Subject: THE ROCKER PART TWO The Rocker Part Two (c) Van T Z Boi 2010 His penis, no, what was the word he used, ‘cock,’ I savoured the word in my mind, his cock I told myself felt strange to my virginal touch, it was warm and hot and yet I could feel the strength enclosed in the soft skin. I studied the thick pole, it was so much bigger than mine, not only longer and wider but it looked so much more powerful. I leaned close and smelled his essence, a strong odour that sent another strange wave through my own senses. My hand slid up the thick shaft and my finger curled around the wrinkled skin that covered the head, ‘does his look like mine?’ I wondered. “Pull the skin down slowly,” he whispered and I turned to look at his face, he smiled at me, “It’ll be okay,” he said and added softly, “just try and do what I did,” I looked back at his cock. Desperately I did my best to recall what had happened but my mind was still in a whirl of emotions, he obviously sensed this and closed his own hand around mine and began to gently pump both our hands up and down, I soon caught on and as I began to manipulate his outer skin now recalling what he had done and how it had made me feel, I took control and he let me have my way. It was so strange and exhilarating, my senses were overloaded again as I felt his cock pulse and throb in my hand, I felt too the wetness that appeared at the tip of his cockslit and I stared at it, halting my movements. “It’s called pre-cum,” he said, the words meant nothing to me and my blank look must have told him my total confusion, “it’s like a lubricating oil,” he grinned, makes it nicer for the two different skin surfaces to rub against each other,’ he chuckled, “and fingers too.” The stuff was now drooling onto my hands, I sensed its sweet aroma and noticed how it did make it easier to move his skin up and down, now more and more of his cockhead came into view, I stared amazed at the bright purple heart shaped head that tipped his cock shaft, the strange combination of skins where his outer skin was attached to the head and the pulsing opening from which more and more of the clear liquid oozed thickly from. “Your doing great,” he said throatily and I looked back at him, there was that undefinable moment and somehow our lips were again close together, his scent was overpowering and now I found myself on my back on the bed as he lay atop me, his lips caressing mine and now instinctively I kissed back, allowing his probing tongue to push its way into my mouth, for a hard moment I resisted the intrusion but them his maleness overcame my inhibitions and I abandoned my mouth to his desire. The new sensations of his tongue inside my mouth, licking and flicking at my teeth, sent more waves of sexual heat through my young body and I kissed back, our tongues caressing each other with lust and wanton desire. I cared not what was happening I only knew that this was so good, so wonderful, so strangely exciting and I wanted it to go on and on. Abruptly my pleasure was ended as I felt him withdraw from me, scared I had done something wrong I cowered against the bedcover. I missed his closeness and wanted to feel him back against my naked body. “It’s okay,” he reassured me, “I just want to make it a bit easier.” Nonplussed I watched as he stripped off his t-shirt and removed his jeans and socks, now he too was naked and I caught my breath as I savoured his muscular taut stringy body. I lay there on that bed my own body hot and heady as I waited, not really knowing what it was I waited for. He grabbed a towel from a drawer and came back to the side of the bed. “Move over,” he asked and I moved, he pulled back the covers now and I rolled onto the clean crisp white sheets, rough on my skin where the Widow Parker had over-starched them. He placed the towel in the middle of the bed, “lie on it,” he instructed and as I moved he crawled up beside me. In moments our bodies were wrapped around each other as again our mouths and tongues connected and as my hand closed around his dripping wet shaft I felt his own strong fingers encircle my cock and I realised that once again it was as hard as it had been before. I remember groaning and moaning as his hands worked me over, my own gentle responses nothing to what he was doing to me but I did my best to reciprocate, rubbing and stroking his shaft and as he worked around my balls I too placed my other hand on those odd feeling objects, sensing the plump roundness and the internal heat. His kisses grew harder and stronger and my mind and senses and body in a total whirlpool was just wriggling and writhing with such new tremors and delights as I hit another high plateau. I felt his cock grow hard in my hand and felt it pulse then came the jolts of wetness that began to spread between us. As I sought to make sense of this my own passion hit its peak and again my body was subjected to the amazing feeling of tickly heat that emanated from the head of my penis followed by an aching sensation from my balls. We lay interlocked, our bodies pulsing, our