The salon sluts part 3


The salon sluts part 3Suzi felt uncomfortable as she walked into The Adult Toy Store. She had to park two blocks away and with her short skirt and heavy makeup she had been approached four times by men who thought she was out turning tricks. Once inside, things hadn’t gotten much better. She imagined everyone in the sleazy place was a pervert and her mere presence had solicited everyone’s undivided attention. She was amazed at the selection of filthy items. Most of the things, she had never seen or heard of before.She decided to minimize her time in the seedy place by simply biting the bullet and asking the unshaven old man behind the counter, where the vibrator eggs are.She approached the old glass counter and cleared her throat. The old man looked over the top of the porn magazine he was reading.“Can I help ya with somethin’ lady?” He said in a rough voice, as he chewed on the mushy stub of an unlit cigar.“Uh, do you have any vibrating eggs?” She asked, trying to act as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.The old man smiled and looked her up and down. “Well pretty lady, I can take care of that urge for ya. I got a place right upstairs.”“Oh, ah, NO!” She snapped. “I mean, no thank you. Actually they’re for a friend of mine. I mean, they’re not for me… Really.”“Yea sure, lady. We believe ya, right fellas?”Several men within earshot snickered, as Suzi’s face turned a bright crimson.The old man pointed to the far end of the display case. “They’re down the other end there.”As she walked to the other end of the long display case, the old man walked along with her, on the other side of the counter. She looked quickly over the selection and pointed to a rather large white egg with a finger protruding from it.“Ah, let me have one of those.” She said quietly.“My, you really are a horny bitch.” The old man bellowed. “You mean that one with the clit finger?”Suzi could have crawled in a hole. “Yeah, I guess so.” She said sheepishly“Anything else?” He said, as he reached for the package.“Ah, yeah.” Suzi said pointing to a smaller black model.“That’s an ass egg.” He said, looking up at her. “You sure you want an ass egg?”“Yes. I guess so.” She said clearing her throat. She could feel the heat in her face and her scalp felt prickly, as more blood came to the surface. She had never been so embarrassed in all her life.The man handed the two clear clamshell packages to her. “That’ll be $38.90. You need batteries?”Suzi nodded. “I guess so.”The old man pulled two packs of batteries off of a display behind him and slid them over to her.He reached for his calculator. “Make that $46.75.” He said as he finished pecking on the buttons.Suzi reached into her purse and withdrew her wallet.“Damn!” She whispered to herself. She didn’t have enough money on her. Now she would have to put the items on her Credit Card. Her husband will surely see the transaction when he paid the bill. She realized that she had no choice, unless she was to let John down. She had already had a taste of John’s temper and anything would be easier than having to feel that crop again.Reluctantly, she handed the man the card and he made the transaction, handing her the receipt to sign.She quickly signed the receipt and as she turned to walk out, she realized the items she had purchased were in clear packages.She immediately stopped and turned back toward the old man. “Could I please have a bag?”“Sorry.” The old man replied. “I ain’t got no bags.”She crammed the batteries into her purse and picked up the two clear packages containing the dildos.She was totally humiliated as she hurried out of the store. She hadn’t gotten 50 feet when she was approached by another man.“Hey Baby, how about a little action?”As she began to explain that she wasn’t what he thought, the man turned and quickly walked away. She looked puzzled by his sudden departure until she realized that a police officer was heading her way.“Can I see some identification, Ma’am?” The officer said as he looked suspiciously at the packages she was holding.“Oh, Officer, am I ever glad to see you.” She stated, innocently. “Would you mind walking me to my car?”“Identification please, Ma’am?” The officer pressed.Suzi fumbled with her wallet as she presented him with her driver’s license. The officer looked at the picture and handed it back to her.“I ain’t never seen you before.” He began. “I know most of the working girls on my beat, so here’s how it works. You know, I could run you in right now, but I’m willin’ to give you a break. I give most of the girls who work this strip a break ‘cause they take care of me, if you know what I mean. I’ll be happy to let you go this time. All ya have to do is follow me back into this here ally and use that pretty little mouth of yours to empty my balls.”“Look, I’m not what you think.” Suzi pleaded, as she pulled away from his grip on her arm.“Fine! Have it your way.” He said, taking the handcuffs off his belt.Suzi’s mind was racing. “Okay, okay.” She said, almost in panic. She knew they could hold her for up to 24 hours and that wasn’t in her plans. Besides, she didn’t need her name splashed all over the newspapers under the recent arrests column.