Subject: The Premonition Part 6 Gay adult youth Donate to Nifty The Premonition Part 6 Written by Eric Murphey Edited By Zero M I wake up and remember that today is Halloween. The boys are really excited at the thought of actually trick or treating; but of course we are only going to one house. I load some things in the truck to take with us to help the Washingtons celebrate with us. I think I should have told them we were coming, but we have been so busy getting the garden picked clean that well, I just didn’t have time. We made some treats to take with us so even if they don’t have anything, it will still be just fine. I figure we will go down around noontime and stay a few hours. I am so happy with the way the costumes turned out. It was a little bit of work but well worth it. The boys all look so fucking cute. I roll out of bed and look at Jack all curled up. He is an amazing boy. They all are, actually, and Jack was not kidding about Jim’s oral abilities. We all talked about it one night and apparently an uncle who may or may not really have been an uncle taught him how to do it. Sadly, the uncle was a selfish prick and never returned the favors. To me that’s just stupid because there is no greater pleasure than seeing a boy thrash about having an orgasm. If that doesn’t turn you on then, well, you are broken. I go pee, get out some bread for toast, and slice it. Remember the old saying, “the best thing since sliced bread”?. Well, sliced bread is pretty fucking convenient; its problem is that it just tastes like shit. In fact, store-bought bread is generally just awful. One thing the boys and I discussed the other night at supper was how much better the food tastes when we grow it. I tried to explain that it’s partly that home-grown food really is better, and it’s partly because of the pride we have in the fact that we grew it. I get out some pancake mix and syrup. I haven’t made that for them yet. I’m not a huge fan of pancakes, but most people, and especially kids, like them. I prefer toast, so I will make that for myself, while the boys have the pancakes. I get out some butter, which we don’t use often because it’s hard to say when if ever we can get it again. Since it’s sort of a holiday we are going to throw caution to the wind, at least a little bit. I mix up the pancake batter and get them going. As I have learned, little noses catch whiffs and wake up little bellies to eat. Before I get done with the second batch, all three are at the table. Eddie was up first and he set the table and got milk for all of them. I’ve really got to do something about our milk supply; I can’t deny the boys milk since they need it to grow strong bones. It has really been weighing on me pretty heavily lately. I have enough for me to last a few years, but I really just got it for cooking. I am at a loss how to solve this. I guess I could cruise around in the truck at night and find a cow somewhere to steal. But that’s not right and not in my nature; I’m a lot of things, but a thief is not one of them. I look over at the boys all starting on their first pancake. OK, alright, for them I would steal, but only if I had no other options. Usually you can find a better option, or at least you used to be able to. Nowadays, I’m not really sure. I finish up the pancakes, make my toast, and put on a little butter and jam. “Yummy,” I think as I take my first bite. “So how soon till we go, daddy?” Jim asks. “A few hours, buddy.” “Do we got to do school today?” Eddie asks. “Nope, school is on vacation for the holiday.” “We need more holidays!” Eddie exclaims with a big grin. “Education is important. If I didn’t have any, we would all be starved by now. I teach you things everyday. You don’t complain about that.” “Dad, it’s different because what you teach me is important to live. I don’t see how algebra or geometry help with staying alive.” “I will make you a bet. If I can show you how it helps us stay alive, no complaining about school for a whole week.” Now Eddie is like most boys his age; he doesn’t realize that math plays a part in every single part of his life. When the boys get done they clean up my mess. They are amazing to be around, and clean too. Oh my. I joke but I do love them all, and not because of the sex. I loved them before that. So far it’s all just been oral and fingering their bums. That’s as far as they want to take it at this time. If they want more they know to ask; I will be glad to do anything for them that they want. I go and sit down in my