The Rear View Mirror

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As we drive she keeps catching my eye in the rear view mirror. It’s so disconcerting, she’s stunning, so far out of my league it’s unreal. I am sure she must be at least twenty years younger than me with such an amazing body and she’s nice, a genuinely nice person. But she’s also sitting in the middle in the back seat of my car and my wife is on one side and her husband is on the other side.

But everytime I check my mirror she is looking, straight at me and her eyes look like they are smiling, it’s happened four, maybe five, times in the last few minutes and its blatant and I wish I could say something clever and sexy, in fact I wish I could say anything at all but of course I can’t.

It continues, and I find I’m checking the mirror more and more, a lot more than usual and her eyes are constantly there boring into my psyche and I’m a little confused and more than a little aroused. I can feel my cock growing heavier. Best not to get a hard-on though as my wife’s best friend is sitting next to me in the front passenger seat and if she sees and makes a sarcastic comment as she is prone to do then I’m busted. Not that she spends a lot of time looking in that direction but there’s always the risk.

We get home without mishap so that’s cool. We don’t crash and I don’t cum hard in my pants.

I watch her as we unload the car and carry things in to the house and there’s no acknowledgement at all so I start thinking that it was just a trick of the light or the mirror angle and my imagination is playing with me or some such.

But there’s five of us now in the hallway of our house, taking our shoes and coats off and she squeezes past me and her ass brushes the front of my trousers and now I’m thinking ‘holy fuck’. Our house is not that small, two people can pass each other easily without touching, nobody else notices. I want to grab her and fuck her hard on the stairs.

I’m no George Clooney, I’m OK looking, I’m greying, I could lose a little weight but her husband, now sitting opposite me in the front room talking inanely about football, is a personal trainer, and a successful one. So he’s tall and fit with ludicrously big arms and shoulders, Muscle Marys my gay friends call people like him. I excuse myself because I need to turn the oven on for dinner. The women are elsewhere in the house, occasionally I can hear chatter or laughter. I know it’s not very good hosting but I’m happy to leave boring husband alone for a little while. He can always go and find the women but, if any of his previous visits are anything to go by, he won’t leave that chair until he’s told to.

I’m at the sink and I can sense movement behind me, there’s a faint reflection in the window but I can’t make out who it is. So I turn. It’s her, of course it is. She’s smiling.

I’m nonchalant despite my insides churning away and I ask her if she wants a drink. It’s late afternoon and no-one has had anything other than tea or coffee but her answer suggests she wants something stronger. We’ve got wine for dinner, both in the fridge and a bottle of red opened and ‘breathing’ so I point out the cabinet with the wine glasses and ask her to help herself. But she’s not interested in the wine, she takes out a tumbler, goes to the fridge, bending down from her hips in what I suspect is an exaggerated manner as her ass is up and towards me, I can see no panty line under her cotton slacks and my cock twitches. She takes some ice from the freezer. She stands and turns and her nipples under her soft cotton top have hardened from the cold air. She walks over to the sideboard and helps herself to vodka and a splash of tonic. She turns towards me, looks down and sees her nipples and she giggles:

“oops, cheers” and she raises her glass to me.

I’ve seen enough bad porn to suspect that I’m supposed to do something here but I’m not sure what. My cock is certainly doing something and her eyes drift downwards to check.

I’ve often wondered what happens when someone acts like a cock tease, not that it usually happens to me, and I used to wonder up to this point whether it ever happened outside of movies but my thoughts now are: is she teasing because she’s bored and wants some fun or is she teasing because she’s frustrated and wants some real fun? I hope you understand the distinction. But this is getting a bit much for my poor male brain to work through as my cock is beginning to take over the thinking for me. So now I’m not only flustered but also anxious that she has noticed my aroused state even though I’m convinced that this was exactly the result she had wanted.

But, before I’m able to respond she winks at me, turns and leaves and a few seconds later I hear her talking to her husband suggesting if he wants a drink he should get it himself and not be such a lazy cunt. I was surprised at the profanity, but it did give me a good idea about the state of their relationship and I took that as an explanation for her need for a bit of a fun.