“That’s more like it.” He said leading her into the ally and behind a dumpster.He quickly looked around as he unzipped his pants and removed his engorged cock.Suzi let out a sigh as she got on her knees and took the swollen member in her hand, guiding the purple head into her mouth.She ran her tongue around the head while she bobbed up and down, taking as much of the shaft into her mouth as she could without gagging. Her hand was firmly gripping the root of his manhood and she slid it up the shaft as her head went down. All she could think about was getting this over with. She tried to imagine it was John’s cock in her mouth.Then it dawned on her that two days ago she had only heard of blowjobs through ‘girl talk’ and now she was sucking the third different cock since the day before yesterday. She felt like such a slut. How could this be happening to her?Soon, she heard the now familiar sound of a man beginning to succumb to her ministrations, as he prepared to pump his load into her mouth. She anticipated the inevitable warm thick liquid to pour forth, as he gripped the back of her head with both hands. As each powerful pulse squirted into her mouth, she swallowed quickly, trying to stay in time with each spasm.Soon his breathing slowed and he let go of her head as he withdrew his freshly spent penis from her warm, wet mouth and folded it back into his pants.Suzi was totally humiliated as she rose to her feet.The cop frowned at her and put his finger in her face. “Look you little whore, now you know the price of doing business on my turf. Now, get the fuck out of here and if you breathe a word about this to anyone, özvatan escort I run you in. Understand?”Suzi nodded as the cop turned and walked away, leaving her standing there with a trickle of cum running from the corner of her mouth. She wiped her chin on her sleeve and headed out of the ally and down the street.She was glad when she finally reached the security of her car. She leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes. God, how could she have ever let this happen?* * *Driving across town, she finally reached The Salon Hairem. Once inside, she was greeted by Barbi, who took the packages from her without offering to reimburse her for the purchases.Barbi quickly ushered Suzi to the salon chair at her station. She opened her mouth to refuse, but as usual, nothing came out. John had mentally disconnected her free will thought patterns from her speech center.“John said you had requested another service?” Barbi asked innocently.Suzi knew John had certainly called Barbi telling her what he wanted done and she wondered why Barbi was playing dumb.“You mean he didn’t call you?” She asked sarcastically.“Yes, he called.” Barbi admitted. “He wants you to get used to requesting your own hair color services. So what do you want done?”Suzi squirmed, never thinking she would ever utter the words she was about to say. In her mind she tried to say, “Go to hell. I would never let anyone do this to my precious hair.” But instead, she heard herself say, “I want you to bleach some more of my hair. I think I’d like the whole front done this time.”Barbi reached for a cape and proceeded to swing it over Suzi, fastening it tightly around her neck. She began combing Suzi’s hair straight down from her center parting in all directions. She then took the sharp tapered end of her rattail comb and carefully parted her hair across the top from ear to ear, separating the front half from the back. Then, she deftly combed all the front hair forward, covering Suzi’s face.Suzi could not see, but she could hear bottles clinking and imagined that Barbi was busy mixing the chemicals that would certainly be used to remove the natural color from the front half of her hair.She didn’t have to wait long. Soon she felt Barbi combing out small sections of her virgin hair and painting them with the bleach mixture. She had seen this type of radical two toned hair color before and always thought it looked cheap and trashy. Certainly nothing that a classy, educated girl like herself, would ever wear. Barbi continued applying the strong chemicals to Suzi’s hair until all the hair in front of her ears was covered. As she sat under the dryer, she could only imagine what she was going to look like. She could almost feel her beautiful hair being entered and stripped of its color.“Then she thought of John. Maybe he would let her fuck him now, after her hair was bleached the way he wanted it. She reached down between her legs. She could feel herself getting wetter. She imagined what it would be like to feel that massive cock filling her hungry fuck hole. Why was she talking to herself like this? She had never used these words before. Again, she found herself feeling like a total slut.Barbi periodically checked the progress and when she was content the bleach had removed all the color it could, she shampooed the thick blue mixture out of Suzi’s hair and proceeded to raise the chair-back in preparation to style it.It was then that the phone rang and one of the other girls told Barbi to pick it up.Barbi reached over and picked up the phone. “Hello? Oh hi, John… Yes, she’s here now… Yeah, it’s pretty light… “Yes, she did… No, just the front like you wanted…”Barbi reached over and lifted a thick section of Suzi’s freshly bleached hair. “No it’s more of a bright yellow… Yeah, it’s still wet… Cut it? No, but I can… Okay, no problem… Bye.”A panicked Suzi tried to say, “I don’t want my hair cut!” But again, nothing came out.Barbi combed the still wet hair again forward in front of Suzi’s face and parted it over to the left side. Suzi had always worn her hair parted down the middle and having it parted on one side felt really strange