The prude opening up.


The prude opening up.Chapter 2It didn’t take Marjory very long to give me a phone call, around noon she called me.. “Eeuhhh… Can I ask you something… My eeuhhh… nipples are so sensitive… I can’t stand it anymore… Can eeuhh… I take the threads off….?” I told her she had to keep them nicely tied, that it was part of her punishment for being such a whore. “Yes.. I’m sorry I asked.. Of course I need to be punished for what I did. I am really sorry.. But eeuhh…. it makes me eeuhh… exited..” I smirked at her, “You mean it makes you horny…?” A moment of silence… “Euuhh… yes… it makes me eeuhh…. horny…”, she said with a soft voice. “When can you come around to help me…?” I had to think for a minute.., “At what time you normally go to sleep..? Tell your husband you don’t feel very well and want to sleep alone… Give me a call when you’re ready…” Marjory started to moan.., “But… you can’t leave me whole day like this… Please… can’t you come over sooner..?” I didn’t want to discuss with her anymore and put the phone down. I think she would call me as soon as possible…At around 9 pm my phone started to buzz, it was Marjory.., “I’m at the shop now, I told my husband I had a headache.. Can you come over..? But please be careful nobody sees you..” About ten minutes later I arrived at her shop, the shop was dark and before I reached the door, it opened. Marjory told me to come in quickly. She closed the door quickly when I entered the shop, I could hardly see her in the dark. Marjory turned around and came close to me.. “I’m glad you are here, come up quickly…” Before she could go I stopped her, “Remove your clothes now…” I think she wanted to say something, but she started to undress slowly and dropped her clothes on the floor. It took some time, but finally she was totally naked. I grabbed a nipple.. It was hard as a rock.. “AAhhooowhhhh……. they are so sensitive….” I gave her a little push towards the stairs. When we got on the first floor she closed the door and flicked on a light. “Nobody can see the light.. The windows have special curtains that keep the sunlight out to protect the clothes. I loved the way see looked with her slender body, her breasts with the nipples sticking out like marbles.. “Can you free my nipples now…? I almost couldn’t stand it anymore… During the day they where rubbing against the fabric of the blouse… It got me exited the whole day..” I smirked at her, “I think you have to remove the threads by yourself… You must have something to cut the threads..”She walked to a drawer and got herself a tiny pair of scissors… Very carefully and with a little force she managed to cut the thread of one nipple, of course the blood started to flow to that nipple.. “OOhhwmmmmm….. my God..! OOOHHHHHHwwww…..” I could see tears in her eyes… After a few minutes biting her teeth and whimpering she took the other nipple and managed to free it. “OOOAAAhhhhhhhhwwwwwww…… it… hurts!!!! ” I just laughed at her.., “See… a little self punishment is always good… You deserved it..! Now…. Have you got any shoes here? Find a pair of black high heels and then take your position.” Before I could blink an eye she returned and put her hands behind her head. “That’s a good girl..! You look amazing in those high heels ! ” She only said, “Thanks..”, but remained her position. I ordered her to spread her legs a few feed apart, which she did.. “Let’s see how horny you are right now…” I plunged two fingers in her pussy.. It was soaking wet ! My fingers slipped in easily. I moved my fingers in and out and could hear the sloshing sounds of her snatch. I pulled my fingers out and held my hand close to her mouth.. She knew what to do and started licking my fingers. She sucked them all the way in and swirled her tongue around my fingers.At that time her phone started to ring.. “I think it’s my husband, he probably wants to know how I’m doing…. Can I answer it?” I told her she could and got her phone. She walked back at me and spread her legs again. “Hi darling.. Ohw yes.. I really don’t feel good with this headache.. I just took a painkiller and will be in bed soon..” Again I pushed two fingers in her snatch, her juices were dripping along my fingers now… “MMMmm… Ohw… yes… I will eehmmm… a good night sleep…. ” I jammed my fingers in and out of her horny snatch. The sound of her slushing snatch was filling the room… “Ohmm…. which sound…? Ohwmmm… that.. ! I am making myself.. a cup of eeuhmmmm…. hot chocolate… maybe eeuhmm… it will mmmake me sleep better…. ” I pushed my