Dinner passes without ankara escort note, everyone is on their best behaviour, and the conversation is easy despite the quantity of wine being drunk. No-one wants coffee to finish, everyone except Mr Boringman has a brandy. He clearly wants one too but his wife reminds him he is driving so he declines.

I need to give her a name. I don’t know whether they read online erotica but it wouldn’t really do to use everyone’s real names so she will be Mariam. No point in giving Boringman a name as he isn’t really worth the effort. Best friend can stay as ‘best friend’ because I know she doesn’t like me very much.

They leave late, later than usual that is. He gives me a hearty, manly handshake and I’m surprised he’s not patting me on the shoulder as he seeks to assert primal dominance. To be honest these days most of my male friends are huggers and so I’ve become one too, but not tonight. He gives my wife an awkward man hug, you know the ones where there is little contact and not much point to it really. As he does so Mariam approaches me and wraps her arms around me, gives me a warm and open hug and a kiss on my cheek as she thanks us profusely. She is a little drunk. Her hand brushes up my back in an intimate manner as if to say that she wants more contact than polite company allows.

They all leave, my wife goes up to bed and I stay up to tidy the house and set the dishwasher. My wife will be asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow, alcohol does that to her, so I find a bad film to watch on TV.

No sooner than I’m settled and my phone pings, a whatsapp message from Mariam, just to me. She’s thanking me again for a lovely time and suggesting we do it again soon but, and here’s the clincher “maybe just the two us, what do you think?”.

I look at the message and my first thought is whether my wife ever looks at my phone. I don’t think she does but I’m immediately googling to see whether ‘whatsapp’ can be easily locked, it can, but now I’m wondering what I tell my wife if she checks my phone and finds that it is only ‘whatsapp’ that is thumbprint protected, will she be wondering what I have to hide? But now I’m thinking too much into it. I can always delete the chat once we’ve made the arrangements.

Now I’m realising that I am thinking when and how and not if, in fact it shouldn’t even be an if, it should be a thanks but no thanks. But I don’t want that. I want to fuck Mariam, and I want to fuck her in their marital bed so Boringman has to sleep in a cocktail of my cum and her juices. I want to feel her lips around my cock as I cum in her mouth and over her face so it dribbles onto her tits, I want to fuck her long and hard in all positions, I want to fuck her ass and cum inside. I want to tie her ankles to her wrists as I fuck her gaping pussy and she screams in orgasmic delight. I even want to breed her so I can then fuck her doggy with her swollen belly beneath her.

My cock is so hard, my trousers are open and my cock is sticking out of my boxers as I jerk myself imagining all the dirty things I want to do with Mariam. As I cum hard into a tissue I jolt back to reality and the realisation that of course Mariam is still drunk and I suspect that Boringman has disappeared for a sulky wank somewhere. I’m not sure how much different that makes him from me except of course I am celebrating the attentions of his sexy wife and he is not.

I decide not to reply tonight, I shall have to assume she will not check that her message has been read, I want to know whether she regrets her message when she is sober. I am hoping not and am relying on the fact she was not drunk in the car or in the hall or the kitchen.

I turn the TV off, no idea what the film was about as I missed it all.

It’s lunchtime and I have spent the morning thinking how to reply when my phone pings again. No words just “?” so clearly she is not regretting anything, except I’m now regretting being such a wuss. So I reply “I’m looking forward to it, when and where?” and instantly regret it. It must be twenty years since I’ve been with anyone other than my wife, although our sex life is pretty non-existent these days. I used to be a bit of a ladies man in my thirties and forties so I know my way around a woman’s body but I worry about whether I can remember the moves with someone else and, as it’s Mariam, whether I can keep up with her.

I imagine them fucking, all athletic and porn film perfect but also passionless, their perfect bodies fitting perfectly, and in my imagination he cums all over her back in heavy spurts. I see the white cum on her brown skin as she looks over her shoulder at him with just a hint of contempt as she realises she will now have to finish herself off.

It also must be a good ten years since I had sex more than once in a day but thinking of Mariam makes me want to fuck her all night all over her house, not just in her bed but also on her kitchen table, in her hallway ankara escort bayan pinned against the wall and in her shower. Her tits are magnificent, round and full, her waist is slim, and her ass is to die for. I imagine her long brown legs wrapped around me pulling me in, I imagine my face buried between her thighs as I lap at her pussy and I’m hard again.