to her. She combed the long hair up over the top of Suzi’s head across her forehead and down the right side of her face.Barbi took her scissors and began blunt cutting the left side, almost level with her cheekbone. She carefully angled it up slightly, toward her ear. Suzi watched six inches of he now yellow, freshly bleached hair tumble down the cape. Barbi then cut the longer, right side, to follow her chin line. Barbi finished the cut and proceeded to blow her hair dry.Suzi could see the bright yellow hair blowing around her face and past her eyes as Barbi blew and brushed at the same time. When Barbi was finished, she teased the dark hair at the back of Suzi’s head out wildly, working it into a sort of bouffant style. She obviously did this so, from the front, everyone would still see the stark contrast between the bleached hair in the front and the dark brown hair that was left natural. After she had sprayed the back heavily, the front was brushed over to one side in a classic asymmetric style.Barbi took one finger and lifted Suzi’s chin so she could examine her work. She informed her that John had forbidden her to use any hairspray or any appliances on the bleached half of her hair.Barbi lifted the cape from Suzi and she stood up, causing the long hair combed over her forehead to fall in front of her right eye. It was then, that she realized that by forbidding her to use any hairspray or clips to hold her hair back, there would be nothing to keep her hair from continuously falling down over her eye in this manner. The fact was, Barbi had expertly cut her hair so the weight would do exactly that.She would constantly be required to push the hair back, so she could see. This would not only keep her constantly looking through her bleached hair, but also feeling its altered, coarse texture, as she constantly pushed it back out of her face. This was a reminder that John had obviously wanted to constantly instill in her.Suzi hurried back to the office in the hopes of catching John, but he had already left. She wanted him to fuck her so badly. Frustrated, she took a deep breath and wondered what kind of a story she would have to tell her husband this time.* * *The next morning…John arrived at the salon bright and early. John enjoyed putting Barbi in the position to have to work on the rest of the girls. Like the rest, she was programmed to crave John’s affection. She knew she would be rewarded if John approved, but she couldn’t stand to think about what John would be doing with his new sex toy, a toy that she had created. The thought of making another girl look sexy for him invoked jealousy in Barbi and John knew she would not be easy on the new recruit. He could hardly wait. He wouldn’t wait. John was horny.“Barbi, its time!” John bellowed out his office door. “Get what you need. You and Mitsi get in here now!”Ten minutes later there was the inevitable knock at the door.“Come in girls.”The door opened. In walked Mitsi followed by Barbi pushing a stylist’s cart, loaded with bottles and bowls. Mitsi knew she was about to succumb to John’s latest whim. She had seen the change in Sheila and she knew it was just a matter of time before John got around to her. She dreaded this moment, yet somehow it excited her. Her head and eyes were lowered in submission as she approached the desk where John sat.“Barbi, go into my private salon and get set-up.”“Mitsi, remove your clothes.”Both girls responded, without hesitation. Barbi walked over to the door of John’s private salon, pushed the door open with her hip and pulled the cart in behind her while Mitsi slowly began removing her top and bra. Her tits were small but her nipples were a nice dark brown. As she finished removing her skirt and panties, John noticed her sparse dark pubic hair. Soft and fine, it reminded him of a young girl in her early teens. She looked so vulnerable and innocent, he almost felt guilty preparing her in the manner he had planned.John opened the desk drawer and retrieved a rubber glove and a tube of K-Y Jelly. He walked behind Mitsi admiring her firm, pert little ass.“Bend over and put your elbows on my desk.” John directed.Mitsi obediently bent over, resting her forearms on the glass top of John’s massive desk. She sidestepped as John alternately tapped the inside of her ankles with the toe of his shoe, until he was content that her legs were spread wide enough apart.John pulled a rubber glove onto his right hand, letting it go with a snap. Then, he liberally covered his middle finger with K-Y Jelly.“Relax and don’t move.” He said sternly, as he reached between her open legs. Mitsi jumped as John began massaging the lubricant onto her pussy lips, up the crack of her ass and around her rectum. He loaded up two fingers this time and pushed the lubricant deeply into her vagina, working it around as he withdrew his fingers. He then reloaded his gloved middle finger and this time, he felt Mitsi jump again and grunt quietly. as he deliberately inserted it deeply into her anus.“Very good.” he said, as she remained bent over.Next, John picked up the white, vibrator egg and carefully positioned it against the soft pink opening of her womanhood. He gently twisted it, applying pressure until it started to disappear into her vagina. He then, carefully positioned the protruding finger tightly against her clitoris.Next, he reached for the smaller black vibrator egg and liberally coated it with the vaginal lubricant.