thumb on her erect clitoris… “OOhhhh…. Noo…. darling… I just eeuhh.. hit my foot on something……OOOhww…. ” I motioned her to keep on talking… I pushed a third finger up her cunt and started to circle her clitoris… I was really giving her a hard time… I could see she was close to an orgasm…. Marjory managed to keep on talking. “Nooo.. Mmm…. You eeuh… don’t have to call a eeuhhmm… doctor… I’ll be fine…. Really, I’m fine…. Just need a little mmmm…. rest…. ” I could feel her cunt was about to explode… I put a finger of my other hand in my mouth and covered it with saliva. I moved my other hand between her legs and put a finger against her asshole.. “Ahh… yes darlinnngggg…. That’s so sweet of you….. mmmmmmmm…, but I really don’t need anything…. right now….” At that moment I pushed my finger in her tiny back hole… I could feel her body react… she orgasmed at the spot.. She couldn’t say a word anymore while her orgasm ripped through her body. Her mouth opened wide, but did not produce any sound… Her body was jerking wild…. Her orgasm subsided and came back to her senses… “Yes… euhh… darling. I’m going to …mmmmmm sleep now… See istanbul escort you… tomorrow….” She ended the phone call and nearly collapsed. “Ohw my God… How can you do this to me..?” I looked at her with a smile, “I’m not doing anything to you….. You’re doing it yourself..!!! ” She looked down at the floor and didn’t respond to that. “I hope you have a razor somewhere.., I want you to remove all hair from your pussy…” I think she just panicked…, “Noo..!! That’s just filthy..! I won’t do that..! What will my husband think of that..?” I interrupted her with a stern voice, “Do you really think I give a fuck about your husband..? You better find a good excuse.. Now… Are you going to do something about it..?” Slowly she stood up and walked to a drawer and got a pair of scissors out. She looked in some other drawers and found herself a plastic bag with razors. “I don’t have any foam…”, she said. “We’ll see later… get going…”She sat down on the bed and started cutting her pubic hair. I could see on her face she was ashamed doing it. I got on my knees between her legs to have a good look. Carefully she cut all the hairs until all the hairs were gone. I got up and walked to the kitchenette, and with a normal soap I made some foam in my hands. I walked back to her and put the foam on her cunt. I spread it out all the way between her legs and walked back to get some hot water.”Go on… start shaving…” Marjory slowly got a razor from the bag and started to shave herself. She kept on looking at her pussy as if she couldn’t believe what she was doing… Her face got all red… she must be ashamed for what she was doing… Finally she managed to finish it. I looked down at Marjory.. Her face was flushed, “I look like a young girl now….” I told her to clean up and come back.It took her only a few minutes to get rid of all the soap and hairs. When she came back, she sat back on the bed again. “I hope you like it… because I don’t..!”, she said. I shoved a finger in her pussy and she was wet ! “Your cunt seems to like it… you’re all wet. Keep it like this from now on. Look how wet you are now..” I pulled my finger out of her and held it in front of her face. She turned more red than she was already before. “Taste yourself..! ” and I stuck my fingers between her lips. Marjory opened her mouth and I pushed my finger in. She started sucking on my finger until it was clean. “You should have a look at yourself now… You already beginning to look like a nice little slut you are….” I waited which impact my words had on her… She eagerly sucked my finger in her mouth and started swirling her tongue. I looked at her cunt, I could see moisture glistening between her lips. “It makes you horny being a bad girl, doesn’t it..?” A silent sigh escaped her mouth.. “Ooohwwww……” I pulled my finger out of her mouth.. “I want to see doing it yourself…..” Slowly she moved her hand down her crotch and slipped a finger in..”OOOhhhwww……. yes….. I’m so naughty……” She slipped another finger in. With her other hand she started to rub her clitoris… “MMMMmmmm….. You make me so eeuh… horny….. I want you.. to fuck me….” I pinched a nipple, “Not so fast Marjory… I want to see you come first… Go ahead… get yourself of for me…”She started looking me in the eyes, her eyes were half closed and her mouth was a little opened.. “OOOhhgggggmmmmm…….. I’m soooo….. horny… I shouldn’t be UUghhhhhh….. doing this…. It’s bad… OOOhhwmmm I’m sooo bad…. ” Faster and faster she