I’ve never had an affair, never even cheated before, and I’m wondering how to go about it. Do I have to settle for a quickie somewhere in an anonymous hotel paid for in cash, or maybe a fuck in the back seat of my car, or hers. Although there is a certain cheap thrill to the idea I’m not sure how well I could manage that.

I don’t have to think about that right now as two minutes later my phone pings again. “Tomorrow at mine, he’s away for a few days, 7ish” So now the issue is that I have to think of something to tell my wife.

But again fate intervenes and I don’t have to do that because twenty minutes later I’m in the kitchen and she comes in and says she has to go to Sonia’s for a few days as she’s not been well and needs some support and help and I’m thinking ‘who the fuck is Sonia’ but not for long as I’m also thinking ‘OK that’s fortunate.’

My wife disappears mid-afternoon with an overnight bag and a promise she will text me when she is on her way home, probably 2, maybe 3 nights.

After a night to myself when several times I have to stop myself from wanking over the idea of Mariam and her naked body lying before me I manage to get some sleep.

The next day is just as bad and I’m ready by 5 despite the fact they only live thirty minutes away and I’m getting a little performance anxiety and wondering whether I’m doing the right thing – which of course I’m not. I’m about to cheat on my wife for the first time.

But at 7 o’clock I’m standing at her door and I’ve brought wine, I’ve groomed all over and dressed nicely. She answers the door dressed in a robe, I think it’s a kimono or something like that, and I suspect she’s not got much on underneath. So my assumptions about what is about to unfold appear correct.

She takes the wine and thanks me and we go through to the kitchen and there’s food ready on the table and she says: “Sit, eat, I want to talk to you.” She opens the wine and pours two glasses, downing most of hers straight away, so I’m not the only one who’s a little nervous.

But the first thing she says is “Where’s Rosie tonight?” Rosie is my wife. I’m a little surprised at this as the starting point for a seduction so I reply telling her about Sonia and my wife’s absence for the next few days.

“Do you know anything about Sonia?” she continues, so I reply “No, first time I heard her name was yesterday.”

Mariam doesn’t hold back “I think they’re fucking, I think Boringman and Rosie are fucking, don’t you think it’s a coincidence that they’re both away at the same time and they’ve both been equally vague about where? Didn’t you see how they looked at each other the other night.”

But all I’m thinking is about how we had looked at each other that evening and how her robe has slipped down her naked shoulder and the way she keeps hitching it up which makes her tits move under her robe and it’s getting me hard.

My next thought is ‘Good on Rosie for pulling a younger, fitter man, she probably needs a good seeing to’ and I’m a little surprised at that and so I don’t respond immediately.

“But that’s not why I want to fuck you,” she says “I’ve always had a thing for older men and you’re cute and I like you. It’s not such a big deal is it that if they’re getting some action elsewhere then perhaps we could too?”

She puts her glass down and stands and lets her robe drop around her feet and all she’s wearing are those stockings that stay up by themselves and her tits are beyond perfect and her pussy is shaved bare and she’s coming towards me.

She takes my hand and pulls me to my feet and we kiss, her tongue is probing my mouth and I respond, kissing her back with some abandon as my nerves fall away as soon as our lips connect. I’m feeling overdressed and I want to feel her naked body next to mine. But she breaks the kiss and now she’s undoing my shirt buttons and pulling my arms out of the sleeves. Her mouth goes for my nipple and her tongue circles it and the sparks shoot straight down to my cock. Her hands move down to my belt and trousers and as soon as she has access she is under the waistband of my boxers and is grasping my cock which is now hard.

I moan “oh fuck” as she frees my cock which is now standing proud as she holds me slowly stroking my length.

I press my chest against her breasts and her hard nipples push into my skin. But she has other plans as she sinks down to her knees and my cock is straight in her mouth, her warm lips wrapped around my helmet and her tongue is starting its work. So perhaps it’s time I stopped being such a passive participant and I grab her head escort ankara and hold her as she tries to get my cock down her throat.