hearts beating my mind a maelstrom of wondrous delight above all I could feel his body, feel his emotions and I felt so safe, so certain, so. I sought for words or a phrase and unbidden the word ‘loved’ seemed to strike the right cord. I had never felt so close to another male, the feelings transcended even those I felt for my father and it was another part of the puzzle of reasonings and emotions that swirled my brain and body. He kissed me softly on the tip of my nose, “You did okay for a beginner,” he whispered and I basked in a strange joy. “Time to clean up,” he added a few precious moments later and bemused I watched as he used the towel we lay on to clean up the strange liquids that coated parts of our bodies. “Hmm,” he said, “you made a lot that time, I need to get some soap and water.” He smiled at me, “can’t have you walking naked to the bathroom, Ma Parker would probably have a fit.” I giggled and relaxed on the bed watching him as he wrapped the towel around his waist and left the room, soon he was back with a small bowl of warm soapy water and he proceeded to wipe both of us, it was so intimate and normal and I felt my pulse rise as his hands touched my body. He caressed my slim teen cock, it grew hard in his hand and I saw a look in his eyes and felt a matching desire in my own. I held my breath. He toyed gently with my cock, sliding gently the outer skin up and down. “Horny kid,” he whispered, “let’s save it for tomorrow,” he grinned and I felt my heart leap. ‘We would be doing this again,’ I thought and even better I also knew when. “C’mon loverboy,” he said and I felt my heart stop, the word or words ‘loverboy’ hit me like a hammer and I felt scared and yet so happy at those words. I knew nothing of the world but being his boy and being his love seemed so important to me at that moment. Cleaned and dried I dressed in my meagre clothes half watching as he put on his jeans and now from the wardrobe a plaid shirt. At the door to the room he stopped and held me and kissed me, it was soft and gentle and just as powerful as though his tongue was deep inside my mouth. I felt his arms enfold me and close to his chest I thought I could feel his heart beating loud and proud as my own. It was a delicious moment. He walked me home and followed me inside, my mother was sitting by the hissing radio in the kitchen and instantly stood up and not giving Ted a chance to argue provided him with a cup of tea and me with my bedtime cocoa. I sat beside him sipping the sweet drink, a silly grin on my face as I watched him, the way he moved his hands to describe something as he talked, the grace in his head as it moved, his throat as he swallowed his tea, I was totally absorbed in him. “Hey Danny,” mother shook me from my sleepy stupor, “time for bed.” “I’d better go,” said Ted and I shot him an impassioned look, why I don’t know I just didn’t want the night to end. “No finish the tea,” my mother smiled as she topped his cup up, “Danny can get ready for bed and come back and say goodnight. Get a move on son,” she turned to me, “your father will be back soon and if he catches you up at this time.” I moved with alacrity, she was right I did not want anything to spoil the moment. Swiftly I scrubbed my face and hands with the last of the warm water from the kettle which I took with me. Furiously I brushed my teeth, changed into my flannel pyjamas and headed back to the kitchen. At the doorway I stopped, suddenly I felt ridiculous, the pyjamas were old and short and tight on me, I felt I looked stupid and I found myself reddening, panic rushed over and through me and then the door opened. “i can’t think what’s keeping him,” my mother’s voice came as she opened the door, “oh there you are, come along Danny, say goodnight to our guest and get a move on,” she stopped and looked at me and tapped her toe impatiently on the floor, “oh you forgetful boy, you didn’t bring the kettle back with you. Oh Danny what will I do with you.” She pushed past me heading for the scullery where I had left the dratted kettle. It was then I realised I was alone with Ted. He looked at me and I saw him lick his lips and then he held his arms out. Headlong I rushed into his arms and he held me and kissed me, it was another wondrous moment and as his lips touched mine and I felt his tongue tip I also felt his hand slide in the half open fly of my pyjama trousers and he squeezed my başakşehir escort already erect teen rod. “Oh boy you are one hot fucker,” he whispered and I felt aglow and yet shocked as he had used the ‘F’ word, a word forbidden in the house. Mother’s approaching steps broke us apart and I tugged my pyjama trouser flap over my burgeoning bulge hoping she would not notice what to me was a huge flagpole. I half turned away keeping my front out of her line of sight. “Goodnight Dan see you tomorrow,” smirked Ted, “sweet dreams,” he added and winked at me. “Goodnight Danny, don’t wake your brothers,” my mother spoke as she always did. I kissed her gently on the proffered cheek and made my ‘Goodnights’ and floated out of the room and up the stairs. In our bedroom I eased myself in beside my sleeping brothers, they grumbled sleepily as we all adjusted to allow my presence in the bed and I lay on my back, my hands behind my head, my cock pulsing and throbbing between my legs as I re-imagined the events of the night. Several times my hand crept down to my cock but it was no replacement for Ted’s hands and eventually I drifted off to a sensual dreaming sleep where Ted and a purple shaped heart appeared time and time again. The morning found me teenager tired and I lay listlessly in bed as my two brothers energetic from their proper portion of sleep, fought and played as soundlessly as experience had taught them how best to avoid father’s ire. Normally I would have taken my turn but my late night and my exhausting experiences made me feel somehow superior to the kids as I sometimes considered my brothers and eventually I again drifted off to sleep this time waking when mother’s voice called us to breakfast. Sunday was normal, well as normal as could be for a boy who had had his first kiss, his first French Kiss and his first ever two wanks. I kept going off into a dream and several times both mother and father brought me back down to earth. “What on earth has got into him,” asked my father shaking his head. “Motorbike,” snorted Rob my brother and my father shot me one of those fatherly looks. “I don’t want you getting any ideas about motor bikes,” his voice was sharp and cutting, “you have your future to think of young man.” I blushed and tucked my head even further into my cornflakes. “Come along,” instructed my mother, “get a move on. We don’t want to be late for church.” It was all so normal and yet so strange. “Does your new friend Ted know about service times,” my mother broke into my reverie. I shot her a look, it seemed out of kilter to think about Ted in his jeans and leather’s sitting in a church pew and I shivered as I pictured his body for the umpteenth time. “Don’t know,” I said. “Well no doubt Mary will have told him anyway,” my mother nodded her head and scolded and shuffled us through the washing routine and into Sunday Best. Outside the door I stood looking at Ted’s bike, it gleamed in the soft sunlight and I dug my finger into my collar where the too small shirt was tight around my throat, the tie I wore felt as though it was choking me and I actually felt envious of my brothers who wore the red elasticated bow ties that were now loose over the years, it was not too long ago that one of those had been mine. Father led the way down the street, we walked behind him and my mother brought up the rear, it was business as usual and as we made our way to the church we gathered others of the flock on our way. My father talked to Mr Davidson, I was not party to their adult discussion which was usually about the prospects of the local football team. My brother’s had caught up with some of their gang and were larking about as much as they dared on Sunday morning. I strode along lost in my thoughts, ignoring my teenage companions who were used to my moods, they too were intent on the football team’s performance, something I was never part off, it never attracted me and my mother as usual was talking to a number of similarly clothed women who formed her circle. She shepherded us together outside the church, similar family gatherings took place around us as, shoulders were brushed, hair patted down, ties and bow ties adjusted as she readied us. “Would you mind if I sat beside you, I don’t really know anyone else?” I heard a now familiar voice speak and shocked I looked up to see Ted standing there. He looked immaculate, his hair was greased back and shone in the sun, not a hair out of place, he wore a white shirt with one of those thin black ties that hung in a straight line down the middle of his body. Over his shirt he wore a dark blue knitted sweater, one with pockets and white diamond patterns. His slacks were light grey and the creases stood out, his black shoes with the pointed tips gleamed and glittered in the sun and I was in total awe of him, he was the epitome of the modern teenager and yet he looked so classy. My mother obviously approved and nodded her head, “off course Ted you are most welcome to join us,” and she introduced him to my father. I held my breath as I watched my father eye him up, the handshake that followed was brief but manly and as I saw the slight nodding movement of my father’s head I felt elated as I knew he had been given first approval. As we moved towards the church door I caught a glimpse of Ted’s belt, the horned devil was hidden behind the sweater but I knew it was there and I shivered with a strange delightful intensity. Inside the church everything was wonderful until we sat down for the sermon, up till then I had enjoyed sitting beside Ted, I don’t know how he managed it but we sat close together and he had whispered his’ hello.’ As we sat down Ted’s hand gripped my thigh, it was a brief touch but it had an immediate effect on me and I blushed and went hot and red as I felt the hard tightness between my legs. I fought it as best I could but in the end I could only wriggle and writhe as my teen cock hardened and got caught in my briefs, the pain and the embarrassment was awful as I sat there with that throbbing between my legs and the restlessness in my hands as I sought to control the need to relive the pain and anguish. It was not until we knelt down that I furtively managed to alter the position of my cock so that it rested up against my groin and I breathed a heavy sigh of relief as the pain and the blushing reduced unlike my cock which continued to remain hard and throbbing throughout the rest of the service. Ted’s constant touch of his leg alongside my thigh only serving to keep me in that state of pure arousal, it was another moment I never forgot, part of the pain and pleasure of love and sex. The service over I kept my prayer book low to hide the thickness between my legs. Mother introduced Ted to the vicar who made him welcome and on hearing his trade became alert and overfriendly, the church hall had suffered a fire during the war and the electrics were a constant worry to him. I felt Ted gladly offered his help although I personally felt he was coerced into offering his time, I was already jealous but then he turned to me and added. “I’m sure Dan will be able to help me sort something out,” and again my heart leaped to my throat, Ted had easily arranged a way for us to be together and more importantly it was a purpose which I was sure my father could provide no objection to. I glowed as I thought about being close to him again, the church hall had many hidden dark places and I shivered deliciously at the mere idea. We walked back to the house, this time Ted walked with father and I tagged along, now beside them now behind them as the pavement allowed. Father spoke most of the time, giving Ted advice about the neighbourhood and other matters, I just wanted to be close to my idol. Back at the house Ted sat in the kitchen with me beside him as he worked over the large radio that had stopped working. I just watched him, smelling him, tasting his perfume as he worked away, passing and fetching tools from my father’s toolbox. He was dextrous, his hands working away efficiently and expertly and then the radio blazed into light and the sound of the Light programme filled the kitchen, drowning out the old hissing static sound of the standby radio that warbled between signals. My mother swayed in time to the music and a smile graced her face. “How lovely,” she laughed, “it sounds even better than ever.” “I’ve tweaked the receiver and the loudspeaker a little,” Ted explained, “it should be okay now, this particular model has a tendency to lose tone and signal but its easily solved.” “And if you know what to do,” grunted my father from the depths of his chair and the newspaper. I grinned at Ted my father knew his limits where electrics were concerned but he appreciated Ted’s skills. Ted worked his magic on father’s standard lamp, he replaced the cord with some new wires from his own bag that he had brought over from his room. Father’s approval was now full and total as he switched the lamp on and off. “They used low quality cord,” said Ted, “false economy really,” father nodded knowingly as fathers often do. Sunday Dinner with Ted was an amazing experience, he helped set the table and appeared to know where everything was kept. My brothers who had disappeared outside to play fought to sit beside him and grudgingly I gave up the battle, sitting opposite him however was delightful and our eyes kept meeting and the smile that played around the corner of his halkalı escort mouth was for me and me alone. For the first time ever there was no argument from my brothers as Ted insisted that, ‘we boys did the washing up,’ they stood either side of him passing him the plates and such as he washed and I dried and Rob put away. Standing there close to him was wonderful, the odd times our bodies touched just made me feel so alive and whilst I wanted to be alone with him I was also just enjoying his company. His offer after lunch to take us three to the park for a proper kick around was warmly received by my parents and Tony and Rob crowed around him as they heard his offer. “I’ll need to change first,” he said, “you get your things together and we’ll meet outside,” he said, my father nodding thoughtfully as he appreciated Ted’s attitude. The problem with younger brothers is that they have a way of getting in the way, by the time I was downstairs in my school football shorts and tennis shoes they had managed to let several of their friends in the street know so it was a motley crew that Ted found waiting for him. Even a couple of boys my own age, Dick and Trevor were in the crowd. Ted just laughed. He looked handsome in a t-shirt and worn looking black shorts. I saw the bulge and the strong muscular legs and I’m sure my mouth drooled. “The more the merrier,” he cried and with that we set off to the local park. I walked beside