started to pump her pussy and rubbing her clitoris. Her breathing became heavier, and when I thought she was going to orgasm I told her to stop. “Noooo…. I want to come…. I feel so bad… Please…. let me……” I pinched her other nipple again… “No, not that easy… Lay down, spread your legs for me and start over again.. I want you to tell me your deepest feelings.. Tell me what you are, what you feel… and maybe.. I let you come..”She laid down on the bed and opened her legs. She was completely exposed to me now. Her fingers were glistening with her juices. She pushed a few fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean before pushing them down in her pussy again. “OOOHHwwmmmmm I am bad ! MMmmmmm…. I want to come.. Who would ever think I would be doing this…. In front of you…. Mmmmmmm…… I’m… a respectable woman… and OOhhmmm…. I am doing this… mmmmm for you… I feel so slutty… I have shaved my sex.. eeuhh… cunt… I feel like a …. whore… Yes I’m a … whore… For you !!! OOhmmm……” Slushing sounds of her pussy filled the room. She worked fanatically on her clit.. “Yes… OOhhwmm… I am an adulteress.. I betray…. my husband… OOHHHWWWmmmm… Can I come…?” I just nodded my head ‘no’ and looked her in the eyes… “You eeuhh… have to … punish.. this… whore..!! Please…!!!! I can’t hold it anymore…!! Please….!!!!” I was not going to give it to her that easy… I picked up her panties and pushed them in her mouth. “This will prevent to to scream…. Go ahead… Come for me, you little whore!!!” These words took her over the edge, and she came!!! Juices flooded from her cunt, her body jerked upwards. “MMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh………. Grrrrrrmmmmmmmm………..” Her body dropped back on the bed and was shaking every few seconds.. I pulled her panties out of her mouth and she gasped for air. “OMG… what was that..? I have never come like this…. And never in front of someone…. Please… use me…”I had no intention yet to use her.. “Nooo… you need to be punished…. I want you to punish yourself…. ” I got out of my clothes and got up on the bed next to her. “Look at that big cock.. I want you to punish yourself avcılar escort with that cock… I want all your holes on that cock… Come on..! start working on it..!” She looked really beaten at that moment, but got up and opened her mouth and engulfed my cock head. She started to wank it and sucked on it. “I know you can take it all, you slut..! Put your hands on your back, or else I will get you tied. “Ohw yes…. tie my hands.. please..?” I grabbed my pants and got the belt. I tied her hands on her back with the belt. “Ohw yes… I feel so vulnerable like this…. Mmmmmm….” She opened her mouth again and took my cock in her mouth. This time she pushed it to the back of her mouth.. I humped a little bit, hitting the back of her mouth, she started gagging, but she tried to get it down. After a few tries it popped into her throat and started swallowing it.. She tried to look up at me. “Yes… that’s the way.. punish yourself, you little slut.” Every time she pulled my cock out she was breathing through her nose, but didn’t let go of my cock. She impaled herself on my cock every time. Her saliva covered my cock completely. I didn’t touch her.. yet… She was all doing it herself now. “It’s wet enough now.. get your slutty cunt on it now…” It wasn’t easy for her to get on top of me with her hands tied behind her back, but she managed to straddle me. “Yes… use my pussy.. Eeuh… cunt..!! ” I thought she needed a little help and I held my cock with my hand. She raised herself and got the cock head between her cunt lips. At that moment i grabbed her nipples and pulled them down.. “AAAAGHHHHHhhhhhhhh…………..” she screamed while her cunt got filled with my cock. It went in completely… “AAAGhhhhhhhhh…… OOhhmmmmmmm……. Fuuuckkkkk me……..” I only pulled her on her nipples back up. She raised herself again. Then I yanked her down again by her nipples. I was fucking her like she was a doll. Her cunt felt it was on fire. Juices gushing out. After a few times pulling her up and down, I let go of her nipples. She had to do it herself. “Come on… fuck yourself now..! ” She raised herself and pushed herself down again, grinding her clitoris on my pubic bone. “OOhmmmm….. yes… fuuuckkk….. ” She really started fucking herself now.. I could hear by her breathing she was getting close again.. She dropped down I gyrated her cunt on my cock, mashing her clitoris between our pubic bones. “OOhhwmmmm….. Yesss…. can I come…? OOhhmmm….. ” She looked at me while another orgasm