The Prodigal Husband


As Joe wolfs down his bowl of cereal and drowns his coffee cup, he looks at his watch one more time. He’s late again, and as he grabs his bag and strides to the door, he shouts a quick,

“See you later, baby”.

The door slams behind him as it always does, and I can’t help but think that he will pull the thing off its hinges one day.

No kisses anymore! There are no ‘I love you’ as he heads out for another long day at the office.

Finishing your coffee, you head upstairs on your morning ritual. As you shed your robe on the stairs, you move across the landing to the bedroom. As you pad along the carpet at the threshold of the bedroom, your dainty fingers unclasp your bra. Your ample breasts are free from their prison as you climb onto the bed.

The curtains remain drawn, leaving a dim orange glow in the room. You grasp as mall white pot and unscrew its cap. An opaque solution glistens in the low light. Your fingertips dab into the jar of body lotion. Carefully and systematically, you apply it over your skin.

This is one of those rituals that you would never be able to give up moisturising your skin with this lotion and, of course, a little moment of quiet reflection.

This symbolic act has made you feel young and vibrant for years. Your skin is tighter, softer and more supple.

Rubbing the cream over your chest, you feel your nipples shrink, and a naughty sensation comes over you. You gently bite your lower lip and massage the cream into your skin.

Applying more lotion, you feel it seep into your feet, ankles and legs. For a brief second, you press your fingers against the material of your panties. A simple second of heaviness on your labia sends another flicker of pleasure glinting into your already horny body.

Continue to apply the lotion in slight round movement over your supple skin. Next, you work its magic over your tummy, sides, and finally over your chest. The glide of the digits covered in lotion encroaching on your velvety areola helps to make the tip of the treats pop and harden.

Your right-hand plays on your nipples as the left hand eventually works the lotion down your body again. As you trace your shape over your panties, you follow the contours of your mound as you relax on the bed, your head snuggling back on the pillows, eyes closed, enjoying the build-up of this moment.

Your right-hand circles your exposed areola on top of your beautifully shaped breast. Feeling your nails slide between your labia over the silky panties sends another shiver down your spine. Pinching and then pulling your nipple out, giving you a mixed sensation of pain and pleasure. The feelings help advance the growing lust between your legs. Your mound is growing warmer as you play, and you can feel the excitement growing through the material as another wave of pleasure trickles up your spine again.

The tingles grow as you play, your fingers moving along the hem of your knickers, not knowing where the material ends, and your skin begins. Then, finally, you let your nails run along the elastic of the briefs.

The quiet is pierced by the rude distraction of a knock at your door.

“For fuck sake, fucking Amazon. Always delivering just at the most inconvenient times”.

Muttering insults as you move your hands off your body, you feel the disappointment of the interruption ebbing away all the trace of the tingles you have been cultivating over your body.

You head to the bedroom door and grab the robe. Then, ambling quickly down the stairs, you tie the band around your waist. This better not be a quick Amazon delivery, you think to yourself as you reach the door and fling it open harshly.

Your eyes scrunch a little as you glare out into the bright sunshine. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust, and a smile creeps across your face as you find me standing at the door.

“I’m sorry, I got on the motorway, then realised I didn’t say goodbye properly.”

“I realised that I had to come back, or I would have been yearning to see you all day.”

I take a step closer, filling the door well, my size eclipsing the sunbeams a little helping your eyes adjust.

I take a deep breath as I look at you in the loosely tied red robe. The vision of you in the doorway, in that robe, sends a beating to my hardening cock.

I can smell your perfume in the air, a complex mix of lotions and potions and a hint of sex that captivates my senses and peaks my imagination.

You feel the electricity in the air as you watch me take a small step towards you. My hands are cupping your face, and my lips are moving to kiss yours. The soft press as my lips touches yours. As I kiss you again, I feel you kiss back your lips delicious as I sense them part and your tongue move delicately out to enter my mouth, our tongues touching for the first time. My hands move your face a little to one side, allowing me to kiss you deeper. My lips are moving over yours as our tongues touch once more. Our petting gets faster and more urgent as I feel your hands on my sides. Your arms are pulling me into the house away from any potential prying eyes.

