The Roommate

The RoommateKyle and I hadn’t been married for a year yet, when our best friend’s split up. Paula moved away with another guy and Mark moved in with us for a while to save money for his own place. We used to go on trips with them – we did everything with them. We had been best couple friend’s with them for 3 years. So he moves in. Our house was a continual party – all of Kyle’s single friends were ALWAYS at our house. There was always a couple of guys sleeping on the couch or on our floor! One night – a big group of us went to downtown to a comedy club and then to a country place to dance and drink. Kyle didn’t dance country… so every time we went out… he always told me – go dance with Mark. We had done that for years, so it wasn’t anything new. So everyone was drinking quite a bit and dancing a lot – for about 3 hours. There was a little bit of sexual tension between Mark and I…. a little bit of flirting. So we go back to our house. And we are all 3 laying across bahis şirketleri our bed watching TV. Some of Kyle friend’s called – and wanted us (really them…. not me – it was girls calling!) to come over and play cards. Kyle wanted to go and Mark didn’t. So Kyle says I’m going – well mind you – it’s about 4 in the morning! So he leaves Mark drunk in our bed to go to some girl’s house and play cards! RIGHT!!!So Mark and I are laying there… talking…. not quite believing that we are in that position. So he rolls over and puts his arm around me and kisses me. It was all history after that. We had some pretty good sex. He was great at kissing, pussy eating, fingering…he was just great!So after that night….Mark and I had a little thing going for about a month. I was pregnant with my first k**… forgot to mention that! 🙂 But only about a month along when all of this started happening.Kyle would go to work and I’d go get in bed with Mark (that sounds illegal bahis really bad but it was incredibly erotic!)One morning early – we almost got caught. Kyle my hubby came back home cause he forgot his work keys. Luckily he couldn’t get in the house cause I had everything locked from inside! He said what took you so long to get to the door? LOLThere were lots of times the three of us would be watching TV. Hubby would be in the chair kind of to the side of the couch. Mark would be on one end of the couch and I would be on the other – covered up, of course! LOL And we would be playing a little….. mostly just with each other’s feet. One night – Kyle fell asleep in the chair and we got up and went around the corner in the hall and stood there for a long time – kissing, touching each other….. with Hubby just a few feet away – right around the corner from him!!! After about a month – Mark started dating this girl from work…. a slutty chick! LOLSo I stopped illegal bahis siteleri my thing with him – wasn’t gonna go there when he was with her. And he moved out a few weeks later, anyway.Kyle and I passed for some tough times but our second c***d came into the picture and helped the situation for a bit….. but I started seeing Mark again. I would go by his house on my way to work really really really early. I would get in his apartment and climb in bed with Mark for an hour or so before I had to leave for work. This went on for a few months…was one the time when Mark and I went to the movies….. and were messing around in our seats and we got up and went to the back. He wanted to fuck standing up in the back…I went for it, I was wearing a summer skirt…he started to fingered my pussy…making it so wet and sticky until he make me cum so good…I unzipped his jeans and kneel down to eat his long meat…I turn around and he fucked my pussy from behind so good that make me cum one more time…he turned me around to explode and delivered his milk in my mouth!! We were so turned on and were bit afraid we’d get caught… lol! So we went out to his truck and did it there again. Was a great time with the roommate…

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