The Redhead

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Anne is the Office Manager in a branch office of the company that I work for. I’m a Customer Service Rep and I stop by Anne’s branch about once a month while following up with new contacts, customer complaints, etc. Anne is a very approachable and pleasant person to be around. She is very good at dealing with people. Her “people skills” and her personality make her an excellent Office Manager. She’s in her mid-thirties, I’d say, about 5’5″ or 5’6″ tall with a trim figure. Her most striking characteristics are a head of red hair that is almost mid-back length and bright green eyes. I didn’t know Anne very well until we attended a company “strategy” meeting last spring.

With the economy turning a little sour, our company decided to bring a number of managers, account reps and customer service types together to “brainstorm” and develop a “strategy” to “position the company in the new economy.” Anyway, the meeting was held at a resort about 400 miles east of where I live. The nearest airport was almost 50 miles from the resort so I decided to drive. Anne’s branch office was en route so I offered to pick her up on my way. She accepted. I picked her up early on a Monday morning. We used the travel time to get acquainted and to do some speculation about what this meeting was really about. After arriving at the resort, we barely had time to check in and get our stuff to our rooms. The company “brass” wanted to start immediately and had a working lunch arranged. This first afternoon was spent in all the preliminaries – briefing about sales, new developments, the economic outlook, establishing the pecking order, etc. I was really glad when 5 P.M. arrived.

I went up to my room to change into my workout clothes, then I was going to the resort fitness center. The company was paying for the rooms, but I like a little more space and amenities so I had upgraded my room to an extended stay suite with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, two rooms, extra data ports, etc. I like to relax with a good book, good music and a glass of wine so I had brought a selection of wines that I like from home.

I went to the fitness center to use the weight room. After stretching and warming up I went through the routine on the various pieces of equipment. I was walking on the treadmill and cooling down when Anne came into the weight room. Her red hair up in a ponytail and she was wearing a shorts and sport top. Her trim figure was the result of her working out. She looked good enough to eat. We both said “hi”. I continued to cool down and she began her warm up routine, then she went to the weight machine and began making some adjustments. She had a bit of a problem with some of the pins in the weight stacks, so I asked if I could give her a hand. She said “yes”, so I kneeled beside her and helped to fit the pins into the weight stacks. She had worked up the beginning of a sweat during her warm up and this, combined with the faint smell of her perfume, really turned me on. I figured I’d better get out of there before I said or did something stupid. I stood up and said “well, it’s all yours. I’m going to get organized and settled in.” She said “O.K. Thanks. I’ll probably see you at breakfast.” An innocent remark, but there was something to think about.

I went up to my room, stripped and entered the shower. While lathering up, I started thinking about the smell of Anne’s faint perfume and sweat. It was a really erotic smell. My soapy hands wandered down to my crotch and started to lather my cock and balls. I started jacking my cock with one hand and fondling my balls with the other as I envisioned a nude Anne. She had lots of freckles and I thought how much fun it would be to play connect-a-dot with my tongue. I snapped back to reality when I thought doing that would gross her out and, besides, we were barely acquaintances. But it would be fun to try. Anyway, It was time to get out of the shower, get dried off, get dressed, get some supper, and get ready for tomorrow’s meeting. Who knows, I might see Anne at breakfast.

I was eating breakfast when Anne entered the dining room. She stopped for a second and looked around the room. Almost immediately, she had several offers to share a table. After I finished my breakfast, I walked by the table where Anne was seated with three men – all branch managers. I said “Hello, Anne. Good morning, gentlemen,” and continued on my way.

The next two days of meetings were long and tedious, but the “brass” seemed pleased with a lot of the ideas for sale campaigns, product improvement, etc. I would see Anne, and occasionally chat with her a few minutes, during the day. The best part of each day was the evening workout. The second evening, I had done my routine and cool down. I planned to swim a few laps in the pool. I was just about ready to go into the locker room to change into a swimsuit, when Anne came in. She was wearing a sweat suit and her red hair was braided into pigtails and pinned up. I said, “Hello, Anne.” And she replied. I went into the locker room, changed, and came back out to the pool. Anne was standing on the deck beside the pool. She was putting on canlı bahis a swim cap. She was wearing a sleek one-piece racing suit that really emphasized her trim figure. I slipped into the pool and started to swim laps. Anne did the same on the opposite side of the pool. We same for about thirty minutes, when I stopped and hauled myself up onto the edge of the pool. I was wiping water off my face when Anne swam over next to me. She asked, “are you quitting already?” I said, “Yes, I didn’t want to overdue it.” She said, “I’m going to swim a few more laps. Have a good evening. I might see you at breakfast.” There was that remark again. I went up to my room and showered with the same routine – thinking about a nude Anne, lathering, fondling and jacking, and then a return to the reality of getting dressed, getting supper, etc.