She alternates between sucking and licking the length of my shaft and I can feel the pent up anxieties of the last couple of days building up in my balls but it’s too soon. I don’t want to cum like this however much I feel the need.

I bend down and holding her under her arms lift her slightly, and she looks up at me, my cock still in her mouth, her big eyes full of lust. This is such a magnificent picture, her brown skin with her full lips wrapped around my cock her beautiful tits swaying below.

But she takes my hint and, with a pop, releases my cock from the warm embrace of her mouth, a dribble of spit briefly joining us together.

As she stands “Where can we be more comfortable” I ask, remembering how I had imagined fucking her on their bed. She takes my hard cock in her hand and leads me through, she seems to be heading for the front room before she shifts direction and heads upstairs. She has to let go of my cock but no mind because the sight of her naked brown ass switching and swaying as she walks up the stairs will be a memory for the rest of life, although I do desperately want to grab her hips and bury my face between her cheeks so badly. But she’s on a mission and looks behind her as if to hurry me up. She almost runs up the last few steps and I almost stumble and then down the landing and we’re in their bedroom.

I wish I could describe it to you but it’s just a bedroom and my entire focus was on her and her nakedness, her dark brown areolas with her even darker nipples which are hard and puckered draw my attention to her breasts, and I know I’ve said so before, but they are perfect.

She pulls me down onto their bed and our lips lock and my hands roam and she’s pulling me tight against her with an urgency that tells me she wants to fuck quick and hard, but I want to linger and enjoy her body which is truly magnificent and I can’t believe my luck but she clearly wants to fuck and fuck now so I don’t want to disappoint.

She opens her legs to wrap them around me and my cock feels the wet and the warmth of her pussy lips sliding against my length so I shift so that I’m properly on top of her my arms either side and my lips are on her tits and she’s writhing as if she’s never had her nipples sucked before and she’s moaning and my cock is pushing against her pussy lips and it would only take a little shift in position and I would be in.

She senses my hesitancy “It’s OK I’m on the pill and I want your bare skin inside me” she pants and I shift and the tip of my cock finds its way between her lips and she arches her back a little and I sink in further so I lean back and push and my cock sinks all the way in and her pussy feels so warm and inviting and I can feel her pussy muscles twitching around me and it’s only now that I sense her body relax.

It’s as if we’ve done the deed now and she’s not so frantic, so I slide in and out slowly feeling my way around an unfamiliar pussy keeping my weight on my arms. I’m looking down at her and her eyes are closed and her brow is furrowed so I shift my weight to one side and with one hand I gently massage her temple and she opens her eyes and smiles as she relaxes more.

I’m intrigued, she was very much the instigator of this tryst but she seems quite uptight about actually going through with it. But we’re committed now so I want her to enjoy herself and so far it’s all been a bit ‘vanilla’ if that’s the right word. Don’t get me wrong I’m still amazed that someone so beautiful should even give me the time of day let alone allow me into her pants so, and I know this is going to sound cliched but I want to show her a good time, a really good time.

That sounds stupid, what I actually want is for her to want to do this again, and again.

We’re moving together nicely, we seem to have developed a good rhythm and she’s making appreciative noises so I start to pound harder and deeper, I take her right leg and lift it onto my shoulder and this position gets me deeper into her and I can feel she’s close to cumming so I take her left leg and lift that onto my other shoulder and as I hold her ankles I bring her legs together so her pussy is squeezing my cock which now has a much tighter fit in her pussy. She’s moaning and calling my name and it feels good.

I’m now slower and more deliberate, using long strokes, I open her legs wide again, move upwards and push in deeper and I’m watching her tits move in time with my thrusts and it’s so hot. I take both her legs and bring them together again, while keeping up the same rhythm and push them forwards so her knees are now near her chin and her nipples are brushing against her thighs as we fuck and she’s moaning from somewhere deep inside and her pussy is clenching my cock which is almost vertical now as I push down into her and i feel her cumming and I’m amazed that I am still going, and I am pleased that I am still going. A few more hard strokes and she’s pushing her hands onto my chest trying to get me to stop, so I slow down and stop, my cock deep inside her and her pussy muscles spasm against me and her stomach is fluttering and she is panting fast and hard.

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