The güvenilir bahis door closes behind me with a clunk. The bright light and prying eyes are banished outside. As we kiss, you feel the sensation that had disappeared moments earlier return to your mound. The heat builds up again as your hands move to my neck, and you kiss me back with growing ferocity. As you feel my spongy tongue tickle yours, my pressing lips on your impression of my hands move over your back. You’re aware of my touch moving over the silky robe as I feel the contours of your back, the robe making it easy for me to slide over your body. The gentle tickles accompany the kisses sending goose pimples over your body.

Taking a moment to step back and look at you in the robe, I feel myself grow hard in my trousers. I move back a little, and our eyes connect as I see you smile before diving in for another kiss with those plump lips. Letting my senses move up your back, I feel the ridges of your spine before finding the bare skin of your neck. Curling my finger over the collar of your robe, I am pulling it robe down your back. You feel the material slide over your shoulders, exposing them to the cool hallway. As the rob slips down your arms, you feel it catch in the crook of your elbow. My lips move to your neck and along your shoulders, kissing you as my fingers move slowly over your shoulders.

I can’t resist biting your neck a little, the effect makes you move your arm to your side, and you grasp my hips, moving me forward closer to you. As you move your legs on either side of mine, I feel you rub your vulva against my leg. The motion wriggles the robe further down your chest semi, exposing your breast. Your pelvis moves against my leg, the action helping to rub your mound against me as I lean back an inch to allow the robe to slip over your boobs. You kiss me with tremendous excitement, my fingers moving down over your shoulders and down your sternum, my nails tracing its shape between your boobs. My fingers follow the contour of your boob. I move under and up the side of your chest.

Your tongue is darting into my mouth faster as you rub yourself on my leg. I can sense your heat through my trousers as I let my fingers move around your breast until they have circled back to the soft skin just above your cup. I let my fingers slide down your shape, avoid touching your nipple–the aching sensation of wanting to be touched filling your body with a wanting desire as I feel you moan in my mouth, your teeth biting my lip. I finally let my fingers move over your areola. A shiver of pent-up relief shoots over your body from your areola. It floods your head and shoots down your body, burying itself deep in your hot cervix. Your fingers run through my hair, scrunching a clump, and pulling. Finally, as I felt your mound rubbing my leg a litter harder, I succumbed and let the fingertip of my index finger run a long slow drawl up and along your nipple. The friction from my long finger pulling your nipple hard as it gently moves upwards sends a shudder through you, emanating from the small of your back and washing over you again.

With every draw along with your nipple, I feel it harden. Taking it between my thumb and index finger, I roll it and pull it gently. You lean your head back and close your eyes as I play. As you do, I play, I let my lips move down your body, over your shoulders, your collar bone and your sternum between your boobs. As I hunch over, I can’t help but take your nipple in my mouth and suck you in. My lips rolling its shape in my mouth as I cup your breast and hoist them towards me.

As I feel your breasts’ softness, your nipple between my lips, your body pushes them out towards me, willing me to suck you in harder. My other hands find the robe belt and pull it open as I do. The robe cascades open as you feel me suck your nipple harder. My fingers are squeezing your flesh as I do. My hand slides round to the small of your back. You feel my palms moving down over your bum, my fingers finding the band of the panties and pulling them down over the curves of your arse, pushing them down your legs. As they reach the floor, I feel you move your legs as you step out of the panties. Once I know they are free, I press you back against the stairs. You feel the carpet against the back of your legs as you move to hold on to the railing. As I move closer to you, your bum perched on a step, kneeling on the lowest rung.

I watch as you slide your legs apart and see the glisten of your wet vagina sparkling. As you watch me looking at you, it sends another shudder of heat to your mound. The sensation of tiny droplets forms over your skin as you see me move my finger towards you. The gentle press of the back of my finger caresses the length of your labia before my knuckle presses into the center of your labia’s, moving along your crease opening your weeping lips. Your fragrance wafts up into the air–an intoxicating scent of sweet apple, vanilla and citrus.

You feel my fingers move over your heat and another sharp pang of pleasure shoots up your body. Your lungs inhale sharply as my fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri spread your labia open.

