The Sales Call

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The following story was written over the period of a week to ten Days by myself and a very erotically-minded young lady who I discovered by net-cruising.

The following story is divided into sections with Sarah’s insertions identified. This “literary collaboration” was a very satisfying experience for both her and me. Here’s the story we wrote together:


Started by Jim:

As I pulled into the driveway and looked again at the house number to confirm I was where I was supposed to be, I glanced at my watch and was right on time for the 9:00 AM appointment. I grabbed my sales materials off the passenger seat and looked again at the name of the person upon whom I was calling. I am terrible with names. “Sarah Wehlen”, I repeated to myself several times hoping I had the pronunciation right. I walked from the car to the front door of the home.

The house was attractive; not a mansion by any means but very neatly landscaped and well maintained. I sensed that Sarah would appreciate quality and organization as buying motives.

I rang the doorbell and a strikingly attractive lady answered.



“Hi! I am Jim Baker with Acme Enterprises.”

She smiled and asked me in. I felt something deep inside telling me this sales call was going to be different from the norm. I was nervous. That is not usual for me. I could not help gawking at Sarah’s attractive appearance and the way she was dressed.


This part contributed by Sarah:


He was right on time. I, on the other hand, was running unusually behind. The night before had been quite hectic and I didn’t get to bed until late. I had just stepped out of the shower, ran a comb through my hair and was putting on the finishing touches of my make-up when the doorbell rang. I grabbed my robe and slipped into it as I went to the door.

He introduced himself and I invited him in. He was somewhat surprised by my attire and I apologized for not being properly dressed. Explaining the night before, I walked over to the coffee table for a cigarette and could feel his eyes wandering over the length of my body as he observed my every move. His eyes began their journey at the top; my hair still wet, long, thick and curly, reaching to the middle of my back.

The short, red kimono robe with large black Chinese letters barely covered my bottom. His eyes observed my hands; the long fingers and well manicured nails. Then I could sense his eyes moving to my legs, long and lean with just a hint of muscle. As I turned around to again face him, he smiled, noticing the few springs of curl which fell down over my forehead. He probably noticed my soft face and my full breasts, unencumbered inside the V-necked kimono which tied in the front.

“Can I get you something to drink?”


This part contributed by Jim:


“Gee, sure!” I replied, “I had to get an early start this morning and didn’t brew up the coffee. I think I detect the distinctive aroma wafting from your kitchen.” I watched as Sarah walked to the kitchen. I watched how she moved in her kimono…how her legs went “all the way up” and how pleasantly shapely they were. “Hmmmm…Jim,” I said to myself, “you have rules against what you are thinking.”

Her lythe body seemed to move almost in slow-motion. The attractive, silky kimono, coming just to the bottom of her pretty little butt, did not cover those little cleavage lines at the bottom. I have always wondered at my attraction for those little cleavages. They only look good on *some* women and they definitely looked good on Sarah. The subtle shapeliness of her thighs blended perfectly to the perfect curve of her lower legs. Sarah was barefoot, exciting another weakness in me.

“Jim, you can’t do this,” I began to think to myself, “You can’t think this. A possible sale is involved here. Or I could forget the sale. No, it’s not my decision alone.”

As Sarah returned with two steamy cups of coffee and a smile I wasn’t sure which was hotter…the coffee or me. I could feel a tightness in my diaphram…just a little quiver there. “Stop it,” I sternly told myself.

We sat down together on the sofa behind a coffee table and I set my handful of materials on the table and began sipping my cup of coffee.

“Oh, it’s Hazelnut Creme, isn’t it?,” I asked, surprised.


“Mmmmm, I like it almost as much as I like your kimono. I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t help noticing.” I smiled, hoping she would not be offended.


This part contributed by Sarah:


Speaking softly, “Mind?….not at all.” I took a sip of my coffee and placed the cup on the coaster lying atop the table. “In fact, I was hoping you would notice. Look,” I said, moving myself from the couch and repositioning myself on the table directly across from where güvenilir bahis I was sitting. I crossed my legs and used my hands to pry Jim’s legs apart and slid myself across the table directly in front of him. My kimono rose high upon my leg and my thighs were exposed completely.

“You are here to make me a *deal*, correct?”