chair from where I see Jimmy and Jack rush out to do their chores. Jim was a life saver the other day. He saw the batteries weren’t charging and came and got me. It was a loose connection and a very simple fix. How does that even happen? Jack is really starting to love the greenhouse. He is doing a great job on the tomatoes we are trying to grow for winter to have fresh. We aren’t sure if it will work out but we are giving it a shot. They are back by ten with their tasks done. “I think it’s gonna snow, daddy,” Jim tells me. “What makes you think that?” “It’s like super cold and windy.” “OK, that doesn’t necessarily mean snow, just that it’s winter.” “There are real dark clouds, too.” “OK, you may be on to something. Let me go smell.” “You can’t tell if it’s gonna snow by smelling, silly.” he says, laughing at me. “Sure you can. It has a distinct smell when it’s going to snow.” “No it doesn’t.” “Sure it does. Watch.” I open the door and step outside dressed only in shorts and find that it is cold as fuck, probably about 20F. I inhale deeply through my nose and it’s cold. “I think that…” I inhale again. “Yep, I think around 3:30 it’s going to snow.” I sniff again. “No, at 3:45 for certain.” “You’re silly. You can’t do that.” I shrug my shoulders. “OK, I know you think I can’t. But if I’m right I think I should get a prize.” “If it snows at 3:45, I will let you put it in my butt,” he says, shaking his butt at me. “Let’s go back in, I’m cold.” “Duh, daddy, you ain’t got no clothes on hardly.” “Yeah, and I try to teach you stuff. I’m so dumb I walk out in the cold.” He giggles because I made a face when I said it. We head back in. Jim looks at the other boys and giggles, “Daddy said it’s gonna snow at 3:45 just from sniffing the air. I told him if it does he can do me in the butt,” he says, still laughing. “Whatever, dad.” “Yeah, daddy. You can’t do that,” Jack agrees with all of them. “You boys want to put your asses on the line too?” Now mind you I really can tell if it’s going to snow by smell. I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but I can. I can’t tell you what time; on that I was pulling the boys’ legs, but hey why not? It’s fun, and we got nothing else to keep us occupied in the winter. “Sure, dad. I will do one better: if it snows at all today I will let you do me,” offers Eddie. I give him a serious look. “Buddy, it is most assuredly going to snow today.” He just grins at me. “Alright,” I say as my cock twitches. “Daddy, I will say if it snows within an hour either way you can have my butt,” Jack says. Jim hears them upping the bet. “Daddy, I’m sticking with my bet but I will give you fifteen minutes either way. So 3:30 to 4:00, how’s that?” “I think I am going to have a very sore cock after all the winning I’m gonna do,” I say laughing. The boys all start shaking their butts at me. I just roll my eyes at them. I will be honest, I would love to make love to any of them and all of them. But I won’t take advantage of them. “Let’s get started getting your costumes on so we can leave on time.” “Dad, it doesn’t matter when we leave, they don’t know we are coming and ain’t gonna have nothing,” Eddie says. “You are probably right, but it will still be fun to dress up,” I say and smile. He grins, “Yeah, it will.” They all strip to nothing except Eddie who needs these clothes for his costume. He puts ataşehir escort on a flannel shirt that Mrs Washington gave him. I have started calling her Mrs Washington around the house because that’s what the boys call her. I almost bet when I see Sarah next, I call her Mrs Washington. I have some tin left over from some roofing I had done ages ago; I kept it because it’s not something you want to throw away, especially now. So I fashioned it around Jim and made little suspenders, for lack of a better description, to hold it up. I got a metal funnel and tied it on top of his head, just like the Tin Man. I made sure the costume hung down about to his knees for a good fit. It is a little harder to do Jack’s costume because of the fur. I happened to have a light brown bath set, including a carpet cover on the toilet seat. I don’t know why I put that on the seat; it just looks nicer, I guess. So we cut it up and fasten the pieces to some clothes to make it look like fur on his head. It sounds awful and it really is, but it’s so cute on him. For a tail I used a piece of rope and frayed the end. Then of course Eddie’s costume is comparatively simple: I just shove hay everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. It