The Retreat

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Chapter 1

Isabelle and Alex had reconnected after a four month dry spell. Most people wouldn’t call their last four months a dry spell. Even when they were at their worst they still managed to make love 2-3 times per week. The intimate connection they shared was beyond making love. It required time and dedication that took more than the hour or so they afforded to spend making love throughout their time ill.

Although they self –identified as a BDSM couple, they wanted to experiment with so much more. They wanted to explore every aspect of there sexuality with each other. They identified as practitioners of yoga and as an extension of that, tantra.


On this warm Saturday, Alex was driving with Isabelle sitting in the passenger’s seat. They had taken the smaller car, not because of the fuel economy, but it allowed Alex to sit much closer to Isabelle. They were on the open road. The chose a two lane highway that meandered through towns that had general stores and mom and pop shops. The 4 lane monolith that could have gotten them to their destination faster, could be seen off in the distance.

At one of the many villages along the way, they had stopped at an ice cream parlor and Isabelle was now working on her strawberry milkshake. The milkshake itself, a beautiful piece of art made with love by the soda jerk. She had started with vanilla ice cream and added more fresh strawberries than should have fit in the cup. With vanilla, and “Ma’s” homemade preserves she blended it to produce a drink that was rich with strawberry flavor. The flavor came from real strawberries and not from chemical C568. The soda jerk even let them drink the left over from the metal cup.

As they continued their drive along this soulful road, they listened to music and chatted. Isabelle, squirmy in her seat asked: “Where are we off to Alex?” Alex ignored the question and continued to chat on banal subjects, the weather, this shop or that.

As Alex drove, he kept looking over at her and appreciating the view of his gorgeous wife. She was wearing a flowing summer dress. Her auburn hair glowed in the sun. Her bright blue eyes looking at and appreciating the sites and colors with the eye of an artist. It always amazed him how she pointed out various shades of green in a leaf or the reflections of color in a pool of water with a drop güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of oil in it. Her ability to see the world through the wonder filled eyes of a child was one of the traits he loved in her.

Her play collar had various crystals on small chains that that hung and focused the view on her low cut top and ample cleavage. He had his hand in her lap. With her skirt lifted he stroked the inside of her thigh as they drove.

It was the perfect road trip day.



“Yes Alex?”

“We’ve arrived, and our time here over the next three days, your play collar won’t be wearable. I brought your day collar. Let’s get it on you.”

Isabelle leaned in and Alex undid her play collar and put on her day collar. The day collar was their secret. To most people it looked like a pretty necklace. It was thicker and bolder than most necklaces. Alex would hug Isabelle, and press the knot in the necklace that sat on her chest and remind her that she belonged to him.

As Isabelle leaned in she asked, “But where are we?”

“The Silver creek retreat will be our home for the next three days.”


When checking in, the proprietor, Trevor, invited them to tour the grounds with him. The desk staff took their bags. They accompanied the proprietor to view the grounds. Isabelle held Alex’s hand through the tour as Trevor showed them the grounds. The tour started at the gardens, which were open twenty-four and seven for meditation. The next stop was beyond the gardens where he showed them the hot tub, a huge affair that accommodated twenty guests. The mid-day yoga class was in session. They did not see the studio. Trevor informed them that classes occurred at five AM and every 4 hours after that ending with the sunset class at nine PM. The tour ended by the water where Trevor showed them the waterfront and pointed to the path that led to the nude section.

Trevor presented them with an MP3 player and informed them it plugged in in their room where the tantra sessions were to be practiced if they wished.

As first time visitor’s Trevor recommended they lock their devices away so that the focus of the weekend be their partner. He provided a sample itinerary that they could follow if they were unsure where to start.