“This will feel a little uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it.” He cautioned. “Now, relax and don’t move.”He then positioned it against the tight wrinkled skin of her virgin Sphincter and began to twist it back and forth gently, until the tight little hole began to part. He relentlessly pushed it further into her anus, deeper and deeper into her darkest region.He continued work both devices in deeply and they finally disappeared, with the exception of the little clit finger and the thin wires that connected them to the battery packs.“You may stand up and follow me now, Mitsi.” John said, smiling. “I’m sure Barbi is anxious to begin your new look.”Mitsi felt totally violated as she rose. The foreign objects invading her body made her feel congested and uncomfortable as she walked. Dangling from her most private parts, the battery packs swung back and forth, banging into the insides of her knees, as John led her into his private suite.Mitsi thought Barbi and Sheila looked like sluts with their dyed blonde hair and heavy make-up. In her culture, women didn’t look like that. But, then again, in her culture, women didn’t have dildos stuck in their pussies and assholes either. She wondered what was happening to her? John had left the part of her mind that felt shame and humiliation in tact. In fact, this was only the beginning.John instructed Mitsi to sit in the salon chair. The heavy restraints were buckled around her wrists, legs and waist. Her feet were placed into stirrups and her ankles were buckled tightly to the rests. When John was content Mitsi couldn’t move, he asked Barbi what was first on the list.“Well, her hair is so dark and thick, we can’t even dye it without bleaching it first.” Barbi began coyly. “So I think we should start with a nice strong bleaching, don’t you?”Barbi knew John would approve. Forcing his girls to submit, by humiliating them, was high on his list of ways to break them.Barbi looked at a very humiliated and terrified, Mitsi, picking out a rather thick handful of Mitsi’s virgin black hair. “They make wigs out of Oriental hair, you know, because it’s so strong and bleaches up so nice.”Mitsi looked down, avoiding eye contact with the chiding Barbi.For the next four and a half hours, Mitsi’s hair was to be repeatedly bleached, conditioned and dried. The first hour-long session would leave Mitsi’s virgin hair bright orange. John would work on other parts of her anatomy during this time.Using the trigger phrase, he put her in a deep trance.At first, he watched her jerk and twitch, as he alternated between the big egg in her cunt and the little egg in her ass hole. Next, he would bring her to the brink of orgasm by using his finger to apply pressure to the little protrusion that extended from the front of the egg, pushing it hard against her clitoris. He manipulated the controls on the battery packs with his other hand.Her young body had never known such ecstasy. Time after time, just as she began to climax, he would switch off the vaginal egg and simultaneously switch on the one in her sensitive little ass hole, forcing her to cum while only receiving the rectal stimulation.Slowly, her body was making the transition. In the sensory nerve system, deep within her brain, she was subconsciously beginning to associate rectal stimulation with orgasm.Soon Mitsi was climaxing with just the rectal egg humming away. Her orgasms became so intense that Barbi would have stop applying the bleach and wait for the spasms to subside before she could continue the assault on Mitsi’s strong, black hair. Mitsi was to become John’s ass fuck. He could enjoy the unobstructed view of her bleached, pink tinted hair, as he pounded away in her ass.As he spoke to her during this entire process, he reinforced her desire to be clean and available to him at all times. This included a compulsion to give herself an enema after every bowel movement, making sure that, if John wanted her tight little ass, it would be nice and clean inside and ready to receive his hot load.During the second bleaching, John continued to stimulate her using the eggs, but only after installing fresh batteries. It was also during this time that he shaved her. Her pubic hair was thin and sparse and he had decided to remove it, rather than to bleach it like Sheila’s.As Mitsi’s hair continued to slowly lighten, Barbi stayed busy plucking her eyebrows, shaping them into high, pencil thin arches. Thick, long false eyelashes were glued in place using super glue instead of the usual, removable adhesive and extremely heavy eye make-up was applied.This bleaching had a much lesser effect than the first session. Her transformation from her natural black hair to bright orange was startling, but this time after an hour, it had only processed to the reddish gold stage. As the resistant hair became harder to bleach, Barbi decided to apply a fresh batch of bleach every fifteen minutes for the last hour.During the final hour, the batteries were once again refreshed and the rectal egg was left on continually to stimulate her from orgasm to orgasm, non-stop. John would occasionally heighten her sensation by switching on the vaginal egg and pressing it hard against her clitoris as before, only this time, just as each orgasm had begun to subside. This process served to slowly bring back the climax to full intensity and with some added verbal stimulation, increased the effect until she was totally consumed with pleasure.The