The Replacement Maid Ch.04.

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The Replacement Maid Ch.04.I sent both girls home on time that afternoon as jasmine had certainly worked over and above the call of duty two days ago and I wanted some peace and quiet for a change. I then spent the evening trying not to think about the happenings of the day. I tried to read a book but my thoughts kept interrupting me. Eventually I went to bed and thankfully fell asleep due no doubt to the excitement of the past two days.The next morning I woke just before the scheduled time for my morning cup of tea so I lay back and patiently waited. Right on time jasmine walked in with a cheery “Good morning, Miss,” and carrying the tray which she placed on the chest of drawers. She poured out a cup and placed it on the bedside table before kneeling next to the bed. I sat up and picked up my tea and began to sip it slowly. After a time I looked down at jasmine.“Good morning, jasmine,” I said in greeting, “I see you are wearing my uniform correctly this morning … well done.”“Thank you, Miss.”“Just lift your skirt for me please.”She obediently did so and I saw that the faintest hint of stubble had appeared.“You will need shaving before tomorrow,” I said sternly.She blushed and lowered her head. “Sorry, Miss, it won’t happen again I promise.”“Did maria come to work again today?”“She did, Miss, she is dusting in the lounge.”“Can you go and fetch her? I need to inspect her as well.”“Yes, Miss, at once.”She leapt to her feet and almost ran from the room and down the stairs. I leaned back against the cushions and finished my tea. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then they came in, maria in the front being propelled along by jasmine. I heard jasmine whisper “kneel” in maria’s ear which she quickly did. It was interesting to see that jasmine, instead of kneeling as I had expected, continued to stand just behind maria. I looked at my second new maid as she knelt looking at the floor and I could detect the hand of jasmine in her preparation. Her neckline was pull so low that her nipples struggled to stay within her top. “Lift your skirt, girl,” I ordered her.Hesitantly, slowly she took the hem of her dress in both hands and lifted it for me to see. Her hands were shaking slightly as she did so. Unlike jasmine’s her mound was smooth and slightly pink. Maybe I should have reproached jasmine even more or perhaps she was desperate to make a good first impression. I softened my voice.“Thank you, maria, I see you have taken care over your appearance this morning. Well done,” and she blushed even more. I turned to speak to jasmine.“I’m sure you are clear about what needs to be done. I will leave it to you to organise yourself and maria. I will take a bath and cook my own breakfast this morning. Then I will be in the lounge. I will expect a coffee at 10.30. Does either of you two know your way about a kitchen?”Jasmine spoke up for both of them by saying, “maria has trained in a restaurant kitchen, Miss.”“Good, then maria can prepare some lunch for us all, nothing elaborate, just a simple and healthy salad. Can you manage that, maria?”“Yes, Miss,” her voice barely above a whisper.“That will be at 1.00. Other than an emergency do not disturb me. Understood?”A chorus of “Yes, Miss,” followed. “Now go about your duties the pair of you.”After they had gone I got up, poured myself a second cup of tea and then sat for some time, still naked, in my chair by the window looking out over the countryside. Eventually I got up and had a leisurely bath. Some instinct made me take extra care with my clothes and I chose a black corset and the smallest black lacy thong. A pair of black hold-ups completed my underwear. I found the sheerest blouse in my wardrobe, almost white but with the vaguest hint of pink. Looking in the mirror I could see that my nipples were easily visible. A grey, rather severe, skirt completed my ensemble. I looked in my full-length mirror and was pleased with the image I portrayed.When I finally went down the kitchen was deserted but smelled of newly scrubbed floor. I made myself some breakfast. It occurred to me that I didn’t know if the two girls ate before they came to me. I decided that, if they arrived 15 minutes earlier I would allow them to make themselves some toast and coffee or tea. I didn’t want either of them working on an empty stomach. I then went into the lounge, sat down, and started to think about the two girls.It seemed to me that maria was submissive, plain and simple. She easily bent to my will and also seemed to play the underdog to jasmine. After that things became more complicated illegal bahis as jasmine had started off as a typical obedient submissive maid but her treatment of maria yesterday showed a new side to her. I didn’t see her as a true switch but as either submissive or dominant depending on who she was dealing with. I couldn’t imagine her trying to take on a dominating role with me for example. Perhaps she was that rare person who, having been told all her young life that her true place was as a submissive was, beneath the surface, truly a Domme. I felt I should explore this further as much for her sake as mine.Just as I made my mind up jasmine walked in carrying a cup of coffee on a tray.