The return visit


The return visitI had returned from my trip after the month away and sent a text that I wanted to see her and I had arranged for 1400hrs on the Wednesday.I followed up the text by saying that she would be standing naked in about 2 yards back from the French windows.Her position would be hands behind her head and with our “special” high heels on.Of course I was late by about 15 minutes as I know that she would have been waiting since 1400hrs as I have caught her out before and it has cost her backside a really good beating. It is one of the advantages of being the Dom; you can bend the rules to suit yourself.She looked good, as I entered the room standing facing away from me in all her glory. I went across the room and put my arms round her and took both her breasts in my hands squeezed her nipples in between my fingers and thumbs.I moved my hands to her armpits where if you remember from the last visit I had told her not to shave. Oh joy, not hers as a tugged very hard on the hair that was now growing in those pits.Do you like your new found hair then? I asked.Not when you pull it like that Master.As my hands wandered down to her growth of pubic hair, as I stroked it, ran my fingers through it, poked a finger into her cunt, and took hold of a great wedge of hair on her pubic mound and slowly pulled my hand forward. She had to follow and stepped out of her “special” high heels, and followed me around the room. She had no alternative really did she?I lead her to the sofa and I sat myself down, released the hair and told her to fetch a set of tweezers and her high heels.Away she went and brought them back, she gave me the tweezers and proceeded to put on these high heels.These heels are ones you do not buy in a shoe shop. They are 6 inch nails, the bit you hit with the hammer is on the floor, and the bit that goes into the wood is the bit that the heel rests on. You can’t walk anywhere in them but they do make a strained position give a nice shape to the leg, thigh and buttock, also very cheap.So there she was standing in front of me and I started to attach a few of the clothes pegs I had picked up to her pubes, at the same time asking her about her experience with her new found covering of hair.Especially as I know that she goes to the gym and showers after wards and goes swimming at least once or twice a week.She said that a couple of her friends had commented on her new growth and the reason why after all these years she had suddenly become a non-shaver.So as I pulled off a peg or two I asked her reply.She said that she had told them that she had had a rash and the doctor had told her to stop shaving for a while.That was a wonderful lie she had just told as it was me who had said stop shaving. In fact I have given her an order and she had made an excuse to her friends. She will pay for that one as I put it to the back of my mind and took hold of the tweezers and started pulling individual hairs out from round her cunt.After a while I had worked up a small pile of hairs and my hand was working too hard.So I had her fetch a couple of candles matches a hair brush and comb and had her lay down on the floor in front of me between my legs on her shoulders with her back tight up against kocasinan escort the sofa , her legs up in the air and her cunt just about level with my seat. So that when I looked down I was looking into her cunt with her tits and head below.A bit of a strained position but I was happy sitting there with her cunt just in front of me nicely wide open and ready for use.I set off nicely by running the hairbrush through her pubes and as she had ben shaving then for 20 or more years then the new return of them was quite thick and she also had a thin line of hairs running from her belly button, it also spread down her leg for a good inch or more and even though there was no shaving for a month the length was nice and long.I might have been a bit rough with the brushing as I pushed down into her cunt quite hard, oh no complaints but I could see the grimace on her face.I was also singing out loud the bawdy song The Mayor of Bayswater he has a lovely daughter and the hairs on her dickey dido hang down to her knees, one black one, one white one, and one with a bit of shite on etc etc.At one bit I parted the hair right down the middle and brushed it to each side it made a lovely picture of her cunt.It was quite enjoyable I thought and having combed out any nags or tufts I put the brush down and took the candle and matches and lit it. It was a nice fattish one in red, the flame leaped up and began to melt the wax. I have used wax on her before but never with hair on, I could see her expression changing.The first drops of wax I dropped down onto her stomach and slowly let the drops move nearer to her pubes then moved them to either side of her hairy mound. I stopped and gave her the candle to hold on her breasts, as I would need it later. I then took hold of the comb and slowly starting by her belly put the comb into her hair and moved it towards me. It met the first of the wax, held a little and gave up on the hair as the wax gave way but pulling on the roots of the individual hairs all the time. I continued this for about half an hour the told her to take a hand full of hair on each side of her cunt and pull her cunt open wide. I nice big target appeared and I poured wax into the hole, blew the candle out and demanded she stand up. She staggered to her feet and put her arms behind her back legs slightly open awaiting the next order.I sat in the centre of the sofa with her lying across my lap her arms were just to one side and her armpits exposed and with about 15 to 20 minutes on each armpit with the wax and combing game I felt it was time for a change.She was ordered to get the couple of rolls of gaffer tape, her 5 inch vibrator with the string attached. I had her stand in front of me and starting at her belly button put a strip of gaffer tape right around her waist quite tightly. She was then instructed to get the new batteries out for the vibrator and put them in it, and turn it on and push it straight into her cunt.I then took a strip of tape and had her bend over and pull her arse cheeks wide, the tape went from the tape on her back down between her arse and I pulled it as she stood up from the front and joined it with the tape at her belly button. I then proceeded to make her a nice pair of gaffer tape pants. Not exactly the height of fashion, but doing their