You relax your legs, allowing my fingers to explore you. Another shot of heat rises through your body as I move up your shape and find your clitoris hidden under your hood. My fingers moisten it with your lubrication, making it easy to glide over you, the burning desire within you, arching your back again as you take hold of the spindle of the staircase, pulling yourself up a little higher. The pleasure builds as my fingers start to circle your clitoris, your body reacting by pressing your boobs higher into the air, my fingers catching one and playing with your nipple as I flick your clit faster. I have a hunger to taste you.

I move to kneel on the lowest step, and my fingers start moving faster over your clitoris, rubbing it over your shape, occasionally moving my fingers down your labia but always returning to your clitoris. You feel it grow as I play, your labia growing puffy as the sensation moves to the end of a million nerve endings over your body.

Your left leg is bent at the knee, I lean down and kiss it, moving to your inner thigh. Every kiss moves closer until I am so close that I can feel your heat. I let my tongue move out and press against the centre of your clitoris, my fat tongue opening your lips as I taste your sweetness. You remind me of vanilla cream, which forces me to lap at you hungrily. I suck your lips into my mouth before releasing it slowly. I move up your shape with my tongue to find your clitoris, flicking it as I feel you grind against me, your body raising to meet my tongue.

Moving faster over your shape, you feel your pea growing at my touch, the sensation of my tongue on your clitoris making your fingers scrunch my hair and pulling me against you tightly, your pelvis grinding against me as I flick and suck your clit. Your pleasure heightened as my fingers goose-step up the inner thigh of your leg. The two fingers are converging at your entrance and patting it softly. Your vagina muscles puckering at the tap, desperately trying to suck my fingers into you. A deep hard suck of your clitoris into my mouth makes you gasp and arch your back, a wave of pleasure moving up your body and burring itself in the centre of your mind.

At the apex of your arch, your nipples gloriously pressed skywards like tight cherries on a bun, you gasp once more as you are up, as you feel my fingers pressing onto the entrance of your vagina. The constant pressure against your tight wet hole forces it to concede its defences, and my fingers slide into you. I feel your heat envelope the wet safety of your body, allowing me to slide my fingers into you in one long push. Your so wet, it’s impressive how easy I can move inside you. Feeling my palms against your mound, you sense my fingers curl up inside you, a gentle tap on the roof of your cervix. As my mouth sucks your clitoris, the soft rhythmic tapping on the top of your pussy sends your body arching back on the hard corner of the stair rung. Your fingers grip on the spindle tightening, and you pull yourself up the stairs a little, trying to escape the barrage on your senses for one moment.

I don’t stop my fingers pressing in and out of you as my tongue dances on your clitoris. Moving faster on your clitoris with my tongue and your vagina with my fingers, you fight the temptation to close your legs. Resisting the urge, you open them wider, allowing me to move my digits into you quicker and faster. Every thrust in you feels my return to the roof of your vagina and tapping you softly. My fingers are pressing myself against the source of your heat, coaxing your G-spot to appear to form its hiding place.

You feel your body start to tighten around me, your leg muscles contracting about me as you grind against my tongue. My fingers are moving in and out faster as I feel your body start to shudder. Your clitoris is growing fat and large, pulsing on my tongue as you begin to push against me with every thrust of my finger. Your vagina muscles tighten around my fingers as you moan somewhere above me. Your moans are growing louder as I let my fingers fuck you. My tongue is dancing so hard and fast I can taste how close you are to climax. When it comes, your whole body shudders around me. You feel it tighten into a ball before the ultimate release explodes and releases your muscles in a glorious loud climax.

I try and move out of your vagina, but your muscles are so tight they hold me in you as your scream, the blaze of heat engulfs you. Finally, your mind clears and goes blank as I move out and cup your mound. You are feeling its pulse in my palm as I move up your body and wrap my other hand around you.

I kiss your sweat-strewn face, your eyes, your lips, and as I do, I press my fingers against your shape. I feel you quiver in my palm, your shallow breath on my neck as you start to come down. I let my fingertips snag your clitoris one last time, sending an aftershock up your body. Cupping your palpitating bundle, I kiss your lips softly. Your taste in my mouth brings a smile to my iddaa siteleri face as I look into your eyes.

Your arms are hanging loosely at your side; my cock straining against my trousers. Coyly you raise your eyebrow and bite the right side of your lower lip. Your hand reaches out and runs itself over my shape, feeling it extend down my right leg. Your fingers are pinching my tip as you look at my eyes.