The third evening workout was the same, only Anne and I arrived at the same time. We worked through our routines on the machines together and we cooled down by walking on adjacent treadmills. We talked about the meetings and both of us were struck by the fact that no one else from the company seemed to use the fitness center. Anne said she had received numerous invitations for drinks, dinners and evenings “on the town”, but she made her excuses because she preferred her evenings to be a private, quiet time. I told her that I, too, enjoyed quiet evenings, that I liked read a good book and listen to music and I might also enjoy a glass of wine then. We got off the treadmills. I was picking up my stuff and Anne was wiping sweat from her face. She had worked up a good sweat and her smell was erotic, exotic and intoxicating. I wanted to put my arms around her and just start kissing her all over. I reined in my imagination and said, “I’d better get my act together and get organized for tomorrow.” She said she had to do the same and she may see me at breakfast. That remark again and the same routine – envision a nude Anne, shower, lather, jack and fondle, back to reality, etc.

The meeting was supposed to end Thursday evening with everyone traveling on Friday, but a spring blizzard was developing to the west so the “brass” decided to cut the meeting off during the mid-morning. Highway travel wasn’t advised between Anne’s home and mine. We were looking at a full day of driving in bad weather and rotten road conditions. Anne and I discussed our options and decided to stay at the resort and leave on Friday morning as originally planned. Just to play it safe, we talked with the resort desk clerk and extended our room reservations through the weekend in case the blizzard stopped all travel.

I went down for any early work out. Anne was already swimming laps. I joined her and swam a number of laps to stretch out and loosen up. We got out of the pool. I told Anne that I really didn’t feel like working out further. She said the same; the abrupt end of the meeting left her sort of adrift. I said that I thought rather than going to a restaurant for supper, I was going to order something from room service. I asked her it she would like to join me. She thought a minute and said. “Yes, I’d like that very much.” We agreed to meet in my suite in an hour.

While showering, I did the now established routine – envision nude Anne, lather, jack and fondle reality, etc. After showering, I shaved (one never knows) and dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

Anne arrived on the hour on the dot. She was wearing (guess what?) a T-shirt and sweatpants. Her red hair was loose and flowing down her back. She looked good enough to eat.

We looked though the room service menu and decided to order linguine with a red clam sauce, salad and an Italian loaf. We didn’t order a wine since I had a supply, which I had brought with me. While waiting, I asked Anne to choose three wines – one for before dinner, one during dinner and a desert wine. She said she wasn’t really sure about wines, but was my motive was to get her drunk on wine? I told her, “No, I wasn’t going to get her drunk. She should just choose wines that she likes.” She said she liked chianti and she would start with that now and with dinner. She asked if I had a port wine. I told her I did, but port could be pretty heavy duty as an after dinner wine. She said her Dad like port and that’s what she would like. I open a bottle of chianti classico, poured two glasses and lifted mine in a toast and said. “Redheads rule.” She wanted to know what that meant. I told her that I meant that redheads, especially women, were especial people and were to be held somewhat in awe. She grinned and said, “You’re kidding!” I said, “No, I think you are pretty awesome.” She turned away and walked to the window and looked out. The blizzard was building faster than predicted. I walked over and stood behind her. She turned and placed her hand on my arm, “The way it looks now, and we may not get out of here tomorrow.” I said, “then it was a good idea that we extended our rooms through the weekend.” Before she could reply, there was a knock and the door and the call “Room Service.” We set the meal up on the table in the sitting room. We ate pretty much bahis siteleri in silence. After the table was cleared, I asked her if she wanted a glass of port. She said she wanted to finish the chianti. Anne was rather pensive. I asked what was bothering her and she said storms always depressed her. I told her not to worry; we were safe and would be o.k. She stilled looked pensive so I took her hand and lead her to the couch. She sat down and I sat beside her. She then smiled and said, “Too bad this place doesn’t have a fireplace, it would be a great bachelor’s pad.” I told her that the builders had substituted a two person tub and shower in place of the fireplace. She sort of blushed and became silent. In a few minutes, we began talking about books we had read and music that we liked. Small talk. I finally told her that I enjoyed sharing the fitness center and pool and working out with her. She said she enjoyed it too and was sort of glad that no one else came in. I poured us each another glass of wine and then took a chance. “You know, Anne, I think you are a rather special woman. You take care of yourself, you are independent and you are a striking woman whom I would like to know better.” She said, “Oh, really?” I told her that when she was working out the smell of her perfume and her sweat was rather erotic and stimulating. She blushed and said, “I, too, find honest sweat to be a stimulant.

