The Right Tool for the Job

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After a hot dry summer the grass started to grow again and we heard the buzz of lawn mowers again. That was when our neighbour Jayne knocked on our door one sunny Saturday afternoon, explaining that her lawn mower wasn’t working, and looking for someone to help her fix it. Her husband would of course have fixed it for her if he hadn’t left her six months before.

Obviously I agreed straight away, taking my tool box with me.

“Make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job!” laughed my wife as I went with Jayne to her house. Just the week before when our car had broken down I’d found I had every imaginable tool except the one I needed, and my tool box had become a joke between us.

The lawn mower was where Jayne had left it at the far end of her garden. I squatted down next to it in my T-shirt and shorts. Jayne squatted opposite me. Her top tightened over her breasts showing the outline of her bra cups through the thin cloth, and as she squatted, her legs swung wide. It was impossible for my eyes not to linger on the zip of her tight jeans between her spread legs.

Why any man would want to leave such a delightful person as Jayne was a subject of constant discussion between me and my wife. Especially, as I often thought but didn’t ever say, Jayne isn’t just delightful but she’s a beauty too. More than that, even in her mid thirties she’s got a sex bomb figure.

I’d had my eye on Jayne for some time, even more so after her husband left. I’d often ogled her as I followed her to the station on my way to work. Her well-filled blouses made it obvious her boobs were a force to be reckoned with. Her business skirt above her man’s dream pair of sheer black nylon clad legs and high heels was often tight enough to show a visible panty line. Once when she sat opposite me on the commuter train I’d caught an upskirt peep of her white panties at the top of her bare legs. Needless to say Jayne had often been the subject of my masturbation fantasies. My wife and I have an excellent sex life but I must confess that sometimes when my penis jerked inside my wife, in my mind it was Jayne’s naked body under me and Jayne’s vagina I was filling.

Jayne asked me if I’d like a drink. I said yes, and she headed back to the house with my eyes locked on the tight blue denim that clung to her legs and the cheeks of her bottom like a second skin. I couldn’t help noticing too that her jeans were tight and thin enough to show her panty outline almost as well as her business skirts.

I quickly identified the fault on her lawn mower and I fixed it whilst she was in the house. As I waited for Jayne to reappear I looked round her garden. I’d last been in there nearly a year ago, ogling Jayne at a party. There were the usual flower beds, and at the far end there were some old apple trees from when the land had been an orchard long ago. I also realised something else I’d never noticed: this garden wasn’t overlooked. It was at the end of the road, on one side was the blank, windowless brick wall of our house, and on the other nothing, where the hill dropped away. While I was thinking what a selling point that was, Jayne reappeared, and I felt as if an electric shock had hit me!

She’d changed from her loose top and jeans into a bright red cotton summer dress. It clung to her figure, sensuously emphasising her curves. It had string thin shoulder straps and its low cut cleavage barely contained her big breasts. Below its flared skirt ending just below her knees her bare legs were tanned and her white sandals showed off her red painted toenails. Her long blonde hair, caught by the breeze and gleaming in the sun cascaded over her bare shoulders. She was carrying two glasses of squash. Her hips swung, her big breasts bounced with her steps, and the buttons down the front of her dress were begging to be undone!

As I squatted there by the lawnmower I felt that so familiar tightening start between my legs. Jayne squatted down next to me, put the glasses down then smoothly swung her legs even wider than before.

“There,” she said in her soft voice. “Now you can see my knickers instead of just my zip.”

As she spoke she pulled the skirt of her dress high up her tanned thighs, and spread her legs even wider. She was treating me to a full frontal view of brief black lacy panties! Where the back lace bulged over her illegal bahis mound I could see the shadow of her bush of brown pubic hair. I just squatted there paralysed, staring at the display between her legs.

“You obviously like seeing my knickers. Do you want to see my cunt?” Jayne asked.

Without waiting for my answer she slid her hand up the inside of her thigh, hooked her thumb over the top hem of her panties and pulled the front down. There on full view was the cunt I’d dreamed of so many times in my wanking fantasies grunting her name as I stroked and tugged my straining cock! Squatting like that had pulled her vagina wide open. Her pink inner labia were peeping out, and her vagina lips were surrounded by a bush of light brown hair. After showing me her pussy for a moment she released her panties and they sprang back into place.

“Aren’t you going to touch me?” Jayne asked, giving me a mischievous little smile.

My paralysis vanished in a flash! Like a man’s hand always does when he’s touching up a girl, my hand started on her smooth round knee. My hand slowly savoured its way up the inside of her thigh, enjoying every inch of her soft smooth honey-tanned flesh. She watched my hand all the way as if watching me was giving her a voyeur thrill. As my fingers neared her cunt she trembled and let out excited little cries of pleasure. Reaching the lace of her panties I stroked her mound, reached right underneath her between her legs to stroke her between her vagina and arse, and ran my fingertips along the line of her vagina through the lace. Jayne’s head flopped back, her mouth opened wide as she gasped with arousal, and she juddered with sex pleasure.