is fun when I tuck it between his ass cheeks; he said it was itchy. Anyway, we get the things loaded in the truck to take to the Washingtons. I consider whether I should lock the door or not, and finally decide that I should. We get into the truck, and out of habit I push the button for the radio. All that comes out is static. I think what the hell and run through the stations. Nope, there is absolutely nothing. I frown and then we drive the mile to the Washingtons. As we pull, in I see they have a line of pumpkins up the walk and along the porch. I follow as the boys scramble out and up the walk. They knock on the door and Mrs Washington answers. “Trick or Treat!!” the boys shout together. She grins at them. “I was hoping you would come today. I made cookies this morning just for you boys. I had to remind Mike not to eat any.” He walks up behind her. “Yeah, she threatened to castrate me,” he says, incongruously smiling, because what man or boy doesn’t wince at the thought of castration? “Daddy, what’s castrate?” Jim asks. “You don’t want to know,” Eddie says. “I will tell you later,” I reply, which is welcomed by Eddie and the adults with a smile. “We can’t stay for too awful long since it’s going to snow and I don’t want to drive in it.” “I can understand that. No snow removal and whatnot,” Mike agrees. “Yeah, daddy says it’s going to snow at 3:45,” Jim says. Mike puts his head out the door and sniffs loudly. “That seems about right.” I start laughing my ass off. Mike and Sarah are looking at me like I’ve gone mad. After a few seconds, I regain control of myself. “I went outside, smelled the air, and told the boys it was going to snow at 3:45. So when you did it too just now, it sort of set me off.” They both chuckle at the situation. Sarah puts bags of cookies in each boy’s goodie bag. “I really wish we had some candy or something guys. Sorry.” As she says this, she is swarmed, then hugged by all three boys, which makes her cry. Women, I swear they are so emotional. OK, I had a tear slip out too. We all head inside. “Sorry it’s cold in here. We only got two solar panels. It was either heat or cookies. We decided on cookies,” Mike says. “We were hoping you boys would come. If not, we were going to go to your house and bring the cookies,” Sarah adds. “Are you kidding? We’ve been planning this for two weeks,” Jim says. “Boys, why don’t we go grab the things from the truck.” With that, my three very obedient children and I walk out to the truck single file. OK, the single file thing was a fluke, but it really happened. We all have our hands full as we head back in. I had made a brownie mix and iced it like a cake. Personally, I think iced brownies are too sweet, but I mainly made it for the boys. We make up a nice meal that includes a big meatloaf (Eddie is thrilled about that), a big pot of mashed potatoes that came from are garden (growing mashed potatoes is hard, let me tell you), and some green beans from our garden as well. I also packed a big bag of coffee for Mike, and put in some more sugar and flour for Sarah. “You didn’t have to bring any food, we got plenty,” Sarah says. “We know and we do too,” I respond. “Yeah, we got it everywhere now,” Jim says. “He isn’t lying. We just got done canning our garden. We do have food everywhere. I even put some in the old RV because I didn’t know where else to put it.” “He put some under our beds and the couch, too,” Jack adds. “I should have built a bigger room for canned items. Too late now though. But it’s alright, we will eat it away. Just takes some time and space to store it all.” “It could be worse,”Sarah says, frowning. “Yeah, it could be.” Eddie says. “OK, boys I want you to go pick a pumpkin or two or three from outside. We are going to carve them up into jack o’lanterns,” Sarah informs them with glee in her voice. The response is three boys saying cool in unison. Then, well, those fiery tire tracks appear once again. In comes Jim first with a pumpkin nearly as big as he is and grinning from ear to ear. Then Jack and Eddie follow carrying huge pumpkins, too. They all go to the kitchen table. Mike and I watch from the side while Sarah instructs them how to do it safely. She had a pumpkin there already and is showing them. “Mike, can we go in the other room? I got an idea that will help us both out.” “Sure, Rick.” So we go to the living room and sit down. “Mike, you got a ton of chickens, right?” “Yeah, I sure do. I think I’m not going to hatch many more. We got