Ted, I had hoped to have some private time with him but Dick and Trevor anxious to make his acquaintance hogged most of the conversation which ranged from his bike to his work to music, they were more into the rock scene that I was and I was so jealous of their easy way with him but Ted sorted it out with the simple placing of his arm across my shoulder as we walked, it was more than enough. In the park Ted divided us into two sides, he acted as referee, making one side strip bare-chested, ‘skins’ as he called it. I was one of the ‘skins’ and he stood beside me and whispered, “no chance of you going bottomless as well I suppose,” I gasped out loud and then went bright red as yet again I became erect. “don’t worry I’ll take care of that later,” he whispered close in my ear and strangely enough my cock subsided. I’m not the athletic type but I did enjoy the kick around, even managing to score a goal. It was not the first goal I had ever scored but it is the one I remember most as Ted clapped me on the back and even Rob gave me a grudging, “not bad bruv,” an accolade that was rare from my younger brother. It was when Ted called a half time break that we had a precious moment together, like most of the boys we headed for the trees to pee. Ted swung me up against the trunk of a thick oak tree, hidden from the sprawled gang of boys he kissed me hard and heavily, his hand slipping down the waistband of my shorts to grasp my cock and squeeze me, it was another timeless moment and my own hand found and caressed his hard prong, it spoke of a promised future time. The second half was just as much fun and the time seemed to go so quickly but I was conscious of a sense of patience, I knew somehow he would make ‘it’, whatever ‘it was’ happen. Walking back home the boys thronged around him, at times I felt the jealousy rise in me, some of the boys still hot walked back shirtless and I found myself comparing their bodies with my own, especially Trevor’s who was far more athletic and muscular that I was. “Tea will be ready in twenty minutes,” announced my mother, I noticed she looked flushed, a rare event and even father had a more relaxed air about him but at that time I was unaware of the possibilities that an empty house, and an empty bed provided for a married couple on a hot Sunday afternoon. “Get washed and changed,” she commanded. Ted already invited for the day said,” I’ll scrub up across the road, I need to change my clothes anyway,” he made for the door and then looked back, “Dan come and give me a hand, you can do my back, it’ll be quicker for us both and I can scrub that grassy stain for you.” I looked at my father who simply nodded, I had taken a fall in the park and there was a greenish hue down one side. Agog with excitement I hustled after Ted who was already striding away. In Ma Parker’s bathroom he ran the hot water and we stripped naked. “We don’t have much time,” he whispered into my ear, I was in his arms feeling his body up against me, his cock was so hard rubbing into my stomach and I felt a wave of lusty desire roll over me. We kissed and rubbed at each other and then he picked me up and sat me on the edge of the sink. “We need to be quick,” he said and he bent his head down. I sat there, balanced on the washstand and gave out a loud cry as he sucked my cock into his mouth. Immediately his hand covered my mouth. “Shhh,” he said and his mouth went back around my cockhead. It was so intense and so heavily full of wonderful amazing sensations. His mouth and tongue on my cockhead as he sucked the head out of my foreskin, nibbling at the cockslit and tonguing the ridge around my cock. I don’t suppose it took more than a couple of minutes for me to go from erection to ejaculation, but it was one of the most intensive climaxes I ever knew. Completely virginal about fellatio or cocksucking my lust beat down my objections about my cock being in a mouth, the way I felt overrode any such inhibitions and I grabbed his head and held it in my hand as I jetted my boy seed into his mouth, I felt him swallow, one two gulps and it was gone and I sank limp against the mirror behind me, totally wasted and amazed by what had happened. “The next time will be slower and better,” he promised me, “but now we have to hurry.” I looked at him and between us rose his cock, hard throbbing powerful and demanding. For a moment I wondered if I was to perform what he had just done and doubt flickered across my mind. Could I do that, take his large cock in my mouth, I wondered my thoughts piling up on me. “Stand up,” Ted commanded, nonplussed but trusting him completely I did as he asked. He placed my hands on the edge of the washbasin, “bend forward slightly,” he said,” I did so wondering what was to happen and yet secure that whatever it was would be all right, would be good, would be wonderful. I held my breath. I felt him close behind me, his hot cock touched my skin and my senses were enflamed, I was in awe that the touch of his penis could have such an effect on me and my own teen rod rose, thickening