The Sailor and the Sea Goddess (who ruled him)


The Sailor and the Sea Goddess (who ruled him)Each fondle, sigh, and bat of her long eyelashes was leading the pirate to madness. Did she even KNOW? Warmth was now the very least of his problems; Calypso was like a blazing fire, searing all of his body, continually stoked within him by her ministrations. She shimmied into his lap gracefully, his hands sliding down to nestle in her falling chiton.Her thighs squeezed Ragetti snugly.”Cozy?””Fabrizio, you are so smug. But yes…”At this Ragetti relaxed and let his eye lavish her form. It was nothing like the British women’s. She had CURVES, real ones that needed no help from illusory dresses and corsets, girdles and other shaping garments. Calypso was Calypso; Calypso was a goddess and therefore desirable above any mortal—and knew she was to him.”This chiton needs removin’,” she said, blue-stained lips curled into a smile and eyes twinkling with mischief.”Would you like me t—?””I will rid myself of it,” she purred against his neck, tongue flicking out against his pressure point and making him twitch. “You watch.”That was no struggle for Ragetti. The further up the dark, flouncy gown, the larger his hazel eye widened. Her thick thighs. Then her navel. Up to the underside of her breasts, at which he did not disguise his shuddering gasp.”You have seen dem before, my dear.””This is different, this is…you doing this, for me.” He let out a strained exhale and sat up straight, hands shaking with anticipation. And briefly after that it was off and flung far away.Immediately his fingers and mouth were upon her. Ragetti marveled at the succulence of the goddess’ skin: smooth as velvet to feel and rich as sweets to taste. Her nipples were no exception to his questing. Like her kisses Ragetti found himself hard-pressed to settle for one sampling.He earned a soft, needing moan while laving the dark peaks with teeth and tongue, and coaxed growls as his nails dragged across her rounded flesh.Calypso’s voice pleasantly adorned his ear as she leaned forward to Ragetti’s touch.”You, mmmm, lick and grab like me a five-course meal, my sweet.”Fabrizio squeezed her hips with need.”Am I so appetizin’?” she teased with her hands roving about his head.Ragetti shifted his hips underneath the goddess for several blush-worthy reasons. “You have no idea.”Calypso gave a sultry shimmy. “Might ya enlighten me?”Fabrizio made a show of extending his tongue and licking, which only served to make her naughtier. Calypso delved between her tingling thighs and swept it along the lips betwixt. He was rewarded with the exquisitely erotic sight of her glistening arousal. The goddess fluttered her fingers as if prompting him to taste, but such offers needed no invitation. A few suckles was all it took for him to crave.Ragetti looked in awe at the moisture coating Calypso’s thighs. She smiled at his quiet determination and waited for his next move. He looked about the grotto with an inquiring eye. She did not have to follow Fabrizio’s gaze to know where it lay, and he regarded her in newfound intensity. “I’m takin’ you there,” Fabrizio said decisively.Calypso was sure she had not imagined his smirk when she stuttered her agreement. But as it was, Fabrizio’s expression was hidden when he made to stand.His throbbing ankle made him stagger for the first few steps, but soon his confident çankaya escort stride returned. Also did that burning need, which arose when Calypso’s skin pressed flush to Ragetti’s, and all of her was achingly close to him. He walked quickly.Her moistened fingertips dragged tantalizingly along his shoulder blades, and had he not been so resolute he could have dropped her. Hoping that she knew the stern look Ragetti was giving her, he took a bold leap of faith and bit what neck he could find in reprimand. Her startled whimper echoed throughout the grotto. As they neared the pool, she felt his manhood pulsing in need. Ragetti’s skin was moist to the touch as well, but because of restraint or the exertion of their journey, she could not tell for sure.A quick dip told Calypso that they had reached their destination, and soon she was astride her human lover again. He sat upon the natural ridge within the pool. Fabrizio’s tongue scaled the area that he had bitten, and Calypso tilted her neck to expose herself further. Ragetti could not control the hunger that possessed him if he tried. It was some hazy time after this, that the goddess pulled slowly from