As Alex and Isabelle were led güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back to their room, Isabelle contemplated the grounds that they had just seen. She seemed troubled. Although they considered themselves tantrika, they had long ago decided that monogamy needed to be a core belief. Isabelle felt uncertain as to this truth when she had seen the grounds. With the other parts of their sexual lifestyle she knew that acceptance of others had to be necessary to find herself. Alex sensed her distress, and suspected he knew the cause. As Trevor left them at their door Alex took Isabelle in his arms, and said:

“We haven’t changed baby girl, it’s just you and I. Yes it is a tantric resort, but a yoga resort and a nudist resort. Any sexual activity happens here in our room, not anywhere else. Part of the package was the ability to order a tantric coach, or we can follow the meditations on the MP3 player. It is just you and I. There will never anyone else, ever.”

He said this as he hugged her and pressed the knot on her collar.

With the knot pressing into her chest and Alex’s words, she relaxed and focused. When Alex opened the door to their room, her fears disappeared.

The room itself looked like a sunken living room, with a carpeted walkway around the outer edge of the room. The sunken part was filled with pillows of all shapes and sizes. Along the walls were a TV and what appeared to be various types of exercise equipment.

Isabelle ran to the pillows and laid herself in them. “This is wonderful Alex. I love it.” Alex joined her on the pillows and they snuggled. Soon they kissed. As always when they started kissing, neither of them remembered how, but they were naked. Alex told Isabelle that he wanted to show her the shower.

The shower was a large affair; as large as a room. Built of natural rock, it reminded them of being in a cave. The shower boasted a bench in the center of the floor, and 4 giant showerheads embedded in the ceiling. You entered at one end, and walked into this grotto. A curtain covered a glass door at the far end. The curtain could be withdrawn and the door opened. Outside, the shower continued. The sun shone on you in your own little natural rock enclave with smaller showerheads every 2 feet or so. Each showerhead had a control, so that you could generate güvenilir bahis şirketleri the water you wanted where you wanted.

Isabelle hugged Alex when she saw the shower; they stepped in and turned on all four internal shower heads.

As their man made warm rain fell, Isabelle looked into Alex’s eyes and kissed him with her eyes open. Whenever she kissed him like this, with her eyes open, they softened and Alex knew himself to be the only man in the world. He became hard.

Isabelle continued to kiss Alex. Their kisses grew in passion and intensity. Their tongues intertwined, they licked and kissed. Alex lay Isabelle in the center of the room on the bench. With the shower providing a warm rain that fell gently on their already wet bodies, Alex kissed Isabelle. First he kissed her on the lips, then started to move down, to her chin, then her neck. Each of her perfect nipples came under the onslaught of Alex’s tongue. Soon he kneeled between her legs, kissing her upper thighs. With the droplets of rain falling and landing on her body, he began to play with her vagina. As he moved his face close to her sex, the puffy outer lips parted to reveal her inner lips, engorged, wet and deep pink from her excitement.

Alex started to lick her. First her thighs then the outer lips, Isabelle began to quiver with excitement. The water falling reminded them of making love in the rain. Alex inserted two fingers and felt the spongy area on the front of Isabelle’s vagina swell; her G-spot. He settled into a rhythm, licking her clitoris and rubbing her G-spot. The amount of pressure that he applied to her G-spot, while still obtaining moans of pleasure surprised to him.

Within 2 minutes Isabelle’s vagina contracted around Alex’s fingers, and got wet. She had come from his oral play. When her orgasm resulted from oral sex, Isabelle was overcome with emotion, and wept. Alex held her until Isabelle came back to herself.

Alex slid Isabelle until her bottom rested at the edge of the bench. Standing at the edge of the bench, he lifted her legs and rested them on his chest. Then as he said, “Isabelle you belong to me.” He penetrated her. The rain from their shower tumbled on them, warm and gentle, as Alex thrust into Isabelle. He held her legs close to his body and looked on his beautiful wife. Although the position was awkward, he came quickly from the combination of the beauty of his wife, their position and the water that fell on them.

After they had dried off they wrapped themselves in ridiculous fluffy white robes with the retreats logo on them. They held hands as they headed out to the balcony to sit and enjoy a glass of wine.

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