We sat silently for a few minutes and sipped our wine. We turned towards each other. We both leaned forward and brushed our lips together in a light kiss. We looked at each other and set our glasses down. I put my hands on her shoulders and drew her close. Anne put her arms around me and laid her head against my shoulder. She looked up; we kissed, then kissed again. She caressed the side of my face with her right hand. I ran my left hand along her cheek and behind her head. We broke the kiss. “I love your hair, the color, the smell, it’s beautiful.” Anne leaned back against the couch and smiled, “You wouldn’t love it, if you had to take care of everyday.” We sat quietly and listened to the wind whistle around windows. Anne wrapped her arms around herself, shivered and said, “I’m cold. I want to go to bed.” I said, “I’ll walk back to your room with you and say ‘Goodnight’ there.”

“No, I want to bed here. With you. Now.” I said she should get ready first then. I recorked what was left of the chianti and rinsed out the glasses. The suite also had a half bath off the kitchen nook. I used that to get ready for bed.

I hoped Anne would be nude under the covers. I left my T-shirt and sweatpants in the half bath. I turned off the lights as I walked across the room. I stopped to pull back a drape and look out. The wind was plastering snow against the sides of trees and cars in the resort parking lot were being drifted in. We would not be leaving in the morning. And we didn’t get to the port wine.

