The Proposition Ch. 04

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The shower was another eye-opener as a number of men and women were not only using it for its’ proper purpose, but also for groping and fucking each other out without any fear of reprisal from their spouses. We were astonished, but decided to go with the flow. Needless to say, Stacey was soon surrounded by a bevy of men with dicks pointing hither and thither.

She knelt down and proceeded to suck them all to a frenzy. Meanwhile, I had two or three older women who nearly swooned as they saw my tool. One of them bent over and beckoned me over to slide it inside her. I shrugged and moved closer to her. I lathered my dick with soap, and then nestled my plump dick-head to her lips. With a single thrust, I pushed my whole eight inches inside her, stopping only as I bottomed out inside her. She wailed, eyes glazed as she frigged her clitoris. It took only a few pumps to make her come noisily, and her place was taken by another old dragon.

I decided to tease her a bit and hold-out from giving her the full treatment. This had her buckling at the knees and screaming as she came, extorting me to push harder. I was still not even close to coming, but I nearly lost it when the third mature woman started lathering up her ass-hole. I knew I would enjoy this. She was still beautiful, although a bit older than I was accustomed to. I wondered if my penis would fit inside that tiny opening.

She held tight to the shower stalls and everyone was looking at us as I set my dick-head straight up against her tiny puckered hole.

I pushed slowly, and watched in wonder as her sphincter muscle relaxed and took me straight in. I gasped at how tight she was. I looked up and there was Stacey smiling at me. She held a bottle of suntan oil and let it pour over my exposed flesh.

“Go on now…make her happy.” she purred.

I obliged by pushing forward slowly. I need not have worried as the woman also thrust back, allowing me to fit in with hardly a whimper. She sighed as I began to push in and out of her in a sawing motion. It only took a couple of minutes before she started shuddering and moaning. Within a few seconds she was shrieking as her orgasm hit her mightily. I nearly came, but wanted to leave the pleasure to Stacey. The woman slid off my pole, supported by her friends as the group of people applauded.

“It’s your turn now…let’s do it here” I told Stacey.

“Oh..ok..let’s make it special though.”

I instructed two younger guys to lift her up from each side, one hand under her buttock, and the other from her ankle. I lay back and let them move towards me. It was a beautiful sight as they teased my dick with her petals. Suddenly they looked at each other and pushed her onto my tool.

She screamed as my liquid coated penis slid swiftly inside her to the hilt. I was surprised but it felt incredibly hot and erotic. Stacey had nearly passed out at the sensations she was getting. The two guys moved her in and out until she was writhing in ecstasy.

“Oh god…I’m coming” I shouted. “Take her off me.”

My dick plopped open as they put her down eye-level with my cock, which was just about ready to spurt, following all the ministrations it had been through.

I bellowed as I came mightily, sperm hitting her face, blast after blast of hot cum, dripping down to her chin and her chest. Immediately after that, they laid her down and started eating her out. About six or seven people were alternately sucking and nibbling at her…two of the older women were sucking the cum off her face, while another guy was dangling what looked like a donkey’s dick in her face. Meanwhile another guy was licking at her ass, poking his finger insider her backside, and Stacey came again, screaming her lungs out. My dick was being sucked again, this time by a guy with a pitifully tiny dick.

He finally pushed me down on my knees and he thrust his tiny penis in my face. I was surprised, but did not want to disappoint him, so I opened my mouth and let him in. It was a great experience, I can say. His member felt soft but hard at the same time.

I sucked hungrily on him, relishing the feel of another man’s penis in my mouth. No wonder women enjoyed sucking so much. It felt so natural, so warm and powerful to be in such control. I felt him stiffen and groan as he unloaded a pitiful few drops in my mouth. I did not hesitate as I swallowed his spunk. He was soon spent and we separated. I looked at Stacey, who was being passed around like a rag doll, limp with exhaustion and quivering with sensitivity.

I could hardly move, let alone walk, but we managed to stagger upright and finally use the cubicles in the way they were intended, as showers. We soaped each other tenderly, taking special care not to excite each other too much, although that was an impossibility with me. We kissed deeply, drinking in each other’s souls through our mouths, tongues meshing in lust. Once again my thick rod had settled güvenilir bahis between her lips, and her clit was being tastefully massaged by the ridges in my dick.