“Well…I have a *deal* I would like to propose to you.”

“Really?” Jim questioned in an unbelieving tone.

“Yes, really.” Slowly, I began to loosen his tie as I continued. “I am very aware of what you are selling in both quality and price. You *have* the sale. Now, as I see it, you have but two choices.

You can write up the order now, thank me in your professional manner and be on your way or you can thank me in a *personal* manner and write up the order later. In either case, you’ve got the sale. How the deal is closed is entirely up to you,” as I slipped the tie from around his neck.


This part contributed by Jim:


I had a big, crooked grin on my face. “Heck, we can sign anytime!” I placed my hands on the sides of Sarah’s thighs and scooted forward toward her aiming my mouth toward hers. God, her thighs were warm and her lips were soft like silk cushions. I felt a tremor pass through the deepest parts of me as I approached and contacted her full lips. I saw her eyes close and as we touched our mouths and tongues went wild with an instant passion.

The groaning sounds we emitted sounded more like those of animals than of humans. I was groping with my hands, caressing the outside of Sarah’s shapely thighs as she was wrapping her arms around me and pulling me right off the cushion of the couch and to my knees in front of her. We were breathing heavily and my hands caressed up along her sides, parting her kimono before me and exposing her warm body. My kisses flickered down Sarah’s neck and onto her chest.

“Mmmm, Sarah…mmmm…yesss. Let’s go slow. Move over here.”

I guided her to my lap and placed her body upon my legs and brought her mouth to mine. We kissed passionately again but this time slower and less anxiously. This was better. “I want you, Sarah, but I want you slow.”

“Yes,” she agreed and our hearts felt like they were pounding a little less loudly.

“Slow,” Sarah echoed.

With her head in the crook of my left elbow I looked into Sarah’s eyes and she smiled as I kissed her again with little, teasing pecks. Then the kisses progressed down her neck again. My right hand opened her kimono and my flicking tongue examined the soft glowing skin of her chest…and down. Her nipples were hard and I smiled. Sarah smiled back.

As I licked Sarah’s swollen little nipples and encircled my tongue around them and the aeriola, she made a long sigh and I could feel a quiver pass down through her body. Her firm and curvaceous butt laid right upon my swollen penis and I could feel the quiver, like a small bolt of lightning transmit through her flesh and into my groin. I felt like a lightening rod and I might have chuckled but my mouth and senses were way too busy.

Looking for something to do with my right hand (my most talented), I traded my tongue from her left to right nipple and let my right thumb and forefinger “tweak”, lightly pinch and roll her now moist left nipple. I could feel her butt grinding now against my groin. I reached down to feel her rotating gyrations and my hand landed between her thighs which opened. My fingers slowly moved up, up… When they touched Sarah’s patch of hair I could feel the dew on my fingers and I brought them to my nose for a sniff of Sarah’s essence.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Sarah whimpered and I knew she meant she wanted my right hand back where it was and so I returned it. I rubbed vertically along Sarah’s moistened labia and rubbed her juices around, lubricating her libido even more. She forced her torso down just a bit, causing my fingers to slightly enter her and with almost a vacuum-like suck, my fingers were taken in to her moist, warm cave. As I continued to lick her right nipple I was imagining what Sarah tasted like. The taste of her deepness and of her soul. I had an urge to drink drink her dry but that would come later, hopefully much later because I wanted to move her slowly, slowly. My fingers explored the inner tissues looking for something. I don’t know what. Looking for the motor…the motor that makes Sarah run. Although I felt nothing other than her smooth, slick inner wetness I must have found her motor and it ran and purred like my memories of my great-uncle’s 1950 Packard Sedan. Then I found the gear shift near the top of her cathedral window and I shifted Sarah’s gears.


Contributed by Sarah:


Not wanting to tire me completely, Jim began to ease me back down to reality. He raised his body and presented his mouth to mine as we kissed passionately. He had taken me to heaven türkçe bahis and the taste and smell of my own juices which remained lingering on his lips encouraged me to return the favor. Still kissing, I gently persuaded Jim to roll so that I was on top of him. As we lay there, my body covered in a sleek sweat, I rose and balanced my upper body on my hands which were placed just above Jim’s shoulders. One of my legs was extended to the floor in front of the couch and my other knee rested between his body and the back of the couch. Leaning forward, I began to lightly trace the outline of his lips with my tongue. Hesitantly kissing him now and again, I slowly began to move to his ear.