Stroking my wife through her panties like that gets her wild, and I’d hit the right spot with Jayne too! A moment later she pulled her dress up high to watch my hand slide down inside her panties, again as if she was getting erotic voyeur pleasure from watching me explore her. Her bush and labia were already wet with juice. I ruffled her cunt hair and slipped my fingers into her slit to stroke her labia and to tease the little knob of her clitoris at the top.

“Go on! Get your cock out for me! No one can see us here!” Jayne gasped excitedly, reaching down to fumble with the zip of my shorts.

I stood, unzipped my shorts and dropped them. I was in grey cotton briefs underneath, bulging now over my erection. Frantically dropping my shorts had pushed them down a bit and the big purple head of my penis was poking over the waistband. Jayne purred with excitement and reached up to feel the ridge of my shaft through my briefs and to stroke my penis head, before she pulled my briefs down round my thighs so my balls and cock were out with my shaft sticking up hard. I pulled off my sports shirt and tossed it aside so I was stark naked. I stood with my legs spread shoving my hips forward toward Jayne so my seven inches of hard muscle was sticking out from my bush bending up in all its glory.

While she was still squatting wide legged with her dress pulled up high above her panties she looked up at me with her big grey eyes and very conspicuously rolled her tongue over her lips. I got the message. With a couple of steps I had my penis head pressed against her lips. I’d never dared to ask my wife to suck my cock and now it was happening to me with my dream woman! The explosion of sex pleasure as she licked her tongue over my cock head and flicked its nozzle was exquisite! Her tongue found that so sensitive bit just under where the mushroom head of my penis met my shaft, and flicked back and forth across the base ridge of my knob. At the same time she reached up to run her fingers through my pubic hair, tickle my balls and the inside tops of my spread thighs.

In response to her tongue on my knob I involuntarily shoved my hips forward and my cock head slid between her wet lips till all my knob was in her mouth. She squeezed my cock head between her soft lips, rolled her tongue over it and rocked her blonde head back and forth to slide her lips up and down across the ridge where my penis head met my shaft. I think I yelled with the unbelievable sex pleasure! I grabbed her head, ran my fingers through her blonde hair and pulled her face toward me, frantic for more.

Jayne slid her lips up and down my shaft perhaps about a dozen times till illegal bahis siteleri the tension in my penis was exquisite and I was on the brink of jerking my load. My penis felt as taut as an iron bar and like it was going to snap. But she stopped at that and didn’t take me to a cum. When her lips slipped off my cock it was sticking up at sixty degrees, it felt like a steel bar, the veins were standing up along my shaft and my mushroom head was bright deep pink. And I was frantic. Jayne stood up.

“Did you like that? Has it got you nice and stiff for me?” Jayne asked rhetorically, her voice quivering with excitement. “Undress me!”

I hardly needed to be asked! It didn’t take me long to remove her dress. My hands were shaking with the excitement of my blazing lust. I was about to get this sex bomb’s body that for ages I’d lusted for and wanked over! I unbuttoned her dress all the way down the front, savouring every button, enjoying the bulge of her breasts and her curves on the way. I pulled her dress open and slipped it off her shoulders. Under her dress Jayne was in those black lace panties and a matching bra. I made a point of draping her dress neatly over the wooden garden bench.

“Do you like my sexy underwear?” Jayne asked, standing with her legs spread tantalisingly and rocking sensuously on her sandals. “My husband bought it for me.”

Her husband might have been a bastard but he sure had good taste in lingerie! Her bra cups were black lace like her panties and only just big enough to sling her breasts, barely covering her nipples, and the thin straps looked barely strong enough to hold such a hefty pair of bouncers. The front of her panties was just a tiny triangle of see through black lace, and they were just a thong strap nestling between her bum cheeks at the back. I moved behind her to undo the bra clasp but there wasn’t one.

“My bra’s front fastening” Jayne said. In my excitement I hadn’t noticed!

I got close enough to her to undo the clasp between her breasts that my penis head brushed against her belly just above her panties, and moments later her big round melons were gleaming under the summer sun as they rose and fell with her excited breaths. I had a quick play with them and was about to pull her panties down when she turned her back on me and bent over the bench with her breasts swinging deliciously. She looked at me over her shoulder, rubbed her thighs together and wiggled her bottom at me.

My wife loves it when I run my fingers down her bum crack, under her and tickle her pussy from behind, especially if I catch her by surprise before pulling her panties down! Jayne obviously liked the same. I ran my fingertips slowly down the strip of black lace in her bum crack. She spread her legs a bit for my exploring hand to slide under her along the lace of her panties, rubbing along the inside tops of her thighs as it did. She cried out with arousal, trembled and spread her legs wide as I stroked her vagina lips through the lace of her panties.