“Oh God, I can’t believe I am coming again” she moaned, as she continued kissing me.

“No problem, keep at it..don’t lose an orgasm…ever … don’t lose it…come for me you beautiful woman.”

And with those words her eyes glassed over again as she came in a quiet refined orgasm. Immediately I felt something hot running down my legs, and I realized that she had come so much she had squirted down my legs.

“Oh.. oh… oh… that’s it…” she moaned.

Without a word she closed her eyes and hung limply on to me.. semi-conscious with the last couple of hours of emotions and tribulations.

We parted again, and finally finished washing off. We wrapped ourselves in a pair of terry-robes before we set everyone else off again, and waved goodbye to our new friends.

“We’re holding a free-for-all party in our apartment on Wednesday if you want to come” said one of the older women, who I later learnt was called Eloise.

“We’ll be sure to come. In more ways than one obviously!” I answered with a smile. Nothing would keep us away.

“No need to bring anything. It will be and my sisters’ treat. We’re turning forty-five, and we want to celebrate it with a big to-do.” said Eloise.

Triplets. They were triplets. No wonder they all looked similar. We parted ways as I made my way with Stacey to our apartment.

Unlocking the door, we walked in, and she plopped onto the bed, in exhaustion.

“We have an outside deck that has a bed. Why not sunbathe over there? I’ll get some drinks.”

“Great idea…let’s get some sun.”

We moved to the outside deck, still naked as the day we were born. It had become so natural to not wear any clothes, and strangely, I felt comfortable. Notwithstanding this, my dick was in a perennial half-mast position, and I loved that feeling of having one’s dick semi-hard, ready to jump into action anytime.

Stacey crawled onto the sun-bed, ass cheeks dimpling as she crawled over, pussy lips gleaming with moisture. She was so hot.

I stepped out a couple of minutes later, two margaritas in my hand. I laid the glasses down on the little table, and lay down beside her again. She snuggled over onto me, bodies glowing with pleasure and in the heat of the day. It felt amazing to be naked out in the sun.

After a few minutes of silence, she propped up her head on her arm, and let her fingers trail a way down my chest to where my pubic was supposed to be.

“It’s so beautifully smooth. I love this look.” she said.

When she noticed that I hadn’t replied she asked me “What’s up Chris? You’re so quiet…”

“It’s..just that… it’s a great feeling to be with you. I can’t explain why. Stacey, how in hell did we not end up married? I love you so much. Honestly. I have loved you forever.”

“I know what you’re saying. And what you’re feeling. All I can say is that I honestly don’t know. I’m happy with George. He’s nice, and caring, but sometimes there is that spark that’s missing. Don’t tell me you are unhappy in your marriage?” she asked.

“Oh no, nothing like that at all. I love Jill, truly and deeply…but I think I love you as equally, if not more. And now, this proposition of yours is making my dream come true. I would love to get you pregnant, but equally, I would love to enjoy this a little more.” I pointed out.

“I agree with you on this. Maybe we can get a little wife-swap thrown in. I know Jill enjoys our company, and that she enjoys other women too.” she suggested.

“Well, I am sure that we could get together, but the problem is that you would have to initiate things. I don’t know about her getting with George, and it would be unfair to leave him out of this. He’s my friend and all, you know, I’m pretty sure he would enjoy a good fuck with Jill. We have got to make this work.”

Meanwhile we were spooned together, her back to my front, and as she drew her knees upwards towards her chest, my now-hard cock was nestling between her ass-cheeks. I dropped my hand, and lowered my tool straight in front of her pussy lips and pushed slowly. The penetration was exquisite. As she lay on her side, her pussy was very tight. She started to open her legs but I held them down.

“No, it’s tighter like this…” I whispered.

“Oh God, it’s amazing. Leave it like that for a little while. I want to feel that big plump head at my lips.”

I pumped in and out very slightly, until she began to get very wet. There was no way I could hold out anymore, and I pushed slowly, an inch at a time, until I was half-way in. The sweat was blinding my eyes and I could tell that now was the time to open up more.

“Put your right leg on my thigh, that will open you up” I told her, and she obeyed.

