a tank top and boxer shorts. I settled on the loveseat, cooling off with a cherry Popsicle, and waited for you to get out of the shower.

When I heard the shower shut off, I knew you would be down soon. I relaxed back on the loveseat, and spread myself out seductively. Placing the Popsicle teasingly between my lips. Watching the stairs, waiting for your descent. Smiling to myself as I thought of ways to combat the heat.

Halfway down the stairs, you could see me sprawled on the loveseat. I gazed into your eyes, a knowing smile playing on my lips. Your T-shirt was already sweaty, clinging to your chest, and your shorts left little to the imagination.

“What a beautiful sight.” You said, smiling that big smile I loved. “That Popsicle looks good enough to eat.”

“Come down and have a lick.” I offered, sucking on the Popsicle.

“Of the Popsicle?” you asked.

“Unhuh.” I teased.

In the 5 seconds it took you to reach me, my nipples were hard güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with anticipation. Pressing against the material of my tank top, the rosy color showing through. When you leaned down, I thought you were going to kiss me. Instead you licked the Popsicle, taking it from my hand, and smiled.

“Yum, cherry is my favorite flavor.” You teased.

“I’ll have to remember that.” I laughed.

Reaching down you swiftly pulled up my tank top. Exposing my tits in one quick motion. Smiling, you placed the cold Popsicle against my nipple. I shivered as the freezing cold ice touched my hot skin, my nipple hard, and sticky with Popsicle juice. Moving the Popsicle to the other nipple, you gently placed your mouth on the already frozen nipple. The warmth of your tongue against my freezing nipple was ecstasy. I moaned loudly, pulling your head closer to my breasts. Squirming to press myself against your hard cock.

“You taste wonderful.” You whispered. “Cherry is a good flavor for you.”

Licking the other nipple, you moved your hand down my belly. Caressing my flesh softly. You sat up and grinned güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wickedly at me, before taking the Popsicle and making little circles on my belly. I gasped at the cold, writhing underneath your hand. When you finished drawing on me with the Popsicle, you leaned over and traced the picture with your tongue. Long, slow licks lapping up the sticky Popsicle mess. I giggled as your tongue tickled the soft spot above my hip.

“This Popsicle is melting pretty fast, we better finish it off.” You growled, ripping off my boxers.

Spreading my legs, licking my inner thigh, you held the dripping Popsicle over the tangled fur covering my pussy, red juice running between the lips, cold and wet. You placed the melting tip of the Popsicle on my clit, causing me to cry out in surprise and clamp my knees around you. I lost control when you moved the Popsicle to my opening, the remainder melting quickly away as it came into contact with my hot pussy.

“Hmmm, I’ve made quite a mess down here.” You chuckled. “Guess I should clean it up.”

“Please.” Was all I could manage, feeling too flushed güvenilir bahis şirketleri to say anything else.

Teasing my clit with your finger, you moved your tongue slowly down my snatch. Pausing to lick up the sticky Popsicle, before plunging your tongue into my aching pussy. My hips bucked wildly, grinding my pussy against your tongue. You moved your mouth to my clit, sucking on it gently, feeling it grow hard between your teeth. I was moaning wildly, unable to control my desire. Your tongue fucked my pussy, moving in and out faster. Reaching up, your fingers flicked and teased my nipples. I thrashed, gripping your head and pulling it closer. Moving between my clit and my hole, your tongue drove me insane with passion. I felt the fire within me building, knew I was so close to cumming. You began concentrating your tongue on my clit, knowing exactly what to do to drive me over. Circling it with your tongue, sucking on it. I screamed, my body shaking, as my orgasm hit me. Trembling as I came hard against your mouth. My juice combined with the Popsicle making your chin and mouth sticky.

“Wow honey, I think I need another shower to wash off all this sticky stuff.” You laughed.

“You know, I was thinking the same thing.” I replied, grabbing your hand, and heading back upstairs.

I smiled to myself, thinking of all the wonderful things I could do with the soap, and my mouth. Paybacks can be fun, as you were about to find out.

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