hit her.. She dropped herself on my chest and was breathing heavily.. I could feel her pussy contracting and spasm around my cock. It was almost too much for me… I thought of different dirty things, trying not to come yet….. I manged not to come in her cunt, I wanted something else…. Marjory looked disappointed.. “Not good…? I can’t make you come…? ” I pushed her up by her shoulders. “You need to punish yourself… Get up, turn around and get your ass fucked..!” She managed to pull herself from my cock and with some effort she could turn herself around. I had a good look at her ass this way. She was on her feet and came down. I aimed my cock at her little brown hole.. When it touched her hole she stopped and took a big breath… Slowly she pushed herself down.. Her sphincter opened up a little and my cock head popped in.. “AAGghhhhh……… Fuuuckkkkk…..” I knees were trembling, she could not hold herself like this. Her legs gave away and she impaled herself on my cock. It went about half way in… “AAGghhhhhhhhhh….. ” Her whole weight was on my cock now and I pushed my pelvis up. The whole length of my cock shoved in her tiny asshole… “OMG….. Fuuuckkkkk……. ” She nearly collapsed, but she stayed on my cock. “Come on, you dirty little slut… start fucking it..!” I think she had no strength anymore to fuck my cock, I had to help her a little bit.. I took hold of her arms and pushed her up, until only the head was in her ass. I pulled her down again, pushing my rod back into her bowls. “Ohhh….. Fuuckk….. Ahhhhhh…….” She started to moan, but I didn’t care about her, the only thing I could think of was my cock splitting her ass. I used her arms to get her up and down on my rod. “OOHHWW…… It hurts !!!! OOhhw….. Yessss…… I need to be punished…!!!! Fuck my ass !!! OOhhww….” I could no longer hold back my orgasm anymore… I started to slam her down on my cock… The feeling was fantastic!. A moment later I erupted in her ass. Wave after wave I shot my load into her bowls.. She felt herself being filled up.. “OOhhwmmm………..” and collapsed back on my chest. She turned her head and tried to kiss me. I kissed her back and fondled her tits.. “Mmmmmmm……….. ” My cock still buried in her ass, she tried to lift her hips to get it out.. My cock slipped out of her ass and I rolled her over to her side. We stayed like that for a few minutes when I heard her sob.. Marjory was crying quietly.. I asked her what was wrong.. “What have I done…? I’m a total slut…All this should never of happened.. I feel so terribly bad, only because I enjoyed it…”, she kept on whimpering like that. I put my arms around her and tried to calm her down a bit. “Marjory, listen… You’re not bad at all. I think you are a very sexy woman. You need to let go of these feelings.. You can’t help it… You have been too hard on yourself, you need to relax more. Please don’t feel bead. I don’t feel bad about you.” She turned her head and looked at me.., “You don’t think bad about me..? Even if I am betraying my husband..?” I kissed her gently, “No Marjory… don’t be ashamed of your urges… it’s perfectly healthy.. You just get to know your body…. suppressing these feelings is not good… şirinevler escort I’m happy I can be with you whenever you want..” She turned herself around, facing me and took my face in her hands. “To be honest with you, I really enjoy this with you. I needed this for a very long time….” She kissed me passionately. When she broke the kiss she said, “We can always come up here… My husband knows this is my ‘domain’… he never comes up here.. Please make love with me now…”I slowly got up from the bed and headed to the kitchenette, “I will clean up first and go to the toilet. Don’t run away…” , and I smiled at her. After I went to the toilet I washed my cock I returned to the bed. Immediately she grabbed my cock and pulled me into the bed, “Do you think I can get it big again…? So you can fuck me some more…? I have become an insatiable little slut for you… and I love being used….” We were laying next to each other and she was fondling my dick and balls, “I think you should open yourself up a bit… The weather is becoming better now, next time when you go to church, wear a skirt… Not too short, just a normal skirt, but…. don’t wear your panties anymore…” Her eyes widened.., “Do you think I can do that…..? I must admit, it sounds a bit exiting… Yes! I will do that… I feel naughty already…. ” She bent over and took my cock in her mouth, “Let’s see if I can make you come again…”, she said.My cock grew back when she had