job.If she has pants she needs a bra, up onto the table in a kneeling position so her tits hung down a couple of inch wide strips of tape on each tit, a wonderful bra that made the nipples and tits stick out a bit.Then upstairs to get dressed, at this point I told her we were going out for a pint and we will pick up an Indian take away.Shock horror came over her face.Now we had been seeing each other for a couple of years and the bdsm was the joint between us, yes we did it in her place and we had been out together to various parties and gone out to events.This though was the first time I had pushed the game from the house to the social and not with friends. Yes we had been out into the woods and I had tied her to a tree, had her spread eagle tied between trees and on the ground, but they had been planned and talked through. This was a different adventure.So what clothes to wear, well she had her underwear on, now a nice tank top type vest, it was agreed in the end a while blouse with several buttons undone. And a knee length skirt, no stockings but quite high heeled shoes. She did her makeup and hair and was ready to go.Now this was the interesting bit as it was about half a mile to the pub, and we walked. The gaffer tape was pulling her hair was not really moving but the vibrator was and as we walked along and generally chatted she said that it was a bit ( I think she meant a lot) uncomfortable. We arrived at the pub and I ordered her a pint of larger and myself a pint of beer, and moved to a table and had a chat. Within a couple of minutes one of her friends had popped in and sat down , then another, and the first pint went down quite well as she got up to get her two friends a drink and myself (yes I let her buy me drinks) and came back to the table and the chat between us all went on.She then looked straight at me with a face that was a picture, the drink was working and yes she wanted the toilet, but had a great big barrier in the way and a vibrator working steadily away.Must go to the toilet she said as she got up and passed me and whispered as she passed that she loved me. At that moment I don’t think she really meant it, but was just being very sarcastic. I though enjoyed it a great deal.To cap it all one of her friends got up to go as well. I can’t wait for the feedback from this visit when we get home.She came out rather flustered from the toilet and sat down again and the conversation flowed, but it was time for us to go so we said goodbye to the other two and made our way out of the pub to the Indian where our order was awaiting us and we walked back home.On the way I said that I wanted to hear the story whilst we were having food. I wanted to saver this one.So the food was put out and we sat and chatted and ate.What happened in the toilet then?This is her story,I realised I wanted to go to pee and also realised that the new pants were not going to be helpful in doing so. I could not pull the leg to one side and pee, I could not take them down. Panic.As I was thinking of what to do Jane came in and asked if all was alright. Yes dear I said trying to be calm.She could see I was having a problem, and because you Master had said and inspected my small bag I had nothing of any use in there.Luckily as a woman she had a full hand bag and produced a small pair of scissors and cut a small hole so I could pee through.But of course that meant a few questions.The first was why, so I had to explain what our situation is and that I like BDSM and this is a new game that you are playing with me. She went on asking and I showed her my bound breasts, which rather interestingly she reached forward and started to feel them. So I asked if she liked playing with women’s breasts, that she would like to but had never had the courage to ask. She then went on to say she had also looked on the internet at women in bondage and being played with and would like to know more.I stopped her there with a kiss and said I will speak to Tony my Master and arrange something.And Master the end of it is that she is free this week end.I thanked her for that and said as a reward I will give her an extra beating on her bottom.The meal finished and she went to clear away but then said Oh there is a container here not opened. My reply was that I knew and not to throw it away as it was for later.We went into the living room and I sat down and she came to stand in front of me. Hands behind her back holding her elbows and legs apart.Now dear my wish is to see you naked. So can you take off your bra? Well the strip of gaffer tape wrapped around each tit.This was to be very enjoyable to watch.It took an hour for her to pull tease and being as gentle as possible with herself her gaffer tape pants from her body. It really was blood sweat and tears as several of the hairs had been pulled out at the roots and there were specks of blood around and hair hanging onto the tape.After that my command was that I required relief and I thing a nice suck and fuck are in order so she was immediately down on her knees and pulling at my trousers to get her mouth around my cock, and eventually her cunt around it.Once I had shot my load deep inside her it was nice to let the hard go down whilst still inside her as it gently dropped out of her cunt. Lick me clean, and once again her mouth and tongue worked away at me.I stood up pulled my trousers up and went and sat on the sofa. Bring me a dessert spoon and that left over container and put yourself in the same position you were on your shoulders earlier.Her face was a picture as she hadn’t got a clue what was about to happen.But once in position and her hands behind her head, I started playing with her sopping wet cunt. I then opened the container put the lid down got the spoon and took about half a spoon full opened up her cunt with my other fingers and plunged the spoon deep into her cunt. I turned it around and pulled it out, and waited for the explosion.It took about 2 seconds for the liquid to fall off the spoon to touch deep inside her cunt, the pain to register and go to her brain and the message be sent to her mouth. As a howl erupted from her.The liquid was vindaloo sauce.Now you can see why I fucked her before as no way was I putting my delicate cock anywhere near that raging fire.After a while and two more spoon fulls we went to bed.When we got up in the morning is a bit of a story I will continue in a while.Uglyoldslag, just for you

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