“Is this for me?” you ask with a flash of your eyelids.

Feeling your hands moving up and down my shape more vigorously, I lean in to kiss your lips once more. Your tongue moves into my mouth as we kiss, sending a pulse over our bodies.

You find your fingers fumbling with my belt, the buttons popping as you pull the fly apart. My trousers billow open as you slide your fingers into the void. Your fingers move down my trouser leg and cup my shape before digging it out from the confines of my trouser leg. The shiny helmet appears out of my trousers as your palm presses into the underside of my dick. You feel its size as you wrap your fingers around its circumference and gently pull it up and down in your hand. You feel me thrust against your hands as you play. My kisses on your neck are full of desire. The faster you jerk, the more I respond with kisses, nibbles and bites to your neck, my hands moving to cup your boobs as you play. Your toes fight to find some purchase on my trousers, and as they find the gusset of my trousers, you straighten your leg sliding them down over my giant thighs.

The pulses of my cock in your hand as you play with me. Clumsily I shuffle out of my trousers, my body contorting as I have to step up to get my pants over my ankles. The stance gives you a moment to move down between my body and the stairs. As your head inches towards my spear, you notice the pre-cum glistening on my helmet. Your tongue flicks and savours my end, the salty tip making your mouth drool a little as you lap it again. Your lips close around the apex of my cock as you suck my tip like a pacifier. My body groans as I feel you on me, my muscles tighten, and I feel the tickle of your tongue. It sends shivers up my spine. As you suck me, your fingers play with your clitoris. Having recovered from your previous climax, the tingle of your touch makes you bob faster on my cock. You feel me move back and forth in your mouth as you suck. As you circle your clitoris a little more quickly, you feel droplets of water emerging between your labia, the wetness allowing you to glide over your shape as you flick it faster. The shudders moving to the extremes of your body feel like palpitations of pleasure, every nerve ending tingling in anticipation of the next.

Your lips move down my shaft, your tongue feeling every vein pumping blood to my cock. Your head shakes side to side as you feel the hilt press against your lips. The thick girth and length are making you gag momentarily before you pull back up, pressing your lips tightly together as you go. Your touches, coupled with my desire, build a craving deep inside you. Your vagina is craving to be filled, aching to sense the thrusting penetration of a hard cock moving into you and setting your soul on fire. You find yourself fidgeting, your body turns your back against my front, and with your arms, you climb the rungs of the stairs up towards the bedroom.

As I watch you crawl up the stairs, I have no intention of letting you go. My burning desire to have you can’t wait to get into the bedroom. Grasping your ankles with my hands, I stop your ascent of the stairs. Spreading your legs open, I slide between them. I can smell your wet pussy as I let the kiss move over your bum, my tongue tracing your spine up to the crook of your neck, where I bite your skin between my teeth. The sensation of being chased and caught up the stairs sends another explosive wave of pleasure over your body. Your cervix pulses inside you as I cup your boob with my left hand. My fingers are making tidy work of arousing your nipple, your bottom pressing against my hard cock as I play. Your body pushing back against me leave a small gap for my right hand to slide in and circle your clitoris. Moving slowly over you, you feel my fingers move down your labia and spread your lips. My fingers tip, pressing into your vagina and using your wetness as lubrication, ensuring you are wet enough to take me in.

My cocks tip moves to your entrance from behind. My fingers guide me to your opening, and I press myself into you. Your arse pushes back against me. You feel the tip press between your velvet lips. Like an unstoppable tsunami of pleasure, you feel every vein, every pulse of my cock as it moves into your depths in one long thrust. Your body gasps at the sensation of the girth spreading your lips as it passes your tight muscles that pose no threat of stopping this barrage. As you feel me stop my motions in my balls, squish against your skin. Your vacuous design is filled as you feel me start to rhythmically slide in and out of your pussy. My cock bears down against your vagina, my balls slapping against your skin as I move faster and faster in and out of you. My left fingers are still cupping and rolling your nipple as I glide into you. The sensation is sending another wave of pleasure over your body. Heat is rising in you as I feel you press back on me, thrusting to meet my cock as it moves into you.

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