already. I felt him move closer and then he pressed hard up against me, his hands sought my hips and he began to rub his cock up and down my back, thrusting it between the cheeks of my backside. His cock drooled its pre-cum all over my skin and I felt the warm stickyness coat my backside. Faster now he thrust against me, quick precise movements and I felt his gasping breath on the back of my neck. “Turn your head,” he insisted, I turned as requested and his mouth sought mine, slightly twisted and held in his powerful grasp I held sway as he rubbed his awesome weapon against my body. His lips sought mine, our tongues duelled again and then I felt the hot throbbing pulse and the wetness as he ejaculated across my back and into my arse cheeks. He held me tight and again I felt his heartbeat through his body. “You are so soft and adorable,” he whispered into my ear, “I am so lucky to have found a loverboy like you.” He nuzzled against my neck now and nibbled my ear and his hand found my pulsing cock. “No time,” he groaned making me shiver with utter wantonness. Quickly now we washed ourselves and each other, he paid particular attention to my backside but his hands only served to make my cock harder and I groaned in disappointment. “Fuck it,” he said, “lets go for it.” I stayed still as his hand rubbed up and down my slim shaft, his touch send those delightful waves of pleasure through my body. He again nibbled my ear and then with strong swift hard movements of his hands he brought me back to my peak and again I jerked and writhed and found myself looking down as my cock erupted and several strings of a whitish pearly liquid shot from the tip of my cock and splattered into the washbasin, finally floating on the grey water that we had finished washing it. Amazed I could only stare at the strange stuff. “Come on,” he hustled me, “your mother will be mad at us if we are late and if we want to do this again.” The threat was enough, as he washed the basin, my seed gurgling away down the plughole I dressed and then it was back to his room, Ted wearing just his towel where he flung his clothes in a corner and swiftly donned a dark blue t-shirt and his jeans. We made it with seconds to spare and I managed to change into clean shirt and shorts ready for mother’s afternoon tea. After tea I joined my brothers in washing up as mother and father and Ted sipped the last of the tea out of the pot. It felt so good to watch him talking quietly to my parents and odd that my brothers and I did the washing up for the second time with no arguments. Tea over my father stood up and stretched. “I’m off down the pub,” he announced and looked at Ted with a raised inviting eyebrow. “Not for me,” smiled Ted, “Sunday’s I prefer my tea, I have a new job to go to in the morning.” Father nodded and headed out the door. As we finished cleaning up Ted turned on the radio and soon music filled the room. I saw mother’s toes tapping and şirinevler escort then Ted grinned stood up and held out his hand. My mother tried half-heartedly to put him off but I knew my mother and soon they were dancing around the room. I knew a few steps, my mother had taught my brothers and I as part of growing up and we sat and watched Ted spin her around the room. It was different from the times when we were on our own and not at all like when we practiced our dancing skills at weddings and other family functions, for me it was more exciting. “You too boys,” mother said and I grabbed Rob and we joined in, Tony swaying to the music in a corner. I was not embarrassed about dancing in private with my brothers, we enjoyed it and now with the sound of the newly fixed radio filling the room with enjoyable rhythms we took our turns with each other. It did not feel odd when mother took Tony’s hand and Ted took mine, dancing with him was another wonderful experience and he guided me gently, making me spin and turn, something my mother had failed to do. I was jealous when he did the same with Rob and Tony but my new found confidence pleased my mother when I managed the turn and spin she had failed to get me to learn. Ted now changed the station and the room rocked with more modern sounds. My mother’s face was flushed with her exertions and this time she gladly took Ted’s hand as they jived. I was both shocked and amazed that my mother could move like that, like most teenagers my parents were always considered ancient without prior lives and Rob, Tony and I stood there clapping our hands as mother and Ted put on a show for us. “Enough,” she gasped and sank into a chair, grabbing her tea cup and sipping the warm liquid with a grimace. Ted reached out to me, I shook my head, I did not know how to jive at all, the energetic movements were beyond me. “Go on Danny,” my mother encouraged me, “Ted’s a good dancer, you’ll soon pick it up.” It was beyond wonderful, the music rang through my body and almost in a trance I followed Ted’s instructions, dancing like this with him was another momentous moment and I soon found myself bending and kicking and