“I want to please you in *every* way.” I whispered.

I then proceeded to move seductively down…slowly…teasingly, letting only my lips, tongue and erect nipples come into contact with his aroused body and I continued to kiss and nibble at his neck and chest. I could feel Jim’s erect penis, sparked by anticipation, as it slid against my skin. As I continued lower, our bodies become closer and closer. I paused to rest his shaft in the valley of my breasts. With our bodies now partially pressed together, I kissed his hips and begin a trail closer to his manhood, kissing and tantalizing with my tongue all the way. I finally arrived and was captivated by the sight before me. Starting at the lower end of the shaft, my tongue tenderly explored the very essence of him. Moving my way up hesitantly, I took hold of his penis and begin a delicate stroking motion as my tongue arrived at the tip, still exploring. Jim’s gentle moves and soft moans encouraged me to open my mouth and take him in. Still caressing his shaft, my lips enclosed it, slowly at first, and my tongue began to perform a ring dance. His moans became enhanced and his breathing had begun to change. Sensing his excitement, I took Jim in completely. A sigh of ecstasy was released as he felt the full warmth of my mouth. As he entered, my lips wrapped around and my throat opened wider with every slow thrust. I reached for his sack and began to gently massage it as my tongue continued to dance around his shaft when he pulled out and my throat opened as he pushed in. Jim’s moves become more and more aggressive as his pulsating penis grew harder. His moans grew louder and louder; his thrusts faster and faster as he felt the suction and swirl of my tongue. His breathing was now amplified as his passion increased. Jim emitted an intense groan and then suddenly he erupted. His juices spurted into my mouth and I could feel the liquid stream as it flowed down my throat. My lips continued to hold tight until his strength subsided. As I lapped up the last drops, I could feel Jim’s body begin to relax. I then kissed and licked my way back to his lips and laying my body atop his, I gently kissed him.


Contributed by Jim:


As we kissed and tongue danced, I could feel my racing heart slow down to a normal run. The glow of sex in Sarah’s face was beautiful to behold. The more we kissed with our bodies touching and rubbing, the more alive I could feel my manhood become. The little guy was getting up before the ten count. There was a crowd somewhere cheering…

I was thinking about a position and wanted to see Sarah on top of me. I wanted to see her in control of her own next orgasm. I whispered into her ear “Let’s move to the floor”. I guided her and when she saw that I was lying on my back and placing her atop me she grinned.

“How did you know?,” Sarah asked teasingly.

I just grinned as she began to enjoy the position. I was glad she didn’t just “sit on it”. Sarah shared my enjoyment of teasing, tantalizing and making it last. Why do in 5 minutes what you can do in 90 minutes or 2 hours?

Sarah rubbed her beautiful pussy up and down the middle of my chest. She was supported by her arms as struts extending to her calves on the floor and her hips were free to brush her little beard lightly up and down my chest and she did it artfully. She could allow yourself to drop also and grind and dig. When she brought her pussy up toward my mouth and stopped just an inch or so short, I knew Sarah’s game and I loved it. Her eyes showed she was enjoying every second of this. Then she started teasing my little guy. She would give him just a sniff and then she’d swing forward…just a taste and then she’d pull away. I couldn’t see my little guy but I could feel him enjoying it too. He was getting stiff. Yep, it was “that kind” of stiffness.

There are several kinds of stiffness. There’s the fresh stiffness which is dry, hard and throbbing. Then there’s the kind I was getting at that moment, after one orgasm: wet, semi-hard and sort of gristly. This kind can last all day. The third kind we won’t talk about. It’s wimpy.

It was the semi-hard kind and each teasing brush her bush made gave it a little help. I felt my little guy’s face touch Sarah’s little gal’s lips. I knew they were going to have güvenilir bahis siteleri a great time down there. , she popped him in and popped him out. She was doing to me what I know I would have done to her if I had been on top. Sarah was enjoying the game. Her dark blond hair was in my face as she craned her neck downward to watch what her little girl was doing.