Anne had the covers pulled up to her neck. Her red hair was fanned out, around her face and head, like a halo. The only light in the room was a faint outside light that leaked in around the drapes. I slipped into bed and reached for Anne’s hand. We silently held hands for a minute or two, then we both moved towards the center of the bed. I felt her warmth, listened to her breathe, smelled her faint perfume, and felt her hair against my shoulder. We silently held hands for another minute or two, I released her hand, and then I rolled up onto my right side, reached around her, and put my left hand under her right shoulder. She was nude. Anne rolled up onto her right side to face me. Our bodies weren’t touching at this point. I moved my hand down her back, tracing her spine to just above her butt. I then slide my hand across her hip and down the side of her thigh, then back up along her flank and up her side to just above her breast and up to her cheek. As I moved my hand across the front of her shoulder, my arm brushed her right breast. She exhaled a tense sigh. I leaned forward and kissed her and asked if she was O.K. She replied by moving closer so we were pressed together belly-to-belly and chest-to-chest. She was warm and soft and it felt good to be lying with her. We lay like that for a bit when Anne giggled and said that my chest hairs tickled. With that we both relaxed and started to make love. Just kissing and caressing softly. I pulled the covers back a bit. Then after kissing Anne on the lips, I started to kiss my way down to her breasts. I kissed and licked each of her breasts and sucked her nipples in turn. She had dabbed some perfume in her cleavage. I buried my face between her breasts and inhaled Anne’s aura. She just held my head in her hands. I continued my exploration of her torso by kissing my way down her belly. I tickled her belly button with the tip of my tongue. My left hand rubbed across her belly just above her pubes then down the top of her right thigh, back up and across just brushing the top of her pubes. I moved up and pulled her close and kissed her. Our tongues met and touched. Anne’s right hand moved down my chest, across my stomach and down towards my crotch. Her hand bahis şirketleri slid around past my cock and under my balls. She pushed me onto my back, leaned over and started to kiss and suck my nipples while her right hand gripped my cock and balls. He thumb was over the top of my cock and when she closed her hand, it formed a warm living cockring. I rolled back up onto my side, slid my hand down her belly and slowly insinuated it between her thighs. I let my hand just lay there lightly. Anne adjusted her position a bit. I cupped her cunt and gave it a squeeze. She responded by pushing her hips up. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair. I slowly parted her cunt lips and ran my fingertip up and down. Anne’s hand was jacking my cock. Her cunt lips opened more and I could feel she was getting wet. I slid my thumb and index finger around her clit. Anne was rubbing my pre-cum around the head on my cock. I slipped two fingers into her cunt while continuing to tickle and “diddle” her clit with my thumb. I leaned over her and we French kissed and lashed our tongues back and forth in each other’s mouth. Anne broke the kiss and said, “I want you.” I threw the covers back over the foot of the bed. I got up on my knees between Anne’s legs. She spread her legs wide and I moved up so my cock was jutting over her cunt. Anne spread her cunt lips with one hand and jacked my cock with the other. Combined with her hand action, the view of this woman who was opening herself to me gave me a raging hard-on. The light coming around the drapes faintly illuminated a beautiful, beautiful woman. Every thing was is shadow. Her hair was arrayed around her head like a halo. She took her hands off my cock and her cunt and laid her arms akimbo. She was spread eagled before me like an offering. I marveled at her beauty and her willingness to be so open and giving. I also silently thanked her for being so open and giving. I took my cock in my hand and lightly slid it into the slit between her cunt lips. I placed the “V” in the underside of my cockhead over her clitoris and rocked back and forth to stroke her clit. Anne raised her hips in response. I then moved my cock head back and slid it from the bottom of her cunt lips to her clit. Then I rocked back and forth so my cockhead stroked her clitoris again. Anne said. “Don’t tease me. Fuck me.” I said, “I’m don’t want to fuck you. And I don’t want to make love to you; I want to make love with you. At this point, I slid my cockhead into the entrance to Anne’s cunt hole; she grasped my cock and guided it between her cunt lips and into her vaginal tunnel. As my cock entered her vaginal opening, I felt her warmth and wetness. It felt good and it felt welcoming. I savored the feeling of her cunt enveloping my cock head. I looked down and the view of my cock slipping into Anne’s cunt was a view that I will always treasure. I leaned forward on my knees and slowly slipped my cock as deeply as I could into Anne’s wet and warm cunt. She just sighed, wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me deeper into her body. I slowly lowered my weight to my elbows. I was propped up over her; my cock was buried, or rather, was sheathed inside her vagina. We lay quietly for a moment without moving. I held my weight on my arms and slowly started to stroke in and out with my cock. I pulled my cock out until the head was just inside her lips. Then I slid my hips forward to bury my cock as deep as I could inside Anne’s welcoming body. She responded by thrusting her hips upward. We began a “cinder sifting movement”. She thrust towards me on the upstroke and I met her on the down stroke. It was a most erotic sensation. We continued to “work” with each other. Her tightness, warmth, wetness and movement made me harder and harder. I told her that I was going to cum if we kept this up. She said she wanted me to cum on her tits and belly. I pulled out her, got up on my knees, and straddled her waist so she could jack my cock. With one hand, she encircled my cock with her thumb and forefingers (the warm living cockring) and she started to stroke with the other. I felt my balls start to tighten, my cock stiffened (an exquisite feeling in Anne’s hands) and the pressure to cum started to build deep in my body. My cock got harder under Anne’s stroking, I arched my back and pushed my cock into Anne’s hands. As she stroked, she raised up and kissed my cockhead. That did it. I started to cum and blew my load onto her belly and tits (I like “breasts”). She stroked until I was dry. She kissed my cock head and then released me. I lowered myself onto her. We kissed. As we lay there, the cum sort of glued us together. I slid off of Anne and onto my right side. She rolled up onto her right side and I moved next to her so my cock was against her butt. I wrapped my arms around her, cupped one breast with a hand, buried my nose in the back of her neck, under her hair, licked the sweat off her neck, and started the “post play” to bring her down. My left hand drifted to her cunt. I started finger fucking her and “diddling” her clit. Anne responded. She started to orgasm and I was able to stay with her until she finally relaxed against my chest. She turned her face towards me, we kissed and then we snuggled together and fell asleep. We never said a word. I never did know if it was trust, satiation, or exhaustion. We curled up spoon fashion and slept.

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