The Quiet Game


“Well if you want to play games,” he growled as he cuffed her hands behind her, “here’s a game for you.”She had been bothering him incessantly to come and play a board game with her, finally stripping down naked to try to get his attention. Her ploy had worked. She squirmed and giggled, then let out a little shriek as she suddenly felt the crop come down on her ass.It bit into her several more times and she began to lose her smile as she became preoccupied with the stirring between her legs. She both loved and feared the crop- there was always the slight fear that he might hit her too hard, that the pleasure might slip into real pain, but with that fear came exhilaration, and with the stinging pain came a hunger between her thighs.”Are you listening now?”She giggled again, and was rewarded with several more stinging blows to her ass that turned her laugh into a gasp of pleasure.”Well?” he demanded.”Yes!” she finally squeaked.”You want to play games you little slut?”SLAP. The crop bit into her.”Then we’ll play by my rules.”SLAP”Listen closely little slut.” He leaned down over her and brought his mouth close to her ear. Calling her that turned her on and he knew it. “Here are the rules: I am going to fuck you, however I like, for as long as I like, and you-“He punctuated his words with resounding slaps from the crop:”You. Are not. To make. A sound. There will be no moaning in pleasure.”SLAP”No begging me to go faster or harder, like the needy little whore you are.”SLAP”And no squeaking or squirming.”SLAP”You are going to take my cock like a good little slut and if you make a sound-“SLAP”I will punish you as I see fit. Understood?””OK,” she giggled once more.He turned her over onto her back and put a hand to her face, caressing her tenderly and then moving in for a deep kiss. He broke the kiss and left a trail of them down her neck, which she eagerly exposed to him. Taking his time, he moved slowly down to her breasts, kissing each one and taking a moment to bite each nipple sharply, causing her to gasp. He kissed down her stomach, all the way down to beneath her belly button.Her breathing was growing heavy, and she awaited his next move with eager anticipation. She spread her legs eagerly, awaiting his tongue on her pussy, but he passed over it and moved down her inner thigh, leaving a trail of kisses and light bites. Finally, his mouth made its way back to her cunt, and she could feel his warm breath on her. He extended his tongue and drew it across her clitoris ever so lightly, and she let out another gasp.After a few more light brushes with his tongue, he went down on her for real, spreading around the wetness from his tongue, the juices from her lust. Her breathing grew louder but she was careful not to moan or make any vocal sounds. He spent several minutes tenderly administering to her with his tongue, and then suddenly his finger was at her entrance, just barely probing inside, enough to gather a bit of wetness on his fingertip, which he then spread around her slit. He repeatedly dipped a single fingertip into her, not enough to pleasure or satisfy her, just enough to drive her crazy and leave her wanting more.He was testing her, she knew that. He was trying to make her beg for him, but she knew if she was patient and played his game she would get what she wanted. She grew wetter at the thought. She was soon rewarded with a second finger, and this time they güvenilir bahis went deeper. She let out a moan, enjoying the sensation but still wanting more.SLAP”Quiet, slut,” he commanded, using the crop to give her a sharp reminder.She remained silent for the next few moments, but eagerly pushed her pelvis up to meet his hand. He always seemed to remain frustratingly out of reach. He loved seeing her this way, her horny and ever so sensitive to his every touch. He loved the control he had over her, that she held back her moans at his request, and that she was willing to do just about anything else to get a taste of him inside of her.He could see her struggling to remain quiet, as she was usually quite vocal during their sessions, and he decided to amp things up by giving her what she wanted… but only for a moment.He kissed his way back up her body and aligned himself with her entrance, then slid in slowly. He went in and out of her, enjoying the wetness that collected on his cock. He started to speed up, until he was fucking her fast and hard, and they were both panting. He could see she was in ecstasy as he pounded into her, but he couldn’t let her stay happy for too long. Suddenly he slowed, drew his penis almost all the way out, and began to move just the tip in and out of her, ever so slowly. Her eyes widened and she started trying to grind against him, desperately trying to get back to that high.”No moving,” he ordered. “Remember, we’re playing by my rules.”She let out a frustrated groan and he gave her a light slap across the cheek.”My my, you aren’t very good at this game, are you?” he mocked.”Ohhh, harder, please!”He laughed at her anguish, paused dramatically, then her request was met with a simple “No.””You are mine,” he elaborated. “And I am going to do whatever. I. Want. To you. Now turn over.”Thankful to have the weight off her arms, which were still cuffed behind her, she rolled onto her stomach eagerly. This was a favorite position of hers. He knew that. And he was determined that it would be her undoing. He continued to pump in and out of her slowly, just the tip, and when she tried to rock back against him he pulled out entirely, reminding her who was in charge.Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and began begging deliriously to have him harder and deeper inside of her.After watching her beg for a minute or two, he was tempted to oblige, and pound her until he filled her with his cum. But rules were rules, and she had broken them. He turned her over to face him and saw the desperation in her eyes as she was left with an aching, empty feeling between her legs.”I’ve warned you several times now not to move or talk! If you can’t follow my instructions, then you will have to learn to deal with the consequences. On your stomach.”Hands still cuffed behind her, she awkwardly rolled over and struggled to move to the center of the bed.”I am going to give you forty spanks with the crop. And you are going to keep count for me like a good little slut. Now, legs together, and get your ass in the air. And don’t even think of moving from this position or trying to avoid the crop. Understood?””Yes,” she pouted. She was slightly apprehensive of what was about to happen- he had always used the crop as a form of play during sex, and never given her a real spanking with it. Forty blows sounded like a lot, and she feared she may not be able to take that güvenilir bahis siteleri many, but at the same time she was excited to see where her limits were.”Good