his hold and licked her lips.”Now that ya’ve brought me here, what is it you plan on doing?”Too far into this state of pleasure to be daunted or embarrassed, Ragetti answered just as directly. “Giving you some of that idea from earlier.”Her amber eyes caught the light of the fire, twice as beautiful and wide at his blunt reply. “Ya—””Want to pleasure you, the way you want, but not like this. I’ll need to get deeper into the water.”Fabrizio switched positions and set her upon his previous seat. She stared at him curiously as she wondered how long he was going to submerge, but he came back soon.”Deep enough,” was all he managed to get out right away, using his hands to push the dirty blond hair back from his face and blinking eye. The water ran down his chest and shoulders in a very alluring way. His gasps also had a very familiar effect on her as well. Had she missed this on the beach? She regretted leaving so swiftly now. Calypso cleared her throat and swam to meet him in the middle. Fabrizio grinned, and pushed her back against the surprisingly cool obsidian.”What—”Then he tightly gripped her derriere with both calloused hands.”Fabrizio, what are ya—”And then Fabrizio lifted her further up until she was no longer in his arms, and placed her legs firmly over his shoulders.”Fabriiiiizio,” she whined with longing. That was all that Ragetti needed to hear. He sampled her glistening walls with no haste. The added warmth and pressure of the bubbling water prompted her to scream. He could hear it perfectly underneath the surface.This position and situation was not at all new to her; there were few sexual adventures she had yet to undertake as an immortal. But for such a novice as he proclaimed himself to be… The contrast from his shy demeanor to such steadfastness made it so much more so. Calypso tugged at his silken locks and guided him toward more responsive areas.Fabrizio’s eye darkened in realization, and without breaking their line of sight he enclosed his lips over her clitoris so sweetly she found herself temporarily boneless atop his shoulders. Ragetti’s confidence flourished at this receptiveness. balgat escort He flicked his tongue at her pearl to draw further pleasure from her, and she reacted wonderfully. Soft thighs contracted around his head in sharp, powerful spasms that accompanied the rocking of her ever-moving hips.Calypso felt Fabrizio’s shoulders shake with laughter as a result of this, and he obeyed her dutifully. Ragetti gripped at her wet, supple skin as if she were the anchor tethering him to the earth. He could not understand the power of how desperately, honestly he wanted her. She was all of the world he needed right here, the breasts that trembled at his touch were mountains, her delectable skin plains and plains of sienna earth…valleys and rivers and oceans between her thighs. And Ragetti wished to know them so well.”Darlin’,” Calypso whispered hoarsely, wriggling in the most sinful bliss above him.Ragetti locked eyes once more with the beautiful divinity. His tongue lay still against Calypso’s lips. When the goddess made another disappointed keen, it dissolved into a sigh as his sly fingers lovingly curved into her. Ragetti’s left hand abandoned her calf to spread her beauty more to his greedy eye. He knew his thoughts had been true. Every inch of Calypso was indeed perfect, by virtue alone.She began to massage his back as smooth feet slid up and down from his avid attentions; Ragetti pressed a kiss into her and reveled in the breathy ‘yes’ that followed. She watched him as his head raised, always to whatever words she could manage, and his body followed suit. Fabrizio certainly looked ready to take charge and assert himself, as she studied him by the hypnotically waning torches. Shadows swathed half his sinewy frame when he continued up, suckling her along his path.”Fabrizio,” Calyso chuckled as her lover’s oral affections targeted ticklish spots. “Oooh, don’t…”Ragetti nipped under her breast and ran his tongue across the contour of Calypso’s collarbone, hardening at her arching up.Calypso was a goddess of charms and the infinite ways in which to apply them. She smiled as a siren when Ragetti traversed her curves with delightful enthusiasm. He took in her goading responses. Calypso’s squeals as she wound her hips to his, oh, how time truly did slip away when seduced between those beautiful thighs…Ragetti knew that she was completely uninterested in being divine. Though she was half- in origin, it