about a hundred chickens now, most of them laying. Got more eggs than I know what to do with. By the way, I got a mess of `em for you to take home with you.” “I knew you would. I brought you a big bag of coffee too.” He grins, “Want a cup?” “Sure.” Normally I don’t drink coffee but it would seem to me an insult to tell him no, so I have a cup. He goes and pours two cups and sits them in front of us. “How many goats you got?” “Ten altogether, with six females.” “OK, here is my idea. I got so much energy I don’t need it all. I will sell you a solar panel that will help you out a lot. It’s brand new, never been out of the box. I will say the price is ten laying chickens, a rooster and one milking goat.” He looks at me, stunned. “Shoot, I would give you twice that much.” I cock my head at him. I thought I was taking advantage of him in a way. “I thought I was being greedy and figured you would talk me down.” He laughs at me. “Goats and chickens I got and will have more of. What I need is more energy.” “Well it sounds like we got a deal then,” I declare, putting out my hand. “Sure do,” he replies as he shakes my hand. “It will take me a minute to get a coop made up. I’ve got the materials for it. It won’t be huge but it will be big enough. I got some chicken wire, too. The goat I will just put in the garden for now; it’s all fenced in. “I really think this is going to be a bad snowstorm. Why don’t we go get the panel now and install it while Sarah has the boys occupied?” Mike smiles and gets up. I follow suit, walk to the kitchen door, and tell everyone what we’re going to do. “Hey guys, Mike and I are going to our house for a minute. We will be back in half an hour or so.” Three boys and a lady look up at me and smile. “Have fun, honey,” Sarah encourages. Mike smiles, walks over to her, and kisses her.”Love you, be back in a few.” We hop into my old truck and head to my house. “Good looking truck,” Mike says. “Thanks. I take good care of my things. My grandpa was an old farmer and always told me that if you take good care of your equipment, it will take good care of you.” “He avcılar escort wasn’t wrong,” Mike concurs with a smile. We pull up, I turn off the truck, and we get out to go to the RV. I open the door with my key and we go inside. Sitting on the counter are about ten pounds of weed. “You weren’t kidding when you said you had a bunch.” “Nope. I really don’t have a clue what to do with all of it. You guys need some more?” “We been smoking like Indian chiefs, buddy, and we still got a shit load left,” he says with a sly smile. “Let me know when you need more and I will hook you up.” I grab a solar panel as Mike is looking around. “You sure were prepared, weren’t you?” “I had a premonition, so I started preparing slowly and early. It took me a couple years, a lot of work, and slinging weed to help pay for it all. But I did pretty good. Want to see the place?” “I would love to.” “Alright, this is the RV I lived in while I fixed up the trailer house. It was a mess.” “I thought you were a loon when you pulled it into the woods, but now I see why you did. You aren’t exposed at all. No one would know it’s here if they didn’t already know it.” I smile. “As you can see, here are a mess of canned goods; the boys weren’t kidding. Over here I got back up fridges and freezers. I got half a dozen of the little dorm ones driving by the college one day after it let out.” “You’re shitting me!” I just laugh. We walk out and I put the panel in the back of the truck. I start heading to the greenhouse which is a small distance from the house. I open the door, Mike walks in, and feels that it’s kind of warm inside. We have enough heat in it to keep the plants warm even in a very cold winter. “We are trying to grow some tomatoes for winter. Jim wanted to try so I figured why not? If it works, great. If not, well nothing ventured nothing gained, and he and I will both learn something. If we get a ton like he hopes, we will bring you some.” Mike just smiles. “Over here is a new strain of weed I’m working on. It seems promising, and anyway, it’s pretty.” “Smells really nice, too.” This time I just smile. “Again, I will share.” We walk back and I unlock the door to the trailer house. We walk in and the temperature in here is nice at about 70F. He looks around the open kitchen-living room area, and sees my big TV. “Bet you miss that.” “Not really. We got about a thousand movies and maybe a hundred and fifty TV shows.” “Really?” “Yeah, really. If you want I got some