“Its 10.30, Miss, and you said …”“Of course, jasmine, just put it on the table then stay for a while. There are things I need to ask you.”She put the coffee on the low table and then knelt on the floor with her hands behind her waiting quietly. I picked up my coffee and took a sip or two.“Very nice, jasmine, and where is maria right now?”“She’s upstairs changing the sheets, Miss.”“Did you organise her to do that?”“Well I knew that it needed doing, Miss.”“You seem to organise her very well.”“She is a hard worker, Miss, if instructed.”“I was interested in the way you were with her yesterday. There were times when you were a little rough with her.”“I’m sorry, Miss, but sometimes she needs persuading.”“And do you ‘persuade’ her very often?”“Only when she needs it, Miss, but the truth is I think she quite enjoys it.”“Enjoys it in what way?”She blushed deeply before replying, “err … down there, Miss,” looking down pointedly.“You mean she becomes aroused? A little like you do at times?”“Err … yes, Miss.”“Interesting. Later we all three might play a little game where we can test this out. Would you enjoy that?”“Oh yes, Miss, if it would please you as well,” and her eyes lit up at the thought.“I think it would,” I said and smiled a knowing smile. “Now off with you and do some more organising.”She grinned, leapt up and left the room. I leaned back on the sofa and smiled. This afternoon could be fun.I enjoyed my lunch. Maria had done well making the salad with a very delicate dressing. I sat at the kitchen table and I let the two girls eat from bowls on the floor, one on either side of me. Even by the end of lunch I hadn’t decided exactly how to proceed with them but somehow I wanted to explore how far I could take maria’s submission and I wanted to witness more of jasmine’s dominating side. I wandered back to the lounge deep in thought. Then the goddess of Dommes smiled down on me when I heard a loud crash from the kitchen, the sound of crockery breaking on the stone floor. I turned on my heel and went back to find maria standing over the remains of a shattered plate, a look of horror on her face. Jasmine stood to one side and when she saw me enter she smiled smugly.“What on earth is going on here?” I shouted and took as step or two closer to maria. The girl looked at me with a frightened look. “Explain yourself, girl.”“I-I-I’m sorry, Miss, it slipped,” she stammered.“Slipped? Why should I employ a careless maid? You stupid little bitch!”“I-I-I-I’ll pay for it, Miss.”“Of course you’ll pay for, girl. And that means that jasmine will lose out as well.” I looked across at jasmine as I said this. “I should give you your marching order right now!”“P-p-please, Miss, please don’t send me away.”“I can see no reason to keep you,” I said as sternly as I could. Inwardly I was smiling with a plan to put the situation to my advantage. “Clear up your mess and wait for me.”I walked out of the kitchen muttering “stupid bitch” under my breath but loud enough for her to hear. I went back to the lounge and sat in my usual place. The fact was that it was only a cheap plate but there was no need to let her know that. After several minutes during which time I could hear the sounds of broken crockery being swept up and the occasional interjection from jasmine, “you missed a bit here, bitch,” and “its coming out of your money and not mine.” When there was a pause I called jasmine in to see me. She came in and knelt on the floor before me.“Well, jasmine, what are we to do?” I asked her.“I’m really sorry, Miss, I didn’t think she was that careless. I will be dealing with her later, Miss, I promise you.”“Not later, jasmine, I think we can deal with matters here and now. Where is she now?”“In the kitchen still, Miss, kneeling facing the wall.”