The Prostitute

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The Prostitute”Who the fuck is that!” a young man exclaimed as a thick, mature, matronly voluptuous woman took the stage. She was 5′ 3″, about 180 lbs, small oval face with big almond eyes, well shaped brows, small perfect nose and full lips. Her tits were massive, almost 38G and rippled freely under the shimmering white tube top that was several sizes too small. She had 2 rolls of fat around her belly visible only when she bent lower but otherwise she was taught and firm. It was her humongous ass that caught everybody’s attention. Almost 60″ around, each buttock was firm yet supple and moved with the beat. Her hips morphed into well toned thighs and legs. Though she was 50 years old, the woman looked incredibly beautiful and sexy with her white, porcelain skin tone, heavy skin shade mascara, deep red lips and cheap jewelry around her aging neck.As she glided on to the stage, the music changed. Big Sean and Nicky Minaj’s “Ass Ass Ass Ass” echoed through the bar. The woman gyrated and shimmied out of her top, giving the patrons of the seedy, underground and i*****l club full view of her naked breasts. Her tits swung wildly from side to side and her still covered buttocks bounced with the beat. When she squatted she revealed her large, loose pussy lips that hung below the miniskirt to the crowd that now erupted in an applause. Sheepish young guys scooted a bit closer to get a clear view of the aging stripper who probably reminded them of their aunts canlı bahis or mothers. Older patrons watched unabashedly hoping that the woman’s randiness extended beyond the stage and into the private booths in the back of the joint. “Do you know that woman was once a well known socialite and a successful business woman.” I volunteered the irrelevant information. “Really?” several young men muttered, without taking their eyes of the stage where the woman was moving her thick but delicate body like a belly dancer.”Yes.” I said. “I don’t believe it.” There’re always a few skeptics. “That doesn’t change the fact that that woman still drives a Mercedes and owns several properties in New York, Miami and Orlando.””So why is she…..”, someone behind me whispered.I didn’t turn around. I looked at the woman and her familiar face trying to remember the story.”She fell in love.””Love? But what’s that got to do with her becoming a hooker?””Her lover was in love with a prostitute. He confessed to her that the only way he could ever be excited was when he knew that the woman made her living by servicing several men each day. He didn’t want an expensive call girl. He wanted a cheap street walker.””Wow! Then what happened?””She started hooking. At first she was really shy and bad at it, never taking more than a few men in a week. But she also found that after she had been fucked by another man and showed the money to her lover, he’d cum in her mouth within minutes.”The bahis siteleri stage was getting hotter. The woman had managed to slide out of her miniskirt and was giving her audience a clear view of her large pussy even though she still had her red thongs on.”So she liked to suck him?” an older, mustached man asked. “No. She liked to suck his asshole. She was in love with his asshole. She sucked him only to let him finish and eat his cum – the only other thing she liked.””Then what happened?””Her lover frequented this bar. He brought her here. She watched the women on the stage. Then she watched her man fuck one of the girls while another sucked his asshole. He couldn’t cum.””Why not?””The girls had not been working that night and neither one of them had been fucked. So she invited another girl who had just exited the booth and sure enough, her lover came within minutes.””Wasn’t she jealous?””No! She was learning about her lover and herself.””So then what happened?””Next, the woman grabbed a stranger and gave him a blowjob while her man watched. She let him cum into her mouth and asked for 20 bucks.””Wow!””Yeah! Her lover was impressed too but not enough to get a hard-on. So the woman bent over, requested her young lover to write ‘$40’ on her hips and spread her asshole by the booth. She made about $200 in an hour – most of which was taken by the bar owner. Her lover was now ready for her.””So he fucked her too?””No. He shoved his cock bahis şirketleri up her eager mouth and she started to suck him.”As if on the cue, the woman was now fully naked and running her long, sexy tongue on her red lips as she sat back, lifted her legs and spread her hips. Even though she was showing her large, well used cunt, her giant anus was visible to those who sat next to the stage.”Since that day, they both come her 3-4 times a week. The woman performs on the stage, gets fucked on the stage, taking 8-10 men one after the other, gets double, triple penetrated letting men cum on her face, tits or in her cunt and ass. Then her lover walks over and they hug, letting the cum of all those strangers rub all over their naked bodies and she sucks his asshole and then makes him cum in her mouth of her face.” “Holy shit! I have never seen anything like that.” “Do you think it will happen tonight?””Yes. I think so.” I said gently.The woman was not alone on the stage anymore. She had been surrounded by 3 men, 2 of who were trying to have sex with her while the 3rd wanted her to suck him. We watched. After a few minutes the woman was carried off the stage by a fresh set of guys and into one of the public booths where she was fucked for almost an hour.Well fucked, covered in cum, tired but still not satisfied the woman got on her feet and walked over to where I was standing. The she kissed me on the lips, letting me taste her lovers. “Are you ready my love?” she said massaging my cock through my jeans.”Yes mom.” I said, loud enough for the people around us to hear.To a loud roar, my mother sank to her knees and took my cock in her mouth.===============================

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