flash drives and I can transfer some over for you. I won’t take but a minute.” “Oh god, would you? We have like 50 DVDs and that’s it.” “Sure.” I grab my laptop and pull up a list of what we have. He asks for half a dozen movies and a couple of TV shows. I grab a couple flash drives and copy them for him. I take them out, put the caps on, and hand then to him. “I put on a couple of dirty movies, too.” He grins really widely this time. “Let me show you the rest of the place. In here is the pantry,” I say as I open the door. OK, pantry is probably not the right word as the room is 20 feet by 15. There’s one whole wall full of shelves, ceiling-high and completely filled, and there are two freezers. “Yeah, you guys won’t be hungry for a while.” “I certainly hope not, but when the boys become teenagers, all this might last a weekend.” Mike laughs and reminisces, “Yeah, I remember those years. I got two boys. I own a farm and was scared I would run out of food.” “Aww, jeez I thought I would be OK. I may as well hang it up now.” I turn and walk down the hall. “This is the bathroom we never use for some reason. I don’t know why. we just always use the other one. This is the boys’ room. Here is the TP room as the boys like to call it.” He looks in and sees it is literally full of toilet paper from floor to ceiling. “Yeah, I know, I’m full of shit,” I say, smiling. “No, I was thinking I would give you my wife for a roll.” “What do you guys use?” “Washcloths. It’s OK but it’s just not the same.” “I tell you what, grab a pack. We got about ten years’ worth. I doubt we will miss one pack.” “I will give you more chickens,” he says as he quickly grabs one. “No, don’t worry about it.” We walk back to my bedroom, where he sees my gun rack. “Nice, a 12 gauge, a 22 and a 30.6. You are ready for anything.” “Yeah, and I got this of course.” I pull out my 9mm from behind my back, pull the clip, eject the one from the chamber, and hand it to him. He checks the chamber then looks at the pistol. “This is really nice.” “Yeah, Sig Sauer always made nice pistols. That’s the P210.” “She’s a beaut that’s for sure,” he says, handing it back to me. “This is what I carry.” He pulls his out, pulls the clip and ejects the round from the chamber. “Ah nice, a Colt 1911. They are beasts.” He grins at my appreciation. It really is a nice pistol. We reload our weapons and holster them. “We better get that panel up if it’s gonna snow at 3:45,” Mike suggests with a chuckle. “Yeah, we better.” We head back out to the truck. Mike has his pack of toilet paper under his arm, and when we get in he puts it on his lap. I suppose when you haven’t had any in forever it’s like gold; I can imagine. I hope society picks back up before we run out of TP. We get back to Mike’s place, walk in, and he holds up the toilet paper. She laughs and charges me. Now I have never been tackled by a fifty year old woman before, but now I can say I have been. “Oh my god Rick, I love you so much. You have no idea,” she says effusively and kisses me on my cheek. Mind you she just fucking tackled me and I’m lying on the floor with a woman on my chest declaring her love for me. I have no idea what I am supposed to do. “I almost did that too, honey,” Mike says, laughing. “We can’t put up the solar panel if you don’t let me up,” I caution her, figuring that’s a good way to get out of the situation. She flips off of me and grabs the paper from Mike. He helps me up and we head to the barn. He grabs a battery powered drill and I grab a ladder. I put it up against the house and he grabs the panel from the truck. I have installed so many of these I can do it in my sleep now, but Mike wanted to read the directions first. I explained I had done this literally 30 times and that I recall exactly how to do it. It took about an hour to get it installed and another hour to run the wiring so it wasn’t a mess. So we were done at right about 3:00. We go in and Sarah made a new pot of coffee to help warm us up some. “You want sugar or milk in it?” Sarah asks me. “Why? I’m going to put my feet in it,” I tell her. “No wonder your boys love you so much. You act their age,” she with a giggle. The boys are done sacrificing their pumpkins. They did two each and now they are in the living room watching a movie they hadn’t seen before. “Oh I forgot, honey I can tell you now that Rick is sitting down. He gave us like 20 new movies and a few TV shows we used to love to watch.” She looks at him and says with dead seriousness, “I want a divorce. I’m