When she slid him in she faced me with a semi-smile and a look which might have been saying something like “Stand back…I’m going to fuck you”. I liked it. Sarah leaned forward with her face several inches in front of mine. She pivoted her hips as she swung her butt up and down, milking my little guy. I was surprised at her. She was getting aroused sooner than I would have thought. Then I realized how much Sarah liked this position.

Sarah’s lips were pursed into a mildly formed “ooo”. Her eyes were slits as they lazily half-closed. I enjoyed watching them throughout as they faithfully betrayed her every mood. I knew it was going to be a long time before I could cum again and I was determined to enjoy every second.

Sarah’s eyes now were slits and I could see the pupils dancing a little. Her pursed lips were getting dry and she was licking them. Her ass continued pivoting, doing that rocking motion up and down. Her legs were bent at the knee and the soles of her pretty feet were shining toward me. As Sarah’s arousal grew she straightened up into a sitting position atop me. Her torso was upright now and her legs were springs on the floor. She was beginning to hump me like an upright piston. I enjoyed watching her entire body before me. I was going to get to watch every bodily reaction of Sarah’s orgasm if it came…

First, Sarah’s face was already flushed. I noticed the “rash” extending down her neck and onto her shoulders and upper chest. Her eyes were almost closed now, the upper and lower lids fluttering. Her pursed lips had relaxed and now her mouth was more of an “O” and she was making almost silent sighs as she rose and fell upon my shaft. My manhood was now hard and wet like a hydraulic cylinder. It was in her. I looked down and it was shiny and Sarah was lowering herself down solidly to its base and then rising almost off of it. It was impaling her and she was loving it.

I noticed Sarah’s movements becoming less rhythmic and more jerky. I looked up from the dance our little people were doing and saw that her eyes were now open. Her hazel pupils were centered but may have been sightless as she continued to pump me into her. Sarah’s mouth was open more now and her nostrils were flared as a guttural scraping sound was coming from deep in her throat…something like a “snore” but not exactly. She was getting there. Then, Sarah lost her rhythm entirely and looked skyward and humped me. I watched her beautiful nakedness as it went through it’s heavenly journey. Her hair was flying now and her head would not hold still. Sarah’s breasts were flopping up and down out of control. Her movements continued to jerk. Her sighs had turned to moans and groans… first rather quiet but now growing in intensity and volume. They were approaching the level of a cheetah’s howl. Yes. I was loving it. Sarah’s body was now being wracked with irregular tremors and she continued to try to thrust up and down. She would have a tremor that would shake her entire body for a second. It seemed to travel her flesh in a wave. Each time she would vocally expel an “uhhhhnnnn” sound. She bent forward and continued these tremors.

Then the main earthquake arrived. I was not prepared for its intensity. I was surprised and amused by it as well as being very aroused by it. Sarah was a wild woman.


Contributed by Sarah:


As the passion accelerated and the main orgasm neared, I felt a rage of heat begin to surge through my body. My love muscles contracted with much force as I ricochet up and down upon Jim. It seemed as though I couldn’t get enough of him. I grabbed at his sides in hopes that I could pull him further in. An erotic tingling sensation dawned in the depths of my being, and began its journey throughout my body. I could feel myself starting to shake as I pulled Jim closer with my hands and pressed harder against him. He was deep within me and I was beginning to cum. I wanted him to know.

“JIMMMMMM, I’M GOING TO CUUUUMMMMMM!……. UUUUHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN! …MMMMMMMMMMMM! I WANT YOU TO CUM WITH ME! MMMMMMMMPLEAAASSSSEE CUM WITH ME…..OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH JIIIIIMMM! The chain of spasms were activated and I was no longer in control. The juices began to flow and my body started to tremble. My eyes closed as my head rolled back…my breasts took on a new tightness and my nipples became fully erect. My whole being was completely tense and I released myself to the sensations which now governed my every move. Pushing hard against his body, no longer lifting away, I vigorously ground myself into him, oblivious to anything and everything around me, as the juices continue to emanate. As I slowly came down, I opened my eyes and noticed Jim’s smile. I leaned forward and kissed him with an intense passion, for I was very grateful. As we kissed, he firmly persuaded me to roll with him. He was now on top of me.

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