girl,” he purred.He ran the crop down her back, making her shiver with the sensation while also building the anticipation.She, appreciating the pleasure he offered her, was filled with the desire to please him, and raised her ass a little higher for him.”Such an eager, needy thing,” he commented. “So greedy.”The first blow came down on her ass harder than expected, and in her surprise she almost forgot to count, but managed to gasp out: “One!”He paused and let the effects sink in for a moment, and she realized that the slightly demeaning task of having to count the blows aloud was actually turning her on- she felt herself growing wet all over again and suddenly found that she was looking forward to the rest of her so-called punishment.SLAP”Two!”A pause, then another hard spank.”Three!”After ten spanks, she was starting to feel the heat grow in her ass. He kept pausing between blows, letting the stinging sensation set in, and running the crop down her body or giving her light little taps with it between spanks.Suddenly, he picked up the pace, and let loose a flurry of blows in quick succession. Taken off guard, she yelped and brought her pelvis down into the mattress, forgetting to count as he rained down blows on her. He stopped suddenly. He grabbed her hair in one hand and yanked her head back, bringing his mouth close to her ear once again.”Get your ass in the air,” he growled. “And take your punishment like a good girl.”The heat was setting in, she could feel her skin turning red after the last flurry of blows, and suddenly she was not feeling quite so excited about this punishment.She chose to defy him.”Nooooo,” she said mischievously. “I’d rather stay here. Maybe I could drink your cum instead?”She turned over onto her back and wiggled her shoulders, allowing her breasts to bounce seductively, only to let out a surprised cry when the crop bit into her nipples.”You really can’t shut your mouth, can you?” he said. “You’d better turn over, get your ass up in the air and take your punishment, before I come up with a worse one.”She realized she wasn’t getting out of this, but as she turned over she pleaded with him, “Please, can’t we stop at 20? Forty is too many!””Oh no,” he replied. “After that little display, you’re lucky I don’t add extra. And since you broke position and lost count, we will be starting from the beginning.”Her mouth fell open and she began to protest but he didn’t wait to hear what she had to say. He began to strike her upraised ass with the crop, this time going fast and hard, not stopping in between for breaks or caresses. All she could do was blurt out numbers desperately.Somewhere in the thirties she broke position again, parting her legs and flattening against the bed in an effort to escape.”If you can’t do as you’re told,” he said, “we will keep on starting from the beginning.””I’m sorry!” she exclaimed. She hadn’t meant to move, but was starting to become overwhelmed by the number of blows.”I’m going to give you a choice,” he offered. “Either I secure you so you can no longer move, and we start from the beginning-“She whimpered. This was making her so wet and desperate and she just wanted him to get back to fucking her already!”Or you may choose to take the last iddaa siteleri ten strikes on your pussy.”She was taken aback by what he proposed. Though, this was the day of trying new things, she supposed. And ten strikes would be better than another forty…”I’ll do the ten,” she mumbled.”Oh no, you’re going to have to ask for it nicely.” He smirked as she gaped at him in bewilderment. “I’m waiting.””May I please have ten strikes with the crop on my pussy?” she asked uncertainly.”You want me to spank your pussy?””Yes, please,” her face turned slightly red as she realized she was once again enjoying the humiliating tasks he demanded of her.”Well then,” he chuckled, “you’re going to have to earn it. Get up.”He grabbed her hair again and pulled her over to his chair in the corner of the room, then sat down and forced her to her knees. He pulled on her hair to bring her face close to his balls.”Go on, slut. Lick it.”Eagerly, she lapped at his balls. She was thankful that she had the opportunity to please him again before he spanked her pussy- perhaps he would go lighter on her if she did well. She felt her juices begin to run down one leg as she licked his balls and allowed him to shove her face where it belonged. He pulled her off his balls and presented his long hard cock to her.”Open.”She opened her mouth obediently and stuck her tongue out so he could rub the tip of his cock over it, as well as over the rest of her face. She wanted to follow his cock around with her mouth, to keep tasting him, but she held still- she was already in enough trouble for moving when he wanted her still.”Good girl,” he murmured as she finally took his cock in her mouth. She became even wetter from his praise, the feeling of his cock in her mouth, and even the frustration of not being able to touch herself. She began to moan and bounce up and down in frustration, wishing her hands were free so she could finger herself, or that he would fuck her as she so desperately needed.”Such a little whore,” he remarked disdainfully, jerking her head back away from his cock. “Now lie on the bed.”She stood clumsily and stumbled over to the bed, first sitting, then lying down on her back. He followed a few moments later, with the crop and spreader bar in hand.”Since you can’t be trusted to keep still…”He attached the spreader to each of her ankles, keeping her legs open, and instructed her to bend her knees. Her cunt was completely exposed to him. He ran a finger along her slit, feeling how slick she was with juices. She let out a moan.”Such a needy whore, getting wet from punishment and cock sucking.””I need you inside me,” she moaned. “Please!”Instead of answering, he brought the crop down on her pussy.She cried out in surprise.”Count,” he barked.”One!”SLAP”Two!”He slid a finger into her.SLAP”Three!”He began to move it in and out slowly as he delivered the next few blows. Delirious from the mixed pain and pleasure and the raw, desperate need she had to be filled up, she counted the strikes until they reached ten.Without hesitation, he rammed his cock into her soaking cunt, and she continued to moan and squirm and beg for more as he pounded into her.”That’s my good little whore.” He flipped her onto her stomach and began fucking her hard from behind, admiring the beautiful redness left imprinted on her ass by the crop. There was no slowness or teasing this time; he pounded her hard and fast, and within minutes he emptied himself into her.As their bodies both relaxed, he planted gentle kisses over her shoulders and upper back, then undid the handcuffs and removed the spreader, allowing her to move close to him for cuddles.”Good girl.”

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