marrying Rick.” Then she bursts out laughing. Mike starts laughing too, and then retorts, “I was thinking the same thing.” Now I’m laughing. “Oh, you two are such characters.” “Yeah, we do enjoy laughing,” Sarah says. “Oh look, it’s starting to snow,” Sarah notices. She gets up and looks out the window. “Really, what time is it?” I ask. She looks at her watch. The boys look at her. “I won’t lie for you, Rick, you were way off. It’s 3:44.” “Ah, your watch is slow. Mine says 3:45,” Mike chimes in. The boys hop up and look, and sure enough Sarah wasn’t lying. “You boys don’t ever doubt me when I tell you something,” I say as seriously as I can without laughing. I’m shaking with the effort of trying not to laugh. “Dad, you’re silly,” Eddie says. That’s it, I can’t hold it back any longer and burst avrupa yakası escort out laughing. I regain my composure, but it takes a little while because every time I calm down I look at the boys and start laughing again. It just really struck me as funny. I mean, how lucky can a guy get? I pulled that shit so far out of my ass. I let them finish watching the movie. I figure we’ll be fine dealing with an inch of snow, so I’m in no rush. If we have to, we can walk back, but it should be fine; shit, I’ve driven in much worse. I just am being overly cautious, which is not a bad thing in this day and age. “So Sarah, I wanted to thank you again for the toys; the boys love them.” “Yeah honey, when he showed me their house the boys had Lego buildings everywhere. Reminded me of when our boys were young,” he says, smiling and remembering years gone by. She smiles too. “Yeah, I love the Lego’s too. But one night I had to go pee…” Mike starts laughing as he knows what’s coming next. “I step on a very strategically placed Lego and I went down like a sniper got me.” Mike start laughing even harder. Sarah is amused, but not as much as Mike. She points her thumb at him. “He always found a Lego anytime he took off his boots. I think I vacuumed up 50,000 of the things.” She starts imitating a vacuum with a Lego in it and Mike and I are rolling now. When the movie is over, we say our goodbyes and the boys give Mike and Sarah a big hug. Mike and I talk about when I think I can come get the goat and chickens. He says it’s no big hurry, whenever is fine. As the boys and I start walking to the truck, Jack starts to slip and grabs Jim’s arm, knocking him off balance. Jim grabs Eddie, I grab Jack, and somehow we all fell. I look to see if Mike and Sarah saw us, and of course they are in the door laughing their asses off. I wave and smile. Thank god Mike and I put the pumpkins in the truck already; the boys would have been heartbroken if they got smashed. We make it home easily, just a slip here and a slide there. I made sure I never got over 20mph, so we weren’t going to go that far in a slip or slide. Once we get home, we manage to get inside, pumpkins and all, without further incident. We walk in and I look at the boys and grab my crotch. “Alright, who’s first?” Now much to my surprise, all of them said “Me!” while raising their hands. “No guys, I won’t hold you to that bet. I was just extremely lucky. I did know it was going to snow. I just guessed at the time and happened to get it right; a one in a million shot,” I tell them. Eddie looks at me. “Dad, I kind of want you to. I saw one of the videos you got and the boy seemed to really like it. He was beating his cock and moaning.” “I don’t know if that’s real or not buddy. He could have been faking it.” “Dad, you can’t fake a hard cock.” The other two were watching us like it was a tennis match, moving their heads back and forth. “When did you see that?” “The other day when you were fixing the power. You aren’t mad are you?” “No, I’m not mad at all. It’s natural for boys to be curious. I’m sure girls are, too. But if you want to watch them we can all watch them together. I don’t like secrets. I’m not saying it was a secret because you just told me about it. I just like to be honest with you boys. Sure, I want to make love to all of you. But I have never done it with a boy and I don’t want to hurt any of you. So if we do that, I want to make sure it’s enjoyable for you, too.” “I saw it too; it was awesome,” Jack says. “I want to see it,” Jim says, feeling left out, and I don’t blame him. “Get out of your costumes first and I will get some movies lined up I think you will enjoy.” “Cool,” I get from all three boys. I find a few and grab a bottle of lotion. I never thought I would