The Professor and His Cali Girl

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He comes up on me fast. Like a predator to his prey, radiating desire. I come flush with the wall as he presses into me and leans down to claim my mouth. His hands reach up to cup my face on both sides, then as we both become intoxicated with passion his hands move back and tangle with my hair pulling my face closer yet. The intensity of our kiss is a promise of what’s to come and I can’t help but moan into his mouth with anticipation. His hands travel down my body stopping at my breasts to squeeze and rub, evoking more moaning from me. He slips his fingers into the top of my tank and runs his fingers up both sides to the straps, and slides them down my shoulders slowly until I’m exposed. He wastes no time taking my nipple into his mouth, switching from one to the other until he is sure he has given them equal attention. His hands glide down my stomach and suddenly they are grabbing each of my wrists, and lifting them both over my head and he once again takes my mouth with a ferocity I am weak to.

He presses into me and I can feel the hard bulge beckoning to me from inside his pants. He spins me around and presses himself into my back side, as he places my hands against the wall and slides his hands back around to my breasts and caresses me. His warm kisses and tongue trail güvenilir bahis down my neck and shoulders, and then back up to my ear where he whispers “you can tell me to stop anytime. Do you want me to stop Audrina? Tell me yes or no.” At this moment in time I can’t think of anything I want more, “nnnno” I shiver out my response because he has stopped touching me and it has left me cold. “mmmmmm good girl” he rasps into my ear again and before I can comprehend what is happening he scoops me up and starts to carry me to the bed, where he sits me up directly on the edge.

He kneels down between my legs and grabs the hem of my shirt and slowly pulls it over my head, he kisses, and nips at my nipples until I moan for him. He pushes my body down so my back is flat on the bed and starts to first remove my pants and then kissing his way up my legs until he gets to my panties, which are now soaked through, his fingers slide into the waistband torturously slow and he starts to pull them down, exposing the last piece of me to him. My legs are trembling as he parts them and I feel his warm breath upon me, telling me he is so close. He kisses my slit before he plunges his mouth over me. The instant his tongue touches my skin I melt. He finds the spot and I jerk and we both moan simultaneously. türkçe bahis He isn’t rough but demanding, not sweet but soft, he has discovered just the right pressure and tempo and my god it’s magic. I can feel his other hand slide up my ass and to my opening where he slowly inserts a finger and begins rhythmically sliding it in and out.

I am beyond words. I am so close, he slows down his tempo and a whimper escapes me, urging him to push a second finger in and move his tongue even more diligently until I all but scream. The crescendo of my peak is the most exquisite pleasure I’ve ever felt and I swear I’m seeing stars and a kaleidoscope of colors as he looks up and says “mmmmm good girl Audrina.” I manage a slow seductive blink as my response because words are completely lost to me. He strips off his shirt and then pants and boxers to reveal the body I’ve been dreaming to see underneath. He is muscular in all the right places without being bulky, his skin is flawless with a sprinkling of hair in the places you would expect, and the size of him has me urging to be filled. He unwraps a condom and slides in on. “Audrina, I’m going to fuck you now, do you want that? Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

Holy hell just his words are intense and I hear myself say in response güvenilir bahis siteleri “Please David, yes, I want you to fuck me.” He lifts my legs that were left dangling over the edge of the bed and parts them to position himself between. When he settles at my entrance my body responds by pushing closer to him, wanting him inside of me. He then slowly and methodically slides inch by agonizing inch until he is buried to the hilt and I am filled to capacity. He then slowly pulls out to the tip leaving me bereft. In again, then out, getting my body used to the size of him. “Audrina, you feel so good.” And then his thrusting is getting faster and I’m falling over the edge of ecstasy yet again. His tight hold on my legs let go and he slows, leans down with the next thrust and grabs my waist, when he pulls out he guides me to turn around and deposit my feet to the floor. He is behind me and he once again pushes himself in to fill me. His tempo gradually becomes faster until he is holding my hips still from rocking us back and forth together. I find myself leaning into the mattress and lifting my ass in the air to grant him deeper access still. I’m going to lose it.

“Yes Audrina good girl, cum for me.” And I all but come undone. He pounds into me one last time with a shudder and a hiss marking his own release. I am completely sated. My brain is a fog. He helps me up higher onto the bed, where I collapse. He tucks me in and disappears to the bathroom, which I take as my cue to drift into a dreamless, satisfied sleep.

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