The Potrero Bonfire: An SCA tale

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It had been a particularly long event. Well, it seemed like that to Lord Aaron Darmouth. He had been having fun with the war scenarios, despite not doing very well, and now it was Sunday night and time for the bonfire. Everyone would be packing up tomorrow, the end of the Labor Day weekend, and it was time for some more fun.

Aaron grabbed up his towel and body wash and wandered over to the stone privys where the showers were located. Sure enough, as usual, there was a line. He patiently waited his turn, alternately making small talk with a merchant that sold fantasy swords and another heavy weapons fighter that had been given a sprained wrist in the events of the day.

Eventually he managed to make it to one of the showers, and he made sure to wash the sweat and dirt off. His lean, muscular body was something to see. He worked out regularly, and managed to turn himself into something he could be proud of. He realized that he had an average face, but the ladies quickly forgot about that as soon as they saw his pecs.

Finishing up his shower, he wandered back to camp. His tent was a modern one, since saving up for a period tent would take a while. At well over a grand for the one he wanted, it might take quite a while. Ah, well.

He dressed in a red tunic which was emblazoned with his device, and a pair of black pants. He pulled his boots on and strapped on his swordbelt. Donning his cap and a large, billowy cloak, he was ready. Grabbing a bottle of rum, he waived at several of his household members and he made his way toward the battlefield.

All illegal bahis of the hay bales that had been used to simulate a castle were stacked in a semi-circle, with rows of seats one above another to a height of about 8 feet. This kept the noise down, and you had to get within 200 yards to realize there was anything going on at all.

He nodded to the guard at the entrance, a heavy that he had had the pleasure of crossing rattan with earlier in the day. He had gone down quickly, thanks to a quick overhead strike. The smile on his face as he saw Aaron told him he had no hard feelings. The drummers were already at their craft, pounding out a beat that several women dressed in Gypsy garb were whirling and dancing to around a large bonfire. The seats were about half full, but Aaron knew that they would be completely full within an hour. It was going to be a good night.

A young woman wearing a large Kinsale cloak approached him. In the firelight he could see nicely braided blonde hair and a glowing smile. Quite beautiful, he thought.

“M’Lord, is the seat next to you taken?”

“No, M’Lady,” he yelled over the beat of the drummers, “Please, feel free.”

She sat down next to him, and smiled a gracious smile. Over the next half hour he discovered that she was Lady Victoria Jessop, visiting Calafia from the kingdom of An Tir. She had a late-period persona, and had been in the SCA for only a year. She was single, but had a boyfriend back in An Tir. She was camping with friends, but they were at another party and she was alone.

Offering illegal bahis siteleri her his bottle, she took a long pull from the contents. She smiled at him with a wicked smile.

“M’Lord, there is something I wish to show you. Would you care to join me for a look?”

“To be sure, M’Lady, I would be most happy to.”

She stood, took his hand, and led him out of the bonfire theater. They circled around to the back of the hay bales, and he noticed that several of them had fallen, forming impromptu seats. On one of these she motioned for him to sit.

“I have something to show you, M’Lord…” she said, opening her cloak. Her completely nude body shone in the moonlight, her small but firm breasts riding high on her chest. Her stomach still had a slight amount of baby flesh to it, not enough to make her look fat, but enough to give her a nice curve. Her pussy had been neatly trimmed to little more than a vertical strip. In all, she was a thing of beauty.

She looked him in the eye and bent down to kiss him. Her mouth opened, and their tongues touched and began to dance around one another. She broke from the kiss and pulled his head to her breast. He took her nipple into his mouth and gently sucked, using his tongue to roll it over his teeth.

She reached down and discovered that Aaron was quite hard. Rubbing his cock in his pants, she realized that he was of goodly length. This, she thought, was going to be quite nice. Opening the button on his pants, she brought his cock out into the open. Seven inches of hard but soft flesh canlı bahis siteleri was quickly engulfed by her hungry mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock as she pulled up. Pulling him out of her mouth, she lightly nibbled down the bottom of his cock, then licked her way back up and engulfed him again.

Pulling his cock from her mouth, she climbed on top of him with her legs spread wide. Reaching down, she took hold of his cock and guided it into her hungry pussy. Pressing down, she stabbed his cock deep within her and she began to ride. Her cloak wrapped around their joined forms, hiding the primal act from a couple that walked past and smiled knowingly, engaged in conversation. She pounded onto him in time with the drums, their rhythmic beat setting a wonderful tempo to fuck to.

Over and over she thrust herself onto him, every time bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. Aaron could feel it building within his loins as well, the familiar feeling swelling up. She locked his lips to his as she began to tremble, as the first of the floods of pleasure ripped her control away. This surge of energy from her body grabbed hold of Aaron as well, and he began to come long and hard within her. She wreathed in a pounding orgasm, her vagina clenching him hard, milking every last drop from his cock.

For several minutes they just sat there, holding one another, enjoying the post-sex rush. She smiled at him as she climbed to her feet. She was a bit unsteady for a minute, but was able to regain her composure.

“Thank you, M’Lord. It’s been quite some time.”

“Not a problem, M’Lady. Not a problem at all.”

She turned and disappeared into the night. He composed himself and wandered back to the party, a smile on his features as he thought about the night at the Potrero bonfire.

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