ever need lube. So lotion will have to do. They all reappear a few minutes later all giggling and with hard boy cocks. They sit on the couch and I turn on the first video. It’s three boys, two of whom are older, probably around 13 and with pretty decent-sized cocks. The third boy is around 9 or so. It starts out with one of the older boys up on his knees, the younger one half sitting up, and the other older boy sucking him off. From the looks of it the younger boy certainly knows what he is doing. This video is about 20 minutes long and it ends with the younger boy taking it in the ass and sucking the other off. I see that the boys are all slowly rubbing their cocks. “Dad, can we get started now? I’m so horny I want to cum,” Eddie asks. I smile, get on the floor in front of him, and start another video of three boys. Two are around 9 or 10 and the younger boy is around 7 or 8. They start out playing like the younger boy doesn’t want to. They wrestle and the older boys take the younger one’s clothes off. I lube up my finger and Eddie’s ass, and I gently insert it and start working his very tight little hole. I find his prostate and start to hit it. “No dad, don’t I don’t want to cum yet.” “Buddy, if you do you are still young enough to recover in a minute or so.” He smiles at me and I continue working one finger, stretching him out. I slip in a second and I see he has a bit of discomfort, so I take it slowly. The boys on the screen have traded back and forth sucking each other off. Now one of the older boys is on his back, and the younger boy and he are in a 69 as the other older boy starts to poke him in the ass. it’s a nice scene. That film ends then I put on one where a boy of around 10 starts masturbating and pulls out a dildo. He starts to fuck himself with it while he continues stroking his cock. I slip in a third finger and I can see it’s hurting Eddie a bit, but he isn’t complaining. It takes him a few minutes to get used to it. Soon I am slipping in and out of him with my fingers. When this video ends, I start one with a man and a boy of around 7 and the boy is obviously very practiced at sucking cock. I had previously imagined what that would feel like. I smile to myself because now I know. “Dad, do it now. Please,” Eddie pleads. I am so excited at the thought. My cock has oozed out at least a million gallons of precum. OK, I exaggerate, but it is leaking profusely. I lift his knees to his shoulders and I line up my cock to his slightly opened hole. I almost came right then just seeing it getting lined up. I had screwed a few twinks in my past, but I am not by any means a pro at anal sex. I have read about it a lot; that’s how I knew how to loosen a boy up. With a man it’s not as big a deal unless you have a massive cock, which I don’t. Jack and Jim are watching, OK staring at us and stroking their hard little guys. I start to push in and feel the resistance I have read about. I know to push a little to break through the barrier. I push in and the head and about an inch pop through. He lets out a yelp in pain. I see tears starting to come from his eyes. I look down at my cock. Animal instinct says shove it in. I may be an animal; technically we all are. However, I also have a heart and compassion. I slide my cock out of his hole. “I can’t,” I say to him. “But dad, I want you to.” “It hurts you. I can’t do that.” “It will only hurt for a little while. Please, dad.” I look at him and shake my head no. “I can’t do it. I can’t hurt you. I’m sorry,” I get up and go to my room. My cock that was so hard and so eager has quickly deflated. On the way through the kitchen, I turn around and look at the boys. “I need to be alone for a while.” They just nod at me and I shut my bedroom door. I lay down on the bed after i wipe my cock clean. I cover up and curl up in a ball and cry. I just can’t get the idea that I was hurting him out of my head. I think of the man or men that took advantage of my boys for their pleasure, treating them like nothing but a fuck toy. I think if it were just a little discomfort, I still could have done it, because I know that would soon go away. But the tears; I couldn’t get past the tears. I know he isn’t my flesh and blood; none of them is. But that doesn’t matter; they are my sons in every way that’s important. I am supposed to protect them from pain, not inflict it on them especially for my pleasure. I feel ashamed of myself and I end up crying myself to sleep.

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