taken it in her mouth. She lifted her head and said, “I love it when you take my head and fuck it…..”, and agin took my cock in her mouth. I grabbed the back og her head and pushed her head against my belly. I kept her head like that what seemed minutes. I pulled her of and she gasped for air. “Mmmmmmm……” Before she could say more I pushed her head back on my cock and started to fuck her throat. She was becoming a real submissive slut, she likes to get used like this. I wasn’t going to finish like this and pulled her head up. I ordered her to turn around so I could eat her juicy cunt. She hesitated for a few seconds, but she turned herself around. Her cunt was right above my face. Her bald pussy looked great. Her clitoris was enlarged and was sticking out between her labia. “Ohm my… look at this nice bald cunt…. I wonder what you’re going to tell your husband……..” I could feel her react… her body stiffened for a second… “Euuh… I eeuhh… don’t know yet… I’ll think of something…. I have some time, he only fucks me once a month or so… ” I laughed.., “Maybe when he sees your bald cunt he wants more of it….. Any man would want to fuck this… ” The moment when she said “Nooo”, I sucked her clitoris in my mouth.. “OOOhhwmmmmmm……..” I continued teasing her… “Maybe….. yes… I will get you fucked by more men….”, and again I sucked her clit into my mouth. “NoooooOOOHhwwwwww……… “”Imagine you’re being used by multiple men….. being used like a cheap whore… ” She didn’t say anything, but grind her pussy across my face.. She was ready for another orgasm. “OOhhw…. yes eat meee……. I’m so naughty…. Yesss…. please….” She smeared her juices all over my face, she was using me now…I grabbed her hips and pushed her away from my face. “I want to see a big black cock in this tight pussy….. I think you would like that… Imagine a big black cock being rammed up your hot little cunt….. That would be real nasty….” I could see juices running from her pussy… “I can see you’re getting wet from the thought of it…. Tell me…. ” She tried to push her pussy back onto my mouth, but I didn’t let her. “OOhww…. Pleeassee… suck me… eat mee..!!!! Yes…. you bastard.. I have imagined being fucked by eeuhh… mmmmmm… a big black.. dick…. OOhwwmmmm… please… “I hit her on her cheeks, she screamed out “Yesss… hit me…. OOhwww….. ” I hit her again on her ass and pushed her aside. “Come.. get your hot cunt on my cock, you have to tell me your fantasies now…. ” Before I knew it, she had turned herself around and impaled herself on my cock and started rocking her hips. I just looked at her, doing nothing… “What is wrong…? Am I doing something wrong..?” Saying that she clenched her pussy…. “Tell me…..” Her face flushed.. “I never told anybody my fantasies… Ohhhwmmmmm…. ” I felt her pussy contracting around my cock. “Yes… I have had fantasies about being taken by a big black dick….” Her pussy contracted again… “I was so ashamed about my fantasy… You’re the only one… OOhwmmmm… who knows now… Ohmmm… Please use me now… I want you.. MMmmmmm…” She started rocking her hips again. I got hold of her nipples and pinched them hard.., “AAaahhhhhhh yessss……. Ohw… fuck….. I’m gonna come……AAhhhhh……” I let go of her nipples and just waited… “Fuck… you bastard! Why don’t you let me… Okay… I will tell you… but pleaseeeee….. Can I come..? There… is…. a.. young black man… I see him every week in church… Sometimes… I’m dreaming of him… I get fucked… in the middle of the church… everybody is looking at me… OOhhw……. ” Marjory’s cunt contracted more and more… she really wanted to come… “He has… eeuhh… a very big penis…. OOhmmm….. and is really splitting me open…. MMMMmmmmmm….. Than he fucks me without mercy…. all those people… looking at me… They see… I’m a a… slut…… Ohww… please…. I’m comingggggg…….” I pinched her nipples again and twisted them… “AAAAHhhhhhhh….. YESSSS!!!!! OOhhmmm…..” Marjory’s orgasm had hit her massively… Her cunt jerked on my cock.. her belly contracted.. Marjory bucked up and down on me.. I pumped her spasming womb full of hot, white sperm until it ran out and covered her thighs. She dropped down on me and started to kiss me. Her tongue poked in my mouth and I returned her passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss “Please don’t tell anyone.. I feel so as ashamed….” At that moment a devilish idea popped into my head… That night I fucked her several more times before we fell asleep. We got only a few hours of sleep, in between fucking….To be continued…

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