“Go and bring her in here.”Jasmine stood and left. There was a sharp squeal from the kitchen illegal bahis siteleri and then she reappeared tugging maria behind her by her hair. The girl had been crying and there were tear tracks down her face. She was almost thrown down onto the floor at my feet and jasmine knelt more neatly next to her.“I would have every right to dismiss you, girl, but …” I saw her open her mouth to speak. “Silence, bitch! I don’t want to hear from you! …but I have decided that it would be more of a lesson if you were to be punished right away. You will of course still pay for the damage as well. Do you understand?”“Y-y-yes, Miss, thank you so much, Miss. I won’t let it happen again I promise, Miss.”“You’d better not, bitch, or the punishment next time will be worse. Now turn away from me, I don’t want to see your face any more, head on the floor!” I left the implied threat hanging in the air as I stood up and went to the bureau as she shuffled round to face away from the sofa. Opening a drawer I selected a leather-covered wooden paddle that I had had custom made for just such an occasion. I could see jasmine’s eyes light up when I turned round and walked back. Before I sat down I reached out and flicked the hem of maria’s dress onto her back leaving her pert little bottom exposed for me to see. I sat down and smiled to myself before turning to jasmine and holding out the paddle to her.“I think you should deal with your so-called friend, jasmine, and don’t forget the money is coming out of both your wages.”She took the paddle eagerly and tapped it onto her other palm to test it.“I think ten strokes, five on each cheek, should suffice this time. And make her count each stroke.”Jasmine turned to face maria. Muffled sobs were already coming from the deep pile carpet. Jasmine leant forward and pulled maria’s head up by her hair.“Did you hear that, bitch? I want a nice clear count from you. Get it wrong and I’ll start over!”She shoved maria’s head back down and lifted the paddle to shoulder height. Whack! The first strike landed on her left cheek and brought a scream from maria and her hands flew to cover herself. “Hands away or I’ll tie them up! And where’s the count, bitch?”Slowly maria moved her hands away exposing one very pink ass cheek. There was a muffled sound. Jasmine leant her mouth close to maria’s ear, “Louder, bitch, or you get an extra one.”“One.” Still muffled but clearer this time.Whack! The paddle came down again this time of the right cheek. Again a squeal but not so loud this time and her hands, although they twitched, did not try and protect her bottom.“Two,” she sobbed.Three and four came down in quick succession and maria obediently counted them through her sobs. What was most interesting was the growing evidence of moistness between her thighs.Five, six, seven and eight only served to increase her arousal and she was now visibly leaking down the inside of her thighs. Jasmine cleverly chose this moment to pause and maria was visibly taken aback when jasmine’s gentle hand stroked her two cheeks. They were both glowing brightly.“Mmmm they are good and warm, Miss.”“Then time for the final two strokes, jasmine.”Whack! Whack! The final two strokes were delivered with as much force as jasmine could muster. Maria’s “Nine” was a shout and her “Ten” a scream before she rolled on her side in a foetal position, tears streaming down her face.“Now say thank you to Miss, bitch,” jasmine hissed at her and maria mumbled a sad “Thank you, Miss.”I sat back and surveyed the scene. Two butt cheeks, both a fiery red, and a pussy glistening with the signs of her excitement.“Come here, jasmine, and sit on my lap.”A look of surprise flashed across jasmine’s face but she stood up and settled into my lap. She was surprisingly light.“Back on your knees, maria, stop lying on the floor.” Slowly, painfully she complied. I put an arm round jasmine’s waist and a hand on her thigh. “A pretty sight is it not, jasmine? Such a nice red bottom?”“Oh yes, Miss, very pretty. But, Miss, ….?”“Yes, jasmine?”“Errr she does appear to be quite wet. Between her legs, Miss.”“I noticed that as well. Could it be that the paddling excited her I wonder?” Then in a sterner voice to maria, “Kneel up and turn around.”Slowly she straightened up and shuffled round to face us. Meanwhile my hand had crept under jasmine’s dress and I was gently stroking her pussy.“Lift your dress, bitch. Why is your cunt wet, maria?”“I … I don’t know, Miss” she said looking very shame-faced as she held her dress up above her waist.