Just one push was all it needed to bury myself in türkçe bahis her. She moaned and groaned at the pressure my dick was causing on her pussy walls.

“Oh…I can feel it in my stomach, it’s so big. I can’t ever give you up buster. Never ever. Now make love to me…”

And we made slow languid love. Not the frenzied fucking of an hour earlier, but a slow refined love session that had us gasping in extreme pleasure, being drawn to the brink of ecstasy but holding back until it became too painful to keep bottled inside.

I saw stars as I finally blew inside her, spurting rope after rope of cum in her pussy. She bucked, moaning loudly and finally screaming as her orgasm overtook her. I slumped back on the sun-bed, speechless.

“You alright?” I asked in a hoarse whisper.

There was no reply from Stacey. She had passed out from the sheer pleasure, and I let her be. I threw a small towel over my face and laid back on the bed, totally spent. Drifting off to sleep, I smiled at this opportunity…

We awoke about an hour later, all hot and sticky. The sun was making its’ way below the horizon, and guess it was this chill that had made us come to life.

We moved indoors, and after another leisurely shower, we switched on the Jacuzzi, relaxing for more than half an hour. Skin puckered and battered, the small sauna welcomed us with its heat. Stacey occupied the corner bench, pushing her shapely bottom on the corner of the two walls, with one leg to the left, and the other to the right. Within five minutes she was sweating, and as soon as I saw this sweat running down her flat stomach, over her navel, and down her puffy pussy lips, I almost grabbed her again. Instead I knelt down in front of her, and gave her a licking to remember. The bench was wide enough for me to pull her forward and push her legs as far as they could go.

My tongue lapped up her labia, straight from the perineum, up to her clitty, in long, slow, broad strokes, using the flat of my tongue. Her toes were clenching and opening again in delight as I licked her languidly. Her little rose-bud was a beautiful pucker of flesh, and I could not resist giving her a lick down there.

“Yes, do my ass. It feels so good.”

I obliged her by stiffening my tongue and poking her in her little hole. She relaxed, and I could visibly see her asshole widen a little. She was spread-eagled and I had no problem in reaching every nook and cranny. My tongue licked around, lubricating the area before I pushed it in. She reached down and pulled her ass-cheeks further apart, making access even easier. She was now moaning uncontrollably. I pulled my tongue out, wet my middle-finger and pushed it in. It slid in easily, and I let some more spit dribble on my finger, which I could now push in to the hilt.

I resumed my licking of her clit, and was surprised when she came suddenly, squirting onto my face. Thick, slick and tasty, was what I thought as I lapped her up.

“If we keep going like this, I won’t be able to walk out of the hotel, let alone continue with life. I’ve never come so much. This was amazing. Your finger up my ass felt so right.”

“Before we leave here I want my cock up your ass, and I won’t take no for an answer.” I told her.

“Promises, promises. How will that monster fit in my little rose?” she asked.

“Lubrication is the thing baby.” I smiled as I lay back in the sauna.

Suddenly she slipped off the bench and knelt down in front of me to repay the favor. She licked the sweat off my thighs, and made her way up until she started licking at my balls, heavy and dangling. She took first one, then the other, managing to suck them in. This was great. My dick kept poking her in the eye, and finally, the moment I had been waiting for, as she tried to get her lips past my head… I sighed in ecstasy as she nibbled at my cock.

There was no way she would fit it all in her mouth, and about half-way was all she could manage before she gagged. And I was not even fully erect yet. My dick plopped out of her mouth with an audible pop, and she let her tongue travel down towards my ass.

I let out a sigh as she licked around my orifice, reveling in the thought where this was leading to. She licked her finger before bringing it to my ass-hole. I lifted my legs to give her better access and lubricating her finger even more, slid it completely inside of me. I sighed with pleasure as she diddled me, then lowered her head once again onto my cock. What with her finger in my anus, and her head bobbing up and down, it didn’t take me long to come, and I splashed her throat with huge amounts of come. There was so much that she had to pull back to swallow, and even then, it still dribbled down the side of her face. I pulled her to me and licked my own come from her face, and mashed my lips to her in a sperm guzzling fest. We were both turned on so much that she promptly turned round, re-attached her lips güvenilir bahis siteleri to mine, and sat on my still fat dick.