final bleaching had left Mitsi’s hair virtually colorless. John couldn’t wait to sample his latest creation. While Barbi mixed a small amount or red dye into a platinum toner, John was whispering instructions into Mitsi’s ear, allowing her a half-hour to recover while her hair processed for the last time. His instructions set the stage for her behavior today and for the future. He wanted her to be the one that initiated all the sex. Especially the anal sex, which just happens to be something that most Orientals are appalled by.As Barbi blew her hair dry and styled the chin length bob, John realized the impact of what he had done. The platinum toner removed that last trace of pigment from her tired hair and the red dye had just enough effect to create a snow-white blonde with just a trace of pink. The heavy make-up and pale pink hair looked extremely exotic against her Asian features and petite frame. He also reaffirmed to himself, that she definitely needed some breast implants and nipple rings to finish out her look. In fact, he decided a few more piercings would be nice on all the girls. Maybe some more in their ears, maybe other places.When Barbi was finished, John excused her, saying he would clean up. Barbi knew why she had been excused and as she left, she felt the jealousy building within her. John sensed it too and it pleased him. It would serve to make Barbi try much harder and be more creative to maintain her position with him. After all, she knew what he liked if anybody did.Tonight, after work, she would have her own hair lightened some more, then she would do a little shopping. Tomorrow, she would be the one John would want to be with.As Barbi left, she couldn’t help but notice the lump in John’s pants. The door clicked shut as John began to unbuckle the restraints that secured Mitsi helplessly to the chair. He carefully pulled the eggs from her orifices and took her hand, helping her to her feet.She immediately turned and began to unbuckle John’s pants, seductively lowering his zipper and unhooking the waistband. As she lowered his pants and briefs, his ridged cock sprung to attention in front of her face. In the same motion, she took him into her mouth and began to masturbate him slowly with her hand as she suckled his purple, swollen cock head. Her other hand was busy fondling his aching balls.Abruptly she stopped and rose to her feet. Walking into his office, she returned with the tube of K-Y Jelly. She squeezed some into the palm of her hand and liberally began masturbating his penis.When she was content his entire cock was covered, she winked and squeezed some more onto her fingertips. She turned and backed up, coyly rubbing her pert little ass up and down against his leg. Then she bent over the arm of the salon chair, arching her back so her ass stuck up in the air. Looking back and grinning, she began to seductively work her lubricated fingers in and around her rectum.As John approached her from behind, she grabbed his penis and guided it deliberately into her tight little ass hole. She heard herself moan as he parted her Sphincter and buried his thick cock all the way into her ass. The smell of her lust permeated the air and filled his nostrils. He gazed at her bleached, pink tinted platinum hair bouncing with each stroke and tried to add the smell of it to the already overloaded sensory glands deep within his nose.He pumped wildly as he detected the slight trace of ammonia and the fragrance of three and a half hours of bleaching and toning. Her hair had surrendered. The chemicals had again prevailed and he could not stop the impending explosion that had begun to spasm deep within his loins. He relentlessly pumped load after load of sperm into her, as she began to respond to the sensation of the hot liquid searing her tender, raw nerve endings.She groaned and bucked wildly as John held tightly onto her waist. Her orgasm lasted an eternity and John was getting soft before she began to slow down. As his flaccid penis slipped out, it was followed immediately by a heavy stream of thick white liquid, which ran freely down the inside of Mitsi’s leg.“UMMMMM…” She cooed. As more of the liquid escaped and dripped onto the floor.John was spent. He decided to reward Mitsi and himself with a little shopping. He couldn’t wait to be seen with this new possession on his arm. They got dressed and while he cleaned up, Mitsi sat in Barbi’s chair, having her hair and make-up redone.By the time John came out, Mitsi looked hot. Her stark, pink platinum hair looked surprisingly silky in spite of the abuse it had just endured. Barbi had conditioned and styled it into a sleek heavily teased Bob. Her make-up had been applied heavy and dramatic. It was exactly the look John wanted. Classy in a cheap kind of way.They left in the Corvette. The next stop was Ashley’s Intimate Apparel, a store known to be frequented by exotic dancers and hookers. They hadn’t got more than half way through the main area of the store and two girls had already approached Mitsi, asking how she was able to bleach her hair so light. John encouraged Mitsi to answer their questions and enjoyed seeing her obviously embarrassed to think they thought she was one of them.After several hours of shopping, Mitsi was outfitted with an entire wardrobe of short skirts, revealing tops and sexy, sky-high heels. She had indeed become one of his most prized possessions.

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