“Is it because you canlı bahis siteleri are a slut?”She blushed and gave a little sob.I whispered in jasmine’s ear, “Turn and face her.” She swivelled round to face maria and her legs on either side of mine. As if reading my thoughts she scooted forward and when I lifted up her dress she lewdly displayed herself to maria. “Look up, bitch,” I ordered maria and she slowly lifted her head and fixed her gaze on jasmine’s cunt. “You’re not the only one to get excited, maria, this little slut is just as bad.”I reached a hand round either side of jasmine’s waist and stroked her wet lips then, using my fingers, pulled them apart showing them to maria. I ran a finger along the inside that was slick with her juices. Jasmine’s head lay back on my shoulder and she moaned softly.“Do you know what’s going to happen next, bitch?” I asked the trembling maria. She silently shook her head her eyes still transfixed, watching my fingers gently massaging jasmine’s pussy. “Well, I’ll tell you. I’m going to make jasmine cum. Make her have an orgasm. Because she is a good girl and deserves it and not a careless little slut like you. You are going to watch and learn what you could get if you too were a good girl.”My thumb had found jasmine’s clit and I flicked it up and down and side to side, rolling it in little circles. A finger of my other hand slipped easily inside her wet interior. She moaned more loudly this time and spread her legs even wider.“Oh shiiiit!” she muttered.I kept watching maria’s face while I slid a second finger in to join the first and started pumping slowly in and out. I whispered in jasmine’s ear, loudly enough for maria to hear, “Ask before you cum, jasmine.” “Oh fuck ….. y-yes Miss.”I moved my fingers massaging her g-spot deep inside her. I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard and then released it. “FUCK! Miss may I come? Please Miss?”I said nothing but continued to finger her cunt. Another pinch on her clit, held longer this time.“MISS PLEASE!” almost a scream now“Now, cum for me now, jasmine.”And she did! She cried out in some sort of primitive language. Her back flexed and she went rigid before a series of violent tremors ran through her body as she gushed over my hand. Slowly the tremors subsided and her body relaxed back into mine. Gently I removed my fingers from her and held them out towards maria.“Come and clean them, bitch.”She came back to reality as if from a magic spell and shuffled on her knees towards me and with a surprising eagerness took my fingers into her mouth. I felt her tongue sliding along each one savouring every drop. I took them out.“Good, bitch. Now clean jasmine.”She leaned forward and began to lick along her thighs cleaning her as best she could before concentrating on her soaked cunt. She licked jasmine with a welcome expertise. Jasmine moaned again a pushed herself into maria. She reached down and held maria’s head pulling it into her pussy. “Do you want to cum again, jasmine.”“Oh fuck yes, Miss, may I?”“Yes, jasmine. Of course you may,” I said softly. To maria, “Did you hear that, bitch? Make her cum!”As maria began to lick her pussy I could feel the tension rise in jasmine. Her moans became louder and then finally she shouted out.“OHHHH FUCK!”I held her tight against me as she thrashed about wildly, her knuckles white as she gripped maria’s hair and pulled her head hard between her thighs. Slowly her movements calmed and she began to relax. Her fingers lost their grip and maria’s eyes opened with an odd mixture of pleasure and fear and she took a gasping breath. For several minutes jasmine remained still while maria slowly licked up and down her pussy lips. I thought jasmine might have fainted but then she stirred in my arms.“Are you ok, jasmine?” I asked softly and she feebly nodded her head. I took her face in my hands and turned it towards me and kissed her gently on the lips. When I looked down maria had eased away, her face shining with jasmine’s juices. I lifted a leg and put my foot on her chest and pushed. She fell over backwards.“Out now, bitch and get on with your work.”Slowly she rolled over and got to her hands and knees. She crawled a couple of staggered steps before rising and walked from the room with her head down. I turned my attention to jasmine who was still panting slightly.“Happy?” I asked her already knowing the answer. She simply smiled back at me not trusting herself to speak. I gently eased her off my lap and onto the sofa beside me. “Lie there until you are recovered. You have done well and deserved your reward.”“Thank you, Miss,” came her whispered reply.I stroked her hair and quietly thought back over the afternoon. Where this would lead I had no idea but I imagined the fun that could be had finding out.

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