She wailed into my mouth with the pleasure this was giving her. Stacey diddled her large clit and bounced on my dick for all it was worth.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” she kept moaning as she ground herself onto me. My huge tool was totally violating her pussy, and I could feel myself bottoming out into her cervix with every downward lunge. After about three minutes or so, I could feel myself coming again, and I jammed her onto my massive tool as I bellowed and came like a torrent into her. Stacey came again, this time screaming obscenities as she pulled at her clit and her nipples. Finally it was all over, and she slumped against me, panting and wild-eyed.

“We’ve got to get dressed. We’ve got to.” she whispered between breaths. “We’re going to fuck each other to death. Not that there’s anything wrong with that obviously…but I’d like to have kids.”

“I agree. My dick is rubbed raw and sore. I haven’t come this much ever. You seem to bring out the devil in me.” I replied.

“Jesus, that monster cock IS the devil. I can’t get enough of it. Good job we’re not married. We wouldn’t get out of home much.”

“I still say we would enjoy being married.” I told her quietly.

“You’re right. Silly phrase…” she replied as she lay against me, soft breasts against my hairless chests. One of her nipples rubbed against mine, and I swear I could feel the rush down to my toes.

“Ok. So here’s the question. Will you marry me?” I asked her.

“What the hell are you saying? You’re already married. And for that matter, so am I. We can’t do this to George and Jill. Divorce is still a taboo here. And besides, I still love George, and I imagine that you are still close to Jill. We can’t leave them.”

“No, not thinking of that. But look at this. How many hours alone do we spend at work? Most hours yes? So why not be my work-wife?”

She thought about it for a moment before replying.

“That’s a great idea. Your office has a private bathroom, and it could easily fit a small cupboard for a change of clothes. Like underwear.”

“Ah. But there’s something you don’t know. We partners have a secret room. You know the file closet? There’s another door inside that. And that leads to a large room that has a desk, a bed, TV, a bar, and all amenities a hard-working guy could want, including a kitchenette. These rooms, which, as you might have gathered, are for the associates, are also serviced by a private lift. And that lift can only take me to my room, no-one else’s. Moreover, nobody has my office key anymore. I changed the lock, and the only keys in existence, I have in my possession. So, it would be a perfect hide-away for us. You have no idea how many times we pretend to be abroad or on leave, and actually work in peace in those offices.”

“I never knew that. Obviously. It seems that you have given this a lot of thought haven’t you?”

“Didn’t you and George take a lot of time over this proposition?” I suggested.

“True enough. I would love to be your work-wife. No jealousy though. At the end of the day we both go to our separate lives and spouses. No extra night meetings or anything. We have more than enough time at work to make this happen successfully.”

“I agree totally” I said. “I’ll make you a copy of the key, so that when you arrive at work, you can let yourself in. I can assure you that most associates have this arrangement with their secretaries. Taking you into this confidence also means you get a hefty pay-rise, tax-free and in cash. I know you’re not stretched for money, but it will both do you a lot of good.”

Stacey hugged me tightly. We were in love again, and realized that this was a turning point in our relationship. I hoped we would not fall into a trap whereby it would be difficult to explain to our respective spouses certain demeanors, but if we only kept our intimacy confined to the office, I couldn’t see how that could happen.

We turned off the sauna and had a nice relaxing shower. Finally we put some clothes on and debated whether we would order room-service or eat in the restaurant.

The restaurant won out, and we walked down to the bar for a drink.

“Oh God, I can hardly sit” whispered Stacey. “My pussy is on fire.”

She sat gingerly on the high stools, but on being served with the drinks, we moved to one of the many sofas scattered around the bar. We found one where a football game was being played out on screen. We leant back and removing her sandals, curled back against me, legs beneath her in that unmistakably feminine gesture impossible to men.

Pretty soon she had nodded off, even though it was still early evening. The day had been hectic, hot, and downright tiring. I was loathe to wake her up, but I was saved by the traditional restaurant gong signaling the start of dinner.

Her eyes opened sleepily, giving me a luscious look.

“I am so hungry.” she said. “I could eat a horse, hooves and all.”

We got up and made our way into the restaurant, where the smell of food was overpowering our taste buds.

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