The Sailors Tale.


The Sailors Tale.This is NO SHIT!All good sea stories begin with that one line. Many years ago, I was a sailor, and did my bit to help win the Cold War against the Evil Alliance. It was mostly eight years of binge drinking in California, but every now and then we would sail to some other place, or make a Major cruise, called West-Pac.My first West-Pac was very early in my stint and the following tale is about my first real port overseas.I was pretty young, having just turned 18yrs a few months earlier. I was still a country boy from Oklahoma, and had never been much of anywhere. Girls in Cali were NOT interested in a squid from nowhere, and getting laid was nigh on impossible.We sailed one morning and went west. A week later we were in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii! That was very cool, being a history buff and all. A few days later we had a company of Marines loaded and were underway for points so far west, that it was east.Eventually, we moored in Subic Bay, Phillipine Is. After a few days of war games and practice landing the marines, we got liberty in Olongopo.Olongopo City is a pearl of the orient. Actually, its kind of a shithole. Poverty was rampant, and there were over 1000 bars that served the Navy Base, and over 15,000 Hostesses, to service the sailors and marines.The currency exchange rate was something like 7peso/ 35 centimo to the dollar. I don’t remember how much a beer was, but it wasn’t much, and you could pay the bar fine for a girl to get off work and take you home for something like $9-11. Needless to say, you could have a hell of a time for $20.My first night there, I found a girl friend. My buddy, Oke had been stationed at the base a couple of years earlier, and he said to follow him and he would steer me right.We crossed over the shit river bridge, and exchanged our dollars at the black market exchange. I think that I had $40.We walked up Rizal Blvd and had some “monkey on a stick”, and a bad , warm orange soda, sarız escort all the while surrounded by the prettiest young women and the scariest looking bars. The town was flooded by sailors and marines and it was JUMPING!We stopped in a couple of the bars, and I had my first San Miguel beer. I am not sure what it was made of but it sure made you sorry that the horse suffered so much.The second place was a little hole in the wall called The Little Brown Jug. there was a lovely young woman named M***, who was the hostess. She was beautiful. About 5’2, 120lbs. Her hair was shining black about chin length, and she had the brightest black eyes. Add an infectious smile and laugh.Oke dragged me out of there before I made an ass out of myself, and said…”Come on Smoothbore, we are going to MY place.” It was apearantly where he spent his time when he was stationed there.We caught a Jeepney, which is a brightly painted, enlongated WWII Jeep that served as a taxi. Off we went to the boondocks. Several miles outside of town, near the town of Subic City, was a ramshackle hotel, where we lighted, and went inside. It was a hotel, bar, whorehouse, and quite a shock to my sensabilities.We had a fairly good meal, and drank ALOT of beer, and danced and necked with the girls. It seems that they had me pegged as a virgin, and were making bets about who would get me. Around 1030, or 11, Oke payed the bar fines, and I went upstairs with the youngest one. I guess that she was 25 or so. Again fairly pretty. Slender with long black hair and dark eyes. She asked if I wanted to smoke a joint, and said that she would be back in a bit. And LOCKED ME IN.OHHHHHH SHIT! I was just about in a panic, locked in a whorehouse I DONY KNOW WHERE!She came back in a few mins later and we burned one, then she left again. About half an hour later she came back, and started to kiss me.She started to blow me to get me ready… It was my first BJ ever! I wasn’t a virgin, but might as well have been one, as what went on that night was an experience I will never forget.We fucked, and fucked, and changed positions and fucked. Rested and then fucked some more.I finally was just wore out, and sleeping, kind of. There was a fucking peacock screeching every half hour. Then Oke started beating on the wall, shouting to get dressed.We went down stairs and had a bad breakfast, and nasty cup of coffee, caught a jeepney back to the shit river bridge. That was my first REAL liberty.We were there several weeks, doing operations off the coast and a couple of port visits to other islands.I got liberty about 4 nights a week. I turned into a wild man and was burning a short fuse. My buddy Chris was a cook, and had married a Filipina. He took me to his wife’s family home in town.I met some really nice folks, who generally liked me and tried to keep me from going hog wild.And they introduced me to the family virgin.Her name was L***, and she was beautiful. Tall and pretty, and 17. She didn’t speak a lick of English, and I only spoke whorehouse Tagolog. The had us sit together and blush at one another, while the old ladies giggled. The little k**s would go out and buy me food, and ripped me off for the change. Her uncle though… He was a Master Sergeant in the PI Marines, and he let me know that if I did ANYTHING other than hold her hand, fish heads and rice would be the best thing I ever got again in what remained of my very young life. And I belived him!Besides, there was M***, at the Little Brown Jug. So I spent my afternoons with L***, and my nights with M***.M*** it turns out was 30, and vastly experienced. But she wasn’t wild. She was the calming hand, who would cut me off of the booze and got me to buy her out, then take me home and make love.I still think of her sometimes. Yeah, I think that I loved her too.But I was still wild, and on my last payday, I went to a place in the off limits section.It was a three story building that was a bar on the first level, whorehouse on the second and opium den ( for lack of a better word) on top. It was the evilest place that I have ever been in my life.I met one of my shipmates going upstairs to the top.We chased the dragon, so to speak, and oozed down to the next level.I don’t know how much I paid, but I found myself tied spread eagle to the bed, in a room full of naked women. There was a basket with no bottom and a girl inside, being lowered down onto my diamond cutter cock. The mammasan had the other girls raise and lower the basket until I was just about to blow, then she SPUN THE FUCKING BASKET! I eruputed like Vesuveus! Later all the girls blew me and then one rode me cowgirl.I crawled down to the bar, and met a BUNCH of shipmate, who treated me like a hero. We started getting FUCKED UP!They had a bunch of entertainment there. Dancing girls with snakes, one that would shoot Ping-Pong balls out of her pussy, and then a Peso show. That involved stacking a number of coins on a beer bottle, with the old lady then sliding down onto the coins. All that she could pick up with her snatch, she got to keep.One of the guys started to heat the coins in the middle with a Bic.When the gal picked up the coins, she started to yell and stomp her feet on the table! The Peso’s went flying, and the bouncers came at a rush. We found ourselves tossed out into the street and were close to dying when the Shore patrol showed up and took us in.We were released to the ship, and the next day we found that our liberty was cancelled, and our liberty cards were taken. Restricted to the ship.I did get to see M*** once more, and we both wept just a little, but I shipped out the next morning.We did write a couple of times, but time and tides.Last year, I was working a new job, and met a Filipina. We spoke of the islands and the good things. She asked if I had a girl friend when I was there, and I spoke of M***. Her eyes got HUGE! It turns out that M*** was her aunt!

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