swaying and spinning as I had never done before. The most amazing thing was when he grabbed me and swung me up, “Open your legs,” he said and I did so and swung me down so that our bodies touched, his groin was against mine and I felt his hardness up against mine. Several times he did that each time I felt him hard and pulse against me, the final time our faces were so close and I actually opened my lips ready for his probing tongue but he just managed to swing me away from mother’s view and our lips just touched for an instant. After that it was Rob and Tony’s turn, with Rob and I trying out steps with each other as Ted put Tony through his paces. Our mother sat there a happy look on her face as she watched her sons dance taking delight in the looks on our faces as we worked out the steps and movements. I think I saw her eyes mist a little and there was a dreamy look on her face at one point. The jive programme ended and we collapsed around the kitchen table, mother providing some home made lemonade to quench our thirsts. “That was fun,” giggled eight year old Tony and I saw the adoring look in his eyes as he glanced at Ted, the old jealous twinge hit me again. “Yeah,” grunted Rob and burped, one of his annoying habits, and managing to avoid mother’s warning look. If father had been there it would have been different. Wound up and full of energy Rob and Tony headed out to play in the street, mother took up her knitting and turned the radio to some play or talk show. Ted looked at me. “Fancy a walk?” he smiled. I nodded. “Back by eight,” said my mother almost absentminded as she checked her knitting pattern, “bathnight tonight.” It was that easy. Ted and I just walked out the front door and headed away down the street. “Where can we go?” asked Ted. I looked at him enquiringly, “Somewhere quiet and private,” he said and his hand brushed across the front of my shorts. I led him down the back alleyway out to the back of the Lodge, the owner had been away for years and the local kids had taken over the huge sprawling garden for our own, there were a number of hidey holes and old forts. I headed for one which I knew was well hidden by leafy bushes, you had to crawl into the hidden delve and Ted was chuckling behind me, his nose almost up against my backside as we wormed our way into the opening. “This is just great,” Ted grinned, his smile a huge beaming one. The grass was dry and smooth and in moments I was naked and lying back watching Ted wriggle out of his jeans. His cock, thick and throbbing filled my eyes and I watched a drool of the stuff he called pre-cum dribble out of the tip of his foreskin and string down to the grass. We began by kissing, first gently and then with increased passion, his hands roamed all over my body and I basked in his touch. His lips worked down my face, down my neck and he suckled at my nipples, up till then they had just been tiny spots on my chest, now they were engorged with feeling and the sensation as his tongue rasped across them and then his teeth nipped at them gave me goosebumps in places I had never seen goosebumps before. I reached out and touched one of his own nipples, it peaked at my touch and I felt the urge to lick and suck at it. I was learning all the time what I liked, wanted and this tasted and felt so good, especially when Ted moaned his delight in my ear. I reached for his cock and held it, as ever it felt so right in my hand. I studied it again, the purple head, the smooth foreskin that moved back and forth, the strange clear liquid that he called pre-cum and then I recalled the stuff that came out of my penis, the pearly white stuff. I looked at Ted. “What was that stuff, this afternoon that came out of me?” I asked my curiosity at its height. He told me; I sat there open mouthed at what he told me. All the lies and braggings I had heard behind the bike shed were exposed for what they were as I heard the truth. I held his balls, the heavy sac with the two large lumps and I caressed them and stroked them. “So this sperm, spunk, semen stuff is made in here,” I shook my head with amazement, “why does it feel so good when it comes out?” I asked. “That’s how we are made,” sighed Ted, “awesome isn’t it?” I grinned, “You bet,” and then the thought crossed my mind, “but if its for making babies or what did you call it?” “Procreation,” he supplied, I knew the word I had heard it before but now I understood its meaning more. “But we can’t make babies can we. I mean were both male?” I was puzzled. “Its also for fun,” grinned Ted, “you like what we’ve done don’t you?” I nodded I admit eagerly, “so its okay for us to have fun until you are ready to decide you want to make a baby, or fall in love with someone.” “Can guys love guys?” I asked my mind still working things out. “Sure,” he smiled and kissed the tip of my nose. It was enough for me. He pushed me on my back and knelt between my legs. “I said next time it will be better,” he grinned and I twitched I knew what he was about to do. 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