was not Calypso’s essence.There was not a thing godlike about the trails of scratches scoring Ragetti’s shoulders, or his desire to leave her breathless beneath him. He was a madman driven to the heavens his goddess was banished from, with every push and her kisses against the shell of his ear. Fabrizio possessed Calypso for that time of abandon, and she loved its blasphemy. They were in the throes of something mortal, instinctive—so primal that tendrils of heat were dancing within her very core as Fabrizio pleasured them both.He lit her aflame from inside, and soon it was going to take the two of them over. Calypso lounged astride him, Fabrizio’s shoulders in her hands. He kept all but her hips from moving to his delicious thrusts. She loved the thrill that tightening grip provided. The stolen kisses as Fabrizio pulled her closer made Calypso quicken the pace elvankent escort of her lovemaking. He let his head thud against the obsidian floor, and a needing groan escaped his growling lips.”Love…oh, Calypso—!”She was undone by his cries, and sat fully upright upon Fabrizio’s swaying hips as she approached her own euphoria. Ragetti caressed the goddess’ body, giving into the first wave of elation that surged through him and into her. When his fingers ventured to her sweetest spot and Fabrizio claimed her peaked breast for his own, Calypso could take no more. She sank down into his waiting embrace, careening from rapture as her pirate delivered to her again and again, and again.______________________________________________________________________________________________Calypso came to as Fabrizio began to clasp her tightly. His hold was protective, strong. He nuzzled into her shoulder as she shifted back.”Sirens always teasin’ unwittin’ men.” Fabrizio’s lips met the base of Calypso’s neck with lazy tenderness. She glanced over her shoulder at his dozy hazel eye, earning a smile and kiss. His fingers slid within the goddess’ dark dreadlocks as her lips parted to let taste.”Mmmm…”Ragetti had a point, and knew exactly how to come forth with it. But in the present she was gyrating dangerously close to his rising girth, and was that still wetness he felt on Calypso’s outer thighs?”Calypso, I have to tell you—””Tell me what?” The goddess’ beautiful eyes traveled down from his wavering gaze, to the straining hardness imprisoned by their hips. He slowly sucked in breath as she wrapped graceful fingers around it.”Oh, you know how hard it is to think now, love!” Ragetti savored her again, twitching with every teasing pump. She whined and shuddered with anticipation as he stroked her entrance. “Fabrizio, pleas—MMM!” the goddess squealed as Ragetti filled her, his hands holding her in place. He drank in the mewling pleas, the way she so gave herself to sensation.”On your stomach,” the pirate grunted out as she wound in small circles. To his delight, Calypso did so. Her fingers interlocked with Fabrizio’s as he again sated her emptiness. They fit as two parts of a sensual whole.”I can never get enough of you,” she whimpered softly into his neck. An approving moan reverberated throughout Calypso’s skin as Fabrizio thrust harder, with depth and passion. Calypso shimmied up to better receive him.”Goddess. My goddess. You’re so tight around me…” He lost himself in every squeal, every flutter of her on his thickening cock.”I could spend forever indulgin’ you like this, makin’ you mine.” But I can’t.And I know that, my dear. Ragetti reared up in surprise. She moved serpentinely on his stiffened manhood. He squeezed her beautiful rear with a growl, willing the goddess to feel his desire.I know how much you love to please. And ya do so well, Fabrizio.There was an otherworldly magic to the rhythm of Calypso’s heavenly hips. Ragetti watched as she took and he received, took and received. The ebb and flow was dizzying. How could she be doing this so effortlessly?I also know that this is the last lovemakin’ we will share in some time. So while we are able…Her lover clutched her by the elbows, taking the hint with zeal. Calypso was picking up her pace. “Satisfy me, Fabrizio. Don’t ya dare stop another second.”And Ragetti did not cease to give Calypso what she sought after. From the wee hours preceding twilight till dawn on the horizon, her request was ardently fulfilled. The pirate took his last taste of the sea goddess on the cave’s edge, to a chorus of rushing waters and climactic cries.

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