“Ohhhhhhh! … It’s been so long!” Jayne gasped.

Then I pulled her panties down her thighs, she let them drop and there she was nude except for her sandals, hot and ready just for me!

I thought she’d lead me back to the house to fuck her on the bed or the lounge floor, or seated wide legged on the kitchen table with me standing between her spread thighs the way I’d had her in my fantasies. But instead she took my hand and led me to the biggest of the old apple trees. She stood with her back to it, leaned back on her hands against it arching her back so her big breasts swung up and out and her hips thrust forwards, and spread her legs wide. With a flick of her head she tossed her blonde hair off her shoulders.

“Like this.” Jayne said. “I’ve wanted it like this for ages.”

The gnarled roots of the old tree had formed a mound of earth a few inches high around the base of its trunk. I joined her under the overhanging branches of the tree. I stood in front of her and held her waist. Jayne standing on the root mound leaning back against the tree got her cunt to exactly the right height for my cock! My penis head dimpled her soft belly as it prodded her between her belly button and the neat brown bush of pubes around her love slit. Jayne was trembling with excitement, red hot for sex. But before I fucked canlı bahis siteleri her I played with her!

I started by kissing and licking her nipples while I massaged her furry mound and stroked her vagina lips with my fingertips. That got her even hotter! I slowly kissed her down her front till I was crouching in front of her. Then I pressed my lips against her mound. I’d never dared ask my wife if I could kiss her pussy: now I was kissing Jayne’s cunt! Her cunt hair tickled my nose as I licked my tongue along her vagina lips and eased the tip of my tongue between them. The gasp from above me and the way she shoved her pussy against my face told me she liked that! Then I kissed her up her front all the way to her breasts, with my hand on her mound stroking her labia.

Standing like that meant I could have one hand round her on her bottom tickling her along the valley between her bum cheeks and the other in her vagina with my finger tips stroking her labia and darting inside her vagina to circle and criss cross her clit. My tongue and lips were on her breasts, kissing them and licking her nipples. Her cries and gasps grew more frequent and louder as I fingered her steadily to her orgasm. She thrust her cunt against my hand and her breasts bounced as she squirmed with the sex pleasure I was giving her. I knew her orgasm was coming when her body stiffened, her head flopped back, she thrust her pussy hard against my hand, arching her back in that thrust so her breasts swung up. She gave an orgasm cry, then cried out again each time her body shuddered in the pulses of her orgasm. Then she flopped back panting against the tree with her eyes closed.

I was frantic to have her. I fingered her cunt and slid my hand round her waist trying to pull her upright. But I didn’t have to wait long. Jayne’s eyes opened and a moment later she was standing on that mound with her legs wide leaning back on her hands against the tree again. Her breasts were rising and falling quickly with her excited breathing and her cunt hair glistened with sex juice. I held her by her waist and manoeuvred into position with my cock head prodding her moist pubic hair. I played briefly with her naked body enjoying the feel of her thighs, buttocks, breasts and hair against my hands. Then with one delicious thrust I slid my rock hard tool into her full length till my pubic hair was entangled with hers. I hesitated a moment, enjoying the delicious feeling of my dream woman against me, her belly pressed against mine, her breasts squeezed against my chest.

Then I held her by her hips and fucked her, thrusting up and down with my belly rubbing hers and her nipples brushing my chest as I enjoyed the full tight depth of her warm wet vagina. I’d never shagged a woman in that position before, or felt the thrill of sex in the open air with the warm sun on my back. Jayne was so hot and aroused she had another orgasm while I was still pumping her. In that second climax she shoved her belly hard against mine as her back arched when she came.

As I thrust into Jayne my masturbation fantasies about her flooded my mind. I saws her in kinky nude poses like porn girls, I remembered that commuter train panty peep, I imagined Jayne hand jobbing me over my naked wife’s tits or bum, and all the rest! I made sure took my time. I hadn’t wanked and my wife hadn’t had sex for a couple of days so when finally after delicious ages I came my hungry penis jerked a full load into her!

After my emptied penis slid out of her I held her for a while before I stumbled back down the root mound with a strand of semen swinging from my still half erect penis. For a couple of minutes Jayne remained leaning back against the tree with the a look of bliss on her face, those superb breasts catching the dappled sun as they rose and fell, and my semen trickling down the insides of her spread thighs.

I dressed and started Jayne’s lawn mower for her after that, so my wife would hear it and think I’d been working on it all the time. Without bothering to put any clothes back on, Jayne started mowing her lawn, stark naked! For a while I watched the kinky display of Jayne’s legs, bottom and breasts swinging as she strolled round her garden lawn mowing her lawn nude. She gathered cut grass while I gathered memories to masturbate over. Finally I left her to it and went back to my wife, with my tool box in my hand and hoping my new erection didn’t show through my shorts.

“Did you have the right tool for the job this time?” my wife asked with a grin as I stepped into our house.

“I certainly did,” I replied.

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